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  1. Can someone please help me get a bass tone for my spider V 60. Yes I know its a guitar amp but my bass amp stopped working and my only option is this amp. Please help me:^(
  2. I want to ask if someone can verify that the following happens on their Helix as it does on mine before I file a bug report. I searched for this before creating this topic, if it's a dupe I'm excusing myself beforehand. I use Firmware 2.21 . I recommend using a DAW or method B to make sure there's no additional noises coming from pickups, cables etc. Symptom: Both the SV Beast Nrm and Brt models exhibit a clicking noise after sound was processed if the "Sag" parameter is set to a value of 0.6 or greater. Steps to reproduce: 1. Create a patch with just an SV Beast Amp in it. Set the "Sag" to a value equal or greater than 0.6, the other controls don't seem to have an influence. Set the input block to something quiet, e.g. USB. Method A: 2. Connect the Helix to a DAW and use a routing with sound only going in and out via USB (Reamping). 3. Monitor the Helix' main output (Channels 1&2), e.g. by arming a track for recording. 4. Play anything for any amount of time, then stop playback. Method B: 2. Set the "Hum" value to anything that produces an audible sound, then move it rapidly to 0. For both methods, there should be a crackling noise following that sounds like static discharge going through a lowpass filter. For "Sag" settings of 0.5 or less, I could not reproduce the symptom. If someone can confirm this, I will file a bug report, otherwise I'll scratch my head. With a confused face.
  3. HELP!!! I have a Variax 700 bass with VDI cable, it does not work with HD500x pod or pod XT live bass. Connecting to the XT Live pod freezes the screen. Until the cable is unplugged, it will restart. With the HD500x pod, I connect a regular RJ45 cable and work for a while but then the HD500X pod restarts. The VDI cable works well with JTV59 variax Can anybody help me?
  4. Short version: How can I improvise a low pass filter out of the EQ on my HD500 so that I can get only the E and A strings, like we get in the polyphonic mode in the Boss OC-3 pedal? Detailed version: I've been trying to emulate the polyphonic mode found on the Boss OC-3 on my HD500. I'm running two parallel effects lines, with a graphic EQ as a low pass filter on one (to get just the E and A strings) and a hi pass on the other (just to give some presence while trying to retain the natural sound as much as possible). My signal chain on the bass side is the EQ and a bass octaver running into a Flip Top amp (which has the bass boosted and mids, treb and presence turned off). While I've gotten 70% there, I've run into some expected problems, mainly with the way the improvised low pass filter is working (it doesn't completely eliminate the other strings), because of which there is a constant compromise between the levels of the two channels, which either results in 1) the unwanted octaved D,G,B and E strings leaking in (if I want a stronger bass sound), which clashes horribly when I play chords, or 2) a softer bass sound with a trebly, unpleasant characteristic (owing to the EQ settings on the second effect line). Any ideas on how to get around this problem? Any insight would be appreciated. The video I've attached demonstrates the sound I'm aiming at (it's time-stamped)
  5. Hi, I play bass and guitar and am looking for an amp that can do both. My question is if it's safe to use a firehawk 1500 as a bass amp without risk of damaging the speakers like you'd have with a "normal" guitar cab. I'm aware that there are no bass amp models built in but that's not a problem. Djeno
  6. Hi there, is there a known solution to plugging G10 transmiter to Ibanez soundgear bass guitars? Tried it with the included adapter but it is too short...
  7. Dear all, I am not new to Line 6 ( used POD X3 many years ago, using a G10 very happily) but new to Helix, currently testing the native during the 15 days trial period. My main instrument is the bass. I have already good experience with Zoom B3 and B3n, have used it for gigs, already. I am trying to find out if HELIX LT could be my next Multi. I am very impressed with the quality of tube bass amps of HELIX. This is really a big step . But I have difficult to find some very clean bass amps or settings, e.g. a MarkBass amp simulation with it s VLE and VLF EQs. Is there anybody who can help me or have any recommendations? best regards, Markus
  8. Greetings fellow Line6 Users! Hoping someone can tell me what the parameters are on the 3 OSC Synth block? I'll start by saying I dont own a Helix, but have been closely following features and functionality since release. I'm a bassist and predominantly play electronic genres for a living - currently using the POD HD500x for all my synth-bass needs (almost exclusively for this purpose, occasionally guitar wah) and I used the M9 and M13 before it - all with great sucess! So my bread and butter is the filter section (Dual Synth-O-Matic signals as my main synth generator followed by a host of filtering - Voice Box, Throbber, Slow Filter, Q Filter etc etc). I'm just wondering what the Helix can offer along these lines, as I can only guess from scouring the manual......I have searched long and hard to find decent audio / video examples of sounds or even the edit screen with little success. Would also like to know which waveforms are available with this effect block if possible! Looking to pull the trigger on a Helix asap, as the routing options would connect all the dots as far as my setup is concerned - but this is the deciding factor for me as it's basically just use it as a synthesiser. I'll finish by saying I live in Dubai so road testing is unfortunately out of the question for me. Any help would be super appreciated!!! Thanks guys, Steve
  9. After about six months of hovering over the "Add to cart" button at guitarguitar.co.uk, I've finally ordered a Helix and should have it tomorrow. I've been entirely software based since moving on from my old Pod XT Live some years ago, but I still have my small family of Variaxes: an original 500, an Acoustic 700, and a 705 bass. The acoustic probably sees the most use these days because as much of a pain as it is to wire up the PSU/DI box with the TRS cable, it's still less hassle than micing up my Larivee when I just want to put down a scratch track. Anyway, I've had a dig through the forums, and I haven't really found a definitive answer on this: To what extent are these guitars compatible with the Helix? To be clear, I'm not overly concerned about controlling the guitars from the Helix - or vice versa - but I'd hope to be able to at least power the guitars via the VDI input and send audio. I'll happily tweak settings manually on the guitars themselves, and I don't intend on getting into any deep editing, so I'm okay not having Workbench. Thanks!
  10. Hi everyone, sorry but I'm quite new to the line 6 family for an "in depth" hands-on product. It seems I can't find a stright answer to this question: Can I pay, download and integrate the HD Bass pack, or any of the extension model on my Pod HD400? It seems that there no extension packs can be loaded into my HD400... is it possible??!! Thanks everyone for helping me to understand!
  11. Hi. A friend of mine plans on using the Helix as a Bass Preamp for Live usage. He does not want to go In-Ears or some silent-stage-stuff, rather he likes to get his massive analog bass-tone on stage, using the Helix and some kind of speaker-system. The tone should be amplified over his Gallien-Krueger Bassamp, using the Effects-Return to feed the solid state output stage. Which FRFR speaker-system would a Bass-Player prefer for the look & feel and the most versatile bass-sound? Is it best to go 2x15 passive PA-System Speaker or will a 1x15 do the job for bass? Or shall he still use his two 4x10 Trace-Elliot cabs driven from out the GK-Amp? A active FRFR would be no alternative, because he likes to have a amp on the cab for optical reasons ;)
  12. Hello everybody, i'm a bass player. I felt in love with helix but...it's so expensive, and I don't know if it worths the price for a bassa player. My need is to use some effects (comp. ocatvers, synths, wah) and sometimes amp models becaus I don't wanto to carrie all my stack. Now I have a zoom b3, a mark bass super synth and an ebs compressor, but I don't think b3 is good for amp simulation. My question is.....shall I consider POD HD 500x for bass or Helix is however better and worths the price? Shall I look for a used POD x3? I don't know what to do. It seems helix is designed expecially for guitar players (I know the firmware update introduced lots of amps for bass), and so the Pod HD (of course I would buy tha bass expansion pack), but pod hd costs about the half of Helix HD. Can you share your experiences with me? Can you give me some good advice please?
  13. Which to buy for my 705? http://www.graphtech.com/products/brands/ghost/ghost-pickups---bass
  14. Hi :) So I'm new around here, wanted to say hello. so hello. Also, I just uploaded a Jam/Groove with a Bass preset I'm working on, and I would love to hear what you guys think. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_whvpXBk-U Have a good one.
  15. Hello everyone! This is the new thread dedicated to bass presets for Pod HD series. The original thread was located in the community "Long forgotten bass players", but I think it will be better here. I hope that this thread will become a place to share experiences, knowledge, and above all, our presets for bass! To start the discussion, here's my Bass Setlist for HD500 with 20 patches: HD500 Setlist V3 - "High Output Bass Amps" (16-Jan-2013) http://www.mediafire.com/?h4yta8468nawfzt How to convert Setlists: If you have a different Pod HD, you can use this tool: http://www.jzab.de/content/pod-hd All this presets are set on a "single arm chain": What you get with this Setlist is a high volume of output using a Bass, forget the messes that involved the dual input configuration, and make the pod HD works in a very similar way to how the Bass Pod worked (regarding to mono wet and dry outputs). But here you have the advantage of being able to play your bass in true stereo, too. Now you can have a balanced sound between the bass and guitar, and record comfortably in your sequencer. I left the presets configured as inputs Guitar:Same, but please, I do not want to contribute to this confusion. Using this new configuration (let's call it "single arm chain"), the input 2 has absolutely no effect on the sound (when using the config 1 mentioned below) If you want to record two mono tracks (wet and dry, panned all the way L/R), then it makes sense to use the second input as "same" (when using the config 2 mentioned below). Unmuting the Channel 2 you actually obtain a completely dry signal from your instrument. Of course you can also use a combination of both if you want to use another instrument on channel 2. But most important is to understand that in this way we have two inputs completely separated from each other without causing strange effects in the other, or interfere in any way. As I said before, for me this has been a great discovery. Thank you very much to Meambobbo. This is the structure for v3 patches: 1- Noise Gate. I'm currently using noise gates, until I learn how to use the hard gates. I'm a little slow! More details here: http://foobazaar.com/podhd/toneGuide/ampTone#noiseGates 2- Tube comp. Almost same settings than before. 3- Classic Distortion. Still here, for now. You could also use a wah pedal or whatever else here, if you prefer. 4- Analog Chorus. I removed the ugly delay in front of the amp, and now I have a chorus. I like this effect for bass, and I think this is the best sounding of the three possible. The Dimension and Triple chorus does not sound bad, but have far fewer parameters and are therefore less controllable. In contrast, analog chorus has many controls, a vibrato mode, a tone control, etc. For now I used a basic setting, but it sounds pretty good with the reverb. 5- Studio EQ. Still here, for now. I'm not using it much now, because I have found that it can be a specific setting for each bass you use. Maybe try a parametric EQ, but it seems much more complicated for me: http://foobazaar.com/podhd/toneGuide/eq 6- Mid Focus EQ. Hi and Low pass filters, now with settings 5%-65%. Gain between 0-30% 7- Spring Reverb. I used a reverb that is noticeable, but not annoying. Sounds great alongside the chorus. At least I like to use them together to have a good time. Note that when using chorus+reverb, overall volume will also rise up! I have had this in mind, so that the volume is not excessive when active. Still, if you play too hard, this could produce clip, so look first at gain settings I put into the Mid EQ. 8- FX loop. I´m using a Boss RC-300 loopstation here. About the Inputs and Mixer settings using the config above (single arm chain): Config 1: Just to play (Stereo) Input 1 - Guitar Input 2 - (Doesn´t matter, since PathB is muted.). Mixer - PathA +12 dB center, PathB Muted (panned 100%R just for convenience when using config2) Config 2: Recording (2 mono channels, Left Wet (processed), Right Dry (unprocessed, or DI) Input 2 - Guitar Input 2 - Same Mixer- PathA +12dB 100% Left, PathB +12dB 100% Right So you can: Record a stereo track selecting the stereo input, and then split the track on two separate mono tracks on your DAW. OR, arm two mono tracks on your secuencer selecting each separate mono input, and record both at the same time. Personally I like best the second approach, becouse I´m using Logic Pro, maybe in your secuencer there is an easier or practical way to do the first one.
  16. Hi, I play the bass in a progressive metal band and I've been trying to get my sound out of the mix for quite some time now, without success. My rig is: Ibanez BTB705dx Line 6 pod HD500 Ampeg SVT-4 amp Mesa Standard Powerhouse 2x15 cab The kind of tone I'm trying to get is like Dream Theatre's "Home" intro or Tool's Justin Chancellor lead parts. I'm also trying to get this kind of synth bass sound Colin Edwin has at the beginning of Porcupine Tree's "The start of something beautiful". Can someone help me find these tones? I've been looking everywhere for answers and doing my own tests for more than a year now, in vain. Sorry I didn't manage to get youtube links on this post, but the songs are easy to find and the bass sounds I'm talking about are right at the beginning the first time the bass kicks in.
  17. I am still a user of your Variax Bass and a Variax 500 together with their respective Pod XT Lives. In order to upgrade my sound and lighten my equipment I am thinking about replacing the Pods by a Pod 500X. But there seem to be much less amplifier models, especially for bass. Did I miss a model pack like the ones you were offering for earlier models or would replacing the Bass Pod against a 500X mean to lose a lot of sound possibilities? Thx in advance Uli
  18. Hi fellow variax freaks, I have a conundrum, and wonder if anyone may be in a position to help out in return for some unwanted piezos from Variax 300 and 600 - see piezo details below. *** I enquired at a local (Australian) Line 6 distributor regarding buying a jackplate assembly for a newly purchased second hand vaxplant, which has the original variax 300 jackplate assembly, (which requires surgical precision to get the little rubber boot provided to cover the RJ45 connection), and I figure since I already have two other vaxplants, I may as well buy two, so I have a spare. I already bought two, (around three years ago), for less than $30AUD each, though as it turned out, (legacy version no longer available), they were the bass versions, which are interchangable with the 300-700 series (with a little chisel handiwork). See link.. http://www.fullcompass.com/prod/218353-Line-6-50-04-0181-4 Yesterday, the local supplier quoted me $100 each, and they would be for the JTV69 model version - apparently also interchangable....(?) So, I'm a little old fashioned, in so much as I'm not really that interested in lining people's pockets in arbitrary ways, such as this kind of price hike would suggest is occurring, and it would appear I can't order from Full Compass, cos I don't reside in the requisite 50-odd states.... So, it brings me to this random, weirdo request for someone who may may fancy some 2nd hand L R Baggs piezos (14 in total - (new RRP circa $13US each - http://www.fullcompass.com/prod/114557-Line-6-11-11-0001 ), worth around a hunjee in anyone's terms, in exchange for acquiring a couple of the jackplate assemblies, and sending them to me in Australia. I'm happy to despatch first, via registered post, and send you an email showing tracking information. In fact, I have other hardware, eg unused variax 300/600 bits I could throw into the equation also, just to inspire some mutually satisfying trans-global weirdness. ***I upgraded to Ghosts while doing transplants, and have unwanted (but still fully functioning when removed), L R Baggs piezos - a total of 14, including 2 brand new, unused, that I bought as spares. I initially thought that two piezos were failing in a second hand 300 that I bought, and upon installing the new graphtechs, while I did a transplant, the problem disappeared for a short while, but soon returned. The first E and B piezos take some time (15 minutes) to wake up, after the variax is plugged in. They then become fully operational, and because the same problem still exists, it must be a problem with the PCB, not the piezos. I get around it, by plugging it in, while I continue my setup at a gig, and as such is a non-issue. Yours, in weirdness, Ian.
  19. Would there be any problem in connecting a bass to the desktop pod hd and sounded by a vst plugin like ampeg? It can be damaged? Thanks!!
  20. Hi! Anyone using the tube comp (or other model) with bass? What settings are you using and where to you place it in the signal? I´ve been using it for a while as the first block at threshold 42 % and volume at 0 %. At first i thought it sounded really good like this (low volume with headphones) but as I turn the volume up i noticed that it sounds just "wrong" and way to compressed + it is boosting the volume a bit to much. Now I have a hard time getting good settings out of the tube comp, and I think I do need a comp because it´s seems like it´s at least making something better with the tone when turned on. I just want some light compression for my active bass. I also just got and Sansamp GT2 pedal (btw awesome for bass!) and although it sounds the best in front of the Pod, I had to put it in the fx loop since it made the pitch glide/whammy useless. I think it´s the tube comp making the GT2 not sounding good by compressing and/or boosting the signal to much before hitting it. Placing the comp after the pitch and fx loop seem to have a bigger (and worse) inpact on the tone compared having it first, although this might also be me setting it "wrong". Any sugestions about how to set it up? On a side note, since taking the step from dual amp to single amps, I´ve noticed that the signal is louder when using the tuner compared to the actual patch. Any ideas?
  21. I would love to see the models of line 6 bass products become available for the Firehawk 1500. Everything from the lowdown, Bass POD, and the expansion pack. I am sure that some might be redundant because some were probable shared over a few pieces of gear. I have submitted to ideascale; so, if anyone else like this idea please vote.
  22. Hello! I have a problem that's driving me insane! I´ve been using my pod hd500x with my bass for about a year now and I´m having some sort of clipping. It´s mostly when I´m plucking the low B string and I get a real nasty distortion. The bass I´m using is a cheap Sterling Subray 5 and it´s famous for its crappy HIGH output electronics. However, I just changed out the pre to a nice Seymour Duncan smc 3M3 active preamp, but the problem´s still there.... I even lowered the pickup so it´s flat with the body but still clipping... The pad switch helps some but not enough. Now I´m wondering if it might be the pod that´s clipping? I curently have neither another bass/guitar to try in my Pod and no other amp to test my bass in (going to the music store tomorrow), so maybe someone of you guys could be kind enough to try one of my patches to see if you got the same problem? I would be really thankfull for help! ps. I have been reading Meambobbo's guide about clipping and tried it all...
  23. Hey guys, I am a bass player looking for a really good multiefect and I am a big fan of line6s PODs. Especially the hd500. Now, I didn't tried it out but I heard that the hd 500 is equally good for the bass and the guitar and has all sords of efects and bunch of amps is that true? I am not very in to it so that why I am asking. Also, I have a really good chance to buy the POD 500x, but I don't know is it that good for the bass as the guitar. Because I want to use it for my bass guitar, does it have a bunch of efects and amps? I saw that the POD pro has only one amp for the bass I don't know is it with the hd500x the same? Anyway pls help me :)
  24. Hello! I have been working a lot on a bass patch for a while and I'm quite happy with my clean tone and fxs, but getting a good bass distortion is a real headache. I think I'm getting a bit closer but I'm having trouble with getting some good distortion (guitar amp sim - Fireball) that blends well with the clean bass tone (GK Cougar). What I'm trying to achieve is my current clean tone (and fx) with the ability to kick in a distortion that doesn't change the "character" of the clean tone or removes the low end. I just wan't the two to sort of "blend" together like a good bass distortion pedal.The type of tone I'm aiming for is somewhere in the ballpark of the more recent Tool or Gojira bass tones. So I'll try posting my patch here and maybe some of you more experienced guys can help me out a bit or give me some advice on how it might be improved?
  25. Hello! I have a dual amp set up clean/dirty for bass with a mid focus eq after each amp for low pass filter. For a while i thought this patch sounded awesome (atleast in my headphones) but today when trying to record something i realized that it is "missing" some top end and instead really bass heavy (not in the good way). So after some experimenting I found that this issue dissapeared when instead placing the mid focus after the mixer. Why does it do that? I would leave it after the mixer but that would defeat the whole purpose of having one after each amp... any help please?
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