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  1. Hi there!
    Try to HRD Fender switching channel by HX FX using a stereo-stereo cable.
    Using snapshot, successfully with clean/drive switching (tip to sleeve , ring to sleeve), i have questions:
    1, Anybody know how to add function "More gain" when you're using the Drive channel? I try both None, T + R of EXT Amp but not work. Maybe change to TS at footswitch input jack of the Amp? (can see Fender use that kind of cable connector)
    2, The Fender footswitch has LED, so i think the footswitch input jack of the Amp have electronic, is it harm the HX FX unit?
    Many thanks.

    hot rod f.jpg

    HRD footswitch_schem.png

  2. used it for 2 years without any problems, and just updated the 1.05 firmware yesterday, and now my G10T won't be charged anymore (The pulse red light forever)
    That's mean if you update to the lastest firmware, that is the way you throw out your Line6 G10 because it will become useless after that.

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  3. Several months back, after this thread died, Helix implemented the snapshot feature which solves this problem. Check it out, and I bet you'll be MUCH happier!

    Tks Dave, i'm happy now with Snapshot, just used Helix 3 days :)


    Neither of those two devices, especially the Zoom, is doing as much detailed computational work as the Helix is.  If you want more instantaneous patch switching, you'll have to live with crappy modeling.  We may be waiting a couple of years before chip speeds will allow for gapless patch switching while maintaining the quality of the modeling.  That's just the reality we live in.

    Right, and im happy with Snapshot now \m/

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