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  1. For clarification, it might be helpful if you posted a screen shot of your screen and possibly a screen shot of what you're wanting the window look like.


    I do know if you have monitor(s) bigger than 20" and have a graphics card capable of running at high resolutions, you can get a lot more display real estate than normal.


    Glenn DeLaune has a B3 patch and it sounds pretty amazing.  It's only $3.99 and probably your cheapest options, outside of getting one for free.  

  2. Its so subtle, that if you weren't analyzing it you probably don't realize how great the guitar work is.  


    Because of this post, I stayed up late last night analyzing a song that I've never particularly liked and probably heard a billion times.  By simply dismissing the track as a pop tune or accusing the singer of ridding daddy's coattails, I missed how brilliant the guitar work actually is. Few notes and very subtle, yet roars like a lion.


    Anyway, let us know how it works out.  It'd be cool if you could capture your performance for us all to hear.

  3. Improvements/Changes

    - Additions to and improvements made to the existing factory preset bundle


    Only possible if the job was outsourced to Glenn DeLaune


    All jokes aside, I'm really looking forward to this update.  I appreciate a company who continues to improve and add on to an already great product.

  4. Does this happen with one particular wah or is it with all wahs?


    Does this happen on all patches or just this particular one?


    Have you tried disabling all other blocks in the patch, except for the amp and cab?


    I had a similar problem with a delay block and these are the steps I used to troubleshoot it.  

  5. I use the volume controls on the audio device/mp3 player and the master knob on the amp (which controls, both, the overall level of the amp and any connected audio device) to adjust the volume until I reach the desired level.  Then I adjust the amp volume, within whatever specific model I happen to be using, until both the amp and the audio track are mixed together.


    There might be other ways of doing this, but this is what works for me.

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  6. There is an 1/8" aux in on the rear of the amp.  You can connect whatever audio device you want and play music through it.  The aux in bypasses the amp modeling stuff so you can play with high gain amps without affecting your backing track.  

  7. Don't know why you don't like this amp. It's a great amp for me.

    Some factory presets are fine for me. May need to tweak them a bit.


    I thought this guide may be useful for you to tweak your amp to find your good tones.




    This is probably the best advice given by far.  


    It seems that a lot of people think of modelers as the "quick-n-easy" way to getting a great tone.  Though there may be some truth in that statement, it can be just the opposite for some because you can get overwhelmed by the choices of modeled gear and settings.  The Spider V might have some limitations/shortcomings, but you can most definitely get some great tones if you understand how each piece works, which is crucial if you are to know which way to turn the knobs. 

  8. I just got my Helix last week and I can confirm that phantom power on with anything connecting to the left XLR will cause excessive noise.  Same thing happened to me when I first plugged in.  However, when I was troubleshooting, phantom power didn't seem to affect the right XLR.  

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