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  1. I recently purchased a GAP Pre73 MKII and a Shure SM7. I'd like to use both of these to record vocals through my POD HD500, but I'm a little confused as to the proper way to set this up. Here's what I'm doing: My SM7 is going into the Pre73's Mic In via an XLR cable, and then the Pre73's output is going through a balanced TRS cable to the POD's Aux in. I read in the manual that the Aux In is unbalanced. Will this negatively affect my signal, or if I use a balanced TRS cable, will the signal stay balanced? Is there a better way to set this up, or a special configuration I need to use? When I connect the SM7 to the POD directly, via XLR to the POD's Mic In, the level in my DAW seems great and the mic is sufficiently loud (and the SM7 is a notoriously quiet mic). When I use my aforementioned setup, the level in my DAW is very low, even though I have both knobs on my Pre73 cranked to max. This has led me to believe I am doing something wrong. For what it's worth, I am using high-quality Mogami cables. As a somewhat-related sidenote, is it possible to run my Pre73 as part of an "fx loop"? Would there be a benefit to this? I'd like to use the Pre73 to warm up my bass and I figure that could be a way to do it, or should I simply plug the bass into the Pre73, and then the Pre73 into the POD? Thanks for reading this and thanks for the help. The world of pro audio sometimes befuddles my brain, so I really appreciate it.
  2. Any ideas why? :( Yesterday I purchased it, it shows up on my license manager, but none of the bass amps or cabinets are available in my POD Farm.. I restarted my PC several times and updated all sections in Monkey, still i can't get access to it. both, UX1 and PC are authorized, I have metal and classics addons working just fine (got it with the Toneport from previous user) I was hoping to use it for rec session today.. / Toneport UX1, POD Farm 1.12, Bass Expansion
  3. Has anyone used a POD HD pro (Or pro X) for a live bass rig? Did it work out? I know I can get an awesome bass tone for recording with it, but does that translate over in the live setting with a venue sound system in your experiences? When I used it at my last show ( I play lead guitar normally) I had a very thin and bassless tone, but I think that was a few too many eqs that caused that.
  4. Hi everyone, I wondered if anyone else has encountered this issue the bass podxt pro. I am currently using it as a digital effects unit in logic pro 9, via my spdif in and out on my focusrite pro 14 interface. Essentially when you use the external insert effect plug in when you send the bass pod a stereo or mono signal, it returns it in stereo with the left channel effected by the bass pod, and the right channel without. Is this supposed to happen? However, when I plug the bass pod via usb, and still use the focusrite as the audio interface, it returns the stereo send, this time as a mono return. None of this is mentioned in the manual (obviously), and havent found any other posts on the forum about it. What you have encountered? Is this supposed to happen? And is there a way to fix this, other than within logic (which is a pain in the back-side)? I need my usb port free for hard drives! Thanks for reading, Matt
  5. Hey guys, Check out this recording I did today using the HD500x, JTV-69, and Variax 700 bass with Addictive Drums 2. Tell me what you think. Thanks. https://soundcloud.com/chris-arnold/song-idea-762014
  6. Hi friends, I have PODX3 bean and PODx3 floor units, both which have a bunch of bass presets and my own creations that sound pretty good (at home) Have any of you used X3 using bass models to play live shows? Your experiences? What speaker/amp do you recommend? Any limitations? Basically I am trying to figure out if I should buy a real bass amp or use my X3s bass amp modeling? Thank you! Seb
  7. Hi friends, I have PODX3 bean and PODx3 floor units, both which have a bunch of bass presets and my own creations that sound pretty good (at home) Have any of you used X3 using bass models to play live shows? Your experiences? What speaker/amp do you recommend? Any limitations? Basically I am trying to figure out if I should buy a real bass amp or use my X3s bass amp modeling? Thank you! Seb
  8. I had some people ask me on YouTube to make a tutorial or to share my patches for my POD HD Bass tones, so after like a year I finally got around to it. :P Tutorial Video on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mwv23DkmBMU And here's links to my tone patches on CustomTone Blank Template http://line6.com/customtone/tone/456806/ Gritty http://line6.com/customtone/tone/456807/ Heavily Distorted http://line6.com/customtone/tone/456808/ There's also links to the tones in the Video Description that are hosted on my website, if for whatever reason CustomTone is being weird.
  9. I'm a recording bass player using Bass PODxt Live. It has issues and needs to be replaced, but there is nothing for bass players coming from Line 6. Waited for the NAMM show to see if they would have something new, but nothing. I FOUND MY SOUND with this bass pedal, now I have to find a new way with another company and array of products. Would love to see a new version of the Bass PODxt live, with better synths, or distortions that don't break up the same. Loved my product and want more Line 6 gear, but they've switched to only caring about guitarists. It's a shame. Evan
  10. Hi all, I feel obligated to point out that I'm new here, but also to defend myself by stating that I've had my Pod HD500 for quite a while now. Moving on For one of my seemingly simpler patches, I use a gated reverb at the core (screencap attached). After I dialed the noise gates in and all, it sounded ideal, but only on mid-low-range notes, to which I tailored the gates. When I play some high notes, the noise decays differently, so the effect is not quite uniform. My question is: is there any way I can have separate noise gates for high frequencies and low? I'm starting to think more EQ's, one on each leg of the split channels, might have something to do with it. Is my brain simply spacing out on something simple, or is what I'm trying to do impossible? Thanks a million for reading my pleas, and a million+1 if you help me out :D
  11. Can anybody help me to configure my X3 live for the bass tone of New York minutes by the Eagles
  12. Howdy all, My variax bass 700 just started making a horrible crackling noise come from my amp. It happens when my XPS-DI is plugged in and is powering the bass. It doesn't happen on just battery power. It doesn't happen with a normal (Not TRS) cable between the DI and bass. I don't think it is the cables, as I've checked each one and swapped them out without issue. The crackling is separate from the volume of the bass. It doesn't happen by moving the cable at all, the cable is a livewire TRS, and is only a week old. I ordered a new planet waves TRS cable to verify if the cable is the issue. It is always the same distinctive crackle, and I can't seem to "cause" it, it just happens from time to time. At this point, I think it's either a) the bass when it's powered by the DI, b) the DI itself, but only with a TRS cable to the 700, or C) the TRS cable itself, but only the power sending section that's different from a mono 1/4" cable. Has anyone else had this happen? On another note, I just recently recalibrated the strings, and the red LED hasn't worked since I got the bass used some time ago. I just picked up the DI box off ebay. All the sound models seem to work well otherwise. I have cleaned all the pots with denatured alcohol, so I doubt that it's dirty connections.
  13. Just wondering if this would be possible to run a bass, through a podhd 500x, line6 linked to a stagesource L2t. Appreciate any advice, thanks.
  14. Hello! I'm a guitarist and bassist. I'm interested in buying the new Pod HD Pro X. I wonder if it will provide a bass expansion for HD? Thanks, Cheers
  15. I use my Bass Pod XT live as a guitar preamp by the DI output for my EMU 1212m, it works just fine. But I also want to use the same Bass POD XT as a MIDI controller. But as soon as I plug in the USB into the Bass POD XT, the DI output turns into model output. I know it works like that with the headphone but hre there's just no way there's a common wiring between the USB and the DI output. Any way I set the thing within the control panel, it only affects the sound for (and of) the computer, not the outputs. a.) is this normal? b.) If so, why? There's no reason why USB should affect the outputs. It doesn't turn the bass pod xt into a stereo soundcard or anything. c.) Is there any way I can get the unprocessed sound through the DI output while using the pod as a MIDI controller without unplugging the POD from the USB (so neither Bypass nor a 5-pole MIDI cable is a solution)? Thanks in advance.
  16. Hello, I am looking for a little help. I have had this amp for about two months now. seems like I can adjust the tone for how i like it but after playing for 10 to 15 minutes the tone changes. It seems to lose the treble and I cannot seem to tune in the tone that I had initially. any advice? Thanks Rman
  17. I'm playing at home, so trying to keep things relatively quiet, but I'd like to get the best sound possible from the various Spider setting options (I'm all over the map, jazz, rock, blues, country). Am I going to get better sound quality if I turn the channel volume up on the amp and down on the guitar, or down on the amp and up on my guitar. I've been messing around and amp down/guitar up sometimes seems better, but I'm not sure. And if that's the way to go, how far down on the amp should I turn the volume? So, simply put: which guitar volume and amp drive, channel volume, and bass/mid-range/treble settings will give me the best sound quality at low volume?
  18. HI EVERYBODY!! I've just watched on youtube a very nice patch to make "dubtep music". this is the link: Can anyone help me to get a sound like this?? If you have this patch link it!! thank you :D
  19. The LINE6 L3TM SPEAKER BAG arrived today. I like to share some pictures with you and discuss a feature for these bags. Overall the bag looks solid enough to handle the L3t speaker wherever I play. But sadly somebody at Line6 missed to design a feature I did expect to come along with the bag: A lot of musicians play HD Pods with the L3t speakers because it´s a great sounding and very flexible combination to play live with. -- > Bass/Guitar->HD POD->L6->L3t --> :-)) When I ordered the bag I did expect that you can open the front of the bag when playing a gig or jamming someplace as well as the top of the bag. Why? Because you don't have to unpack the L3t speaker when plugging in your HD500 (via L6 Link Cable). But as you can see on the photos: You can`t open the front. And you can´t customize the bag because you then have to destroy the the speaker protection material that is inside the bag. Flip your screen an take a look at the photos. Maybe you see what I am trying to say: Will Line6 change this / add this feature if only enough of us are asking for this?
  20. Hello all, Several days ago, I received an LD15 bass amp from eBay and was able to actually start using it. Yes, I got burned on this purchase. When trying it out on two different basses and cords (just to make sure it wasn't any of my equipment), the amplifier continues to make a rattling noise primarily on the "E" string (though the "A" string is also affected at times). Never did I try to "crank" the volume of the amp; I didn't take it past the twelve o'clock position. Even turning down all knobs fully left except for the master (which was only turned to about 4 on the clean setting), the amp still makes an annoying rattling noise. The rattling is about as loud as the note being played. I realize that it is only a 15 Watt amplifier, but it still should allow me to play louder than essentially a whisper without the distinct rattling noise. I have turned all of the dials to various levels to see if that was the problem, and much to my dismay, I was not able to produce a healthy tone from this amp. Today, I took it to a reputable instrument and audio shop to have it looked at, and they told me that the speaker is essentially completely broken and will not function at louder volumes. They were able to tell me that there is nothing electronically wrong with it; the problem has been isolated to being a "busted" or "blown out" speaker. I had not even put any of the volume knobs past the recommended "12 o' clock" setting at any given point. Needless to say, this is very upsetting. Now I am looking at buying a new speaker for this device because I am sure I would really like the device if it were to work. My question is, first, how many ohms is this amp? Secondly, would fitting it with a new speaker rated higher in terms of wattage adversely affect the amp? (such as replacing it with a 20 or 25 W speaker) Thank you for reading this and assisting me.
  21. Hi I recently bought a POD GX to start recording and ever since I got it, I have been wasting countless hours trying to get a decent sound that doesn't clip the audio recording. I am recording with a Ibanez K5 and Ibanez SRX690ex. I first tried using Audacity but then I tried the Reason software that came with it and it sounds exactly the same if I was to record it with Audacity. The bass on the heaviest string always clips the audio and sounds like farting noises and the higher notes don't sound good at all. I noticed the sound doesn't sound too bad if the volume in which I am recording is low but that kinda defeats the purpose of recording since I'm trying to put my bass tracks over music. How can I get good crisp and clear tone from my bass that is loud and doesn't clip or sound like farts? Basically if you have a setting with pod farm I would like to know what settings to use and what exactly to do on Reason or Audacity to make it ready to go on a track and not sound bad?
  22. Hey there guys, I've been really frustrated with these bass tones that I'm trying to make on my Pod HD500. I'm really trying to get a tone that matches the bassist from "Lamb of God - John Campbell". Particularly off there new album "Resolution". A good song to hear the bass tone I'm looking for would be "The Undertow". The bass is really think and hard while staying boomy. I'm not technical with words but that is the sound I'm trying to get out of my Pod HD500. Any help would be appreciated, Hawaiianfeak
  23. Can Pocket POD import BASS patches from my POD X3? If yes, how would it be done? I currently dont own Pocket Pod yet. Considering buying it. Thank you. Seb
  24. Preset Artist/Recording/Product/Style 1A: Slaptastic Slap-Bass style 1B: Motorcity Motown bass style 1C: Rock-It Rock bass style 1D: Dr. Moog based on* the Moog® Synth style 2A: Why Can't based on* the recording “Why Can’t This be Love” 2B: Happy Dub Dub music sound 2C: S-C-R-E-A-M-O Screamo music style 2D: Phat Farm No Artist/style 3A: Rotten Apple based on* the style of the band Alice in Chains 3B: It's Love based on* the style of the band King’s X 3C: Dogman based on* the style of the band King’s X 3D: Trousers No Artist/style 4A: Super Bass based on* the Marshall® Super Bass 4B: Feeling Down No Artist/style 4C: Under Pants No Artist/style 4D: Sub Divisions based on* the style of the band Rush® 5A: Garden Of based on* the Eden® amp model 5B: Rock Master Rock bass style 5C: The Big O No Artist/style 5D:Live – Wols No Artist/style 6A: Pat-A-Tussy based on* the style of John Patitucci 6B: Frankenstein based on* the style of Edgar Winter 6C: On The Cob based on* the style of the band Korn® 6D: Obie One No Artist/style 7A: Deep & Defined Rock bass style 7B: Hair of the Dog based on* the style of the band Nazareth® 7C: Sabotage based on* the style of the band Beastie Boys® 7D: Dark Waters No Artist/style 8A: The Real Deal based on* the Ampeg® B-15 fliptop 8B: Sub-Fuzz 9000 No Artist/style 8C: My Suhgah based on* the style of the band Meshuggah 8D: Von Prog No Artist/style 9A: In The Groove No Artist/style 9B: Funk-O-Rama Slap-bass style 9C: Lazer Guided No Artist/style 9D: Atomic Dog No Artist/style * The artist, recording, and product names used herein are in no way associated or affiliated with Line 6. These names are used solely to identify the artists, recordings, and products that were studied during Line 6’s tone preset development. Moog is a registered trademark of Moog Music, Inc. Marshall is a registered trademark of Marshall Amplification Plc. Rush is a registered trademark of Rush Productions. Eden is a registered trademark of U.S. Music Corporation. Korn is a registered trademark of The Korn Partnership. Nazareth is a registered trademark of Dan McCafferty and Peter Agnew. Beastie Boys is a registered trademark of Beastie Boys Michael Diamond, Adam Horowitz and Adam Yauch. Ampeg is a registered trademark of Loud Technologies, Inc.
  25. Q: How do I reset the Bass POD to its factory settings? A: Press and hold the up and down arrow buttons as you power the unit on for 5-7 seconds or until it goes to the preset 1-A. Q: How do I check the version of software on my Bass POD? A: To check your software version on the Bass Pod series, hold the "Manual" button down while powering the unit on. The display will spell "Bass Pod" or "Bass Pod Pro" depending on your gear, then give a version number (ie. 1.5 for Bass Pod). Q: What is the difference between Bass POD and Bass POD Pro? A: The Bass POD Pro will have digital outs and digital clock in,along with XLR balanced outputs, a dry signal out and a line input. It also has 24bit A/D and D/A converters as opposed to the 20bit converters of the Bass POD Q: How do I connect my Bass POD to my computer for editing? A: In order to establish communication between your Bass POD's MIDI In and Out and your computer, you will need a MIDI Interface, two standard MIDI cables and the cables necessary to connect the interface to your computer. Q: What editing software do I use to edit patches on my Bass POD? A: You'll need to download a copy of SoundDiver which is currently not supported by Line 6 but can be found in the Archived section of our Software Downloads Page. Q: How do I record my Bass POD into my computer? A: In order to record the audio signal of your Bass POD directly into your computer, you will first need the proper type of software that is capable of recording audio loaded into your computer. You will also need a sound card that has an audio input. If you have a Soundblaster type of card, you will need a cable that has two 1/4 inch mono plugs on one end and one 1/8 inch stereo plug. This cable can be found at most major music retailers. The two 1/4 inch mono jacks on this cable will need to be inserted into the Bass POD's Modeled and DI Outputs and the other end of the cable should be inserted into the audio input of your computer's sound card. Make sure your sound card and audio software are configured to receive audio input and you should be ready to record. If you are using another type of soundcard, like a unit that has an external break out box, you can plug directly into that box using a regular guitar cable of a balanced (TRS) cable. Be sure to check the documentation that came with the unit to configure it correctly. Q: How should I connect my Bass POD to my amplifier? A: The Bass Pod is not a power amp. You will need to go from the Bass Pod into a power amp and then into a cabinet, or insert the Bass Pod in the effects loop of your amp. The Bass Pod's outputs are line level outputs. If you want to go into the front you should consider purchasing a direct box (ebtech makes a fairly inexpensive one) that will drop your level down to an instrument level. This way the impedance levels will not be mismatched between your Bass Pod and Head. Another thing you might want to check would be the overall output level of your Bass Pod. It should be set between 12 and 2 o'clock. Q: Can I Time Align and blend the DI signal with the Amp Model? A:Yes. To blend the DI signal into the Amp Model output, press the MANUAL+CABS/EQ buttons simultaneously so that the CABS/EQ button is flashing slowly. Adjust Compress knob from min (all model@Amp Model output) to max (all DI@ Amp Model output). Press CABS/EQ to exit. This is storable in a preset. The Model and DI outputs are preset to be time aligned at 100Hz, but you can adjust this. To Time Align the Amp Model and DI outputs, press the MANUAL+CABS/EQ buttons simultaneously so that the CABS/EQ button is flashing slowly. Adjust Channel Volume from min (0ms delay) to max (8ms delay). Press CABS/EQ to exit. This is storable in a preset. When you're in this mode, all of the other knobs (amp tone controls, tweak) still function so it's easy to dial in a time aligned, blended DI signal with your main tone. Q: How do I change the Cab and Mic models on the Bass POD? A: CAB/A.I.R. - Press the CAB/A.I.R. button once to pick a Cab Model to pair with your amplifier, select the microphone used on the cabinet and even set the amount of "room" that the mic captures. Unlike the EFFECT ON/OFF buttons, this button is not an on/off type control. A single press of this button simply lets you change cabs and mics quickly. When the Cabinets are off, this button's light will be off as well. Q: Is the Bass POD a mono device? A: The short answer to this is yes, the Bass POD is mono in the sense that there is no left and right output of the effects. Instead, the Bass POD has an amp model out and a "direct" out because most bass players will usually record their bass going directly into the mixing console as well as going through their amp (which is mic'ed and then sent to the mixing console.) Some players do this in live situations when the PA can accommodate it. Because of this, we found having seperate "Amp" and "D.I." outputs would be more useful than stereo. Q: The Bass POD web page says there is a Cabinet Tuning Mode for matching the output of the Bass POD to different cabinet types when using the Bass POD as the front end of an amplifier. Is this true? A: Yes, this feature is not documented in the manual. You will need to power the Bass Pod up holding down the save button. Then you can choose between A,B,C, or D. The Bass Pod will default to a. Mode "A" assumes that POD is feeding a flat power amp and that your speakers are a closed back 4x12 cabinet. Mode "B" assumes that POD is feeding a flat power amp and that your speakers are an open back combo amp (1x12 or 2x12). Mode "C" is the default mode that assumes POD is in front of the Combo/head and your speakers are an open back combo amp. Mode "D" assumes that POD is feeding into the front of a Head and your speakers are a 4x12 closed back cabinet. Q: Is it possible to upgrade my POD 1 to a Bass POD? A: Unfortunately, there is no upgrade path between the Pod and Bass Pod.
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