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  1. Hi Triryche, hi Zap,


    yesterday I bought a Lin6GX (with 30days return option), authorized it and installed podfarm2.5.

    Like you said about pod-xt, now GX is working as a dongle.

    Without the connection of both of them, Podfarm works (via reason balance hardware) but reason can not find the "models" later on, when reloading the file in the reason line6 rack.

    It is o.k., I thought I could save one usb connection, but so what - GX is smaller and more practicable for some purposes. 

    Generally I think, line6 could give the better or the more truely information, that Podfarm is NOT running standalone!


    Thanks for your help and answers!

    Best regards.

  2. Thanks for answering!

    I'm working with reason and its line6 rack module together with the pod xt, building dual sounds by building combinations of two rack devices and so on ... everything works. I think, all sounds of the pod xt runs in reason by using the former "gear box" folder on my mac.

    Otherwise the combination of Podfarm trial together with my new balance hardware and running reason software works fine too, loading the sounds from the "podfarm-free" folder (pod xt is not connected at that moment). But loading this in podfarm renamed and newly saved file into the reason line6 rack module later does not work ("missing models")... until I reconnect the (old) pod xt.

    So, sorry, I have to ask again: I'm wondering about that I can load, manipulate and save sounds in podfarm without hardware connected but not reload it later in reason line6, the format is correct - but the models are missed. Is there something I did not understand regarding the workflow?

  3. I'm working with reason and will Test the podfarm2 (Free Trail Version) for guitar Recording without a line6 Hardware. Former I worked with a pod xt, but want to find a Solution without any Hardware Device. Everything works fine Running Podfarm together with the reason Balance device. Although I can store an own soundfile (using only One of the three trial Version Amps !!) the line6 rack device in reason gives the Message "missing Models". At the moment I authorized my Computer and the old pod xt. When I Start my pod xt, everything is Fine and the line6 reason rack finds the Models ...

    But how about working without pod xt? Or is it only possible with a purchased podfarm Version?

    Can someone help me?

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