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Found 65 results

  1. I saw this posted somewhere else, but can't seem to find it. I've got a four year old, which basically means a lot of my discretionary play time is limited to after nigh-nigh time. I currently run tracks off my computer headphone jack straight to the HD500 CD/MP3 jack. It works great and is one of the big plusses of the HD series for me. I could always run to my mixer and headphone off of that, but that is yet more cables to put away at night. Is there a native way to run outboard tracks from a computer headphone jack straight in to the Helix for those of us who need to keep it quiet at times when we woodshed?
  2. Hi everyone! I'm trying to record my POD HD 500x directly into Studio One 3. So, while recording, I want to listen only to the Studio One's track monitoring, since I'm doing some amp modeling with VST plugins. I don't want to listen to the guitar sound that comes out directly from the POD output, but only to the computer's playback. Studio One doesn't gives you the chance to use an audio device to the recording and another to the playback, so both operations need to be done by the same audio device, in tis case, my POD HD 500x. What is happening, is that, while recording, I'm listen to the Studio One's playback and also the direct guitar output from the POD. Is there a way to get around this, so I can listen only to the DAW's playback without buying some external audio interface?
  3. Hello good morning :) Excuse me, I am completely new to the daunting experience of recording my own stuff. This means that my question (s) might come across as completely naïve but please bare with me. I have a Vetta II that I am familiar with. A macbook pro, retina (2014). A GuitarPort (very old but works fine) and M-Audio USB MIDI interface (Uno). I have just bought Logic Pro X because I wanted to start recording stuff (GB is not my cup of tea) so... To my question: How do I set up my Vetta II to run the sound to my Mac direct? As it is now the sound comes out of the speakers and the mic in my mac picks the sound up. That is not how I want it. I want the sound from Vetta that I have dialed in to be sent digitally straight into the DAW. Bearing in mind what I have and how little I know, can somebody please tell me how this should be done? I am extremely greatful for any help in the matter //z
  4. I know there's a few topics already on this sort of thing but I am the ultimate n00bie when it comes to this. I was wondering how to go about recording with my HD Pro via my UX2 into my DAW, YES I realise you can record direct with the HD Pro connected via usb to the computer but I heard that you can't re-amp/change tones on the fly once the track is recorded. Here's what I tried POD HD PRO -> (14")OUTPUTS L & R -> UX2 INPUTS L & R - > UX2 -> COMPUTER(via USB) I know I'm clearly doing something majorly wrong here so any advice would be very much appreciated. I'd also like to know if you can open HD Pro Edit in your DAW or simply have to have it open outside of the DAW to record. I know these are probably otherwise stupid questions but forgive me, I'm used to recording with the simplistic luxuries of pod farm. ALSO Is there a way to record both dry and wet signals(simultaneously of course) in your DAW(mine is mixcraft 6.... I know) without connecting the HD Pro via an interface?
  5. I like the sound coming out of my amp with my m13, with a good mic it records well. I would like to know if it is possible to have the tempo on the m13 controlled by my daw so everything jives in my session. can I connect the m13 to my interface (rme ucx) and have the temp controlled this way? I love the idea that the bpm in my protools session would match my m13.
  6. Hello everyone, I am considering to purchase Pod X500, but I have a big dilemma... I currently own PodXt and there's one thing about it which is really bothering me - I'm unable to route guitar to different output on it while XT is connected via USB. Elaborating a bit - I want an option to be able to send fully processed signal from guitar to, let's say, both unbalanced 1/4 outs connecting to amp, and non-processed signal from DAW to the both XLR's, leading to console/PA. I want just guitar/ in my amp, and clean DAW in PA, without guitar mixing in. Simultaneously. Also it would be lovely to know if I can route XLR input to different outputs, say, fully processed signal (achieved by dual amping in Pod) goes to the same output as DAW. Is it all possible? X500 really seems like hell of a machine - XLR input, looper, MIDI, Audio Interface, loads of I/O... But it will be nothing for me without this basic flexibility, which Pod XT doesn't have. I made a search on forum and knowledge base and there was no answer. Please, owners of X500, help fellow musician out! :) Cheers.
  7. Good day , The title is not really the most appropriate ...but I didn't know how to call my problem , so allow me to explain . I connect my POD HD to the PC via USB and use it as an external sound card , I use it with my DAW to record . I set up my effects on the POD HD and my signal , with effects and all , is fed into the DAW . To the before-mentioned signal , I add effects directly from the DAW and I want to hear the sound in REAL TIME as I am playing . But when I want to hear it in real time , I hear the signal doubled : The RAW SIGNAL that is fed into the DAW from my POD HD and the RAW SIGNAL + DAW EFFECTS both come back through my headphones or speakers. Is there a way to mute this RAW SIGNAL , so I could hear only the signal that comes back from the DAW ?
  8. Hi, I am controlling the POD HD500 via DAW while there is playback going on. I am successfully managing to switch between presets (although I must say that latency of switching is a bit annoying, but I can work around that by sending messages a bit in advance). I have a part, where I want to play a whammy (pitch shifter) with expression pedal. I assign it to EXP2. However, when I start playback, both EXP1 and EXP2 become lid and I can not control the expression pedal. I can switch the HD500 off and turn it back on and then I can control EXP2 (without playback), but again once I start the PC sending commands I can't seem to control the expression pedal. How can I solve that? Also, what exactly does CC# 59 (the manual says its Exp Toe on/off toggle) do? I cannot figure it out.
  9. Hello everyone. I currently use a Pod HD Desktop and love it, but this post isn't exactly about such. I enjoy its features but am saddened by the lack of midi inputs, virtual or physical and was wondering if I could rig it up to one of the Fbv boards (most likely the express). My intention would to use a daw to send midi signals to the fbv, then have that switch between patches in my Pod as necessary for my live show. I know the mkii fbv boards have a single midi input, so I was wondering if it could be used this way or not. Essentially, if you don't understand what I'm trying to accomplish, the guy in this video is doing the same thing, just using physical midi output from a computer interface into a physical midi input on his pod. I would be doing the same, except Daw's midi tracks > Fbv > Pod. Is this possible? Thanks in advance ^_^
  10. If it's not too stupid a question, or innapropriate for a Line6 forum, does anyone have any suggestions for a starter level DAW. Something I can easily import the channel WAV's into and get a reasonable mixing environment without busting the bank? Personally, I'm a windows user, not mac. Our guitarist has produced some pretty good results using GarageBand on his mac, so I'm looking for something similar for windows.
  11. Hi everybody ! After formating my computer which works on WINDOWS 7, when I open Samplitude Music Studio 16 everything works correctly as long as my POD X3 is not connected. Using ASIO4ALL, I can play all of my audio projects with good CPU performances. The problem is when I connect my POD X3 and try to play my projects, the CPU percentage increases and of course everything is saturated. For example, on one of my projects, when my POD X3 is not connected, the CPU percentage is approximately 45%, and reaches more than 100% when the POD X3 is connected. The problem appears even if ASIO4ALL is still selected, hence ASIO POD X3 not selected, but the POD X3 connected to the computer. I don't understand what is the reason, I tried to configure my DAW and my POD X3 through its control panel, but the problem is still there. Before formating the computer everything was working perfectly. Thanks for reading and trying to help me.
  12. GearBox Plug-In license sales were halted upon the introduction of our POD Farm Version 1 Plug-In licenses back in the Fall of 2008. However, the GearBox software installer STILL contains the GearBox Plug-In file, because we still have end users who had purchased the GearBox Plug-In license prior to the Fall of 2008 who are still using said effect in their recording applications. If you are a new or recent user who has downloaded the GearBox 3.72 Installer and run this package, you will still see the GearBox Plug-In option appear in your recording program the next time you launch it, as most DAW's scan for new Plug-In files installed by default. If you wish to delete your GearBox Plug-In file (to avoid confusion), please remove the GearBox .dll file found in: Windows VST: C:\Program Files\Line6\VstPlugIns\Line 6 Windows RTAS: C:\Program Files\Common\Files\Digidesign\DAE\Plug-Ins\Line 6 Mac AU: Library > Audio > Plug-Ins > Components Mac RTAS: Library > Application Support > Digidesign > Plug-Ins > Line 6 Unless you purchased the optional GearBox license prior to the Fall of 2008, please note that only POD Farm and POD Farm 2 Plug-In licenses are available for purchase through our Line 6 Webstore.
  13. Q: Does Line 6 offer a 64-bit driver for stand-alone applications? A: Line 6 offers a 64-bit compatible driver for Windows XP, Vista and 7 platforms as well as compatible drivers for 64 bit Kernel installs of Mac OSX. You can download the latest compatible drivers (as well as compatible versions of our Gearbox and POD Farm editors and plug-in applications) at the software page at the link below: http://www.line6.com/software/ Q: My DAW only supports 64 bit native plug ins. Are the Gearbox and POD Farm plug ins 64 bit natively? A: The Gearbox/POD Farm plug-in is not a native 64-bit plug-in, but is 64-bit compatible.? If your DAW requires a 64-bit plug-in the Gearbox/POD Farm plug in will not be recognized.
  14. Please use the directions below in order to record two inputs from a TonePort/POD Studio UX1/UX2 USB device from POD Farm simultaneously: In POD Farm: Create a dual tone input in POD Farm (i.e. Mic 1 & 2, Line 1 & 2, Inst & Mic, etc). In Your DAW (Recording Application- we will use Ableton Live Lite as our example): Go to "Options/Preferences". Click on "Input Config" at the bottom. Make sure that all of the selections are green in "Input Config" and "Output Config". If they are not, click on them so they appear as green and click OK. Create two audio tracks. On each track you will see "Audio From". Make sure that says "Ext. In". In track one select "1/2". For track two choose "3/4". Now the mic will be recorded on one track and your guitar will be recorded on the other. To arm both tracks for recording, please hold control and then click on the "Arm" button. For more detailed info, please watch the online video at Ableton's website here: http://cdn1.ableton.com/movies/recording_audio.mov For GarageBand: First, ensure that you have a DUAL Tone setup in POD Farm. In the [MIXER] Section of POD Farm, ensure that REC SEND: UX2 1-2 is set to “Tone 1 (Instrument)” and REC SEND: UX2 3-4 is set to “Tone 2 (Microphone 1)”. In GarageBand: Input Source for INST 1 (GarageBand Track) must be set to Stereo 1 / 2 (UX2) Input Source for MIC 1 (GarageBand Track) must be set to: Stereo 3 / 4 (UX2). Now you should be able to record both input sources simultaneously in GarageBand.
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