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Found 116 results

  1. withrowsp

    Line 6 Link

    Just curious if anyone knows what the longest XLR cable you can use for a Line 6 Link connection without risking signal degredation or other problems?
  2. Hi to all , I just purchased a DT25 head and I am trying to connect it to Monkey to see what firmware I have. I first tried using a cheap Chinese ebay cable and I was getting no lights on the midi side. I went out today and bought a hosa midi to usb converter and I am having the same issue. No lights on the Midi side, just on the usb side. I connected Midi in of converter to Midi out on the amp and vice versa for the Out. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.
  3. Sorry if this has been asked before but I wouldn't know how to start searching for the answer. I have just purchased a "dream rig" consisting of a DT25, HD500x & a JTV69. I have watched several line6 videos about creating patches but they all sound different out of my amp because I'm not sure what settings to have the amp on. I don't have the line6 cable for connecting the HD500x to the DT25 so how do I know which amp model to have selected on the amp. Obviously, having the wrong amp and settings selected defeats the object of the patch. If you have the line 6 connector, do you have to tell the editor all the amp settings so it selects them every time or does it switch the DT25 settings out and use the amp models settings. This probably sounds like mumbo jumbo but I am very confused! Do you have to buy a expensive line6 cable or will any microphone lead do? thanks in advance for any advice
  4. Last night, I was tinkering around with my old TonePort UX2 and started remembering some of the amp models that I really liked about the X3 line. One in particular I always liked was the Matchless DC-30 model. I would love to have that one for my HD500+DT25. It sounds really good running through the Greenback cabinet model with an SM-57 mic. It has really nice breakup and cleans up nice when rolling off of the guitar volume. Since I can't afford a real Matchless amp, I would love to have that pre-amp model in my HD500 to run through my DT25. That would be sweet!
  5. I currently own JTV-69, HD500 and DT25. I'm thinking about getting L3T because I also play keyboard so I can use it not only with HD500 but also with my keys and/or mic. My question is following: Has anyone here tried to run DT25 and L3T (or any other Line6 speaker) in stereo? If so, how did you like the sound? What L3T speaker mode did you use and did you use full or pre amp versions in HD500 for L3T? I'm asking because it would be nice to be able to have stereo possibility with DT25 and L3T if I need it but I would like to know how it sounds before I buy L3T...
  6. I have a weird situation. I'll be playing my JTV-69 through L6Link to HD500X through L6Link to DT25 112 and after an random amount of time the HD500X will switch to the amp parameter edit screen and the amp will go silent. All pieces are still operating, and if you change the HD500X to another bank the sound comes back. Thoughts?
  7. HI all, I've been happily using my HD500 into a Scarlett and then to a set of Mackie MR8s. One of my monitors packed it in (power supply) with the prospect of repair being unlikely (the importer here in Australia is starting to say the they cannot source a replacement). I'm likely to be left with one functioning monitor (and it's only 4 years old too!). What do you all think about either replacing the mackies with another full-range monitor pair (probably krk VXT8 or VXt4+subwoofer) or getting a DT25 and more modest monitors (e.g VXT4s) for playback? I only use this in a home-studio enviornment, mostly at moderate volumes (e.g 70-80db @ 1 meter from monitors) for practice/hacking around. Would a DT25 be too loud? regards, Hans
  8. Hello all, I just created a new acoustic patch for my DT25/HD500 setup. I borrowed from the "Wide Acoustic" patch included in the HD500. Made some changes and think it sounds pretty good. Check it out and let me know what you think. http://line6.com/customtone/tone/271639/
  9. New to the Dream Rig setup, but so far love it. Found a cool way to get a direct out of the Pod HD and have a mic'd DT amp sent to the FOH via one line without any extra summing pre's, mixers, etc. Check it out. Routing Acoustic Output with Variax, POD HD500, and DT Amps There's also another option, if you're wanting to bypass the DT for acoustic presets and only run 1 line to your FOH while still using your mic'd DT.. 1.) Assign input 1 source to Variax, and assign audio output 1(left) to your DT50. 2.) Make sure your mixer is hard panned left and right in all patches you intend to use. 3.) Assign input 2 to your mic input. 4.) For electric patches, only use the top signal path for guitar effects, amps, etc. 5.) Run your mic line from your mic'd amp to the HD500 mic input, and adjust the input gain accordingly 6.) Run an XLR from the right output of your POD HD to your stage snake or mixer. 7.) If necessary, you can add EQ, Compression and other effects to the lower signal path to alter the mic'd amp's signal. 8.) For acoustic patches, route the variax to input 2, and only use the lower signal path. This does add a hint more latency for electric patches since you're processing the signal twice, but it's fairly neglegable and allows you more versatility to altering and saving your sound.
  10. Hi- Enjoying a shiny new DT25 after several years of a Pod X3 and Headphones. DT is amazing so far (like bringing home 4 new amps at once), but missing all the effects options I've gotten used to. So, I'm wondering what the best way to hook in the Pod X3 would be- tried searching the forum, but it seems like everyone has just upgraded to Pod HD. Is there any hope for this old X3, or do I just need to bite the bullet and get an HD500X? Any recommendations welcome. Regards, Herr Schlubbenheimer
  11. STPLE

    12at7 For Dt25

    Anyone ever try a 12AT7 in the phase inverter spot in the DT25?? Results?? Good or bad??
  12. I've been looking around at the line 6 pod HD500x and the DT25. I really like the idea of going totally wireless so I was wondering if you could use a Relay G series unit in the place of a Line 6 link cable. Is this even possible? [this is my first post, so go easy on me] :) Ben
  13. Hey guys. I'm having a bit of a volume issue that I'm looking to sort out. As we know, the Vox AC30 preamp on the POD is drastically more quiet that the full version. However, topology 3 on the DT (with no HD500 connected) can go very loud - as loud as all other topologies on the amp. My question is how/whether I can use the amp to model the AC30 preamp and simply use the HD500 for effects. It's just that the AC30 preamp on the POD is so damn quiet. By this logic, the Vox will be a lot louder, with my HD500 still connected and in use. Is it doable, or are we herding cats here? Thanks! Nick.
  14. Hello, Could you tell me how to connect an additional distorsion pedal (Satchurator) with the pod HD500 and the DT25? Right after the guitar and then in front of the Pod using the link 6 to connect the pod to the DT25? Or should i use the 4 cables method ? Ty ;)
  15. Hi all, have two quick questions about the HD500X: 1. What do you find gives best results as far as System I/O goes? (I.e combo front etc) 2. The other night I was playing through some patches I had made and was adjusting channel volume and for some reason it keeps resetting the channel volume back to 100 even when I save at lower volume, any tips or tricks?
  16. Hi everyone, I went to jam with some friends today, and I really wanted to show off my cool DT25 to a friend of mine. However, things turned into a nightmare. While my tones out of the DT25 sounded accurate, there was hardly any volume. Usually when I jam in the basement with friends, I keep the volume at about 3. Today I had it at 8 and the other guys said they couldn't hear me (and I couldn't hear myself well either). I had never turned this thing up to 8 in my life, as I thought it would melt my ears. My first thought was that it had somehow got into Low Volume Mode, but that was not the case. So something is very wrong here. I use a Pod HD500 with it, but it's not the Pod, as I tried just plugging a guitar straight into the DT25 and the low volume issue was still there. Does anyone know what this could be? I don't move it much, and I've only owned it since March, thought I bought it second hand. Still, it's played like a dream up until now. I'm thinking I maybe have to do a ticket or something. Thanks for any advice!
  17. I've had my DT25 since March, and while I've been loving it, I never turned the master volume beyond 3, as it always seemed plenty loud. I had noticed reading this forum that many of you keep the master a 1 or 2 o'clock, and with the family out today and the house to myself, I decided to give it a try. Wow! What a difference! I ended up turning down a lot of the patch volumes on my POD hd500. There was just something magical about the master volume being up that high. The Plexi 100 for the first time sounded amazing to me. I noticed I dialed back the drive or distortion effects more at higher volume, as they amp was doing plenty of driving on its own. My only concern was that my clean sounds lost their clean-ness with the master volume up. For some songs, I like a really pristine, glassy clean sound. But when the master volume is beyond 12 o'clock, this nice overdrive kicks in -- nice if that's what I wanted. I tried playing around with different combinations of Twin, Bassman, etc. The closest I could come to maintaining a clean quality at high volume was an AC15, though it lacked the Fender character I was looking for. Has anyone been able to dial in a nice clean sound while keeping the master volume cranked? Thanks!
  18. Hi all, Have been using the old guitar port for quite some time, but recently I purchased a DT25 112 combo with the Pod HD500X. So far so good and I really like the amp. Now I want to start doing some home recording. So I got myself a Focusrite 2i2 USB audio interface and connected the simulated cabinet direct out from the DT25 into one of the preamp's of the Focusrite (XLR/XLR). The problem is that in the recording software on my PC the audio level from the amp (going throught the Focusrite to the PC via USB) is way too low. It is so low that I have to crank the gain on the Focusrite almost all the way up which causes white noise in the end, so not really preferable. To counter this, I just turn up the master volume on the DT25, but this gets way too loud. I can put it in stand by and crank the amp which still outputs signal through the direct out - even on stand by but only in low volume mode. But it's still not loud enough and the amp starts to distort at volumes of 8+. My last attempt was to not use "low volume mode", but in that case there is no output at all through the direct out of the amp. So how to go about this? It seems to me there is some fundamental problem here that I am not seeing. I would figure that this type of setup (XLR/XLR connection using the directout of the amp to preamp-in on the audio interface) would be the normal way to go?
  19. The general question I have is what option is going to provide the biggest, most full, dynamic, amp in the room feel and sound at lower bedroom volumes (FRFR, keyboard amp, PE60, DT25, etc.) when paired with a HD500 while not requiring you to need a separate patch when using headphones? Based on the information I have read from other posts, my preference in order of priority would be (1) Roland KC 350 keyboard amp, (2) Alto TS112, (3) DT25 (4) Tech 21 Power Engine 60, but I am looking for additional input from those with firsthand experience at lower volumes. There is more to it below, but this is it in a nutshell for those who don’t want to read all of the specifics below but might still have a quick opinion. I am finally upgrading from my old POD XT Live to a POD HD500, which is on its way as I write this, after getting back into playing after taking a couple of years off. I am looking for suggestions on the best speaker setup to get the desired sound that I describe below. I know each of these items has been discussed previously, but I have done a lot of reading and am not convinced that I have found the right answer for my particular situation. I am only an avid guitar hobbyist, and I am not concerned about playing live or doing any serious home recording. Additionally, I am a couple of months away from having my first kiddo, so my playing will pretty much be restricted to moderate bedroom volumes at best and headphones. I have seen a lot of comments that FRFR PA type speakers are the best way to go for getting a nice uncolored and dynamic sound out of digital modelers, but it seems like all of these responses were in the context of people who were playing live. Are these still the best way to go for jamming out at home at bedroom volumes (kind of loud at times, but nothing that is going to damage your hearing after a couple of hours), and for lower volume situations when I don’t want to disturb others on the next floor in my townhouse? To complicate things some more, I am obsessed with trying to get the biggest, fullest, and most dynamic sound with a good bottom end that I can in these conditions (I am into hard rock, grunge, and alternative which can involve some heavy rifs and downtuning; some examples are Chevelle, Bush, Foo Fighters, Tool, STP, AIC, Soundgarden, Rage, Incubus, etc.), and a full dynamic sound just seems requisite for me to feel inspired when playing this kind of stuff. Also, a fair majority of my playing usually involves using backing tracks from my laptop (mp3 w/ guitar tab via Go PlayAlong, just mp3, and recently Rocksmith w/ the in game guitar tone off and using the modeler instead – I am using a y splitter from my guitar for this), so something that is full range to also run the backing tracks through is huge plus. I can work around this though if the full range options were compromising to the big full sound at lower volumes that I am after (for music, I have an old Denon receiver and some bookshelf speakers as well as a Kicker iKick iK501 boombox kind of thing). With all of this said, I noticed that most of the recommended FRFR options cost more than I am thinking of spending on sound (thinking ~US$500 is my max budget here; got the HD500 for $260 off of ebay), but the Alto TS112 seems like a viable option that I could even afford two of for a stereo sound. Again, these big high wattage speakers seems like overkill for someone looking for only bedroom volumes though, but please tell me if they would still be the best option even at these lower volumes. Another possible full range option that I have noticed is a keyboard amp like a Roland KC 350. I have read that these are not as uncolored as FRFR options which can be problematic with patches sounding different when running direct out to a PA. I won’t have the PA issue, but I am curious if I might have a similar issue with going back and forth between headphones and the keyboard amp. A big consideration here is this might be a dual purpose solution as the Roland has a headphone out which seems like it could serve as a good workaround for the high headphone impedance issue with the POD HDs, so I would not have to buy another set of headphones when I already have a great set of Beyerdynamic DT 770 (80 ohm) and Sure SE530 which I am absolutely content with. I would think that the sound coming out of the Roland headphone out would be close enough to the speakers themselves that there would not be any issues with patches sounding different, but I am curious if anyone has experience with this. Also, could you run two of these in stereo from both the HD500 and for the backing tracks? The non-full range options that I have read about are the Tech 21 Power Engine 60 and of course the DT25. I read that the DT25 is overkill for just bedroom use, and it is more than I am “wanting†to spend (again ~$500). However, if it is going to get me the biggest and most dynamic sound at lower volumes then I might just have think hard about ponying up for it. The PE60 seems like it would be a great option for the sound I am looking for, but I think it would be a problem with using headphones a lot of the time as I understand you do not want to use it with cab and mic simulations on which means duplicate patches for each scenario. I assume this issue would apply to using any guitar amp / cab except for the DT25. Also, these kind of options would obviously not be ideal for running backing tracks through them, and I would prefer to not have to find space for a second sound source or figure out how to deal with imaging issues. Final thoughts; I never liked my existing receiver and bookshelf speakers with my POD XT Live as they were too fatiguing with the way I am forced to set them up (on top of a dresser right next to where I have room for my HD500, so ear level 2-3 feet away right into my face). I would expect powered monitors to sound good and not be as fatiguing with this setup, but I am 90% sure they would not give me the big and full sound I am after as they are designed to be flat without the bottom end that I like in my music. I would really appreciate whatever thoughts and recommendations you guys might have. Thanks for reading…
  20. Hey guys, this is my first post in the forum. Right now I'm using a Gibson Les Paul with my HD500, using headphones. The sound is OK, but I'm looking to buy an amplifier. I'm considering buying a DT25 combo, but before I do, I have a couple questions. 1. Firstly, I have ran out of DSP a lot on my HD500, mainly because I use dual amp configurations. What I am wondering is if I can still use two amp paths with two different (pre) amps modelled on my HD500, and have the DT25 combo output both amps (both paths) in only one speaker (I will be using the combo amp). Another thing that I'd like to know in relation to this is whether or not using the HD500 in conjuncton with the DT25 will free up DSP. I heard that (since the 2.0 update), the DT25 models the pre amp instead of the HD500. Is this true? Will it model both of my pre amps, allowing DSP usage to drop on the HD500? 2. Secondly, I am wondering which cable to purhase to use with L6 link. I understand that Line 6 reccomend an AES/EBU type cable over everything else. However I also see that they recommend a Classic Series Microphone Cable by Planet Waves, which as far as I'm aware doesn't appear to be an AES/EBU type cable. I live in New Zealand, so I cannot purchase brands such as Mogami, in fact the only AES/EBU cable that is stocked in my local store is a HOSA AES/EBU cable. Would you reccoment this as a good cable? http://www.rockshop.co.nz/shop/recording/hosa-ebu003-aes-ebu-cable-3ft.html Also, I assume that 3ft is too short.... Thanks so much in advance, and any other tips in realtion to the DT25, such as upkeep and tone tricks will be greatly appreciated! I will be entirely new to valve amps. Nick.
  21. I am attempting to update my dt25 to version 2.0. I have it plugged into a mac mini running mavericks via a mil usb-midi interface. Everything seems to be installed correctly, but when I launch Monkey to update the software, the only device that appears in my drop down menu is "PODxt". Even when I click the "Connect to MIDI Device", "PODxt" is the only thing that appears. It would be great to get my amp updated. If anyone could help, it would be appreciated.
  22. Hi. I have a new HD500x and a new DT25. There are linked via L6 link. I have tailored a number of tones. Mostly these tones are fine. However, every now and then, perhaps when I select to tune the guitar or when shifting quickly through presets using the footswitches, an extreme reverb effect kicks in drowning out the tone. The tone is lost remotely in this massive reverb sound. Switching presets does not assist. The excessive reverb is on all presets. It can then sometimes go away after switching both units off and then on again on a number of occasions. At the moment I have just switched both units off and on about 5 times but no luck. I have also updated the firmware from 1.1 to 1.2, but the problem persists. As I write the unit is unusable. The sound is horrid and there is very little reverb set in any of my tones. Plugging straight into the amp with the guitar the tones are fine. This is only happening with the HD500X plugged in via L6. I have lodged a support ticket but appreciate any help in the meantime. I also seem to be getting the attached error when reading from the HD500x - although it has been intermittent while the reverb fault has been active - soem times the edit software could read the POD, other times not. Regards, Allan edit...... Just turned both units off for a couple of minutes, and back on one more time before abandoning it as a lost cause. HD Edit was able to read from the HD500X this time. and the tones have returned to normal. All good, but this is seriously starting to tick me off. I spend more time fiddling with the POD to get it to operate properly than I do playing.
  23. Hi - Is the Firmware update v2.0 necessary if using an HD500 with the DT25 amp? I don't want the expense of MIDI cables and the extra work involved if I get everything through the HD 500 anyway. Cheers.
  24. Reference material: L6 Link Connectivity Guide for POD HD & DT Amplifiers v2.10 POD HD500X Advanced Guide
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