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  1. *Please use Google Translate to read this information in your language. How do I get technical support for my Line 6 gear? When you have a technical support question, and you can't find the answer in your product's manual (found at, our system gives you these options: Search our Knowledge Base for Line 6-authored information and video tutorials. Review previously answered threads using our keyword search tool. Ask a question within your Line 6 products' community forum. Posting your question tells our community (which is 160,000 strong) that someone is looking for help. Contact our support staff directly at with a support ticket. For registered product owners, Line 6 is pleased to provide phone and email (ticket) support free of charge. If your product is not registered, you still have access to our other resources that can assist you 24/7.Please CLICK HERE to register your Line 6 products. German Für registrierte Besitzer eines Line 6 Produktes freuen wir uns Ihnen gratis Telefon und Email Unterstützung zur Verfügung stellen zu können.. Sollte Ihr Produkt nicht registriert sein so haben Sie immer noch die Möglichkeit unsere online Resourcen 24/7 zu Rate zu ziehen. Wissens Datenbank Video-Tutorials Forum Gemeinschaft Produkt Mandbuch Bitte CLICKEN SIE HERE um Ihr Produkt zu registrieren. French Pour les propriétaires de produits enregistrés, Line 6 est heureux d'offrir un soutien téléphonique et e-mail gratuitement. Si votre produit n'est pas enregistré, vous avez toujours accès à des ressources qui peuvent vous aider 24/7: Base de connaissances Tutoriels vidéo Forum Communautés Manuels du produitct S'il vous plaît CLIQUEZ ICI pour inscrire vos 6 produits Ligne. What is the warranty on my Line 6 product? It varies by product, so please see our Warranty F.A.Q. for more details. Also, please be aware that your warranty is only good in the region of purchase. So for example, if you buy your unit in Australia, you will have to get it serviced in Australia. Going outside of your region of purchase for repair work will be treated as a non-warranty repair and you will be charged accordingly by the repair center you take it to. How do I get my Line 6 gear serviced outside of the U.S.? Line 6 has established a worldwide chain of independent Service Centers. You can find Service Centers and Distributors that can assist you with your repair. If you cannot find one in your country, you will need to find one outside of your country and contact them to see if you can ship them your malfunctioning unit. Because of our agreements with these distributors and service centers, you cannot send your unit directly to Line 6 U.S. for repair. ***Only units purchased in the U.S. can be repaired in the U.S. I’m having a problem with a repair center, who can I contact? Please contact your area's distributor to resolve repair center issues. How do I get parts and accessories for my Line 6 gear? We sell a number of parts on our Online Store. You may place an order with a valid Visa, American Express or MasterCard. For our return policies, please refer to our returns page. Certain parts not found on the store may be special ordered through an Authorized Service Center or Distributor. Some parts such as circuit boards and PCBA assemblies are not sold to the public. Also, Line 6 does not provide circuit diagrams, blueprints or schematics to consumers. Please keep in mind that parts sales are at the service center's or distributor's discretion. Line 6 does not sell parts directly to the public. Where can I buy Line 6 gear outside of the U.S.? Line 6 has distributors all over the world. You can search by city/region and country for a distributor in your country. If you cannot find a distributor in your country, you can find an Online Retailer that may ship to your country. English is not my first language. How can I get help in my native language? Please click here to create a support ticket. Our multi-lingual EU support team will do their best to address your issue.
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