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  1. This might be covered in some ways allready but here we go. I'm not really trying to exactly replicate somebody's bass tone or anything but if someone knows a simple way of doing that with your POD HD500X and plug in for DAW (Reaper 5) please go ahead! What i'm trying to do is this: I have I clean bass tone that i'm quite happy with. For distortion I run i parallell signal with distorted preamp for gain. It sounds good, but something is missing (or to much of) when turning the distortion amp on, compared to the clean amp model. My thinking was that it would be nice to play those to into some type of spectrum analyser to match the freq better. Can this be done and how? /Danne
  2. I was hoping someone, possibly at line 6, could tell me which specific models/year were used when profiling the amps/pedals/etc. I have been comparing the modeling to the originals that I own and so far most have been incredibly accurate. But, as an example, the rat model could be one of multiple incarnations. And, as an example, with the amps what model of twin did you use? Tweed, black face, silver face, reissue?
  3. Hello guys! Is it possible the set the global eq "neutral", by wich I mean that it does not alter the sound? I Have it in it's factory settings (found on this forum) and I find that it alter the sound a whole lot when turned on in this configuration. With my bass plugged in it seems to cut some low end and overall "suck" the tone out of it. I would like to use it for cutting some higher freq but in this configuration it's not going to do it for me. What are the global eq's neutral settings? /Danne
  4. Hey experts, I'm using the L3t and pod HD500 (soon to be Helix) as my bass guitar rig, and to good effect - sounds awesome with great power. However I've recently acquired an Electric Upright Bass and have been experimenting with the L3t, specifically the acoustic guitar modelling which seems to be adding a nice 'body' sound to the EUB's piezo tone. My question is, has anyone else used it in this configuration before? Should I be using the speaker on 'Acoustic Guitar' mode when using the EUB? Keep experimenting I guess. When playing standard bass guitar thru the pod, I've got it on 'Reference/PA'. My other question, is can I use the POD HD500 via Line6 Link and the EUB via channel 1 - meaning I've got the L3t as a backline monitor for myself but give the sound engineer the Mix Output from the speaker (thereby including the acoustic modelling on my EUB)? I will switch between instruments during a live set. Thanks
  5. This might be a slightly stupid question but I can't figure it out. I have been running a dual amp settup (GK sim with big ampeg cabs) for my bass and I think it sounds really good. The setup is basicly to different paths (effect wise) with a pair of the same amp model, with the exakt same settings. I did this settup just for keeping some clean signal when using distortion. The downside to this setup is that it takes a lot of DSP and if I want to make some slight adjustments, I have to do it twice and thats a pain in the lollipop. So I thought that the I would get the same result when keeping the dual paths, but removing one amp block and placing the one left right behind the mixer. Now I'm able to have the same settup but without the mentioned hussle right? As this sounds VERY simular to the dual settup something is missing and I can't place my finger on it. It just doesn't sound as "full". Why is that? It should sound the same when compensating for the loss of volume? I have the mixer panned full left and right, and tried to compensate for the volume change with the channel volume and even master volume, but it still sounds different. Is the answer to this just that two of the same amps togheter sounds better than just one, or am I missing something here? /Danne
  6. So I'm wanting to record bass tracks through the Helix, but the kicker here is that I don't have a bass (nor do I desire to spend the money on one). I'd be able to plug my Strat or Les Paul in, use a Pitch Wham effect to detune, and run it through one of the bass amp models, right? Anyone tried anything like that? Haven't noticed it in any threads here, or any videos.
  7. Hi! I realized that you can place the amp sim after the mixer block. How would this differ from having it before the mixer? (POD HD500X) I noticed a bit more distortion in the GK bass amp sim I'm using while placing it after. If I place it after the mixer it also seems to make it possible to have two seperate signal chains (or one divided) inte the amp sim. Would this make it possible to use this setup for a "clean blend" for a distortion pedal going into the bass amp? This would be creat since i now have to use a dual amp setup with one clean and one dirty for distortion settings with bass. It's complicated to always having to count for two amps when changing minor EQ and takes a lot of DSP. /Danne
  8. I own a Variax Bass and I gig with it regularly, at least once a week. My problem is, the dynamics of the A string and G string seem reduced while i play. I've tried using my EQ to boost the dynamics of these strings but that also increases the other two strings. Can anyone help me before I contact Line 6?
  9. Hi guys! Just got my new Alto TS115a active monitor that i planned to use with my bass guitar through my Pod HD500x. The problem is that it is "farting out" while playing the low E-string (tuned to drop D) allthough, all the other strings sound just fine. The patch is created with an AKG k240 headset and sound great through them. Is the Alto TS115a faulty or are my patches in need of serious tweeking? I was thinking that the Alto maybe just couldn't handel the low bass freq, allthough it's rated for 48 Hz -18 kHz (@ - 10 dB) and I've red on several forums that both low-tuned guitar and bass players use them as a FRFR speaker. I tried to do some bass cut in the cab-settings but the "distortion" doesn't really go away. I also tried to lower the amp-sim's bass knob, but the problem only goes away when it's down quite low, and then there's not enough bass.... Any help would really be appreciated! /Danne
  10. Hey, I've recently switched from guitar to bass in my band and because I've already got an HD500 I figured I'd just keep on using it. However I feel there is no need to use any amp models as my amp sounds just fine so I'm just using my POD as a multi-fx unit. I'm getting some good results so far but I've noticed that there are many more people who seem to know a lot more about this gear than me so I just thought I'd start this topic. Anyone else using a POD for bass FX only? BTW, despite my low post numbers and reputation, I've been using a POD for a few years so I have a pretty comprehensive knowledge of what I'm doing.
  11. Hello everyone, Is it possible to record bass guitar as midi in logic pro x? Thanks in advance for your advice ;)
  12. Hello Is there a way to set up a distortion/overdrive pedal with "clean blend" for bass guitar with HD500X? I'm using the "GK" - amp sim from the bass pack and really liking the clean tone from it. For distortion i'm using the "vintage Rat" distortion pedal that sound pretty good. The problem is that when doing that I'm "loosing" all my bass tone soo to say. I would like to "blend" them both together like on a real bass distortion pedal. Is this possible? Any help would great! /Danne
  13. I haven't been able to find anything on here yet...but, would the FX100 work with an electric bass too? I've seen in the tone editor that there is a bass drive pedal, etc, but I know you usually shouldn't use guitar effects and amps with basses. Seeing as how the FX100 is digital, I thought it might work, but would rather ask first to make sure I don't screw up mine. Thanks for the help!
  14. Hey everybody! I'm actually in trouble finding the best amp and the settings I should use to have the perfect bass tone when I play 'Factory Of Faith' by RHCP... I have a Line6 POD UX2, and a Squier Precision Bass Special, with a Jazz bass mic and a P-Bass one. I already looked at the customtone section, but haven't find the tone I would. Any tips regarding the amp and the Bass / Treble / Mid settings which could be the best in the POD UX2? All suggestions welcome! Thanks!
  15. Hi! I'm having a really hard time with creating good bass patches with my pod hd500x. Since i mostly jam along with Tool songs these days, the sound i'm trying to replicate is Justin chancellors tone on the 10,000 days record. I do have the bass model pack and i'm getting decent results with the "G cougar 800" amp sim parallell with a dirty amp. Any good tips on settings or a bass patch to sett me in the right path? I'm also playing with headphones (good ones) and using a Fender Jbass if that matters. /Danne
  16. As the title says, when I select an amp model and then begin to either change the drive or bass settings, the setting I put seems to be affecting the amp model selector - ie if I choose the 'metal' channel and start turning the gain to 9 o clock, 'Class A' is being selected on the amp models. This hasn't happened before, and it's incredibly annoying. Is there a way for this to be fixed?
  17. Hey everybody. I've been trying to find a definitive answer to this... I don't know too much about amplifiers, but I do know that plugging a bass into a guitar amp can damage the amp. I'm interested in plugging in a bass into the spider IV 75W, to mess with some effects. Normally I wouldn't expect this to be possible, but since pitch glide lets you pull down like two octaves, it seems like it may be possible. Is plugging a bass into this amp a bad idea? And is using a super low pitch glide on a normal guitar liable to damage the amp? I get little nervous using it sometimes... My second question is similar, but not exactly the same. I have an Alesis digital drum kit, which only has an AUX out (1/8", no quarter inch). Would it be safe to plug it into the *aux* jack (noting that the bass drum trigger gets pretty low)? My thinking is that it is a separate speaker that has a much wider range. It wouldn't sound good, but it would at least give me a decent speaker output. And on that note, would it be safe to plug it into the quarter inch jack, using an adapter? Thank you!
  18. Hi All, I'm hoping to start a thread here on using the Firehawk with a bass guitar. What settings and amps are you using to get a really nice bass sound? Cheers
  19. Okay guys, I know other threads have been started about this, but I haven't gotten any answers from those, so here's the deal. I'm using a Mesa Boogie M9 Carbine head, and two SWR Goliath II cabinets, with a Yamaha RBX6JM bass. I wanted to use the POD HD500X for effects only. It appears the only way to connect it to the amp is with this "4 cable method," which I have tried. Problem is, all of the knobs on my amp become useless when I do this, like it's just a power amp. Can someone just tell me everything I have to do to get it like this: -complete control of amp head, with Mesa M9 tone -good sounding effects from the POD -plenty loud enough, and I can use the amp head volume Basically, use the 500x just exclusively for effects, leaving volume and tone without effects to my amp head. Can I do this with an HD500x? If not, what piece of equipment would do this? Basically I just want to have the closest thing to a pedal board without actually getting several different pedals and putting them on the board. Thanks in advance
  20. I just plugged my bass guitar into the Line 6 Pocket Pod 2.0. I get a lot of noise and not a lot of bass. I've looked through the settings too. Am I not doing something right?
  21. I just checked the *new* bass models on the HD 500 and thought: Hey, what about using the L3t as a bass amp? The L2t is no good choice because of the missing low end, right? Has anyone out there tried this already and likes to share the experience?
  22. My Bass Pod xt live has taken to jumping into the amp tone control display all by itself. Seeing the display is not the problem, but the reason it does it, is that it thinks that a tone control has moved. This means that all of my tone settings change to whatever the knobs are set to. It will typically do it a second after I select/reselect a tone. Sometimes it settles for a few minutes, but I never know when it going to change. I've tried tapping around the controls and it does not seem to be vibration ( unless I really thump it) How can I stop it?
  23. I use a Mark Bass Head + a cab for my bass rig I want to use my POD X3L mostly for tuning and some effects here and there. If I hook up my bass directly to X3 input (no amps of effects) does that affect the sound somehow? Or is X3 true by-pass? Maybe I can connect X3 as Return Send? Thanks!
  24. Okay this is a long story, i am a guitarist, but i am needed to play bass in a band also i was wondering if with the hd pro x i could get some nice crunchy bass tones? I do not own this product yet but i intend on buying it. I am not even sure if the bass will work on the hd pro x Please help..
  25. Can a "Bass Emulator tone" be build with the AMPLIFi? Like in the POD HD Desktop, there are a few good ones in the cloud for PODs (I'm not bass player, and don't wanna buy a bass-guitar)
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