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Found 34 results

  1. Hi, about two years ago i bought my Amplifi TT and i'm very happy. I use it into a stereo in my bedroom (directly or through a little mixer). I always had a great sound and a great volume, but now i noticed that the volume of "amp out" is very low and the sound is tiny and distorted. If i use "phone" or "main-left" outputs the sound is great. Is it possible that the "main out" output is broken or defective? I used my Amplifi TT only 3/4 times outside my home. Thanks
  2. Hi, just powered son's Amplifi TT up for the first time in a while and it just has a single white light next to A lit. Nothing else is lit or flashing. I've tried powering up holding the control knob and tone button, but same thing happens. Got a very disappointed 10 year old! Any suggestions?
  3. I'm considering getting an FBV MKII for my Amplifi TT. I was testing the wah by moving the Position parameter with my left hand as I strummed with my right. There was so much delay with this, that the pedal would be useless if it too reacted as slowly. What am I missing? I'm running the Amplifi app on an Amazon Fire 8HD tablet and everything else works great.
  4. So do the Amplifi TT and the Spider V use the same amp, cab and FX models? I realize that the presets are different. Thanks for your help. :)
  5. Recently bought an Amplifi TT. The guitar I'm using is an Epiphone SG G-400. I don't know if it's normal behaviour or if the amp is broken. When I see tests and reviews on youtube ppl seems to change between tones with ease just experiencing the tone differences with little volume difference. On my case if I change between a clean tone and some more distorted one the volume difference is huge and the distortion seems hugelly exagerated. To use most of the distorted preset tones I must lower the guitar volume to minimum and edit and lower drastically the Gain for that tone.
  6. I'm having an issue with my new Amplifi TT and the Amplifi Remote app. I have an iPad running iOS 9.3.5 and the latest Amplifi Remote app v 2.60.1. I just downloaded the latest firmware to the amp today (I think 2.50.2). I can't get the Remote app to work at all. When I open the app, it will connect to the Amplifi, but then quit after a few seconds. I've tried re-pairing devices, rebooting, nothing helps. So the amp is basically limited to the first four preset tones that are accessible on the front of the amp. No song streaming, no tone matching or editing. Very frustrated with this. I love the tones on the first four presets, but I bought this to stream music, play along, and look for tones on the cloud. I'd hate to send it back. Can anyone help? I've seen some posts on this, but they reference older app/firmware versions and I couldn't find a resolution.
  7. Hallo, I´ve a problem with the distortion-volume in contrast with other clean effects... I play the line 6 amplifierTT through my external-soundcard by using the mainoutputs of the TT. My speakers are on highest volume like soundcard and the TT. But if I use an distortioneffect mostly without reverb-effect it is always too quiet and it sucks! If I want to pull it louder it starts to scratch like an overdirve but the level in my soundprogramm is not really high like it is when I use clean-effects which are mostly loud enough and not causing any problems. Is there any trick or advice to use dry distortions and level them up without having those "scratches"?! I´ve already tried it by using eq and reducing the low frequences, also in the "amp/cab". But it isn´t good enough! I want to play clean and distortion on a same level (likeeverybody wants) but it shouldn´t be that quiet that I can still hear the strings... thx for any helpful replies greets
  8. Hey there, I didn't find any open topic in this matter - so maybe someone here can help me out. I recently bought an Amplifi TT and a G10 (Relay) to not need to have a cable through my living room. I connected the G10 to the Amplifi via XLR to Guitar-in Jack, and the Amplifi via RCA/Chinch to my AV-Receiver. The latency must be around 10ms or more, so it's really impossible to play. I know the G10 from "regular amp use" and I never experienced a latency like this. Would be glad, if someone here can provide some ideas. Thanks'n'best, Andreas
  9. Just got hold of AMPLIFi TT and just about to send it back I have an iPad Pro with OS 10 just downloaded the app it won't tone match any of my music and I can't download any of the jam tracks, did the uninstall and reboot reinstall and installation etc still nothing also raised a ticket but not holding my breath any ideas anyone?
  10. Is there a definitive list anywhere of the amps / cabs / fx, etc available in the FX100 / TT ? Line6 (as always) ain't exactly forthcoming with "What's in the Box" Regards Bill
  11. I use my amplifi tt as an asio driver in cubase LE 8. Normally you can change the buffer size or the latency in the device setup. Probably Amplifi TT doesn't support this function. For the moment I get annoyed from the crackling noises <_< Anyone who can confirm this issue or has a solution...
  12. My amplifi TT when turned on , the four LEDs lights flash , and does not work ...... I have installed the latest version of drivers and the latest version of the updater, and gives me even following a fault ....... ...... all I can do ??
  13. The title said it all, i tried to change the sample rate via audio-midi setup, the audio settings and through multiple DAWs (in Ableton the 44,1khz setting is greyed out, in pro tools im not able to open the projects which are in 44,1 and in logic pro x it works to change the sample rate but i would prefer not using logic). So only 48000 Hz works on my Amplifi TT. This is really annoying do anyone know how to change this? Thanks for your help!
  14. dmg34

    Amplifi TT

    My amplifi will not put out a guitar signal. My amplifi is connected to my surround sound and I can play music out of it. I can also tune my guitar but not guitar sounds please help!!!! I have turned up my guitar volume made sure my guitar chord is connected and the bluetooth is on. I checked in my bluetooth settings to see if both the amplifi and the surround sound were connected which they are. I am confused how this is happening. Any help would be great!
  15. Hello, I just got a new amp and I am wondering if there is a way to keep all my cables connected through the TT but not have the TT change my amp's tone like a "pass through" or just be able to use a stomp etc and no amp. If not, and I know it's not really made for that, is there an amp and settings that allows my tone to be the least affected. I like the using the TT still and it would really be awesome if I could use those same affects on my amp as well, Thank you in advance, Jeff
  16. Well since today, when playing while streaming music for practice, the Bluetooth connection quit and the tone get back to the preset tone in memory 1 or the streaming stops, it is either or. After reconnecting, it happens after a few strophes playing and streaming. Reloaded the Amplifi App, downloaded the Line6 patch 1.07 (the file is dated October 29, 2015, but the patch is labeled 2/2/2016 on the website???) No Amplifi App update lately, no iOS update lately, no nothing. From my experience with the Amplifi devices this is the worst failure I ever have experienced. The device is effectively useless yet. What happens?
  17. Well since today, when playing while streaming music for practice, the Bluetooth connection quit and the tone get back to the preset tone in memory 1 or the streaming stops, it is either or. After reconnecting, it happens after a few strophes playing and streaming. Reloaded the Amplifi App, downloaded the Line6 patch 1.07 (the file is dated October 29, 2015, but the patch is labeled 2/2/2016 on the website???) No Amplifi App update lately, no iOS update lately, no nothing. From my experience with the Amplifi devices this is the worst failure I ever have experienced. The device is effectively useless yet. What happens?
  18. Has anyone tried using the Amplifi TT with an FBV2? I know it's not listed as compatible, but Thomann suggests it as a matching switch (->Thomann). Best Thomas
  19. Hello guys, I bought Amplifi TT. But I don't know how to configure it. I'm really dump on it, I have windows 7 PC, how can I setup the sounds? How can I download now sounds? How can I load them? Which software should I use? How do I download it? I'm sorry for those stupid questions but I'm really lost in it. Thanks a lot
  20. My guitar-playing 18-year old son has rejecting using the Amplifi TT, even though I thought it to be a very useful device, especially in a university dormitory room. Well, myself not being a guitar-player (please forgive me) I don't much much credibility on the topic. "Dad, how do I change the DSP effects mid-way through a song? Does it have a pedal interface whereby I can quickly move between effects? Well, I have not seen a Line 6 pedal interface to the TT. I am mighty surprised that Line 6 did not release a multi-button pedal interface to the TT... unless I missed it somewhere. Then I got to thinking some more today... Is it possible to feed the guitar-input from his pedal output and have the TT not add any effects? This way, he can use the TT's Bluetooth to wirelessly send a signal to a Bluetooth enabled amplifier/speaker? Anyone have experience using the TT this way?
  21. Hi, I still have a device with iOS7 installed. Using some little (but official) workaround in iTunes, I managed to download and install the Amplifi Remote App v.2.10. Since I believe that the current firmware 2.50 for Amplifi TT runs only with app versions 2.13 and later, I have the following question: Do NEW Amplifi TTs already come with firmware 2.50 pre-installed? (I just bought one, but it's still in the box.) I just want to know if I could run into any trouble. If they DO come with 2.50 pre-installed, would there be a way to install an earlier firmware version? If they do NOT come with 2.50 pre-installed, which firmware version is the LATEST one that works with app v.2.10? Best, Thomas
  22. Hi. Today, I've received a brand new Amplifi TT. I've installed it updated it via Bluetooth, downloaded the Amplifi ASIO Driver through the software page of this site and installed it, then I downloaded and installed the free version of Cubase LE 8 which came with the product. Now I have a major problem : there's no sound coming out of my PC speakers. I looked into the Device Setup. ASIO Amplifi is the default audio driver. Then I checked the VST Connections. In the inputs section, the Amplifi is selected by default. Everything is normal here. But in the outputs section, I've noticed that the Amplifi is also selected by default, right where my speakers should be (as seen on the picture, hence Cubase staying silent no matter what I do), and there's no other option in the drop-down menu. My question is : is there a way to "install" my speakers system in the outputs section, to get some sound out of this Amplifi, or do I need to plug some other cables in (it's just plugged on USB right now) ? This may sound like a stupid question, but I'm still a beginner when it comes to recording. Anyway, thanks in advance.
  23. Hi, I have an Amplifi TT and I am using the android app to connect to the amp. My questions is that how do I set a Bank to the amp other than Bank 1 When my amp is paired, I can access the hardware screen In the screen I can see 25 banks I can select the individual tones that I want from the screen but how can I assign a specific bank to the amp When I assign a tone via the hardware screen and then use the physical tone button on the amp to switch It goes to the back to the tones on bank 1 Is this not possible through the android remote app? Thanks
  24. Trying to use the PC utility to update the firmware, but Windows can't find a suitable driver. I'm running Win 7 SP2 x86. Look at the attached picture for the errors I'm getting. Where is the actual driver? I can try to point it to the actual driver in device manager, but I don't know where it would be.
  25. Just bought a Amplifi TT and I've been asking a bunch of question on this forum while I'm all antsy waiting for it to arrive. Could I use the "AMP Out" port on this thing to plug it into a physical guitar pedal and then go from that into a physical speaker cabinet? I was thinking about doing this with my volume pedal to simulate having it be the last item on a pedal board instead of the first.
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