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  1. Thank you soundog for your reply.


    It must be my audio-interface. The problem also accurs with other distortion/guitar-amp plugins.

    I've decded to not buy Native at this moment but first use a workarond with a separate hardware-amp-modeler, so I don't have amplify the (bad) inputsignal from my audio interface.

    Maybe when I have some budget I'll invest in Native + a new audio-interface.


    Thanks again for the reply!

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  2. Hi,


    I'm in doubt of buying Helix Native. I used the trial version for a week now and I love the sounds. I only just can't seem to get rid of a high noise level in hi-gain sounds.

    I already searched this forum and watched youtube video's for help on this topic.


    I have made a recording with a comparisation of my Helix Floor board and the Native plug-in.

    I made sure that the settings in both Native and Helix Floor are the same.

    In the recording I used the signal:

    input > Scream 808 > Archetype Lead


    The recording is made in Cubase, via a Steinberg CI2 with Hi-Z and real low input gain. In Helix Native the input meter stays under -12 dB.

    In the recording you hear:

    0:00 - 0:17 > Helix Native

    0:18 - 0:34 > Helix Floor

    0:34 - 0:35 > Helix Native background noise without playing

    0:36 - 0:37 > Helix Floor background noise without playing


    I'm might still do something wrong, it doesn't seem normal Helix Native gives so much background noise compared to the Floorboard.


    I still have 6 days of Trial version left. Hopefully any of you guys can help me with the noise-problem so I get convinced in buying a copy of Native.

    Test Native vs Helix Floor.mp3

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