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  1. ok problem solved thanks to the help of you guys on this forum, got rather stressed out by my Desktop Pod HD apparently dying on me yesterday and could not figure out how to reset it despite the help offered to me, by the time I went to bed last night I was spitting feathers and could not think straight.....however this morning on checking this forum again I tried the link 'Bazzer' had kindly left for me and realised I had been pressing the looper button whilst powering up instead of the left hand side of the toggle switch,   yes I know what your I consider myself severely reprimanded and by way of punishment will spend the next two nights in the garden shed, of course I might take my guitar, Pod HD and headphones with me so that the time spent incarcerated will not be wasted. Please except my apologys for wasting your valuable time and at the same time a big thankyou for those that did......Great website and forum yours humbly Bushrat      lol

  2. ok guys problem solved, thanks Brazzy for the link, I was pressing the looper arrow whilst powering on to try and reset it instead of the toggle left arrow, what a plonker I am got myself into a right 2 & 8 was spitting feathers by the time I went to bed last night but this morning after reading the members reply to my dilemma I managed to do the correct procedure and hey presto its working again, so I consider myself severely reprimanded and will spend the next two nights in the garden shed by way of punishment, of course I might take my guitar, Pod HD and headphones with me so that my period of incarceration will not be entirely wasted.  Of course I would like to thank all of the members on this forum who kindly tried to help me with their advice.......

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  3. Bought it on Monday delivered on Thursday up and running by Friday then after downloading a customtone it just won't work, tried re-downloading the drivers but it cannot be recognised by the Line 6 monkey which keeps on prompting me to say I have a Bass Pod XT.,.,.**** all I get is a line 6 screen which flashes every five seconds, no response from any of the knobs or dials..... not good not happy

  4. Thanks Charlie-watt but I have tried to that but it won't let me do anything.....I have unplugged it all then powered it up and plugged in the USB cable and the funny thing is I don't even get the little message on my pc screen saying' searching for drivers' it just is not detectable and like a say this is brand new so I think I will be sending it back and not be buying another one of these............

  5. Thanks hub but I have registered this online with line6, I did it all by the book and it was working fine, right up until I downloaded a tone from customtones then it just stopped so I am guessing it might have been a corrupted  tone or patch.......what do I do now I only just got it on Friday ' new'.........not very happy I must say

  6. Thankyou Duncann for your reply, tried what you say but made no difference, apart from the line 6 logo which flashes once every 6 seconds or so there appears to be no life in this unit, line6 monkey keeps saying it cannot  find the device and keeps on referring to it as Bass Pod xt which of course it isn't, when I bring up the edit software on my pc screen is too does not see my device, it was running ok this morning up until I tried downloading some customtones............

  7. Ok so I bought this new a couple of days ago downloaded the drivers from line 6 monkey everything running as it should, just tried downloading a couple of patches from the line 6 share tone group seemed to work shut my POD HD off and when I switched it on again it does not load up as normal all I get is a flashing line6 logo, went to line6 monkey and it does not see or find my device.............can anyone help please thanks

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