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Found 188 results

  1. As the title mentioned, can AMPLIFi tt use fbv2 pedal board to switch tones? I usually use a high gain tone and a clean tone, when I play a song, sometimes I need to switch them during the play, so I wonder if I can us FBV2 to switch them. Anyone done this before? Thank u :)
  2. pianojunky

    iOS 9.3 beta

    Was at a jam session today and couldn't get my app to connect to the amplifi 500. I quickly remembered I had downloaded the iOS 9.3 to my iPad, used my iPhone (still on 9.2) and everything worked great. I am hoping we don't have a repeat of iOS 9.0, but I am fearful we will. Hopefully Line 6 will be paying attention to this and be ready when the iOS 9.3 update drops!
  3. Hi, I just bought the Amplifi 75. Here's the problem: Bluetooth is connected Amplifi Remote App Says that the device is connected I can load tones from the cloud, but the sound doesn't change. I get the stock sound that loads. I'm using an iPad Air. I tested one of these at a store with my iPhone and it worked great. But I ordered this one from Sweetwater. I tried a hard reset (holding tap and volume button down while turning it on - is that right?) I reinstalled the app, made the iPad forget the device, made sure app wasn't running when I connected Bluetooth. Frustrating. Any advice?
  4. Im thinking of buying an Amplifi,do i need to have bought music from itunes for tonematch to work?
  5. Hi all, I've got a combination of: Google Nexus 4 running Android 5.1.1 Amplifi Remote app v2.13.0 Amplifi 75 v 2.10.0 I can connect to the unit using Bluetooth, and play audio out, but the Amplifi never shows up as a connected device. If I go to settings, I get a message of "It appears you are connected to an AMPLIFi device, but its firmware is not up to date. Please update your AMPLIFi" PC based Amplifi Utility confirms it's on latest firmware. Any suggestions?
  6. Hello... Really at my wits end here. Been using my amplifi 75 for a year now and its been great. Just found out about the new firmware updates which enables amplifi devices to act as an usb interface. I'm on windows 10 64-bit so i had to install the line 6 driver 2 files. However, after downloading the files and launching ableton live 9, amplifi wasn't detected. I checked device manager and confirmed it was using the v1.76 drivers and did a factory reset after the update, still catch no ball... Anybody have any clue how to solve this?
  7. OK, LIne6, I get it. You are extraordinarily enamored with your red/black color scheme for the Amplifi product line. For sure, that is good marketing and instantly identifies the product. Nice touch. Understood. However, are you really foresworn to push those colors all the way through the entire Amplifi Remote app, completely oblivious to the problem of user ergonomics? Even when text is involved? You have got to be kidding. Form trumps function to the max here. No design class I ever have attended has suggested that black type on a dark red background in 3 point size is great ergonomics. You literally cannot read anything, for goodness sake! Even when the screen is saved and enlarged, you still cannot read the text! The problem is acute at the top of the screen with the tabs within a mode, and the bottom of the screen with the app modes themselves. Look. I love your Amplifi product. I actually love the remote app in general. But I am begging Line6 on my knees for a better Amplifi Remote screen color layout on the iPhone. No black text on dark red background in 3 point type! If we just have to have the dark red background, please change the text color to white or yellow or something that is actually readable! And can you please enlarge that point size just a bit in most fields throughout the app? I love your app, but using the app for more than a few minutes is driving me crazy and blind on the iPhone. The user interface can be better. Don't let form trump function in such a non-sensical way for visual ergonomics.
  8. Does anyone know if Amplifi (i have a 150) works with the just released IOS 9.2. Uses both Ipad3 and Iphone 6. Had a lot of issues last time IOS was upgraded. Cant find any info on this website
  9. Hi, I just have a few questions, what would be better, a multi-effects with a speaker or a multi-effects with an amp? If I decided to get a multi-effects and a speaker what speaker should I get? What advantages are there getting a firehawk fx rather then an amplifi fx100, amplifi TT, amplifi 150 or amplifi 75? What are the advantages of the Pod HD500X over anything else? It seems so popular I feel like I might be missing something. Also what is better about the Pod HD Pro compared to the HD500X? Thanks in advance
  10. This may sound like a silly quiestion to the die hard Line 6'ers, but will any of the amp models or fx ever be updated in the Amplifi FX100? Or are they permanently implanted on a chip. Just wonder if I need to start thinking about upgrading to the Firehawk since it has the HD line of fx.
  11. Hi folks, I wonder if I can use my DigiTech Whammy DT with the Amplifi amp... Can someone tell me if there is compatibility issues with that ? Thanks
  12. Happy Thanksgiving and warm holiday wishes to all! Everyone please be safe and may you all be stuffed with Turkey. If not may someone find you wanting and promptly stuff you with turkey! Lol PEACE TO ALL!!!
  13. Can some of you fine people help me out please? I'm a big fan of Devin Townsend, not so much a fan of trying to work out creating tones on the app! I'm looking for 3 tones - a wet clean, main rhythm guitar, and that huge wet lead tone. I know he was using Mesa amps originally but he seems to be using the AxeFXII and Kemper profiling stuff now. I can only find 2 tones on the amplifi cloud thing, so if any of you fancy putting a couple of tones together and uploading them, that would be great ;) or maybe even giving me a few hints and tips on some settings (amp/delay/reverb). I suppose I need to start trying to put these things together myself at some point!!! Cheers.
  14. Hi Everyone, I'm seriously considering to buy the Amplifi 75 and also the FBV Shortboard MKII. I've been reading the threads here and I must say I don't feel confident enough to buy them because I don't have a service center or anything nearby I can return them to. Once I buy them, they are with me for life. As I read, after the 2.x firmware update, Android can control the Amplifi as well. Could you tell me anything about this? Are there connectivity issues or anything else? How has been your experience so far? I have an Android phone (Xiaomi MI3), I'm hoping this will work with it but ideally I'd like to use my Microsoft Surface Pro 3 with an Android emulator running on it to emulate a tablet. Or is there another way to control it from Windows (10)? Are there any major differences between the phone and tablet version of the app? Despite all the problems people are experiencing, are they worth to buy? Thank you in advance. Cheers!
  15. Hi, I just received my Amplifi FX100 and am anxious to play with it, but am experiencing a consistent problem with the syncing of my Android phone. I have searched all the forums and it sounds others have similar issues, but a lot of the other posts have different scenarios than mine. I have updated to the new firmware 2.50.2 and app on both my devices is 2.50.0. On my iPad I have no issues with connectivity or playing using the remote app. On my Android phone where my music library is, I have no Bluetooth connection issues. I can find the Amplifi fx100 fine and pair with no issues. When I open the remote app, it immediately disconnects from device and enters a state where it tries to reconnect to the Amplifi fx 100 and says "syncing" into infinity and never reconnects. Anyone else seeing this same situation? Is there a phone setting I am missing? Thanks,
  16. For anyone who may have had a similar issue, I was FINALLY able to get the amplifi to work on windows 10 after pulling my hair out and trolling the forums for answers. I'm not sure if this will work for anyone else as it was SUPER simple, but after simply adding the amplifi as a bluetooth device, it wouldn't work, gave me errors. I tried a bunch of stuff and then... I ended up getting it to work by simply going into the windows SOUND properties window and right-clicking on the "AMPLIFI_75_75 Stereo" device and choosing "Disable", then immediately right-clicking and choosing "Enable"...BOOM! Suddenly worked! Hope this helps someone else out there! -sd
  17. *** Problem has been solved. If you use iTunes Match, any song you try to play through the AMPLIFi App will not play. The actually song has to be on your actual device.*** The biggest issue (not for me because I am an apple user) is that this is NOT geared for anyone who uses anything else but iOS and buys their music through iTunes (this iTunes part is a problem for me because I do not buy all my music through iTunes). With the AMPLIFi app, you can only stream music that has been purchased through iTunes. Also, this music is the only music that pulls up suggested tones to match the music. ***All devices (iOS, Android, Mac, PC, Windows Phones) will be able to stream their audio to the amp via Bluetooth (provided it has Bluetooth capability). But the amp's tone matching functions DO NOT WORK with anything else but iOS and music strictly purchased through iTunes. I am assuming that this is how the tone matching works. Line 6 must have teamed up with Apple and use the metadata in the music from iTunes to match up tones. Even music that you put into your iTunes library from CDs or if you purchased through Amazon will not be able to be streamed through the AMPLIFi app and have tone matching capabilities.*** I have found this out when I was messing with the free iPhone AMPLIFi app. Check out my video of that here.
  18. In the last year or two, I have totally rethought my entire guitar playing life and came to the realization that this is not my living, but rather an intense hobby. Where I used to think I HAD to have the latest, greatest most awesomest gear just to survive as a player, (lightning in a bottle anyone?) I have since reduced the compllexity of my gear hoarde to basically my acoustic, and an electric guitar setup of Strat/Tele -> A few quality analog pedals -> Fender blackface tube amp. I am happy with my sound and have no desire to buy every pedal ever made anymore. Which brings me to Amplifi. Even though I am happy with my sound, I also resolved to practice far more using my wasted gear surfing time for actually working on songs and techniques. Still, it would be nice to have a practice tool that does the things Amplifi claims to do, such as bluetooth speaker, MP3 song mixing along with your guitar output through a reasonable facsimile of the tone for the given song and the ability to (finally) control it all through my Android devices. Sounds like the ticket to me for $400... ...except I know how things can REALLY be. Like bluetooth sound stuttering, firmware update bricking, wonky knobs, funky control schemes and other sundry issues. So I ask the community - if you use Amplifi, does it work reasonably well doing the things Line6 claims it can do with a bare minimum of fuss, or are there "issues" lurking that will more detract from the goal of practicing than aid in it?
  19. I posted a few day ago about my problem with the Amplifi 150... In a nutshell, when the update hit I was very impressed, so impressed I canceled my classified add to sell the Amplifi. Since the first night messing with the app & Amplifi I have not been able to reconnect with the Amplifi 150. Music streams just fine, but the Amplifi and the app will not connect to each other. Contacted customer support and the representative did not even take the time to read my full problem. He responded back, telling me to take steps that I had already taken. Had he read the full problem, he would of realized this because I clearly listed all the trouble shooting steps I had taken. In my response back I told him I had already tried his suggestion. His reply was to take it to an authorized service center. If my Amplifi 150 had been working for the past month, I probably wouldn't be so frustrated. I was about to sell the Amplfi when the update came out, after trying the updated app, I canceled my classified add and my faith in Line 6 was restored a little bit. However, after this problem and the response from Line 6, I'm at my wits end. This is the 2nd time that they suggested I take the Amplifi to a service center. The first time I was able to fix the problem myself after hours of trying different things, so I am not convinced that a service center is the answer. Am I the only one going through this!? Posted this rant on the forums in hopes that I will get some sort of response from Line 6 and maybe some feedback from other customers frustrated with recent issues. I am about to leave the Line 6 products for good because of the whole iOS 9 debacle and the issue I am having now. I have also had many other problems prior to this, so this is just the last straw for me. When the Amplifi works it is a genius product that I love and use daily in my teaching studio. Hopefully Line 6 can get this worked out and keep a customer!
  20. This is my first real complaint with the Amplifi Fx100. I cannot seem to get an overdiriven or distorted tone to my liking. To me they just dont seem believable. I am playing through a Peavey Classic 30 and my analog Distortion and Overdrive sound fantastic but the tones Im getting from the Fx100 seem buzzy and thin. I will keep playing with the settings but any help would be greatly appreciated. Im sure Im just doing something backwards and am not getting my gain and volume settings right. Anybody else have this problem?
  21. Hi, as soon as I try to connect my iPad to my Amplifi, It disconnects immediatly. Does anyone have tais problem ? Amplifi software update: 2.13.09 iPad OS: 9.0.1
  22. It seems I am having an issue saving Presets. I save them to "My Tones", I then save them to the hardware position of my choice. I can then navigate via the pedal buttons to each preset I just saved and they show up as such in the Amplifi app. But then after turning it off and then back on later the tones are still there with all of the settings I left them with but the names of the presets have been set to Default. Be advised I am using the Android app on a Kindle Fire Hdx. I am not sure if there is a "cardinal rule" to saving the presets but I have tried every possible way. Its annoying because I am having trouble remembering what preset is in what location until I see it in the app. During a gig this is not a problem. My cheat sheet lets me know what button to push. Anybody had a similar experience? Am I just overlooking something simple. It needs a global "Save" button to save the everything at one time including the hardware.
  23. Hello, I am trying to record in my DAW using my Amplifi TT, but I am having some difficulty as I am able to hear my input both though the DAW and out of the device itself. I also have a POD HD 500X, and the audio control panel has a "Hardware Monitor Level", which has the exact function I am looking for on my Amplifi TT. My input is going in the guitar in, and the output is via the headphone out. I have the TT connected to my computer via USB. If I mute the input in my DAW, I can hear the TT's input fine. When I unmute it, I can hear it "stacked" twice, so to speak. Can someone assist me so that I can only hear the output through my DAW? Thank you!
  24. I have a Amplifi FX100 that I have had for over a year but have only used two or three times. How do I prepare this unit for resell so that I can get rid of it and have the new owner be able to register it and have it work? Thanks in advance for your help! Peace & prayers!
  25. Hey Guys i recently got a new phone, the samsung galaxy s6. I've installed the amplifi app onto this new phone, and tried to set it up to my amplifi 75, but the phone can't seem to detect the amplifier? I've updated my amp to the latest firmware, and the app is on the same update too. My previous phone (the galaxy s3) works fine the the amp, but I seem to be having issues with this new phone. Any advice?
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