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Found 36 results

  1. I really appreciate the care that a lot of you put into your custom tones, and have been pretty impressed with some of your work. And even when I wasn't exactly impressed - which says more about me than it does about you - I still valued the time and thought that you put into posting your custom tone creations. But we don't all have the same musical knowledge you have, so we don't all know what you're aiming for when you post a custom preset that has no notes in it beyond the title. And we all want to know what you were aiming for/what sound you intended to achieve with your custom presets. So please, don't worry about spelling or grammar, just pretend the person who's reading it doesn't understand what you mean by your preset title and needs some explanation, which only you can provide by way of entering a description of the tone in the "Comments" field when you upload it. I guarantee you it increases your downloads, and who knows? Maybe one day you build enough visibility that you can sell them for some dough to fund your next Line 6 purchase. Thanks -
  2. Hi there folks. I have had an HD 500 and have recently purchased an HXFX for use with my amp. I also recently purchased Helix Native for recording on my mac. There are not all that many patches for HXFX on customtone, but heaps for Helix etc. I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to download cutomtone patches iinto Helix native? CANt seem to work out a way to do it. Cheers!
  3. I am trying to import some of Jason Sadites presets from the customtone page. I download the .hlx files, and import them from hx edit onto the helix. The tones are loaded just fine, but the bypass/controller assignment does not show up on the actual Helix LT. Is this the intended behaviour (I hope not), or am I doing something wrong. Best
  4. When I download a tone onto my Floor Pod Plus does the MIDI cable need to stay connected to the Floor Pod for it to work. For example, if I download a tone from custom tone and set it to 1a by overriding the preset, and then disconnect the Floor pod from the computer, will able able to click 1a on my floor pod and get that tone? It would make sense if this would be the case because the Vyzex software can communicate with the pod.
  5. A lot of trial and error with this new Helix LT I just got and am really enjoying it. Would like to play live with it eventually but don't want to get tripped up by the hardware as I am now. Thought I'd try some of the customtones and in particular something for playing RHCP under the bridge. Low and behold I found the RHCP Frusciante custom tone and downloaded. Been playing with it but FS11 is assigned 'Clean It Up', which does drop some of the distortion but unfortunately it also removes me from the STOMP screen and displays the pedal chain. None of the other assigned foot switches does this so I was wondering whats up? Any thoughts? And to be clear I also downloaded other customtones that also had the same effect but on different FS buttons. Thx in advance!
  6. Had a HD500 seven years ago..Fractal ever since but bought HD500X as back up. I have been downloading custome tone tone forever. This afternoon despite it showing I own HD500x and amp packs in my purchases. It wont let me download jack. Why? I have to register product again. Honest? I cant be bothered anymore. Even when I logged in to customtone, an error showed, but still logged me in. This time it won't let me download any patches. LINE 6..listen. My Variax is for sale as I cannot use the edit anymore ( cant even remember the name) now this. You don't care. New customers are more valued than loyal long time. You can shove your proucts. Was even stupid enough to look at the HELIX. I'm not a Fractal fanboy, but the software works. End of
  7. Hi guys, here are a couple of my favorite patches that I'd like to share. I spent quite a few hours to dial them in. They sound really good (at least to my ear) with either my DT880 and my FRFR (ELX200-12P). I uploaded them to line6's custom tone here: https://line6.com/customtone/profile/yingwuzhao Though I have tons of IRs, but I found I can dial in very similar or better tones via a pair of Helix's cabs than any IR I imported. There are 5 clean tones, 1 crunchy and 2 lead tones. Let me know how you like them, and which one do you like the best. Enjoy :-)
  8. I was happy to see that Line 6 finally added a computer-based version of the Spider V Remote app so that I can dig in deeper on my computer screen and change tones while using a DAW. There was also talk in the email that I received of downloading new tones from the customtone.com website to upload and use in the app. I have not found this to be true. The customtone page does not list the Spider V and when I try and download a tone I get a message that says "Valid product registration or software purchase required to use CustomTone. I have registered my Spider and so this message is quite confusing Love my Spider but please work out the kinks.
  9. I've got my Helix LT connected via the USB port into my pc. usually when I have music playing it goes via my Audioquest Dragonfly DAC to my stereo speakers and all computer sounds/audio/video like Youtube Facebook etc would go through the stereo. But when I hook up the Helix via the USB port it re-directs all of my music and everything else through my Helix into my FRFR Speakers which could be set much louder (guitar volume) than I had my Stereo set for. Has anyone else experienced this? and if so, how can I stop all audio from bypassing my stereo and going through my FRFR's? I will say i'm going through Windows 10 (not a fan). when I had Win7 the audio output controls were much easier to find and control
  10. I've got my Helix LT connected via the USB port into my pc. usually when I have music playing it goes via my Audioquest Dragonfly DAC to my stereo speakers and all computer sounds/audio/video like Youtube Facebook etc would go through the stereo. But when I hook up the Helix via the USB port it re-directs all of my music and everything else through my Helix into my FRFR Speakers which could be set much louder (guitar volume) than I had my Stereo set for. Has anyone else experienced this? and if so, how can I stop all audio from bypassing my stereo and going through my FRFR's?
  11. ​Looking for help with opening files from Customtone. The edit software for my POD HD Pro works just fine, loads all of my presets to my laptop. The files I've tried downloading on here are listed as a pxe or h5e file. Not entirely sure what that means but maybe I'm just dumb and can't figure out something simple. Any help would be appreciated as I'm relatively new to the whole "using my POD with my computer" thing. Thanks.
  12. I noticed there isn't the option for the Line 6 Spider V in the CustomTone room. Are the downloads for the Spider IV usable for the Spider V?
  13. I'm uploading some of my tones via Gearbox 3.72 running with PODX3Live Customtone automatically assigns wrong parameters e.g. - It assigns Humbucker Pickup and I can't change it (it should be Single Coil) - It assigns X3 instead of X3 LIve (minor issue) - It doesn't let me upload dual tones, is there a way to do this? After all - I can't delete the tone (I just get to a dark page when I klick on the red DELETE button. Did others have similar issues? Is there any type of support around Customtone?
  14. This is another combination patch, Orange OR80 and the Marshal Plexi. Created with a PRS SE Custom 24. In the recording below, I utilize both humbuckers and single coil tones. Hope you like it. http://line6.com/customtone/tone/2218528/ Link to audio sample: https://soundcloud.com/aepoc/saginaw-3
  15. Hello, I own a HD500 and I have found some great patches on Line6 Customtone. The problem is, that some of the patches are very loud compared to my own designed patches. I have a VOX AC30 Amp connected. This tube amp need a bit of volume for a good sound, I have the volume poti 30-40% opened. The problem is, when I reduce the volume in the customtone patch, the patch sounds no longer good. I have tried to reduce the volume in the FX Section in the Distrotion volume, in the Amp Section in the Amp Master and Channel Volume, in the Mixer Section the Main Mix Volume...no metter where I reduce the volume, the sound looses its power and distortion. Thank you for help !
  16. There are not a lot of tones for HD500X. More FLOYD,SABBATH,KENNY WAYNE SHEPHER!
  17. I can't find the custom tone library search that was available in the last version. Does anyone know how to access internet custom tones??
  18. Hey All, I'm really digging my month-old Helix and have enjoyed experimenting with the plentiful Helix CustomTone patches. As you you soon discover with the patches, the audio input vs output levels are all over the place, which makes them difficult to use right out of the box in band practice and performance. I;d like to tweak them to get them all into some usable range, but I need a plan. Does anyone have a good strategy for normalizing the volume of the patches - bring them to a relatively equal level? Is "unity gain" a good starting point for determining an output volume? It seems clear to me that some patches will warrant higher gain to get the desired effect. Is there a technical standard somewhere? Should tweaking be done before the amps and cabs or after? So many questions! Mike in Maryland
  19. On the http://line6.com/customtone/ page, I don't see my product (Firehawk FX) listed in the dropdown. Should I select the POD HD500X ? Which list of user authored presets can I select from to add or preview using my Firehawk FX ? Am I correct that the App can analyze a song coming through bluetooth and suggest presets that match the song thats playing, and/or can I type in an artist name or a song's title to search via the app for presets for the particular song/artist created by other user/authors ?
  20. I have two Spider IV 150 HDs, one I use, the other I have in case I blow the first one up. I want to maintain compatibility between the user presets (the patches I wrote and assigned) from one amp to the other. I've seen people mention Spider IV Edit and customtone. Is this possible, to "port" the settings from one to another, I'm thinking upload and download? If so, will you please point me to the documentation and/or firmware that facilitates this? Thanks.
  21. I created the following Template as a routing scheme that devotes up to the maximum DSP power(both DSP processors) and 24 blocks to the electric guitar while leaving 8 blocks available for a second separate input and output such as acoustic guitar, mic, iPod, etc.. I use this for presets where Path 1 alone does not have enough DSP for my electric guitar patch but I also require a second input/output. This routing scheme gives me up to all the available DSP (both DSP processors) for the electric but also allows me to have a separate input/output for my acoustic guitar, mic, iPod, etc.. This Template sets up the first pair of input & output blocks from the Guitar input to the XLR output, and the second pair of input & output blocks from the Aux input to the 1/4 output but you can modify these to whatever you require. You can download my Template from the L6 CustomTone library here: http://line6.com/customtone/tone/1460280/
  22. I wanted to share a Helix patch that I uploaded to Line 6's CustomTone site. It's my twist on @bstoner 's "Plexi2" patch. It's designed to be an "all in one" patch that you can stay on all night long. All 10 footswitches have assignments... FS1 = Eb Tuning FS2 = Compressor FS3 = Chorus FS4 = Tight slapback delay (to thicken things up a bit) FS5 = Univibe FS6 = Toggles between internal stereo cab and Redwirez Marshall1960A IR in position 8 (the IR used in Brian's Plexi2 patch on CustomTone) FS7 = Lead Boost (volume boost + ping pong delay) FS8 = ~3db of clean boost FS9 = Minotaur distortion FS10 = Less Gain - Toggles between clean and dirty (controller assignment to set both gain and amp volume to normalize levels between settings) http://line6.com/customtone/tone/1439342/ FWIW, Brian's "Plexi2" patch can be found here: http://line6.com/customtone/tone/1370061/ Notes: 1) Guitar used to create the patch was a Godin XTSA with P-Rails 2) AKG Perception K44 headphones used as monitoring source 3) To change the behavior of FS1 (bank up) and FS6 (bank down), go to Global Settings -> Footswitches -> Stomp Mode Switches and change to "10 Switches" 3) There's a "plate reverb" block that's always on and not assigned to a FS (I ran out of switches). There's also a "room reverb" block that's always on as well to thicken the sound 4) Internal cab is a mix of the "4x12 Blackface 30" and "2x12 Interstate" cabinets (see settings in images below) 5) "Marshall1960A-G12Ms-SM57-Cap-6in.wav" Found in folder: 44.1 KHz-24bit/Shure SM57/Marshall1960A-G12Ms-SM57-Cap-6in.wav Download from :http://www.redwirez.com/free1960g12m25s.jsp
  23. I purchased my first Line6 POD just a few months ago. Since that time I have found a number of really good amp models and have posted some of them to the CustomTone site (SteveKudlacek). Admittedly, I am new to the modeling game, but I am fascinated with the ability to build all of the amps that I could never afford to own. Some of the models are really accurate. My fascination continues... But because there is really no ranking system - number of downloads does not equal satisfaction - I wanted to know what are some of your favorites? If you have a favorite CustomTone, for the HD Pro or Pro X only please, reply with a link here. Also, if you have downloaded some of my patches any constructive criticism here would be appreciated. Thanks. Steve.
  24. Can someone from line6 fix this customtone problem: I was looking for tones today and did the following: 1) Select hd500x from the main customtone page 2) Click on the Rating (link right side below Downloads) to sort highest ratings in descending order 3) First page sorts ok with the following url showing on the browser line6.com/customtone/browse/podhd500x/?sort=rating&sort_dir=desc&family=&search_term= 4) Clicking on page 2 , or any page, it gets broken with the following url: line6.com/customtone/browse/podhd500x/2/?sort=posted&sort_dir=desc&search_term= I found a work around to item 4 above by rewriting the url on the browser bar as follows: 1) replaced sort from posted to rating line6.com/customtone/browse/podhd500x/2/?sort=rating&sort_dir=desc&search_term= 2) Manually change pages by changing the number from .../podhd500x/2/.. to .../podhd500x/3/... as in: line6.com/customtone/browse/podhd500x/3/?sort=rating&sort_dir=desc&search_term= line6.com/customtone/browse/podhd500x/4/?sort=rating&sort_dir=desc&search_term= line6.com/customtone/browse/podhd500x/5/?sort=rating&sort_dir=desc&search_term= Same deal with hd500 pages. Should be a simple fix. Thanks!!
  25. Hey guys, since the custom tone on the site is malfunctioning already about 4+ months, and nothing changes, I found an alternative, safer and better route here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/556509494392025/ whoever is interested, please join and share!
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