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    Hi thanks for your help, much appreciated
  2. bar832


    Hi I own a Variax 700 Acoustic. Is it possible to update without using any other line 6 product ie can I connect direct to my mac? I don't own any other line 6 product Stu
  3. Hi do you know if it's possible to make a footswitch switch off when you step on another one? Stu
  4. bar832

    Hidden Toe Switch

    I had it on a table to make editing easier, I tried pushing it hard before posting which didn't work, but I now have it on the floor and it works with a heavy stomp. :)
  5. bar832

    Hidden Toe Switch

    Hi can anyone tell me how to change to EXP 1 ? on page 6 of the manual it says Activate the hidden toe switch to toggle between EXP 1 and EXP 2. I can't find any hidden switch, it's very well hidden, and I can't find anything anywhere in the manual about it. Any help greatly appreciated cheers Stu
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