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  1. 58 minutes ago, xgman said:

    The link to the Helix (floor) Version is broken. At least the mac version. The other download links for 2.8.2 stuff are fine.


    i get this below on that link and copying and pasting that link part of the error starts the download tough.


    XML Parsing Error: not well-formed
    Location: http://l6c-acdn2.line6.net/media/software/9318/HELIX_Floor_v2.82.0_a5e756144_bundle.hxf
    Line Number 1, Column 5:


    Those links are to the firmware files and not to HX Edit.  That is an error on Line 6's part.  Use this link https://line6.com/software/index.html to go to the front end of the downloads page.  Download HX Edit 2.82.  Then resume the instructions from Step 2 - Number 4.

  2. I am one of those who purposely doesn't do any kind of social media.  I don't even visit TGP anymore.  So it would be nice if they updated the firmware sticky I subscribed to so as to get proper notifications.  


    Alternatively, I suppose I could just wait another ~3 months to receive a direct email from Line 6 telling me 2.8.2 has just been released.


    I appreciate all the hard work that goes into these free updates but for the love of god, I wished someone at Line 6 would either, update the firmware sticky thread regularly -or- just delete it.

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  3. Not to nitpick...but I noticed that under Step 2, the links that are supposed to be for HX Edit, for both Mac & Windows, points to the firmware file and not HX Edit.  Furthermore, Mac is misspelled to read as Max....assuming Apple hasn't re-branded their entire line of Macintosh computers.  


    How are we expected to keep our torches lit and pitchforks ready for the next person who fails at an update when the instructions aren't exactly perfect?

  4. I've been playing 100+ shows a year locally with my Helix floor that I purchased in Feb of '16 and I haven't had any issues at all.  Before that, I was using an X3 Live.  I rarely tour these days, so I do not have any opinions in regards to the Helix's durability on the road.  Since migrating to modelers, I've never had any issues with Line 6's quality or reliability.  

  5. 12 hours ago, CroalDarksoul said:

    Thanks lungho. I saw that thread in my search but I don’t think that guy really knows either. He seems to be asking if those are the proper connections himself. 


    Did you read the entire thread?  It appears he got it sorted out due to another user's recommendations.  

    If you did read the thread and it didn't resolve your problem, maybe someone else will chime in after the weekend.  

  6. 16 hours ago, CroalDarksoul said:

    I am trying to connect my HX Effects to a new Roland JC-22. It has stereo front inputs and a stereo effects loop. I have tried the 4 cable method but I do not get stereo effects. I have also tried the 7 cable method substituting the JC22s stereo input and stereo fix loop for what would be the 2nd amp in 7 cable method. Neither of these worked properly for a stereo amp. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have searched everywhere but have found no answer concerning this particular situation.


    This post might get you pointed in the right direction.......





  7. 1 hour ago, jalevinemdstomp said:

    So my take away is that there is no permanent way to do this. I would have to re-save the Preset after each time I use it?


    Step 1: Select snapshot you want to be first.

    Step 2: Save


    You only have to save once.


    Now every time you select that preset, that specific snapshot will be selected.

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  8. I got the QSC K10.2's before PowerCab was brought to market and have not been disappointed.  To my ears, I found the 10's sounded much tighter than the 12's.  The QSC's are more expensive than other monitoring solutions, but since that purchase, I've had zero issues with my patches translating well to whatever venue I'm playing at.  So yeah, I'm another guy who would agree that Helix sounds great with QSC K10.2's.


    8 hours ago, TheHYPO said:

    My concern is that the pedal on the Helix is very textured, which is great for grip, but does anyone have a dust cover, and if so, does the pedal wear on the interior at all? Similar question for people with soft bags for the Helix.


    I can't speak much about dust covers but I do have a Gator gig bag I've been gigging with weekly for 3+ years.  There is absolutely no wear on the inside where the pedal meets the fabric.

  10. 7 hours ago, FuZz3 said:

    Well, im used to use a BOSS ME-50 straight to computer and in spite of not being made to record like this it record decent...Helix is made to record straight from the pedalboard... this volume is very low... the master will not help if the volume is low from the start. If this was the case i should get the same volume as you...


    This is the master fader from my DAW (Reaper) using your patch.  As you can see, it is peaking around -13.  Compare this to your DAW's master fader and see what it is.



  11. 1 hour ago, FuZz3 said:

    So, i have added the dafault cab, turn off the bypass of the amp, and record it this time in another program, Audacity, its the same, very quiet.

    why is the sound so low, is it possible the usb connection is malfunctioning?



    If you're recording straight into your DAW and then bouncing the track(s) to mp3 without mastering it, that might be the issue.  Part of the mastering process is bringing up the audio levels of your recordings.  Without mastering, the volumes are always gonna sound low on a rendered recording.  I don't know what you do know and don't know. So I'll link a vid below, just in case you have no clue what I'm talking about.  



  12. 1 hour ago, FuZz3 said:

    So, My guitar is a Jazzmaster 2019 with humbuckers alnico 5

    Lastest firmware 2.81.1

    Im not using any Impulse response, from what i understand that requires a special kind of speaker FRFR something-..

    I tried using a default patch, FACTORY1 -> 09A Solo Lead Clean and recorded playing hard on the strings and this came out. same as my custom patch

    Note that i before recording used the headphones on the helix and it sounded LOUD, i had to turn down the wheel , its kinda clean sound but in the pc it lowers it...

    Set 1.hlx



    Ok, so I'm using a PRS Custom 24 to test this patch.  I used the 1x12 US Deluxe cab (using defaults), since your patch doesn't have a cab in it.  The gain staging looks good.  I can hear what you hear, most notably on the neck pickup.  On the amp, I backed the master down to about 8 and it sounds a lot better.  So give that a shot and see what you get.




    5 hours ago, FuZz3 said:

    Hello,  i currently use the helix for pedalboard, that goes to my amp head, simple, that sound is ok, i have to tune it up ,but when i try to use it on usb to FL Studio it plays super low, i have to amp the output for USB 1/2 but the sound distorts, and every amp simulator has gain , i dont know why.

    I tried, installing new version of everything (ASIO, Helix, Helix drivers) and when i plug the helix straight to the pc the sound is super low, i saw online , and people arent getting this issue, its very frustrating.

    Please help me.

    I can give you more details of what i tried

    I have made recording of this problem.

    first is plug straight of my preset (that i use with the amp, so all pedals without amp+cabs) then i used a amp+cab and it have distortion, and im using clean amps, all distort.

    And the last i boosted a clean amp+cab and it DISTORTS TOO!!!



    I've listened to your test and understand what you're describing.  If I had to guess, I'd say your problem is with gain staging.  But I can't say that with any certainty without looking at the patch itself.  A bit more info would help.


    What kind if pickups are you using?  Humbuckers or single coils?  What version of firmware is your Helix running.  If you upload your patch that's causing the problems, I'm sure more than a few of us wouldn't mind helping you narrow down and find the problem. If your patch is using an Impulse Response that costs money, please remove it before exporting and uploading the patch.

  14. 1 hour ago, jorgealberto25 said:

    can’t wait to try some IRs. any good free ones or the ones available for purchase are better?



    1 hour ago, jorgealberto25 said:

    Also ill go for a tube amp it inspires me to play. I don’t know maybe it’s just me but the first time I played one there was this feeling that with the modelers I can’t get.


    That's because you are used to the amp in the room sound....speakers moving air.....that unmistakable thump when you lay into a chord.  A modeler is more like a miced amp, in the studio, in another room, monitored in the control room.....i.e. It's that guitar sound you hear on your favorite album.


    With a modeler, you're not just dialing the amp, but you are also dialing in EQ and (sometimes) compression.  You're not just a guitarist anymore.  You've also become the sound engineer.  At least that's the way I approach it when building my patches.  If you don't know a lot about EQ and compression, be prepared for a learning curve.  It's not that hard to get a great sound out of a modeler if you know what you're doing.


    Last piece of advice.  Factory presets suck.  You can somewhat use them as a "how-to" guide.  But you will have the most success if you build your own from scratch.  

  15. 22 minutes ago, scottwilliams said:

    I have been very happy with helix sounds, but also wonder about the volume settings.   I have been doing the big knob around noon for the reasons above.  Most of my amp patches have a channel volume somewhere between approx 3.5 and 7.5 depending on amp type and settings (again, sort of the same reasoning that it gives you room to adjust either way and it helps with the volume matching)... 


    When i run to mixer with these settings, I have to turn the gain pot down on the channel pretty much all the way down to keep the meter/light from peaking too often.


    I don't notice a sound issue doing this really, but when I hear so many people saying they run the big know all the way up (and that's actually supposed to unity gain), does that mean that a lot of people are running their channel volumes in the 1- 4 range?   


    Should I be trying to set levels on helix so that the mixer channel gain is set closer to unity?  does it matter for helix where the mixer gain is, as long as it's not overloading the channel?   I always thought you want to try to keep mixer gains at or close to unity gain for best sound (at least with mics)... does that not apply here?


    I think for me to get my patches working with the mackie mixer at unity, my channel volumes would all be down at like 2 or 3 to make that happen, and I'd probably stil have to knock down the output on the cabs...(at the moment, running IRs around -10....I did try them for a bit at -18... If using the stock cabs, usually keeping those right around 0... Sometimes I mix both types, and the -10 on the IR and the 0 on the stock cabs seems like a pretty even balance to me.


    Thanks in advance for any help!





    Direct from Line 6 Support: 




  16. 6 hours ago, Mtnmods said:

    I need help with this. I've reloaded helix native several times, gone through the process to trash my Pro Tools First Preference folder, restarted a dozen times, it straight up won't find the plug in. However, when I go to Computer, Library, etc. Plugins, there it is: Line6, Helix Native right with all the other Pro Tools/ Avid plugins. Help



    Here's an older post that might help........





  17. I've had Helix floor since Feb of 2016.  I have gigged with it every weekend since.  It has been solid except for the mic preamp.  Earlier this year, when I tried to use it for the first time, I discovered it was blown.  Other than that, the unit has been solid.  

    That being said, if you live in a country where getting your Helix serviced under warranty is going to be a problem, look elsewhere.

  18. From what I remember, the computer only had a 2 MHz CPU and 4k of RAM. 

    I don't think today's NASA can make toast without getting their schlong caught in the toaster.  I wouldn't be surprised if them having issues getting back to the moon were true.

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