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  1. Here is Youtube demo link : This preset pack includes : Guns n' Roses - Sweet child o' mine Free - Alright now ZZ Top - Sharp dressed man Led Zeppelin - Whole lotta love AC/DC - Back in black This preset pack cost 10€ / 10$ Purchase is avalible only thru PayPal.me , but please contact me first. Contact : helixcustomtones@gmail.com
  2. Hello people. Just wanted to share with you my Youtube page where I post my custom presets ( artist presets, various styles presets ). If you like, hit subscribe! :) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCde63fsSpi1IgKDPtRtZI9Q
  3. Hi guys.I want to share my problems with firehawk.First of all,after instaling newest asio update on my windows 10,my PC runs into error after connecting usb cable into my firehawk.Second problem comes when I push tuner on my unit.After tuning my patch is quieter for 40%.If someone has same problems please bre free to comment! Thanx
  4. Hi! I also own POD X3 live and I dont have problems with sound but I had same problem like you when I owned Digitech RP1000.I sent processor for repair and guy told me that AD-DA converters are blown because of a low-power electricity.I could hear only reverb,delay and other post effects but amp sims and my input on processor were dead!
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