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Found 64 results

  1. Colleagues: I've had the Helix a month and it's fantastic and I'm definitely keeping it. The versatility (especially using IRs) is amazing. But my experience is a bit similar to "joseroys" who started a thread 2-14-17 with a title like I used here. I have a high-frequency "fizz" that spans the spectrum when using a flat global eq (turned off). Rather than take up any time now with what I'm using , etc., if a couple folks could simply recommend factory presets that they find have a clean sound no ovedrive) with global eq off, I will take a listen and be sure my unit is OK. I want to be sure I'm hearing what you're hearing. I've been a guitar player for nearly 50 years and have played in the modeling/digital realm since I bought my first POD a long time ago and I can be hyper sensitive to certain sounds. I can get the tone I want using global eq with a couple eq's in the signal chain, but I need to do significant adjusting when going between my ultra strat and PRS custom 24. I have been reading the forum on this and other topics for a couple weeks and that really helped me get control of the Helix sound. Thanks in advance for your replies! Doug
  2. Hey folks. So... I finally got the Helix. big screen, scribbles, I/O - y All, very very cool things. Touch knobs, super cool. Navigation, great. Tones. Sadly, as I hoped would not be the case... High Gain i suppose is fine as its covered in gobbles of gain. But - There is something going on with anything related to low and medium gain that I can hear so clearly. It's like all the gain sounds (amps and pedals) have this thing where it's just coated with digital white noise or "hair" on all the notes. Clean sounds are pretty good - but man, there is something going on that I thought was always digital noise just like the HD500 And SADLY, its the EXACT same thing I hear with my HD 500 and is basically unusable. I rarely right on many forums but I just had to share this and curious if anyone hears this because to me its so obvious. All amps and pedals when entering low to medium overdrive/gain sound like they have some type of digital noise that coats and covers all the sounds. Many other cool things about this but so far, I cant imagine it replacing my handwired amps and analog pedalboard. Would love to know your thoughts.
  3. I apologize if this topic has already been addressed. If so, please help and direct me to the information that was discussed. Thank you! When connecting my Firehawk 1500 via the Main XLR outputs on the back to my PA system (Behringer X18 iOS Live Sound Console), I am getting a clipping sound through the PA speaker. As I play and listen simultaneously to what is coming out of the PA and what is coming out of the Firehawk 1500, the clipping sound is only coming out of the PA speaker, not coming out of the Firehawk 1500. I will say that I first experienced this issue while running a mono output from the Firehawk 1500, but there should still not be any clipping even if I run a mono output feed. I have the gain on the mixer turned down very low to where it is almost off and there is still a clipping sound. This is not a grounding issue so I do not need the Ground Lift activated. I already checked that while troubleshooting. I troubleshooted with other XLR cables; all still with the same clipping result occurring. It is not a cable issue. If anyone has had any issue similar to what I am currently dealing with and had a resolve, please let me know exactly how you solved this issue. I will answer any questions that are posed. Thank you! Charlie
  4. jamesnlcc1


    Still not finding a good overdrive pedal that doesn't get fuzzy. Looking for a U2 rock-like tone. Thoughts?
  5. Hey guys, I've had an M9 for 6 years and I love it. Never had an issue and have never wanted to go analog. But recently I've had some weird issues with it. First, I've been noticing a very quiet fuzz/static when an effect (mostly on gain effects) is engaged. It's almost like a light Phase underneath the gain signal, and it make sustained chords or notes sound really bad. There are some gain effects I can't use all together because it makes an awful fuzz sound (including some of the fuzzes which are my bread and butter!!). Has anyone noticed this same issue? Second issue, when I go to switch scenes and press the TAP and B3 buttons then select a new scene, the pedal stays on the scene select screen. When I press the new scene again the light starts blinking from white to blue until I press it again and only exits the scene select screen if i press the TAP and B3 buttons again. Is this an extra function I was unaware of for the last 6 years?? I've recently done a factory reset to see if these issues go away but with now luck. Please help!!!
  6. So, I'm pretty sold on a Helix. I've been wanting one for a long time and I'm getting close to being able to pull the trigger. But I have a question that I haven't been able to find. How well does the helix take distortion pedals when not using an amp? I've seen a fair bit of info about incorporating pedals into a 4cm rig, and that looks awesome - and indeed, I have a use for that. But some gigs I have to go direct, or I can't have a live amp on stage. I've owned and gigged for years with a HD500, and it does not take dirt pedals well. I very nearly returned a couple of very nice pedals because I didn't like the sound, because I was doing a bunch of no-amp gigs and hadn't thought to run the pedals through a tube amp. So, how does the helix amp models handle distortion pedals (not as boost/overdrive, but as actual distortion into clean amp sound)?
  7. Hello! I have been working a lot on a bass patch for a while and I'm quite happy with my clean tone and fxs, but getting a good bass distortion is a real headache. I think I'm getting a bit closer but I'm having trouble with getting some good distortion (guitar amp sim - Fireball) that blends well with the clean bass tone (GK Cougar). What I'm trying to achieve is my current clean tone (and fx) with the ability to kick in a distortion that doesn't change the "character" of the clean tone or removes the low end. I just wan't the two to sort of "blend" together like a good bass distortion pedal.The type of tone I'm aiming for is somewhere in the ballpark of the more recent Tool or Gojira bass tones. So I'll try posting my patch here and maybe some of you more experienced guys can help me out a bit or give me some advice on how it might be improved?
  8. I just bought a IV15 and for some reason even on clean channel there is always a little distortion.even if I turn each noon appropriately and turn the drive and effects down all the way there is still a small amount of distortion I want it clean so I can use my pedals...help me
  9. Hello Is there a way to set up a distortion/overdrive pedal with "clean blend" for bass guitar with HD500X? I'm using the "GK" - amp sim from the bass pack and really liking the clean tone from it. For distortion i'm using the "vintage Rat" distortion pedal that sound pretty good. The problem is that when doing that I'm "loosing" all my bass tone soo to say. I would like to "blend" them both together like on a real bass distortion pedal. Is this possible? Any help would great! /Danne
  10. This is my first real complaint with the Amplifi Fx100. I cannot seem to get an overdiriven or distorted tone to my liking. To me they just dont seem believable. I am playing through a Peavey Classic 30 and my analog Distortion and Overdrive sound fantastic but the tones Im getting from the Fx100 seem buzzy and thin. I will keep playing with the settings but any help would be greatly appreciated. Im sure Im just doing something backwards and am not getting my gain and volume settings right. Anybody else have this problem?
  11. there have been tons of questions over the years about where to put your pedals and how to get the best tone. Everyone always references gain staging as the most important piece of the equation. Well the video below is probably one of the best I have ever seen explaining how gain staging works, what to look for, where to place pedals, etc... a bit long but definitely worth the watch!
  12. Is there a way to fade in your distortion? For example when moving from a clean verse to a heavy chorus? If you can't do that with the hd500x, what is the best way to do it with post production? Thanks!
  13. I just got my Pod HD500x a week ago and I am amazed by it. I have created some cool Crunch patches along with some heavy distortion leads. But I can't figure out how to create a clean sound! I don't get what amp I should use. They all come preset with some kind of distortion. I am looking for a Fender Reverb kind of clean sound, I am playing through a Soldano Tube amp and it sounds great and yes I have my it on the clean channel. What happens when I create a new tone is that it sounds clean and quiet before I choose an amp model but when I start cycling through amp models they all sound crunchy and there's no just clean setting. What am I missing?I just can't figure out what to tweak. Any suggestions of amp models would help. I am a noob to amp modeling. I spent to much time learning Music Theory and not audio theory! Just for reference I have a Gibson Les Paul, Gibson SG, Fender Telecaster, and an Ibanez Artcore Hollow Body. So it's not my guitars causing the sound issues. It's totally operator error!
  14. I have a L3T speaker and am running the following signal chain: electric guitar-->G50-->POD HD500-->L6 Link-->L3T I have experienced INTERMITTENT problems with held notes (such as hitting an open E or open A string and letting it ring out) beginning to distort as they decay. The distortion (on a previously clean note) begins after about 4 seconds and gets progressively nastier as the note fades out. The POD patches I am using are various amps, but even clean notes with HiWatt/deluxe or other non-distortion amp models exhibit this behavior (on an intermittent basis). I have swapped out cables, batteries, changed patches, built new patches from scratch using clean amp settings, plugged a bass and an electric guitar directly into the inputs.... There doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason as to when or if the distortion shows up. Anyone have any experience with this or further thoughts. I opened a support ticket with Line6 and was told it could be the fan rattle that was a known issue but this is almost certainly not a rattle. It's a note distortion and it occurs at either low (conversational) or higher volumes. Thanks in advance for any constructive advice.
  15. Hi folks, I have a Bass Pox xt which I am using via USB with Ableton Live 9. When I use the Pod ASIO settings, I am getting some bad white noise / distortion sounds when I am playing loops. Its infrequent and cuts in randomly over the audio. The bizarre thing is, I have a second PC, a laptop - where I have created the same environment where I get no distortion. Thing is, I really want to use my desktop. No matter what I do with the audio settings, buffers etc, I get the exact same distortion - There is no CPU overhead as it will do so with just one looped drum sample - I cant even jam to a drum machine. Anyone had similar issues? Cliff
  16. Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and I just got a DT50 212 Combo to join my POD HD500X and I need some advice. I want to Loop with distortion for in a live concert. I mean, Record a Rhythm with Distortion, Loop it, and Solo over with Distortion. Just like Paul Gilbert does in this video (at 1:47): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oc0yCiCvy6Y He uses an AB pedal to switch between 2 amps, one for Rhythm and another amp for Solo. Can I do this with one HD500X and just one DT50 212 Combo? Or do I need to buy another DT50 212 Combo? Or maybe one DT50 Head and use the speakers of the DT50 212 Combo? Is it possible at all? If not what's your advice for playing live with loops? Backing tracks? Thanks in advance. Pedro
  17. Hello all, I think this is my first post, so thanks for the opportunity! I am very fond of my M5, and I want to buy the M9, as I think it's a fantastic concept and the quality is well worth the price, but I have one problem I'd like to find a solution to. The overdrive/distortion modelling section is pretty good, I wasn't expecting wanting to use many of the models, but I really like the Fuzz Face style model (haven't compared to an original) and actually many others. Problem is I tend to play at neighbour friendly volumes, and the factory output levels are super hot, and way out of proportion with the rest of the models, so I have to mute my guitar while browsing the models, as the output resets to factory settings with each new model, which is quite annoying. Is there a way to keep the output levels down? I have no expression pedal for the M5 yet, would that work as a volume pedal with the distortion section? Thanks for reading, and any helpful answers. SD
  18. On any distorted patch out of my HD500, I hear a sort of secondary distortion on top of the tone. It could be described as a digital clipping sound. I thought it was subtle at first, now I can't un-hear it. It's on any patch where there's distortion, whether it's an effect before or after the amp, or just an amp with the drive up enough to get some crunch. It's not the guitar, input levels, output, etc - my trouble-shooting has been very thorough. I thought maybe there was something wrong with my unit, but today I went and tested a second HD500 fresh out of the box and it sounded exactly the same. Line6 support has reviewed this sound clip and says they think this tone sounds good, that the sounds I'm hearing are an intentional part of the modelling. Forgive the lackluster playing: https://soundcloud.com/potential178/pod-hd500-unwanted-distortion I found this video as well, and I hear the same "digital clipping" distortion on his tone between 0:10 and 1:00: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=tM2tP2w0s3Y#t=10 So, I'm wondering what you think of this tone. Does it sound fine to you? Do you hear the second level of distortion I'm referring to? Do you hear this on your own unit? Thanks in advance for your input!
  19. Hey Guys First my gear : Line6 POD xt Pro, Laney Ironheart Irt 60 I want to connect my Podxt with my Amp. So how do i do that ? The POD should be used as a effect processor in Distortion Channel of the Amp But as a clean sound i want to use my POD settings and only use the amp as an poweramp for the xt. So anyone out there who knows what i have to do ?
  20. I love the tube gain effect and the screamer and the fuzz! Honestly all of the stomp box distortion fx have something to offer but no matter how I adjust through gain/drive, master/channel volume, the gain fx always have a drop in volume when switched on, compared to the clean tone. I've tried setting them to Post instead of pre and that certainly boosts the volume quite a bit but it sounds awful, pre sounds great. I love being able to switch between clean and dirt as if using an actual pedal but that drop in volume... Anybody else run into this? Have any suggestions? It's pretty consistent throughout all the amp models but I generally use the clean red with tube gain effect, gain 100% drive somewhere between 50 and 85%.
  21. Jydith

    Palm Mute Crunch

    Hello, I have a pod HD 500. I play rhythm on a few songs with my band and need a really good, tight crunchy sound for some palm muted sections. Anybody in line 6 world have a favorite patch for this?
  22. Hello all, I am the owner of a POD HD500X and so far quite pleased with its abilities and FX capabilities with the exception of Distortion offerings. I have tried each of the Distortion FX offered and some combinations, but still can’t get that mellow fuzz sound like that of the lead riff in the Rolling Stones “Satisfactionâ€. A nice buzz at a lower volume. I am running my POD directly into my Yamaha AW16 multi track recorder and counting on not having to run the signal through an amp (I do have a Marshall DCL 40W). I would appreciate it if someone out there might be able to help on this. Thanks in advance.
  23. I just spent almost a month troubleshooting my problem with recording from my POD UX2 onto my hard drive. My problem was that the recording sounded nothing like what was coming out of the monitors -- the monitors were nice and crisp and heavy and sounded good enough to be presentable, but the recording kep coming out fuzzy, muted, tinny, and overall just total lollipop in general. So here's how I got around this issue. 1. I got some advice to record only the DRY INPUT from POD Farm. To do this, you have to go to your mixer on the standalone software (open it on its own on your computer) and set it to record dry input only. 2. use your DAW to IMPORT POD Farm so that you can run it INSIDE the DAW itself. What this means is that you'll be recording a plain signal with no amps or effects, then ADDING the effect on top of that plain signal. Don't worry -- you can still MONITOR how it will sound by keeping the standalone software open. If you're like me and you're too stupid to figure this out on your own, you usually have to find something in an effects or preferences menu in your DAW or a menu item called "plug-in manager" or something else with the word "plug-in" in it. That will lead you to a window where you can go to your C drive, find your Program Files folder, and open the line6 folder inside that and import all the effects in there into your DAW. I had to have someone hold my hand through that. There is just too much to understand about this stuff. 3. Don't use lollipop software. I tried using POD Farm running inside of a few programs before I tried Adobe Audition, and that was the first one to actually sound good. In Cakewalk Music Creator LE5 and the Reason software that came packaged with my POD, the POD effects always turned my signal to mud. In Audition, it's nice and clean and it actually sounds good. I can't recommend anything other than Audition for this since I haven't tried anything else. So, there you have it. If you are having a hard time getting your POD UX2 to not sound like your guitar is plugged into a rusty old car muffler, try recording a dry signal into good software and then adding the effects you want after the recording is done.
  24. Hello all. I just picked up a Pod HD500X about a week ago with the intentions of using it mostly for recording. I know that using the HD500X as an interface is a popular setup and many people have success with it. I however am not having much success at the moment. My setup is as follows: Pod HD500X, LTD 307-w EMG active pickups, Two KRK Rokit 5s, Logic Pro X, Macbook Pro 13" with trs-xlr cables from the UNBALANCED OUTPUTS on the Pod HD500X to my KRK monitors. I have recently been told that using balanced cables from unbalanced outputs doesn't yield me any of the benefits of balanced connections. Needless to say, I am still very new to this. My issues I'm having are related to distortion and hollow, tinny sound through my monitors as I try to increase levels to get the strongest levels without clipping. The distortion is also seemingly increased by selecting my INPUT MONITORING option on Logic Pro X. It is as if something between my Pod and my Mac is off. My waveforms at varying volume levels are all very "peaky" and undefined. Clearly there is an output/level issue that I am overlooking but I can't figure it out. Any help with this matter would be fantastic!
  25. For about 6 months I have been noticing a noise when I played my JTV into my HD500 and then directly in my church PA system using the XLR out. It was occuring when I strummed pretty hard (I do that a lot). When I first noticed it we had just installed a new digital mixer. I thought for sure that I was simply overloading my channel input on the board. Nope. Tried reducing input. Didn't go away. Next I blamed the HD500 thinking the VDI input was simply too hot for it. The problem did not occur when using the 1/4" input. I never knew that because I always use the VDI connection on stage so I can store guitar models in patches. I still wanted to use the VDI connection so I started experimenting and found that the problem came down completely to the 3rd string (G). I opened Workbench HD and lowered every string volume down as far as it would go and then one by one listened to a highly amped signal of each string while strumming like I play on Sunday mornings in worship. The noise only occured on the G string. Lowered it's volume by 6db and the noise is gone. In my opinion the lowered G string volume does not seem to bother the sound of the chords and notes I play. Not enough in my environment to make a negative difference. So, for all those of you who have also searched for that noise that resembles a banjo attack when playing JTV models that aren't a banjo, I encourage you to try each string alone. When I finally did that, the problem was TOTALLY obvious. Now, does anyone know if it is possible to change the piezo on just the 3rd string or how do I go about getting it so that 3rd string doesn't quack when strummed hard? I am happy with my current solution but wondering. I noticed the piezos on the Line 6 store don't work on the JTV. GOOD LUCK!
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