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  1. I use them both equally.  Right now my setup is running the PodHD through effects return of a fender mustang.  Originally I was using the full models of all the amps, it wasn't until recently that I started even trying the pre-models.  For me it just depends on the patch/amp.  I prefer the pre-model Treadplate, but the full model Slo.  If it sounds good to your ears, you're doing it right.

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  2. It sounds like you have one high fret, probably the 11th or 12th.  A competent guitar tech should be able to do a localized leveling and re-polish.  I have the same issue with the Mighty-Mite strat neck on my '69, but at the 15th fret.  I've been trying to get up the nerve to dress it myself, but will most likely chicken out and let someone who does this for a living have at it.


    This is exactly what I was thinking.  It's not necessarily something that's killing me for now, but I'm gonna want it addressed at some point.

  3. I have discovered one potential issue on my jtv 69 and I'm looking for the best resolution. On the high E string, at the 10th fret (D), if I bend the note up a full step to E, it will choke off. I can do a half step bend with no buzz at all. I've been all over the neck, and this is literally the only spot it is happening. I can raise the action on that string, but the issue is that it's almost higher than I'm comfortable with right now, so I don't wanna make the thing unplayable. Would a slight truss rod adjustment fix that issue, or since its only on one fret, is that overkill? I'm pretty comfortable making adjustments on guitars, but this one has me stumped.

  4. I'm one of those players that literally never touches the tone knob on the guitar.  One of the big draws of the JTV/HD500 combination was the possibility of controlling one of the aspects of the patch with the tone knob.  I understand the basic concept of how to set it up, however I'm wondering if there is a way to "lock" the tone knob universally across all JTV models.


    For instance, I have a patch on my hd500 set up where the tone knob on the JTV controls the mix on my delay.  The patch defaults with a Lester model on the JTV, but there are a handful of tunes I'd like to slide over to maybe a strat or tele model, when I switch models with the selector on the JTV, the tone knob initiates and starts controlling the tone of the new model.  Anyway to set it so it's not controlling the tone on any of the JTV models?


  5. It's the same as a change from the iPhone 4 to the 4s. Slight upgrade, same price, big advertisements from apple.


    Upgrade if you need the better switches or the slightly higher dsp, but no need for outrage or "extreme disappointment."

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  6. So far for me, the hd500 has been 99% perfect.  But that last 1% has been the wah models.  I'm just not getting the sound I'm looking for.  During my gigs, i'm not using it a ton, but it's in there occasionally for either some 70s clean stuff, or a solo here and there (beverly hills-weezer).  The last few gigs I've brought out my Budwah and placed it in front of the hd500 just so I wouldn't have to deal with the models.  It seems to me that one of my issues is almost that the expression pedal on the hd500 has too big of a sweep.  When I bring it all the way down, it seems like the volume completely dies.  I've tried adjusting the parameters to some of the wah models, but I'm not there yet.


    So for those of you that have a good wah sound, I'm wondering if you will share your tips.  Which model are you using?  Where are you putting it in the chain?  Are you adjusting any of the parameters?

  7. So I grabbed a jtv 69 yesterday at my local GC.  Thrilled about the prospects of this combo with my cover band (weddings/corporate events....).  I've only had a few minutes to hook it up and play around, and I need some pointers.  Seems to me that the best way to get the most out of the combination is through the VDI connection.  But I do have some questions:


    1.  I read somewhere (I think) that the hd500 tuner doesn't work with the vdi connections?  Or is that just with the modeled sounds?


    2.  Is there any reason I would use the VDI connection and the regular 1/4 output at the same time, or is that just overkill?


    3.  Can the VDI connection stand up to live use?  It's basically just an ethernet connection going into the guitar.  Not that I'll be jumping around onstage or anything, but is it secure enough for general usage?


    4.  I've been using the 4cm with my hd500 and a fender mustang III v2 with great results, does having a variax in that equation change anything?



    Thanks all, I'm really excited about the variax, I just wanna get my head around it and make sure I'm getting the most out of the set up.

  8. Oh yeah, btw, prior to going direct at church I was using the xt into a PE60...not a bad solution if you want the amp on stage thing, but you are right that going direct is going to be a different animal.

  9. I'm a church player myself, and my HD500 purchase happened a few months ago specifically because we went to a silent stage and I needed to make sure I had something that sounded great for that.  At home, I make my patches using my KRK studio monitors.  I've been getting fantastic results using those. 

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