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Found 6 results

  1. Knowing Line6 they have already thought of this and have a good reason for why they chose another strategy. Nonetheless I would like to propose a change to the way the Flash and standalone Updater files are stored on the Line6 'Downloads' site. As many experienced users are aware the HX Edit application includes everything you need for a firmware update including the editor, Updater, and driver file. I think it would be a lot cleaner looking and less confusing for new owners of HX devices if the only thing they saw when they searched their device on the 'Downloads' page for new software was the HX Edit application. Maybe even only the latest HX Edit version. The flash, standalone Updater, and driver files, as well as older versions of HX Edit would be stored with the archive flag such that only checking the 'Archived' box during your search would bring them up on the Downloads site. This would help prevent the relatively frequent occurrence where users new to the update process either download the incorrect firmware file or run into issues because they are unaware that they need to be running the version of the editor that matches their firmware. A fair number of new users use the standalone Updater to upgrade their firmware but are still sitting on an old version of the editor and are then at a loss as to why they can't see the new features in the editor or are having issues with their presets or editor operation. Or worse yet, end up updating their firmware with the wrong version of the firmware for their device. I believe putting the standalone flash, Updater, and driver files in the archive section under 'Downloads' would largely eliminate this issue. For the rare user who has such a poor internet connection they need a local copy of the firmware, need to revert to an older editor/firmware version, or have such an incompatible computer that they cannot install HX Edit they can be instructed to use the archive section to download only the Updater and firmware file. These would hopefully be infrequent exceptions. Btw, I believe the same strategy might also apply for instance to the Variax download of Workbench which I believe includes Workbench, Monkey, and the Variax driver and therefor these files don't generally need to be available separately other than in the archive section. Less opportunity for users to get confused means less support required, fewer bricked units returned, and more Line6 resources dedicated to new devices and updates. ;)
  2. Dear Fellow Forum Members, I have just purchased my Helix LT (version 2.12.2), registered the product & now reviewing the downloads/installation of the updates on the site. Being completely new, my questions are: Do I need to install all of the updates, or just the most recent update, & if so, which ones? If I need to update them all (I suspect not), then do they need to be updated in the order they were released i.e. chronologically? Would I be OK to just install the most recent firmware update i.e. version 2.30 (again, I suspect not)? My apologies in advance for what may be obvious to others, but I am currently slightly overwhelmed with some of the instructions, but probably need to delve in deeper. I would appreciate any assistance/advice anyone can provide. Many thanks
  3. Multi-Browser Issues Although I didn't scour the site, I couldn't find the email address to contact support (it's probably - but I shouldn't have to guess). I just bought a Helix LT and I hooked it up to my PC and then I went online to look for the drivers, but I was thwarted every step of the way by Chrome, Edge and Firefox because of various issues: Chrome: Proxy ErrorThe proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server. The proxy server could not handle the request GET /support/. Reason: Error reading from remote server Apache/2.4.29 (FreeBSD) OpenSSL/1.0.2k-freebsd Server at Port 80 Firefox: XML Parsing Error: not well-formed Location: Line Number 1, Column 5:FORM Edge: Even after disabling the Smart Screen Filter (like they point out on the site), trying to download the update for Helix LT ends in a corrupt download. IE 11 Worked! At this point, I tried to find the email address or phone number to contact support without any luck, so as a shot in the dark I figured I would give IE 11 a try, and thank the gods, it worked! (As a web developer, I don't think I've EVER been that happy with IE - for any reason - previously). So, my point is - and I'm looking at you, web developers - get this @$#& fixed, please. I do web development for a living, so I know how much of a PITA it is to support so many different browsers, but there's a huge difference between formatting issues vs. not working altogether. I have a few thoughts on how to fix your Edge issue, but I'm guessing you don't want unsolicited advice. PS You also may want to look into why your WYSIWYG Forum editor gets stuck in Italic mode and even unchecking the Italic button doesn't change the view in the editor. Maybe it won't appear in italics when it gets posted, but it's still italic as I'm typing this. Thanks!
  4. I've had my stuff packed up for a number of years but I finally got around to setting up a jam room again. I got a brand new laptop and installed monkey and liscence manager. I have had and active account all along. When I purchased my X3 Live new I downloaded Gearbox (I think) and POD Farm for free. Are these available for free download anymore? Greg
  5. Just a heads up for everybody. While I appreciate that there are thousands of patches available for download, quite frankly, most of them suck. They rarely sound anything like the original artist. I stumbled upon some fantastic patches (although they are not free). There is a guy on eBay (1sleestak2many) that is selling HD500 patches that he states are handmade. Most of the patches sold on eBay are strictly copies from the Line 6 site, but this guy apparently has done quite a bit of research and built some nice ones. He's selling about 120 patches for $25, but they are some of the most popular artists and there are numerous genres covered. He told me via email that he builds them using a solid state Fender amp set as neutral as possible and often gigs straight from his HD500 into a mixing board. Most of them are spot on in my opinion, and I use many of them for my own original songs. Just thought I'd throw a bone to my fellow guitarists that are seeking good tone.
  6. Where is everyone downloading HD500X Edit from? I have searched everywhere, including through all the forums, looking for a link or for someone to have said something. On the downloads page it shows all of the other products and their edit software EXCEPT hd500x. Did they remove it for some reason? Am I blind to something? Everytime I call customer support they say they're in a meeting and call back in an hour. Someone please show me where you are all seemingly easily getting this program. I even downloaded the regular HD500 Edit just in case every 500X owner was using that, but calling it 500X. Anyway, program doesn't recognize my 500X. Thank you for any help, Thanasi
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