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Found 9 results

  1. Hello folks, since MIDI Ox still does not run under Windows 10 I don't have any idea how to backup (and restore) my M13-scenes. Is there any easy to handle software (I don't have an knowledge about MIDI at all) on the market which can do the job? And which MIDI-USB interface would you recommend if you only need it for backups and restores once in a while? Any suggestions are mostly appreciated. Thank you very much for your kind support in advance. Best regards Blue
  2. Hello! new user here! Im from argentina. Straight to the point guys, I just need to move all my effects/settings from my old pedalboard "HX Effects" to the new "Helix LT" that i just bought, i can't find the way to do this... is there any? Please help!
  3. Backed up like a good boy before I updated to 3.0 and same with edit. But now I go to backup on my Apple Air from Helix Edit, it’s greyed out. Single presets are fine, but won’t let me import backup. I’m sure I know how to do it. I’ve done it before, I just imported and all was fine. But I’m stuck here. Can anyone help please?
  4. Hi all. So I've been told by Line 6 support to return my HX Effects for a replacement as they think the -28 boot error is in fact a hardware issue. So I've spent a lot of time programming multiple presets all with 4 snapshots for key parts of songs, I don't want to lose ll that work so I've run a backup using HX Edit which seemed to work fine but after reading a report that a restore does not restore snapshot settings I'm concerned. Can anybody please tell me if they have had success restoring to the HX Effects and retained all settings including snapshots? Thanks
  5. So I haven't updated my Helix once since I bought it and I'm still on v1.04.3 firmware. How do I backup all my presets on Helix? - the new editor I downloaded just shows me a message saying that my firmware is out of date so does that mean I can't back it up there? and if I can't with the this version of the editor is it possible to find that editor version still somewhere to save all my presets/ factory restore my helix/ and then update and upload the backup to my helix? Thank you.
  6. Greetings! If you are reading this then you are probably a proud owner of the Helix. With that said, I'm looking for an answer. Has anyone had their presets and settings wiped out in any given situation? I'm talking when a breaker pops, after transportation or even just booting Helix up normally. Has anyone had that issue, or should I really get into the habit of backing my presets up? I use Helix Rack to tour with. It's been absolutely fantastic to use but with touring, you know that stuff seems to go wrong at the most inconvenient time. I'm just trying to gather a failure report. Questions does not pertain to corrupt files that occur from updating Helix - I already knew that was a thing. Thanks folks, and keep on Helix-ing! Jaime Trevino of RockStar
  7. As far as I can tell so far, there is no way to backup the entire contents of the Firehawk? I have not connected it yet to PC but I think that is just for recording purposes. Has anyone checked this out? Also I did not realize when I bought my Firehawk, that you can write or "copy" over the factory settings, and once you do that, that particular patch is gone for good unless you do a full factory reset which will likely wipe out any settings of your own in the unit itself. Then, you are left to download one by one all the patches you have saved to "My Tones" Am I correct on all the above??? I would like to know the individual factory patches are available for download just in case I want to reload it. Any help is appreciated!! Also, this is my review of the Firehawk at this point: First, it is a bright brassy sounding unit. It's great for a lot of distortion tones but to me does not appear to be designed for a straight guitar sound like you would use for a straight rhythm or Country Music style leads. Also to me, even a lot of the distortion patches are brassy sounding. That is my conclusion so far after a couple hours of playing with the settings. Consider also this is my opinion in the way that I am connecting the unit. I am only running the mono out directly into my old solid state Peavey Special 130 amp. Running thru a tube amp or sound system may make a big difference but I still think this unit is very bright and digital sounding. I have been trying to find a "warm" tube amp straight sound. The way I was finally successful in getting very close was to start with an unedited "User" patch that you will find at 30.A. Then I added and edited Eq. and compression, delay and reverb, possibly noise gate if you want. Doing this was faster and easier than trying to edit an existing factory patch. I was considering returning the unit until I figured this out because it is just too bright sounding to me. I am still using my old old Digitech RP 10 and I think it sounds better than the new wonderful Firehawk. Just my 5 cents worth, but I still have a mountain of editing to do with the Firehawk. In all fairness, the RP10 was pretty digital sounding also until I eventually tweeked in the right amount of compression and e.q. for my taste, but over the years I have been very satisfied with it. I do think however that the Firehawk is actually worse in that respect. Hard to believe in this advanced stage of electronic evolution we live in. I'm not convinced we have totally overcome the need for tubes! Thanks all!!! Jay
  8. M5/M9/M13 BACKUP INSTRUCTIONS *** This procedure is also explained in the M9 Advanced User's Guide and M13 Advanced User's Guide REQUIRED: A MIDI sequencer app such as Cubase or a sysex app -- if you don't have a sysex app installed, do a Google search for MIDI Ox (Windows) or Sysex Librarian (Mac) then download one or the other and install it. And ONE of the following: A MIDI interface that connects to your computer via USB (download the current Driver for it if you don't have it installed) & 2 MIDI cables OR A MIDI - USB interface such as the M-Audio Uno that comes with attached MIDI cables. You may need to download & install the latest driver from the manufacturer for this device. When your MIDI interface, Driver and sysex app are ready to go, follow PROCEDURE instructions below. Windows: Saving Scenes & Folders: 1. Run MIDI OX. You can do so from Start > Program Files > MIDI OX. 2. Set "Pass Sysex" & "Start Display" to On by clicking on the the 'REC' & 'SYX' boxes at the bottom right of the main window so it is highlighted blue. 3. Now go to View > Sysex. A Sysex View and Scratchpad window will open. 4. Go to the Sysex menu & select "Receive Manual Dump." When selected, you will see a window appear waiting on info from the M9/M13. 5. In Setup Menu of M9 (Press the 1B and 2B buttons at once, then press the MODEL SELECT knob 3 times until the display shows MIDI in the top left) or the M13 (hold the 'Looper Controls' button), select 'Dump All' to backup all your scenes, 'Dump Folder' to backup the current folder, or 'Dump Edit' to backup the one scene you have currently selected. Press the TAP button and the 'MODEL SELECT' knob at the same time on the M9 or just press the 'MODEL SELECT' knob on the M13 to begin the dump. Click 'Done' in MIDI OX when complete. 6. Under the 'Display Window' of MIDI OX, click 'Save As' and save it as a Sysex file type. Loading Scenes & Folders: 1. Run MIDI OX 2. Go to View > Sysex. A Sysex View and Scratchpad window will open. 3. Under the 'Command Window' menu, select 'Load File' and select the Sysex scene or folder file that is saved on your computer. If you are attempting to load an individual scene, it will be recalled to your current scene location, so change to the scene location on the M9/M13 you would like to overwrite. 4. Again, go to the 'Command Window' menu & select 'Send/Rec Sysex.' The display on the M9 (FX Unit 4 on the M13) will flash 'Receiving MIDI - Standby.' Once complete, your scene(s)/folder are now loaded. You do not have to set anything on the M9/M13, it will simply load the individual scene to the current location or load all the scenes in one shot once it receives the file. If you are loading a folder, it will load to the same folder location that it originated from. So, if you saved Folder 3 from the M9/M13, it will load back into the Folder 3 location on the hardware regardless of which Folder you may be looking into. **Note - Using 'Send Sysex' does not work. MIDI OX screen will read 'Sysex Receive' although it is sending to the M9/M13. MAC USERS: Saving Scenes & Folders: 1. Open Sysex Librarian. 2. You should already see your MIDI interface (or 'USB Uno MIDI Interface') listed in the dropdown menu at the top. If not you will need to download & install the latest drivers available from the manufacturer. 3. Click the 'Record Many' button. Use this even when backing up an individual scene. A window will appear showing it is awaiting info from the M9/M13. 4. On the M9/M13 select either 'Dump All' (all scenes), 'Dump Folder' (current folder), or 'Dump Edit' (current scene). Press the TAP button and the 'MODEL SELECT' knob at the same time on the M9 or just press the 'MODEL SELECT' knob on the M13 to begin the dump. 5. Once complete, you can rename 'untitiled.syx' in Sysex Librarian by clicking the name once it is highlighted. Loading Scenes & Folders: 1. Select the Sysex file you wish to load. 2. Click 'Play'. You will see 'Receiving MIDI - Standby' in the display on the M9 (FX Unit 4 on the M13). Your scene(s)/folder is now loaded. Again, if you are loading an individual scene, it will load to the current location you are in, so select the scene you wish to overwrite BEFORE loading the backup file. If you are loading a folder, it will load to the same folder location that it originated from. So, if you saved Folder 3 from the M9/M13, it will load back into the Folder 3 location on the hardware regardless of which Folder you may be looking into. M5 Backup Procedure: With a MIDI interface and a sysex application, you can back up all your M5 presets to your computer. This makes it easy to build a custom preset library, or exchange presets with others. To backup your presets, or to dump the current preset, follow these steps: 1. Turn bottom left PARAMETER KNOB to set your MIDI Channel (Ch. 1-16 or Omni - the default is Ch. 1). 2. Turn the Model Select knob to select DUMP ALL? (to back up all 24 presets) or DUMP PRE? (to back up your current preset). NOTE: There is an error in the M5 Pilot Guide.pdf regarding the following step in the SysEx dump procedures. Please refer to the information here for correct behavior: 3. With your computer set up to record sysex, press and hold ON/OFF while you press down on the MODEL SELECT knob. Repeat this to confirm or press TAP to exit out, if you choose. 4. The M5 will immediately transmit the sysex file to your computer, creating a backup of your Scenes that you can store and recall at any time. To load presets back into your M5, simply transmit the sysex file from your computer into the M5 via MIDI. This will immediately load the data into the M5's memory.
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