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  1. http://line6.com/customtone/tone/486722/ Good for singer/lead guitar work. An easy way to fade from a lead tone back to a clean tone by using your expression pedal. Exp 1 fades from clean to dirty. Exp 2 controls the drive on the J-45 to give you more bite. Let me know what ya think. For the Dream rig using : JTV Mags HD500 DT50
  2. I bought the DT25 head a few days ago, for the sole purpose of playing in church where I intended to use the Cabinet Simulated Output (Direct Out) straight to the PA. We're going to an In-Ear Monitor system and want to eliminate all speaker amps from the stage. I thought the DT25 would be perfect since it's still a FULL TUBE amp with no speakers that I can control from my POD HD500X. However after connecting via the POD via the L6 link and then the Direct Out to a recording audio interface (Presonus Firepod), I realized the Direct Out is only usable in "Low Volume Mode." Come to find out when using this configuration I'm only using the amp Pre-Amp section and not the power section of the amp. So my question is am I really gaining anything by using the DT25? I was just plugging my POD HD 500X straight into the PA and getting decent sounds. I thought getting the DT25 would step it up a notch, but if I'm not using the Power Section of the amp I don't know if I'm really gaining anything. Anyone that can chime in would be helpful!! Thanks
  3. So I'm wondering if this is normal. I have a JTV 89f, Pod HD500x, into a DT 25 head. My problem happens power everything up. If I have the JTV plugged in using the Variax cable when I power up then try and change tones on the Pod Via footswitch the Pod freezes up and goes to the line 6 reboot screen. Once it reboots the tones switch correctly but I'm not sure if everything sounds quite right but that could be my ears just assuming something's off because of the reboot. Now if I turn everything on without plugging in the JTV first everything works great. It's not that big of a deal other than having to unplug my guitar when I'm done. I'm just hoping that it's not a symptom of another problem. For a long time I thought that something was wrong with the Pod until I got into a kick of playing my Les Paul instead of my JTV for awhile and noticed the issue was gone. Anyway I was just wondering if anyone has had the same issue or if this is just the order it's supposed to power up my rig. I know that your supposed to power things up in a certain order according to some of the other forums but is plugging in your JTV part of that order? Thanks in advance.
  4. I've just completed my Dream Rig with the purchase of a shiny new L3m, no DT. I was playing around to get my patches to sound right when it occurred to me that there are a lot of you guys who have already gone through that pain and nailed their tones. I have looked through Customtone and a lot of the Dream Rig patches are to be used with a DT amp so are only of limited use. It would be great if there was a resource for us 'Stagesource Dream Riggers'- there is no apparent way to search for this type of thing in Customtone so how about sharing in this thread? I will get some of the patches I have tweaked on the thread when I get home from work. I'm currently on a (ahem) break......
  5. ...Forum? Hey good folks and powers that be of Line 6. I love the forum! I have learned so much about my new gear and it's sounding better and better each day! All I want to do is play guitar. And for that I say THANK YOU! I notice that there is a Variax forum, there is a Pod Hd 500 forum and there is a DT25/50 forum. But no Dream Rig forum. Us Dream Riggers have spent good dough on great gear. Some of us have pieced their rig together over time and still others, like me, just dropped the loot and got it all in one shot. Whatever the case may be, we deserve a forum that is specifically DREAM RIG! We deserve a Dream Rig Customtone section that is specifically Dream Rig related. Unless I am missing something, It doesn't exist. Wait... let me open another tab on my browser and double check. I'll be back in a second....................................................................................Nope, no Dream Rig specific forum or Custometone section. It would be nice to have one because owning each piece individually is one thing, but puttin' it all together deserves a Forum! Can a brother get an AMEN on that?
  6. Prior to the last update, the master volume knob on the HD was bypassed when used with the DT or L-Series via the L6 link. The last update brings the Pod master volume into play. Where are people setting that in their dream rig setup?
  7. Hey there everyone, Just acquired a DT25 (actually a pair of them) to complete our dream rig and are attempting to implement the DT25's. The DT's will replace a pair of venerable old (and thoroughly road-tested) Tech 21 PE60's. They will be used for stage volume and our plan is to tap the XLR direct out on the DT25's to go to the FOH console, just like we've been doing via the PE60's. We are hoping for a stage volume output that IS the same as we send to the FOH - in the PE60's, it's "pretty" close, but it's not the same. Our gear and our plan: We have 2 JTV59's (a Korean and a USA), two POD HD's (an HD500 and a HD Pro) and now the two DT25's. Our plan is to facilitate either a single dream rig with stereo-DT25's, or two separate one-amp-DT25 dream rigs - depending on the performance requirements. We're just getting started on the full Dream Rig setup (although we've been using the JTV's and the POD HD's for a while with the PE60's) - so, apologies in advance for what will probably seem like easy questions for you experienced Dream Rig guys. Situation: In following the manual for connecting the HD500 to the DT25 via L6 Link, we noticed that the suggested amp model is the PRE version, rather than the full version. Question1: What is the difference in the PRE amp model and the full amp - we have never used the PRE models for anything.... But we've never had the DT25's until now. Question 2: We will need to tap the direct-out of the DT25 and route it to the FOH console - same as we've doing on the PE60's. If we use a PRE model as the manual suggests, will the signal tapped from the back of the amp (XLR direct out) be fully-baked with the amp model, effects, etc. - or is it something more akin to a dry signal? We do need the fully-baked signal. Question 3: We didn't have access to AES/EBU cables last night when we connected the DT25's to the HD500 and used Prolink Mic cables instead. Amp A seemed to be getting all the right settings, but Amp B wasn't responding to topology changes sent via the HD500. We reversed the amp order and also tried different cables to make sure it wasn't a bad cable, or something wrong with the amp - but the result was the same. Question: Is this the type of glitch that causes Line 6 to recommend AEX/EBU cables rather than standard (albeit high quality) mic cables? Thanks in advance for helping us out here. Bradley
  8. Does the AMPLIFi replace the DT series as the "amp of choice" for the Dream Rig?
  9. Please tell me if there's wireless Variax cable transceiver to connect my JTV-59 and HD500X. If that's not happening, how far can I go with a ethercon Cat5E or 6 ? Thx, Mik
  10. Hi I'm pretty new here. After doing tons of research and viewing nearly every video out there on the subject, I took the plunge and got the dream rig. Initially I started with the DT25 head and 1x12 cab, HD500x, and a red JTV69. I was able to get some great initial tones with it but obviously it was going to take some learning to really get the most out of the rig. However, it became clear that my pre-purchase research was a bit incomplete because I wasn't prepared for the acoustic tones I was getting via the DT25. Some quick reading and, duh, found the problem about trying to emulate acoustic sounds through an amp designed to give electric guitar tones. So I ended up getting the L2T the next day...Best decision I could've made....awesome tones that are amazingly realistic. So I'm planning on programming the HD500x into a few set lists depending on whether I'm using the whole rig live, going only into the L2T for acoustic and electric patches, or going direct to a PA with no on stage amplification. Question about the JTV action. According to Sweetwater, they did some kind of multi point inspection regarding things like action (or so I thought). Anyway, it might just be a personal preference, but the action out of the box seemed a bit high. Then again, I'm used to playing with low action on 9s. So the 10s definitely gave me a bit of a workout the first few times. I started to set it up more to my liking and so far so good. Has anyone tried 9s on the JTV? I'm thinking of trying it out just to see but figured I'd ask if anyone has done it before.
  11. I've been looking around at the line 6 pod HD500x and the DT25. I really like the idea of going totally wireless so I was wondering if you could use a Relay G series unit in the place of a Line 6 link cable. Is this even possible? [this is my first post, so go easy on me] :) Ben
  12. Just wondering here as I see different ideas of what it exactly is...I THOUGHT it was the JTV Variax, the POD HD500(x) and a DT Series amplifier. Has that actually changed now that the Stage Source series is out? I realize that in many ways, the idea of a "Dream Rig" is a personal vision. My original idea of a Dream Rig wasn't even digital lol...
  13. Variax...check HD500...check DT-25...Noooooooo! Once it takes hold, it never lets us go....
  14. Love my gear! Wish there was a dedicated Dream Rig forum. But I don't think this is a dream rig specific observation and question. Every time I go to crank up my rig (Dt50 2x12, HD500, JTV 69), I hold my breath. Sometimes it works straight away. I plug in, strum a chord and Booya!!! I'm rockin the house! Other times, no joy! no sound until I turn everything off and restart it all. Sometimes the topologies start switching randomly on the DT until I turn turn everything off and restart. Sometimes the Pod turns off and restarts on its own. Loud pops every now and then, and other silly, tweaky random stuff The vast majority of time, I've got no problems, but always in the back of my mind, i am waiting nervously for the day that the reboot doesn't work at all. Worst is, what happens if it happens at a gig! That would get me to cussin' loud and mean! Does anyone else experience this type tweaky stuff with the DT+HD combo? Why do it do what it do? Something to be said for plugging one guitar via one cable into one amp! Never had a problem doing that! Worked every time!!! Thoughts? Contributions?
  15. HI All Firstly.. sorry if this issue has been covered elsewhere, I didn't find it anyway. So, I have one version of the Dream Rig - a JTV69, POD HD500, and DT50. For practise, I just use the headphone out on the POD, with my JTV69 hooked up via L6Link. No batteries required....simple bedroom setup. Love the principle, and having fun with the gear. One problemo....every time I changed a preset on the POD, it turns the Model mode on the JTV back on. I read there is a simple way to change this behaviour somewhere? I would like the Model mode off by default, so that I get the mag pickups as the "standard" selection. I know I can set up individual patches with it either on or off, but is there a system wide behaviour I can change until I begin making those patches? All firmware/software has been updated to latest versions as of today.
  16. We're looking at adding a couple DT-25's to our stage rig and are curious if it's possible to get good acoustic voicing through the DT-25's? Or, is the DT-25 pretty much just an electric guitar amp? We use JTV-59's and do acoustic and electric guitar voicing in the same set (currently run direct to FOH). Thanks in advance. GT
  17. Hello all! We just posted a new video for the JTV89F and POD HD500X on the GearTunes site and you're invited to come on by - it's up on both of the following pages via the red "Video" tab. The HD500X page also includes a "Presets" tab where you can download a zip of the sounds used in the video... http://geartunes.com/gear/guitars/jtv89f/ http://geartunes.com/gear/multi-effects/pod-hd500x/ Cheers ~ Doug;)
  18. Over on the Ideas page I posted this; A possible solution to expand existing units and provide us with all the functionality we are requesting. Please contribute any ideas you have for such a device. Think as big as you like! http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/POD-HD-ULTIMATE-Module/502816-23508
  19. Hi, I own a dream rig JTV89, HD500, DT25 Head. I have some Problems to dial in nice sounds (AC/DC, Deep Purple, Dire Straits ....) I there a collection of good patches for the dream rig? At custom tones there is no Differentiation between HD500 and Dream Rig. Thanks alot Thomas
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