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  1. I created the following Template as a routing scheme that devotes up to the maximum DSP power(both DSP processors) and 24 blocks to the electric guitar while leaving 8 blocks available for a second separate input and output such as acoustic guitar, mic, iPod, etc.. I use this for presets where Path 1 alone does not have enough DSP for my electric guitar patch but I also require a second input/output. This routing scheme gives me up to all the available DSP (both DSP processors) for the electric but also allows me to have a separate input/output for my acoustic guitar, mic, iPod, etc.. This Template sets up the first pair of input & output blocks from the Guitar input to the XLR output, and the second pair of input & output blocks from the Aux input to the 1/4 output but you can modify these to whatever you require. You can download my Template from the L6 CustomTone library here:
  2. I wanted to share a Helix patch that I uploaded to Line 6's CustomTone site. It's my twist on @bstoner 's "Plexi2" patch. It's designed to be an "all in one" patch that you can stay on all night long. All 10 footswitches have assignments... FS1 = Eb Tuning FS2 = Compressor FS3 = Chorus FS4 = Tight slapback delay (to thicken things up a bit) FS5 = Univibe FS6 = Toggles between internal stereo cab and Redwirez Marshall1960A IR in position 8 (the IR used in Brian's Plexi2 patch on CustomTone) FS7 = Lead Boost (volume boost + ping pong delay) FS8 = ~3db of clean boost FS9 = Minotaur distortion FS10 = Less Gain - Toggles between clean and dirty (controller assignment to set both gain and amp volume to normalize levels between settings) FWIW, Brian's "Plexi2" patch can be found here: Notes: 1) Guitar used to create the patch was a Godin XTSA with P-Rails 2) AKG Perception K44 headphones used as monitoring source 3) To change the behavior of FS1 (bank up) and FS6 (bank down), go to Global Settings -> Footswitches -> Stomp Mode Switches and change to "10 Switches" 3) There's a "plate reverb" block that's always on and not assigned to a FS (I ran out of switches). There's also a "room reverb" block that's always on as well to thicken the sound 4) Internal cab is a mix of the "4x12 Blackface 30" and "2x12 Interstate" cabinets (see settings in images below) 5) "Marshall1960A-G12Ms-SM57-Cap-6in.wav" Found in folder: 44.1 KHz-24bit/Shure SM57/Marshall1960A-G12Ms-SM57-Cap-6in.wav Download from :
  3. Can someone from line6 fix this customtone problem: I was looking for tones today and did the following: 1) Select hd500x from the main customtone page 2) Click on the Rating (link right side below Downloads) to sort highest ratings in descending order 3) First page sorts ok with the following url showing on the browser 4) Clicking on page 2 , or any page, it gets broken with the following url: I found a work around to item 4 above by rewriting the url on the browser bar as follows: 1) replaced sort from posted to rating 2) Manually change pages by changing the number from .../podhd500x/2/.. to .../podhd500x/3/... as in: Same deal with hd500 pages. Should be a simple fix. Thanks!!
  4. I purchased my first Line6 POD just a few months ago. Since that time I have found a number of really good amp models and have posted some of them to the CustomTone site (SteveKudlacek). Admittedly, I am new to the modeling game, but I am fascinated with the ability to build all of the amps that I could never afford to own. Some of the models are really accurate. My fascination continues... But because there is really no ranking system - number of downloads does not equal satisfaction - I wanted to know what are some of your favorites? If you have a favorite CustomTone, for the HD Pro or Pro X only please, reply with a link here. Also, if you have downloaded some of my patches any constructive criticism here would be appreciated. Thanks. Steve.
  5. I saw a thread here recently stating that there are issues with the CustomTone part of the site not allowing you to click on your tone name to get to the details. I've figured out how to get the "Tone Details" screen for a tone I just uploaded, but once there, the only option I have is "delete." I'd like to add comments and a link to a sample of the sound I uploaded to I was not given the option to add the comment while uploading, and now that the upload is done, I can't see how to add a comment after the fact. Am I just missing something simple, or is that functionality not working?
  6. Hey guys, since the custom tone on the site is malfunctioning already about 4+ months, and nothing changes, I found an alternative, safer and better route here: whoever is interested, please join and share!
  7. hi there... i have a question and i dont know where posted it... i have a pod hd500... i downloades a few patches from the customtone site, but since the site have been rebuilt a lot of patches have been lost...i can even find the one i uploaded so i just want to ask if anyone have the same problem and if its going to be fixed, or is just me (i dont think so)... jose
  8. Open Letter to Line 6 Hi, would it be possible to change the "Customtone" page to allow for more tones to show up per page, maybe a button could be added to allow seeing 25/50/100/200 etc items per page or "show all items", the current settings for the page means you can only see 10 settings/Tones per page... Thank You
  9. i keep trying to download, or rather "get tone" from custom tone, and it keeps prompting me with "There is no application set to open the document “Streets Have No Name.hre".". Am i missing something simple here? because out of all the tutorials I've seen, the computer recognizes the file as a tone, or whatever. Ive downloaded all i can from line6 monkey. I'm running a mid 2012 MacBookPro with OS X 10.8.5
  10. I searched for many patches which I did not find in customtone. I am starting this topic so that many of the POD HD400 user can benefit. You can request for the HD400 patches here.
  11. Hello This is my first post in years. I just purchased a Line6 POD HD500X. I have installed the Line6 HD500X Edit software but It cannot open any of the tones from I have to first save the tone to an area of my hard drive, click file, open, use the drop down arrow to select "all files" to open anything I find on Customtone. Most of the tones I have found are .h5e extensions but I also cannot open .5xe directly unless I open the tone via the method I have listed above (File, open...etc...) Any tips or ideas? Thanks SynSin
  12. Step 1: First, you will need to know where your tones reside on your computer. In this example, the path/location will be: C:\Documents and Settings\(User Account Name)\My Documents\Line 6\Tones\Line 6 Edit\Downloaded Tones. Keep in mind that "Downloaded Tones" is an arbitrarily created folder to organize the downloaded patches. Step 2: Open Line 6 Edit: Step 3: The LEFT window of the Line 6 edit program represents your computer's hard drive. The RIGHT window represents the Patch Locations of your connected Line 6 USB hardware device (in this case, a POD XT Live). Browse to the correct location of your saved patches (mentioned in Step 1) in the LEFT window. Step 4: In our example, we will transfer the "AC 30" tone from our hard drive over to the POD XT Live Location #1A. Step 5: Highlight the desired patch in the LEFT window. Step 6: highlight the location (1A) on the device in the RIGHT window. Step 7: Click on the "Selected SEND" button in the CENTER window: Step 8: Note the red-yellow "Exclamation" mark in the transfered "AC 30" in location 1A. This indicates that it is a temporary buffer transfer. In order to finalize your transfer, you will need to click on the "SYNC" button in the lower right-hand corner of the ToneLocker window. Step 9: After clicking on "SYNC", you will be prompted to confirm the transfer. Select "Write Selected Tones to (Device)". Step 10: Another confirmation message "This will write the selected modified Tones..." will appear, select "YES": Wait for the transfer to take place (don't make any changes to your gear or unplug the unit): After completing these steps, your Device will have the desired Patch/Tone saved to the location specified. The same procedure can be used for "bundles" of tones as well.
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