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  1. oakn

    Odd ground noise?

    Thanks for the post! It's interesting that you pointed out that the interference appears to enter the signal chain directly through the pickups, because the noise was severely reduced when plugging in a guitar with active emg pickups (which are not grounded in the same way as regular passive pickups).
  2. oakn

    Odd ground noise?

    Okey, so it's "normal" but my unit clearly have a much higher noise volume since I can get it with an empty preset (but with the volume up quite high). Time to contact the seller/store, what a bummer - I had hoped to be making presets for recording the upcoming days, instead I might have to send it across Europe.
  3. oakn

    Odd ground noise?

    Yea, I guess that's what needs to be done. Out of curiosity: If you have a empty preset, bring up the volume, touch the guitar lead with your hand so you get that normal hum and touch the switches on the Helix; do you get any kind of noise?
  4. oakn

    Odd ground noise?

    Just tried it at a friends place and it's the same thing there with his guitars and cables. So it's not the guitars and not the wiring in the apartment, which sadly leaves the Helix as the culprit. It's not really that annoying, but there's one occasion where this would be devastating - during live performances. As stated in the original post, the static noise comes if I touch the guitar strings and/or hardware if the volume or tone is at zero. And not being able to turn my volume knob to zero on silent parts is a big no-no.
  5. oakn

    Odd ground noise?

    That shouldn't be an issue if it is ruined off, right? I have one in the adjescent room but it had been turned off during the testing. I also don't have any dimmers so that's not a problem. Yes I disconnected everything else, just headphones and the guitar lead/guitar connected (when trying with headphones).
  6. oakn

    Odd ground noise?

    No USB plugged in.
  7. oakn

    Odd ground noise?

    I forgot to mention that I tried with several guitars. Four different guitars to be exact, and all of them work flawlessly in other rigs. The issue came when the Helix was introduced. And as mentioned, the issue is there even when I don't plug in a guitar to the guitar lead (but there has to be a guitar lead connected for the static to appear).
  8. oakn

    Odd ground noise?

    So I finally got a Helix Floor, but I found a rather odd noise issue. I get a static noise when i touch the switches, but only when a guitar cable is plugged in. I have to touch the guitar lead or have a guitar connected for the noise to appear. It gets louder if I also touch the power cable to the Helix (just the plastic outer shell not touching any actual copper power leads). The "Mode" Switch makes a louder noise than the other switches and also in another (higher) frequency. The noise corresponds with the output gain (the more gain that is put on the signal the louder the static becomes). Making things (at least for me) ever crazier, if I turn the volume or the tone on the guitar to zero the same noise comes from touching the hardware/strings on the guitar. If I make the noise by touching a switch on the Helix, I can make it go away by touching the hardware/strings on the guitar. If I get the noise by setting volume or tone on the guitar to zero and touching the guitar hardware it goes away if I touch the housing of the Helix. If there's no guitar cable connected to the Helix; no noise. To me it sounds like a grounding issue, but I can't tell if it's the Helix or the wiring in my apartment. What to do? Have I missed something? Is it supposed to be like this? What I've tried: With amp, power cable in the same outlet as amp With headphones Different power cables Different guitar cables Line and instrument output settings Different inputs (Guitar in, Aux, Return) Everything except the Helix turned off in the apartment (so no real interference with other electrical equipment) Tomorrow I will try it at a friends place to see if there's a wiring issue in my apartment.