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  1. The reason the jump to 2.8x was difficult is that there was a complete re-write of the firmware to unify the platform, which included a hot swap of the Helix core.  It appears a lot of people's problems stemmed from not reading/understand/following the directions to the letter. However there was those of us who did follow the directions to the letter and still had issues.   Luckily a quick search of this forum resolved my issues.  But fear not, future updates will be much easier.

  2. I've got some big feet, size 13" to be exact, and not very graceful tap dancing on or around a pedal board and I've never had any issued accidentally bumping a knob.  The only knob that might be in question (for me) would be the big volume knob, which I setup (through global settings) to only control the 1/4 outs to my monitor.  That way I never mess with the house, plus the house is getting a strong signal at unity.


    If you are that worried about bumping one of the little knobs that adjust block parameters, setup the bottom row of buttons to either be your snapshots or stomps....which ever you use the most during a gig.  Lastly, as a fail safe, I would save your main preset(s) to another bank.  Just in case you do screw up something beyond fixing.  That way you can simply recover at the gig somewhat quickly.


    But seriously, I'm confident you won't mess up anything unless you're in a KISS tribute band and wear huge stacks.

  3. This drives me nuts too.  From what I've observed, it seems that I'm automatically signed out after somewhere around 24hrs of inactivity.  The only time I have to sign into HX Edit is when I upgrade to a newer version, and I don't use HX Edit every day.  Also, if your browser is set to delete cookies when it is closed, then that would another reason why you have to sign in every time.


    2 hours ago, markjchurcher said:

    Do have another problem now tho. Pressing joystick no longer brings up the model list.


    Try a short press instead of a long press. 

  5. If I understand you correctly, you want to turn the trails off.  All reverb and delay blocks have an option to turn trails on or off.  I'm not sure about Stomp, but on Helix this parameter is off by default and is the very last parameter listed.

  6. Introducing Helix 2.0.....now with double the memory capacity, 10x more amp models than the original....reverbs and delays so real that you'll sell your Strymons... polyphonic pitch shifting....and support for every distro of Linux known to man. Price $5,000.


    Be careful what you wish for........

  7. 2 hours ago, SaschaFranck said:

    Whatever, none of all of that should be required. It's almost 2020 and computers are insanely great at storing and sorting files. There's no reason why the Helix should be an exception. It's a miraculously great piece of software and shouldn't be limited in terms of useability by something as trivial as this.


    Sure it could have been done, but no feature comes without a price.  I'm sure Line 6/Yamaha did their research as to how much their customers were willing to pay for a modeler. ~$500 used to be the price for their top tier modeler before Helix.  I'm betting they were very cautious about keeping the price down while trying to deliver a professional grade product.  


    I am curious as to how more expensive modelers/profilers handle IR management and if they are any better or worse than Helix. 

  8. The oscillators do require to be assigned to the foot switches to change the pitch of the notes.  A more practical approach might be with the Legacy effects under the Pitch/Synth section.  You can use those by plucking the strings on your guitar.  I'm not much of a synth guy myself but the lead part in that song sounds like either a saw tooth or square wave.  I'm not too familiar with all the synth blocks, so unfortunately this is all the information I'm able to offer.  Hopefully this gets you pointed in the right direction.

  9. 2 hours ago, ledvedder5150 said:

    On my HX Effects, there is a wait parameter for the expression pedal that I set to 300ms. This way, it bypasses the wah effect after 300ms of no movement. I don't see the "wait" parameter on the LT. Am I missing something? 


    Click the hamburger button and then choose Bypass Assign to access the wait parameter.

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  10. 2 hours ago, 3rdear said:

    That is also the beauty of open source. We have a whole world of devs


    That is also the beauty of open source. We have a whole world of software and hardware incompatibilities.


    Fixed that for you.

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  11. A forum and/or YouTube alone should never be used to decide which piece of gear to buy.  Everyone has different needs, expectations, ears, etc.  Best thing to do is go to your local music store, spend some time with each unit and then purchase the one that sounds best to you.  Don't be swayed by fanboys on either side of the line.  Choose what's best for you.

  12. 23 hours ago, guitars69 said:

    Too bad.  I'd like to see one with more power, because it would be handy to run more than one musician through it. 


    Two musicians falling all over each other to access one pedal board?  No thank you.

  13. Vision graphic EQ that has a hump or a dip.  The Q parameter narrows or widens that hump or dip for that particular frequency range.  If that doesn't make sense, checkout this 3 minute video on the Q parameter:



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  14. 1 minute ago, Thurston9 said:

    So it's not normal then?  Just for these 2 updates?


    Right, it's not normal.  Actually not knowing is kind of driving me up the wall.  I subbed to the stickie to get timely updates as to when a firmware is released.  And since I don't do social media (they announced it on their FB group before here) or care vist TGP anymore, if I wasn't constantly cruising this form to increase my knowledge, I would have never known.

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  15. They dropped a separate post here, which is now buried under a lot of other posts.  If you're itching for an answer, perhaps one of our resident Experts could contact and ask one of the staff members why the stickie wasn't updated.

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  16. For me, it's the Derailed Ingrid paired with a 3 Sigma Soldano 4x12 IR.  Paired with any other IR and I suddenly don't like the amp model.  Drive is somewhere below half. I use either the Scream 808 or the Minotaur to give it a bit more gain when needed.  I'll also use Simple Pitch to act as a doubler, to somewhat mimic what an Eventide can do....think late 80's VH sound.  If I back off the volume, it cleans up nicely.  

  17. 8 hours ago, cfarrar1 said:

    Has anyone found a fix for this error yet ?

    I'm getting "line 6 Helix HX Backup Error occurred during the backup: Unexpected or bad data type in preset. (code -8606)"

    All apps & firmware at latest versions.


    This issue is turning me against Line 6. I cannot save my setlist & by pressing a button on the device sometimes clears my setlist.


    Infuriating :-(


    It doesn't appear this issue is getting any traction in the forums.  Maybe it's time to try out Line 6's legendary customer support....and I'm not being sarcastic.  Their phone based tech support is awesome.  

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  18. 1 hour ago, GuitarAnthony said:

    Either I completely missed the announcement or Line 6 doesn't love me but I never saw anything about 2.82. Well, it's done now & have updated my Helix & HX Stomp.


    For whatever reason, Line 6 saw fit to announce it on Facebook first.  And when they announced it here, it was in the form of a regular post instead of updating the firmware update thread a lot of us subscribed to.   Not exactly the way I would have done it.  Not to fear, in about 6-8 more weeks, you should get an email informing you of this latest release. :-)

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  19. It has been over 3 years since I upgraded from a X3 Live to Helix.  Needless to say, the difference was between night and day.  I play at least 2 gigs a week, year round, and have never had any issues other than the mic input pre-amp not working.  I don't miss lugging around a tube amp and separate peddle board....troubleshooting/finding/replacing bad patch cables.  Though rarely needed, Line 6 tech support has also been great.  


    Even if Line 6 released a Helix II tomorrow, I'm not sure they could include enough additional features/upgrades to make me want to replace what I have now.  

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