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  1. Hi all, I'm going nuts trying to figure out why my computer will only recognize outputs 1-2 over USB audio. It started when I installed drivers on a brand new Mac running the latest version of Yosemite. On my old Mac, it had no problems recognizing all 8 outputs on the same version. I uninstalled drivers and reinstalled drivers and did everything short of a fresh Yosemite install to try to get it to work, but in both my DAW (Logic) and the system level Audio/Midi Inspector, it only shows outputs 1-2. I know another user on here has mentioned it in another thread--has anyone else encountered this and/or found a fix? I use multi-output to record and process wet and dry signals without having to screw around with latency issues, and this is killing my workflow.
  2. The monkey app was the latest version from Line6, and the driver was the latest available from the Monkey app, onto a brand spankin', unmigrated install of Yosemite (build 14A389) onto a brand spankin' iMac. Installed the driver, had crashes on powering off the POD X3, shutdown loops, any attempt to edit the Audio/MIDI setting in Apple's app. I'd get a newer, more compatible POD--Line6 has been GREAT to me--but the X3 appears to be the only one with multiple outputs. I spit one out wet and one dry into Logic for an instant overdub, printing effects to tape AND editing in software. This has killed my project. Help.
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