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  1. On 4/26/2020 at 3:14 PM, hnaline6 said:

    Can you guys recommend another brand if LIne 6 doesn't solve this?   I'm seeing a ton at Amazon, but I don't know if they're any good.  People tend to put 5 stars on the cheap brands.



    The only products out there that are within the same price range, digital, and reliable are:


    The Xvive U2, which has 100 ft line of site range and up to 5 hrs of battery life.

    The Boss WL-20L, which has a 50 ft line of site range and up to 12 hrs of battery life.

    The Boss WL-50, which has 65 ft line of site range and up to 12 hrs of battery life.


    Prices and availability will vary depending on your location.  These are all non-replaceable Li-Ion battery powered products.  So be wary of that.  And watch out for Amazon.  A lot of counterfeit junk being sold there.  If you live in the US or a territory with the US zip code system, I'd highly recommend buying from Sweetwater.  

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  2. 1 hour ago, rsvette12 said:

    I have the opposite issue I back off the volume pedal and loose drive ? wish I could figure that out 


    Where in the chain is your volume pedal located?  A volume pedal at the beginning of a chain acts much like the volume on your guitar.  When you reduce the volume, you're not hitting the front of the amp at full strength/volume, which results in a cleaner sound.  If the volume pedal is after the amp, then you should still get the full sound, but at a reduced volume when backing off.

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  3. If Line 6 were a car manufacture and there happened to be a safety problem with (let's say) the transmission.  They wouldn't remove a gear to fix the problem, decreasing the car's top speed, and then call it good.  They would either replace the problematic part on the transmission or the whole transmission with a newer redesigned transmission.  

    Decreasing a product's performance is not a proper fix.  Especially when many of us bought it for what it was advertised to do.  There needs to be a proper recall and/or refunds for those of us who purchased the product before this so-called fix was pushed out. 


    I wouldn't be the person to start this, but the words class action lawsuit come to mind.  I don't particularly like class actions because the lawyers are the only ones who win.  But what other recourse do we as consumers have, other than voting with our $ and shopping elsewhere?



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  4. 1 hour ago, Digital_Igloo said:

    Of course if one believes forum interaction is an official part of our job, they'd be frustrated. Truth is, we post where we want to post because user interaction isn't in our job description.


    If I dare showed this kind of attitude towards my job, I'd be fired the next day.   

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  5. I think at this point, we need a bit more transparency from Line 6 in regards to how they fixed this problem.  To me, this sounds like there should have been a recall instead of this quick fix.  As mine is out of warranty, I'm gonna have to find another wireless system from another company.  This stinks because I really like the sound quality of my G10 however the shortened battery life I'm now experiencing is a deal breaker.  I think the G10 will be the very last Line 6 product that I'll ever buy. 


    Line 6 customer service is great.  This kind of structure they have to support...ugg...I'm just gonna say that I hope the support team makes good $$$ to deal with all the hardware and software developer's missteps (and typical user error) because they deserve it.

  6. 3 hours ago, phil_m said:

    I'm a little confused as to what you say you're experiencing because hitting Bank Up or Down doesn't automatically make you lose your changes


    I think he's confusing Preset switching up and down with Bank switching up and down.  Changing the functions (in Global Settings) of the up/down switches from Bank to Preset, and then hitting one of those switches, will immediately switch to the next preset.


    3 hours ago, jfk049 said:

    I love my Helix and have for a number of years.  But it's so frustrating to be editing a preset and, for instance, go to press on Snapshot 1, hit Bank Down by mistake and, just like that,  I'm now in different preset and just lost all the editing I've worked on.


    Maybe slow down and pay closer attention to what you're doing?  Not trying to be a wiseguy.  Just saying it might be easier to modify a behavior than to ask software developers, who almost always never read this forum, to make a change.


    3 hours ago, jfk049 said:

    Every software program I know has a saved prompt that protects you from that, because its too easy to get tunnel vision trying to get the sound your looking for.


    A workaround for this would be to go to your Global Settings - Footswithces and change the Presets parameter to Banks.


    If you are still bent on getting that save prompt, head on over to https://line6.ideascale.com.  If someone has already suggested such a feature, upvote it.  If not, create a new post.

  7. I bought some IRs from 3 Sigma a couple years ago.  In addition to the Helix versions, the package also came with a bunch of different versions for other modelers/profilers. There was a page somewhere on their website that said to use the 48KHz 200ms files with Helix. 


    Hope that little bit of info helps.

  8. If you want some quick hands-on experience, go to YouTube and search for Reaper Mania.  Kenny Gioia has a couple of series that will help you hit the ground running....Your First Midi Song in Reaper and Recording Your Band in Reaper.  

  9. I've haven't had the chance to put this new firmware through its paces.  But if all this is true, there needs to be either a fix or recall/refunds or a substantially discounted upgrade path for current registered G10 owners.


    Something often repeated in the Helix forum (forgive me for butchering it)......We paid money for what the modeler could do when we bought it, not for what it might be able to do in the next firmware update.  


    This philosophy cuts both ways.  I never expected anything more out of the G10 other than what it was advertised to do.  I sure as heck didn't pay $100+ for a future firmware release that reduces battery life by half.  If that was the case, I would have went with another wireless system.

  10. Helix Native works with your DAW only.  Native has all the capabilities that Helix has, minus the hardware features.


    HX Edit is the software use to create/edit presets and settings with the Helix hardware remotely via USB cable, using a PC or Mac.

    Playing live, most of us use Helix Rack/Floor/LT/Stomp as stand alone units.  But I'm sure there are some who use a laptop and HX Edit with Helix live, which IMO, is the hard way of doing things. :-)  


    Hope this made sense.  

  11. Must be a gremlin in whatever software they are using to mass mail everyone.  There's nothing Line 6 related in my junk/spam folder.  My email preferences are set to receive emails about Line 6 Newsletter, New Products, and Product Updates.   Partner Offers and Marketplace updates are unchecked.  If I do get a product update email, it is typically months after the firmware is released.  


    I realize I'm in the minority and social media is what you younger cats like to do, but I absolutely loath social media and will never have anything to do with it.  My first piece of Line 6 gear was registered in 2009, roughly 3 years after FB went public.  Did Line 6 even do social media back then?   My point, the email system should be more dependable than this. 


    I got to go, those blasted kids on my lawn again.


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  12. I would like to thank Line 6 Amazon for sending me an email alerting me to this critical and potential deadly issue.  


    Seriously, how hard can it be to get prompt emails from Line 6 about something so important?  Announcements on TGP or Facebook or any forum aren't (what I would consider) proper procedure.   To quote another user....


    On 2/25/2020 at 6:09 PM, cbrillow said:

    I have to say that I think it's pretty irresponsible that Line 6 issued this recommendation in such an obscure location, which very few of us had an opportunity to see, when our gear registrations provide contact information that would permit them to get the information into our hands almost immediately. They're sure quick to notify us when there's something new to buy...


    I couldn't agree more.  There are not enough hours in the day to cruise every single forum or social media group, for every gadget I own, just to make sure there aren't any recalls or updates.  Subscribing to firmware update threads isn't foolproof either .....cough cough Helix 1.80 update....cough cough.


    I know at this point, I'm just venting.  We all know Line 6 employees rarely frequent their own forum.  And if, by chance, someone from Line 6 is actually reading this post....get your sh!t together!  We registered our product(s).  You have our email addresses.  Use it for notifying your customers of critical updates/recalls and not just for plugging your products.


    If you've read this far, thank you for enduring my rant.  I feel much better now. :-)

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  13. After giving this a more thorough listen with a pair of studio headphones, I could hear the phasing you were talking about.  Seems to be more noticeable through Floor as opposed to Native.  Why the difference is another whole can of worms.  I seemed to have more luck if I used a dual cab setup (one physical block) in stead of the two separate single cabs you have and also leaving the slop at default and choosing my source as stereo instead of mono.  


    That being said, I don't own the pedal this is modeled after and not familiar with all of the options.  Sometimes it helps if you download the manual for the actual pedal and read through it.  


    Sorry I couldn't be more help.  Perhaps someone else might chime in.

  14. Not sure if this is even related to your problem or if it is by design, but I noticed that your split for your two cabs is before the amp.  Effectively you're only sending part your signal through the tube screamer and cab only, while the other part of your signal being routed through both, the tube screamer and amp to the other cab.  Try moving the split from before your amp to after your amp.  I used Native and Helix Floor to test this with, as I don't own a HX Stomp.

  15. Dude, nobody has a political ax to grind here.  The question was asked, it it was answered.  Nobody isn't trying to mislead anybody.  


    Goods and services are (obviously) the two components of trade, however the US trade deficit is currently driven entirely by goods, not services.  The number given is what's left over after you calculate, both, services and goods.  There is a surplus in services, but not enough that it compensates for the deficit in trade.


    The OP's original query was about the increased price of an imported good, not a service.  There is a deficit in trade between the US and German in goods.  Not sure how to say it any clearer.  


    The combined numbers are listed for 2018 in one link.  The most current deficit numbers are in the other.  




  16. 1 hour ago, silverhead said:

    Does that trade deficit number include services or just goods? A standard Trump misdirection is to claim a trade deficit in goods while ignoring the overall trade surplus in favor of US when including services.


    Goods because Helix is a good, not a service.

  17. 3 hours ago, codamedia said:

    Attached is a quick preset based on the settings I mention above. Keep in mind this was made in Native, with MY STRAT which is a '62 re-issue. You may have to adjust for your gear a little! 


    More out of curiosity than anything else, I decided to see what you came up with.  The patch sounds pretty darn good with both my Clapton Strat and '54 reissue.  This patch should provide a very good starting place for the OP.

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