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Found 10 results

  1. Hey all, first post here, hopefully I am in the right forum for this question. Can anyone here confirm if the amp models in the plugin POD Farm Platinum are the same as the ones that could be found in the POD HD500X or POD HD PRO X with the add-on model packs? Trying to figure out if the plugin or the hardware is the more reasonable purchase for myself. Thanks!
  2. FBV Express MKII cannot be used to switch AMP MODELS(CLEAN/CRUNCH/METAL/INSANE) on Spider Classic 15. Please advise what kind of settings should be made in FBV Control Application.
  3. Hello! I’m a new HX Stomp user. 1 month of use. I’ve used only the effects on gigs but would like to broaden to using the amp models. I’m confused by a few things and would appreciate some help to get me on the right track: 1) Effects: Volumes seems to vary. Distortion and overdrives seem to be the toughest to balance. Any suggestions on correctly balancing levels? Should the master volume knob on the HX Stomp always be set to the max? 2) Amp & Cab models through a P.A.: I tried using an amp model & separate cab model through a P.A. in a well equipped Club and the FOH guy said the volume signal was loud but not loud enough. “A bit thin” in his words. I set my Input level to “Line” as tutorials explained. Am I suppose to set both Input and Output to “Line”? Thank you in advance for suggestions Oscargtr
  4. Is there a way to download a single amp model from one of the HD amp model packs without purchasing the entire pack? I am trying to create a specific tone and I want to try the Vox AC30 Normal Channel amp model as I suspect (if it's well modelled) that it will do the job. I don't really want to spend £40-£50 on the vintage model pack in case it doesn't fit the bill and particularly as I am unlikely to ever use the other amp models. However if I had to spend £10 for example on a single amp model then this would be much more appealing. Second question - Given that it's now 2018 and Line 6 appears to have moved on to the Helix, should Line 6 consider making the HD amp model packs for the Pod HD range freely available? R
  5. So I bought a Matrix GT1000, and decided to copy some presets but turn off the IRs (going out through a Marshall 2x12). Anyway, I had a patch based on the Archetype Lead. On the Matrix rack, everything's there. But on the Helix editor - no amp. Furthermore, the Archetype amp isn't listed! Same for the Line 6 litigator. It used to be there - I'm wondering if it went walkies when I upgraded to V.2.21? So, do I load my last saved Bundle? Is there any way to copy from the factory preset to an unused User slot on the Rack? (Not using the software). I don't think you can download the factory presets, can you?
  6. Are there any factory presets using the amps from the new Model Packs?
  7. Hi I've been fiddling with different amp models and it seems like when I select treadplate there is an extra set of control knobs for the 'amp parameters' but whereas for tread plate 'pre' there is only the 'cab parameters'. Are these the only difference between 'pre' and non 'pre'. Does 'pre' means preamp?
  8. Can you use the expression pedal to blend from one amp model to another? Relatively clean to a higher gain. It's been a while but I did it with my hd500.
  9. I am a new owner of an Amplifi 75 and have found it to invaluable to my practice time and love the amount of amp models that are avaible. I also own an early 1990's Fender Hot Rod Deluxe which I use mainly on gigs and feel it to practice with it late into the evening. My faverite tome is a Brad Paisley tone which uses the Zen Master. My question is there a tone which is modeled after the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe? If not will ther me new tones made available.
  10. I was bummed the FX100 doesn't even mention the amp models in the manual... and then I realized that I'd seen all these amp models before. So - grab the POD X3 manual for a nice translation of all the amp models, cabs, and effects used in the FX100 (there are some slight differences but not many!). This is helpful for amp models like "Criminal". I never heard of a Criminal amp - but 5150 is a household name. It would have been cool if Line6 had, at least, taken that manual and rehashed the amp models for us... Or better yet - as the FX100 is so web oriented, why not make a bithchin' web page with pictures of all the amps and descriptions of what each model is based on. This would attract new buyers too. Seems too frickin easy (I wonder if there are copyright issues going on with this type of stuff which prevents L6 from delivering). The original POD 2.0 manual was the best with a little history about each amp - where they actually described how all the knobs worked and how each was used in terms of a given amp model (i.e. the real amp had no middle so we made it into an EQ, to get the original tone, leave the middle at 12) Those little notes were so helpful when dialing in tones - and they really got you excited about using the models; they just seem more authentic when you have a better understanding of what each knob is really doing. So now, this brings up my real question: Is the FX100 anything more than a POD X3 with bluetooth and IOS integration? Have there been any improvements to the overall sound quality of the amp models, effects, and cabs? Are there any hardware improvements in the FX100 that offer better sound over a POD X3? What do these exact same amp models sound like side by side on the FX100 vs the POD X3? Does the FX100 sound as good (or bad if that is your opinion) as the X3? I really don't want to hear that tone has suffered in any way with the FX100, but that could very well be the case? Anybody out there have an FX100 and a POD X3? Any insight is appreciated! Thanks!
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