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Found 38 results

  1. Hey everyone, I've had my POD HD500X for just over a year now, and until now, I've been really happy with it. The problem is, over the last week or so all my clean and distorted, direct/studio AND straight-to-amp patches all have a horrible fizzy sound to them. It sounds like digital clipping, but I've gain-staged all my patches well and set up my inputs and outputs how they're supposed to be. I just updated the latest Firmware as of today (The one that fixed the tuner problem), but there is still no change. Has this happened to anyone else and if so, did you manage to get it fixed? Thanks in advance!
  2. Is there a function or utility to delete settings from a A, B, C, D in a given bank so I'm starting with everything blank? I don't want to reset the factory settings. I want to select a bank, select "A", and then remove all settings so I can create from scratch. Thanks for any help. David
  3. Hey Guys First my gear : Line6 POD xt Pro, Laney Ironheart Irt 60 I want to connect my Podxt with my Amp. So how do i do that ? The POD should be used as a effect processor in Distortion Channel of the Amp But as a clean sound i want to use my POD settings and only use the amp as an poweramp for the xt. So anyone out there who knows what i have to do ?
  4. hey guys - new here so if this already a post my apologies. i'm running a wireless G50 system from my guitar into my Pod HD Pro X into the LINE INPUT (L-MONO) on the back of my Pod set on the -10db switch, which is then going out into a SAMSON SERVO 200 Power Amplifier into a MARSHALL 4x12 cab. I play progressive/metal hardcore and the tones in this thing are absolutely phenomenal - sounds like a real amp. clean and drive tones sound fantastic when i plug straight into the GUITAR INPUT on the front of the POD, but i'm trying to keep the face of my rack nice and tidy so i thought i'd run wireless into the back into the Line Input. this is where my problem is - the drive channels and my pads and lead channels work absolutely fine, but i cannot for the life of me get the Clean channels to work through it - absolutely NO sound what-so-ever even though they work absolutely fine plugged into the FRONT GUITAR INPUT. can anyone point me towards a solution? cheers B)
  5. Spider IV 75 How do I create a clean tone that does not fuzz at any level?
  6. Hello!I just bought a FBV2 switch and it's really annoying that I can't get from the Clean preset channel to the Metal channel with just a single press.Is there a way I can maybe switch the channels around?I tried getting Crunch to sound like Clean but it just does not sound the same,I guess every preset is different.So is there any way to change the preset order?(have the clean channel where the crunch channel shoud be and the crunch where the clean shoud be)
  7. Does anyone no how to make a decent patch with both a clean and distortion sound in it. for instance, instead of switching from 1A to 1B, I can just stay on 1A with a clean sound, and flip on the overdrive as needed. I can't seem to get the distortion pedals to make a decent sound
  8. Hi all, Clean tones I am looking to get a POD HD (probably the 500x) but want to know if the 'dirty' amp models can produce good clean tones. What I mean is if I am plugged into a Mesa Dual Rec I can dial a clean tone without much difficulty. Likewise a 'plexi' style amp - and it happens to be a tone I'm quite fond of. HOWEVER a lot of modelling seems to have these types of amps tuned for gainier settings so you can't really use them for cleans without lots of careful level matching, or fairly ordinary sounds Say with the Soldano - which channel does that model, or can you switch? Routing Next question, with the ability to lay out two amp paths, what are the routing possibilities? Every demo I've seen routes these to different outputs and either mixes them in an DAW or just uses it as a stereo configuration. What I want to be able to do is to have two parallel paths and then mix them down to a mono output, preferably with the ability to adjust the mix levels between the two paths - e.g. 75% Blackface + 25% AC-30. IDEALLY, I would love the ability to do this with an expression pedal - say starting off with 100% clean tone (e.g. from a Bassman) and then instead of stomping a button to instantly switch to a crunch tone (e.g. a JTM), I would use the exp pedal to do this instead. I can do this with pedals and it gives an interesting dynamic texture to the transition. Of course, with the ability to run any given chain in the parallel line, the possibilities don't stop there - blending effects in and out with a pedal is a very cool trick (see the FX Blender by Morley). Output What I want to be able to do is send my final output signal (whatever that is) to both a DAW and my amp. The HD300 and HD400 have the PERFECT setting for this, which is the output switch on the rear of the device, which allows you to set it to 'DUAL' mode. This send to different signals - one with cab/mike and one without - to the different outputs. Looking at those two, the HD300 is more flexible as it allows you to do this with both the 1/4" unbalanced and XLR outputs - one 1/4 and one XLR for each signal. The HD400 is not as flexible, forcing you to use the XLR for the 'studio' output and the 1/4" for the amp out but the trade off is presumably the retention of stereo operation. I can't see how to do this with the HD500 or HD500X - for my use am I really better off with the simpler, cheaper models? I have to assume this feature is still there as it's a really good idea and is EXACTLY what I want. Thanks all, D.
  9. I need help in getting a clean but full Nile Rodgers patch. My cover band covers a lot songs requiring this sound. (Get Lucky, LeFreak, Duran Duran, David Bowie, Madonna, Michael Jackson and etc. I have tried many times to program but never seem to get there. Suggestions?
  10. I just got myself an M9. Pretty neat! Is there any effect or setting on the M9 that imitates a double bass sound, or at least a fretless bass sound? Also I'm looking for a clean synth sound effect/setting without tracking issues. The synth effects on theM9 are more sort of fun chance generators (just like on the FM4) but don't allow for much control when playing fast notes. But maybe I'm missing something? Anybody? Appreciate it! Ra
  11. For the longest time I have had huge problems with my Pod HD 500. I am constantly hearing excess and un-needed noise whenever I am playing on a clean patch (and I can only assume it is happening on distorted patches although you can't hear it). No matter what amp model I'm using, the noise is persistent. I always thought maybe the pickups on my guitar are too hot, but as a raise or lower the pickups, the problem still occurs, even if I enable the PAD switch. I do not believe the pod is clipping for I have the volume knob at about 60% and the mixer volumes (VOLUME A & VOLUME B) set at -5 db. I have all the latest updates and I honestly do not know what to do. I have recorded an example the sounds I am hearing so it can give a clearer indication of what I mean. I will post the link. I recorded a direct signal with a clean patch from the Pod to my interface.Then I recorded the same riff, but with everything on the signal chain disabled. Lastly I recorded my guitar directly into my interface. When it is the completely dry signal from my guitar, i do not hear any additional noise so I can only assume its my Pod. Please help. I am getting awfully fed up with this issue. Thanks Here is the recording: http://puu.sh/3rr3I Clean problems.mp3
  12. I've got the channel volume all the way up, I've adjusted the level to +12 dB, but no matter what, the preloaded songs, the microphone, the other guitar settings like metal and crunch are WAY louder - makes it really hard to use the clean setting at all, which is too bad, because i like to lay a rhythm with an acoustic guitar. When i do so, I have to turn the master volume up so high that there is a lot of hiss and turn whatever other tracks i'm adding way down in order to get any sort of balance. Very frustrating. Any ideas?
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