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  1. 16 hours ago, HonestOpinion said:


    The 'Extract Files From Backup' command is still buggy, even if run on backups created after the latest firmware(HX Edit 3.10 & firmware 3.11). The backups work fine, just not the files yielded by the extraction command.  In the interest of not generating any confusion, I am not referring to the 'Create Backup', 'Restore From Backup' or any of the old export/import functions in the HX Edit librarian section.  Only the "Extract..." command.


    Yes, I was aware that the backups restore fine. Wondered if the bug was the 'extraction of' rather than the conversion to the new structure.

    My question now would be, how far back do backups restore from? Is there a point from which previous backups can't be 'translated. ie. can a backup from, say, v2.00 firmware still be restored?

    Again, apologies for the stupid questions, I only go back as far as v3.01.  

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  2. Does it work on a backup taken after update? 

    Bit long winded, I know, but a workaround might be to reinstall previous backups, and then 're' backup, maybe using their old file names to force them to overwrite the originals?

    At this point, my own preference is to export my preset anytime I press 'Save' on the Helix... Is this an issue with old preset files, too, or just extracted files - sorry, I haven't had my Helix long enough to build up a 'history' of files.


  3. You know, this is going to bite one of on the ar5e...

    Joking aside, my FIRST update to my Helix fell over. For some reason, my PC rebooted in the middle of the process -  it looked like it would be a lengthy process, so went for a smoke, came back... this was 5 minutes in to the very first time I'd even switched the Helix on. Got a boot failure of some kind... I just thought 'F*** it, if THIS doesn't work, it goes back.'

    Restarted L6 Updater, it was recognised, reinstalled the update. All good.

    The threads are useful, if for no other reason than to remind me to not get blase and follow the instructions.

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  4. Hiya,

    Relatively new to this Helix lark...

    Was setting up a preset this afternoon, nothing complicated, just an amp>pitchshifter>delay>PC112+/Jarvis.

    Daft question time, my amp and pitch blocks have red logos/image, whereas my delay has a green logo/image. Is there a reason? Is 'it' trying to tell me something?



  5. 19 hours ago, silverhead said:

    Aarrgghhhh..... I should have waited a few more minutes before beginning my troubleshooting directions......


    Glad you got it sorted out.

    Absolutely not.

    I think this should be 'stickied.

    Absolutely invaluable information. Someone should collate all these troubleshooting tips into one sub-forum.


  6. 26 minutes ago, PierM said:


    It's missing or broken software preventing unit to boot. If you do a reset, the unit still won't boot since there is not a eeprom storing a backup firmware that you can rebuild with a reset. That's more like a broken windows installation preventing you to boot, with no safe partition. :)

    Okay, thanks for the info.

    Most likely needs the chip reflashing directly, outside of the unit?

  7. Has anyone here ever opened one of these up?

    If I was in this situation AND out of the warranty period, I'd be in there, sniffing around - literally - for failed components.

    Something that would occur to me, assuming there's one in there, would be to remove the battery that is usually present for patch memory retention and give it ten minutes to lose it's memory. Then stick the battery back in.

    Not saying this will make any difference, but it may just be enough to force the unit to do a factory reset?

    Just a thought.

  8. Seems various people have had various issues.

    Bottom line is it's always been operator error, sort of.

    The update seems to have defaulted a few global settings and so on, BUT they DO warn everyone to do a backup in the instructions. Being new to the Helix, I did do this and restoring my backup after update, all was well....

    Except the Powercab setting in HX Edit when you use L6 Link got defaulted...

    If you backed up before updating, do the restore and then go check all the global settings are where you want 'em.

  9. Thanks for the quick responce.

    Just wanted to check, before I spent an afternoon scratching my head, sweaing and chain smoking chasing a unicorn :)

    To be honest, I wasn't expecting it to be doable.

    Thanks again.

  10. ... control two parameters/modules with one expression pedal simultaneously within a preset?

    I'm looking to emulate the Dearmond 610 using a volume and EQ filter... unless they modelled it and I've not seen it. 



    EDIT: I'm using a Helix floor, by the way. 

  11. Been gigging a "stereo" rackmount system since the early 90s. 

    Two things. If exactly the same thing is coming out of both sides, it's mono. 

    The other thing. Speaker placement is such a PITA that unless you have em side by side, you get phasing. 

    In a room that size, unless the walls are padded, I'd stick with a single cab, as all the reflections flying around... you'll be lucky if you could get a decent sound out of it. 

    "Stereo's" good for recording, but it's a PITA live, without a PA and big room. 

  12. In addition to what rd2rk says, you must have the latest firmware on both the Helix and Powercab for the L6 link to work - it doesn't work below specific firmware versions. Don't assume they ship with the latest firmware versions.

    The other thing, the Powercab display doesn't change when using the L6 Link, but that doesn't mean nothing happens. The coloured ring on the controls does change colour, to indicate a speaker change.

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  13. You've tried rebooting the laptop, right?

    Just checked mine - in Device Manager, it shows under Audio Inputs/Outputs as Digital Audio Interface and Speakers. Under Line 6 as Helix Floor. Under Sound, Video and Games Controllers as Line 6 Helix.

    Unplugged mine, reconnected fine, though, I didn't have any of the associated software open.

    Usual advice really, switch everything off and back on again. Helix shouldn't suffer, unless in the middle of data transfer. USB driver might be affected - I'm getting similar issues with a Steinberg UR22C,,, both use Yamaha drivers.

    Maybe try reinstalling driver?

    Other than that, disabled USB Port suspend - Google/Youtube for instruction.

    Good luck.


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  14. I have a 112+. Only reason I didn't get the 212 was I don't have the space.

    From what I found out whilst mulling it over, you CAN set the speakers to separate speaker emulations - I was especially interested in this feature. I'm fairly certain you can send left signal to left speaker... etc, so it should be possible to send one amp to one side, the other to the other - just a matter of how you route your patch and which connection method you use between the Helix and PC212.

    Jason Sadites has a Youtube channel and probably covers it in a video somewhere. Other Helix dedicated channels are available.

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  15. First thing is make sure both have the latest firmware.

    Unless you already updated, it's almost certain they don't have the current versions,. The Powercab doesn't seem to ship with firmware that is setup for L6/AES.

    After that, I believe the screen not responding to external control is normal - the settings will still change.

  16. 14 hours ago, hideout said:

    You're missing the point. I do not want to have to pack around yet another piece of gear.  Especially when it's just for one specific sound.

    Careful what you wish for. When you start using LFOs to control parameter in other effects, DSP usage goes through the roof.

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  17. 7 hours ago, wobrien54 said:

    Thanks again somebodyelse!

    you promted me to give it another try (AFTER A WEEKEND OF TRYIN), your second sentence struck a chord with me...

    I realized that the powercab EDIT was a different animal all together with, so I downlowded the first thing that came up on the options of downloads, which was something to do with fixing bugs on the spider...I avoided this all the other times because it didn't mention the 112 powercab- go figure, I gotta wonder why when you go to download the line 6 updater it doesn't just direct you to that, but I don't f'in care at this point because I was finally able to update my powercab software to the 2.00 version and I download  the powecab edit as well.    

     I'm glad you got it sorted.

    The Line 6 download page is a POS to be brutally honest. It doesn't matter which product or operating system you specify, ir still offers a lollipopload of downloads that aren't relevant to you.

    Look on the bright side. I bought a POD 2.0 twenty years back. Came with a great editor based on Emajic software - I think they were something to do with Logic. After a couple of years, Apple bought them - end of updates. When the next version of Windows came out, game over. Line 6 came up with a replacement editor that didn't work... it's still there on the downloads page.

  18. 16 hours ago, silverhead said:

    Audio complications are just one reason for not using Helix Native as a replacement editor. The more important reason is that Helix Native operates on the computer. Editing a preset using Helix Native does not affect anything on the Helix device. In order to get that preset on the Helix device you would have to use..... HX Edit! So everyone should use HX Edit in the first place. That’s it’s job.

    Yeah, that's what I thought.

    I've only had mine just over a month and haven't had chance to play around with the softwares beyond updating firmwares... I was under the impression that Native patches could be transferred to the Helix, not necessarily that it directly altered setting in realtime... which is why I'd have used Edit, anyway, in his shoes...


  19. 12 hours ago, Whoob said:

    Hello, Helix noob here.


    Am I able to connect two studio monitors to my helix, connect the helix to my computer via USB, and then with the HELIX Native Plug-in interface play directy through my studio monitors?


    Thanks in advance and apologies for the noob question.

    Yes, just make sure your Helix outputs are set to line level.


    Using Native for editing... you might need to change settings on there to stop it outputting audio through USB. For ease of editing without the audio complications, you might be better using HX Edit on the PC for these occasions.

  20. On 3/5/2021 at 5:52 PM, hideout said:

    Nope.  Compare what you suggest with manually moving the delay time knob on a delay pedal and that's the sound I'm after. Obviously not as severe in time delay change but it would be achievable via an LFO. Also, what I'm talking about is to do it in real time, live, not via recording. The Echo Quest pedal has this feature and it would be great to have it be incorporated into the Helix.

    Try an old tape echo unit, they all do that, and not by design.

    My old early 90s rack fx can do it,,, that's progress for ya.

  21. First thought is, is the Powercab input set to line level in the global settings and/or is the output from the interface line level?...

    Shorter way to put it would be are the two 'level matched'?

    Whether that'll cure a lack of low end... it's a necessary starting point though.

  22. Hiya.

    First, yer welcome. Sorry, it's taken so long to reply.

    Best thing to download for the update is the Line 6 Updater. You only need the other stuff if you want to carry out editting from your computer, and the driver is included with them.

    The driver and firmware downloads are probably a better option if you live in an area with unstable or slow internet connections, where it would be safer to do a firmware update manually. Otherwise, I would use the automatic Line 6 Updater.

    As for the 'accepting terms' tickbox... I'm not a lot of use -I'm sight impaired. Suffice to say, I DID install Powercab Edit and Line 6 Updater by myself, so it couldn't have been that hard to find.

    At the risk of asking stupid questions, are you sure it's not two 'buttons' with the options 'Accept' or 'Reject'. Some use tickboxes, some just put in on the 'OK' button?

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