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Found 88 results

  1. Had the DT50 head for a while and have been running it through my single 12" Blackstar cabinet (open), sounds good probably doesn't do the tone justice when "live". Not sure I what to humfph around a 4x12" cab the head is heavy and big enough! so I've been looking at 2x12" the orange PPC212 open back or the closed back version Anyone had any experience with this or any other 2x12" closed or open backs?
  2. I've hooked up my HD500 to the DT50 head (line6 link) and have a few patches switching various pre amps in and out. My question is what happens when you disconnect the HD500? The reason for this question is does the HD head remember the last pre amp selected on the channel via the HD500 or does it revert back to the base settings in the head? When I go guitar direct to the jack with no HD500 the DT50 is the base condition "out of the box" other changes on the front dials. I'm just a little confused on how this routing works. When you switch channels A to B and back the head will remember the configuring set from the previous time the channel was used how does the HD500 effect/interact with this. Thanks
  3. So I purchased a Line6-DT50112 and POD HD500 combo back in January. When used together i got great live sound. Lately however, my Dt50 sound like utter garbage Im getting an excessive echo/reverb that makes all my patches sound terribly wet on stage. Ive checked my output/input settings on the Pod, currently setting Outputs to Combo Power Amp (also tried combo amp front) and Inputs to input 1-Guitar, Input 1-Variax (Also tried Input 1-same). Long story short, Ive read all the manuals and I know how to make the proper connections. I also tried the obvious, making sure all my patche's individual reverb/digital delay settings were in check and making sure the reverb knob on the DT50 was turned all the way down. Even when i completely shut off all reverb and delay in the FX chain, the echo is still there. My tubes are not very old, and they have given me no sign of damage up until this. Im usually VERY Careful with my amp. (its never been thrown around or banged up, and im always letting them heat up/cool down properly) Has anyone experienced the same problem? Please give me any suggestions you can. This is very stressful as this started happening last night at a gig.
  4. So Friday night I played a gig like most other Friday and Saturday nights for the last few months and my DT50/500 rig was singing like a bird. Went to plug it in Saturday and the volume was almost non-existent and I could only hear anything when I turned it all the way up and then it was scratchy. Had to play direct for the entire gig even though I tried it during the breaks and nothing had changed. Just plugged it in tonight (Monday) and still the same thing. I read on here to try through the effects return and get the same result. I usually run the L6 link so I tried just plugging into the front and still have the same result. There is a low hum/buzz as soon as I turn the standby switch to on. I looked and all the tubes seem to be lighting up. I'm really hoping it's not serious I think I'm still under warranty but don't want to be without my beloved head! Tried 25 and 50 watt modes and all topos I can hear the gain change but the volume is still like 10 db at full volume. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!
  5. I recently bought a DT50 112, love the sound and feel but the noise / hum when even nothing is plugged in is very annoying. It is about as loud as a window air conditioner working hard. Since I live in a place where the shops do not do exchange or refund, I have to live with it or sell it, which I don't want to as I like the sound. Is there any way to deal with this noise? I am plugging it in the wall with no other electric appliances nearby.
  6. Hi guys I've been using line 6 products for a while now and I just got myself a new DT50 head. I absolutely LOVE the tones I get out of it, but I'm having a difficult time updating it.. Is it possible to update my DT50 through my HD400 ? I connected it through a standard XLR cable and then connected the HD400 to my pc through USB, run Line6 monkey but had no luck.. Monkey wouldn't see the DT amp. So..questions: 1. Is it possible to update the amp using the HD400 (no midi connection) ? 2. If not, is there any other way to update the amp without having to buy an extra usb/midi interface? (I'm only gonna use it once so I think it's kinda wasted money..) 3. If I dont update my amps firmware and just use the HD400 pre's to make my patches, is there any difference? From what I understand from the manuals, the update just adds the preamp models inside the amp so you can get the tones without the use of an HD device, right? 4. (and a bit off topic) - The negative feedback loops are set for each topology, ie. topology I will always have high amount of negative feedback, topology II medium etc regardless of the preamp I choose? Thanks in advance and please forgive me if I ask something silly (noobie :) :) )
  7. So i have been trying to decide on the dt25 combo or head with a cab. I think i have decided to go with the combo. Should i just get the 1x12 ext. cab or is there something else people are using that are really happy with? I read something about a 2x12 marshall cab but not sure i want to pay that much for the cab. I was thinking the combo with the 1x12 ext cab, but unsure.
  8. Ok so basically i think i have decided to not pick up a DT50 even though i have found a few used ones for really good prices. The weight of the thing is basically whats making me shy away. I am not a pro and i will probably not make much money if any playing around. So with that being said i am thinking that the DT25 combo and a ext cab should be enough for practice, playing at home, and small venues. Thoughts? Also i should not even consider an Amplifi right?
  9. I recently bought this amp, and have it paired only with the POD HD500X. Suddenly, Channel B has lost its 'oomph'. Identical knob/topology settings b/w Ch.A & B yields a pronounced difference in volume and low end, with B sounding 'tinny'. This is universal, guitar direct or Line6 Link. Tube problem? Other?
  10. I'm trying to dial in some tones but I'm seeing a really strange behavior. Hopefully someone might have some insight as to whats happening. I have a POD HD500X, DT50 212, hooked up via Line6 link. I'm using the POD HD500X Edit software to create some tones that I will be switching between in the same song. The first patch is slightly distorted crunch, the second very clean. For all patches I'm using pre-amp only models. When switching between patches using the edit software they sound exactly how I wanted, However, if I switch using the buttons on the HD500X itself the the second patch does not sound right, distorted and crunchy when it is supposed to be clean. The first patch is using the Brit J-45 Nrm Pre model with the 4x12 Greenback 25 cab and a 421 Dynamic mic. The DT is set to Class A/B, Topology II and Pent mode. The second patch is using the Blackface Dbl Nrm Pre model with the 2x12 Blackface Dbl cab and a 57 on Axis mike. The DT is set to Class A/B, Topology II and Pent mode. Typically the Blackface model would use topology 1 but I wanted quicker switching in the song. Any thoughts on whats happening or how I can get the POD itself to switch the same way I am when using the edit software? Thanks!
  11. Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and I just got a DT50 212 Combo to join my POD HD500X and I need some advice. I want to Loop with distortion for in a live concert. I mean, Record a Rhythm with Distortion, Loop it, and Solo over with Distortion. Just like Paul Gilbert does in this video (at 1:47): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oc0yCiCvy6Y He uses an AB pedal to switch between 2 amps, one for Rhythm and another amp for Solo. Can I do this with one HD500X and just one DT50 212 Combo? Or do I need to buy another DT50 212 Combo? Or maybe one DT50 Head and use the speakers of the DT50 212 Combo? Is it possible at all? If not what's your advice for playing live with loops? Backing tracks? Thanks in advance. Pedro
  12. hi there, I recently bought a used DT-50 112 combo, and to make it easier to switch between channels picked up a Boss FS-5L foot switch. Tried it out when i got it a few weeks ago, worked fine. Hadn't put the amp on for about two weeks, then tried it tonight and had issues. firstly when I put the TS cable into the foot switch input it would automatically switch from A to B, even when the foot switch itself was not connected. [never B to A though] I even had issues switching it back to A with the front selector switch. - I tried about six different TS cables, none of them worked with the foot switch. - Changed batteries in the Boss, [even though brand new], light would work to indicate it is working, but still no action on the amp. I then turned it off and back on again, holding down the channel select switch on the amp for six seconds. [read about it here somewhere, thought it couldn't hurt]. After this the foot switch input and the Boss would not change the channel, although the switch would. Could the jack input be damaged in some way? and is it an easy fix? other than that the amp is fine, but its an annoyance to not be able to switch channels easily with the new foot switch. Has this happened to anyone else, and what was your solution? Also, if needed, does anyone know the best place in Melbourne, Australia, to fix this type of issue? cheers, Sean
  13. Hi everyone, when I turn on my DT 50 head all lights are going on as usual, then the relays are clicking to load the current amp setup. Afterwards, normally the amp is ready to play, only those lights are on for the switches etc. that are currently set. In my case the head is just repeating that boot sequence over and over again. Meaning, all lights are going on again, click-click-click, short break, then the same again a.s.o. Does anyone know that problem or has an idea what could be the reason for that? Thanks in advance, Bernd
  14. Hi! I've had my dt50 for a couple of months and so far I love all of its sounds and the "trueness" of each voicing. I bought this amp along with the HD500x in order to replace my whole live rig but up to now It seems I just threw my money to the wind. There is absolutely no amp sound when connected via the l6 link that is remotely usable or even acceptable. As of now I've tried using the "PRE" models, messing around with the setup in general and compared it to the dt50 by itself and the hd500x by itself. I have to add that both standalone products are working fine. I've done everything the L6 link guide recommends to no avail. Reading through the forums I've read that supposedly you can get similar tones with the treadplate amp model as the 4th voicing in the dt50 but thats is absolutely laughable, at least in my case. My cables are a high end planet waves guitar cable and a pretty expensive xlr cable for the l6 link. My pod hd500x has the latest firmware but I have not been able to update the amp's firmware. The hd500x Displays the connection properly and changing apps does affect the controls of the dt50 but in no case is the sound produced acceptable. Am I missing something? I will update the amp as soon as I can (though I find it hard to believe it would change anything) but I would like to know if there is something fundamental that I am missing. thanks in advance!
  15. I have a serious problem setting up my signal chain. I'm using a HD500 connected to a DT50 Head via Line6 Link. The signal chain is Guitar in - Noisgate - Wah -Amp Pre Model (-Delay -Reverb) -DT50 For some strange reason the effects post the amp simulation won't work. They show up correctly in the HD500 edit software are turned on etc. but have no effect. Putting them before the amp works.... but sounds terrible. Seems to me like I miss some little detail that i just can't see.... HELP !
  16. Over the past couple of weeks, I have been having some problems with a couple of patches. I would select a patch and it would be at a very low volume (all my patches were previously leveled). All other patches except are at the correct volume. I have flashed the firmware and re-installed the set to no avail. I did notice something weird. If I double click one of the 2 patches in HD Edit, the volume increases to normal level. If I change away from the patch using the foot switches and come back to the same patch, it is low again. Anyone have any insights to the problem?
  17. Recently I have been having issues with volume when connecting my HD500 to my DT50 via l6 link. I lost all my patches getting my HD500 serviced, and now when I go to import my setlist back into it from HD500 Edit...The volume is EXTREMELY low after i impoort the tones. I have the Halfstack DT50, and have to roll the volume up all the way up(volume knob pushed in, not pulled out) to barely get a practice volume. there is also a little bit of a hiss like the volume should be super loud, but something is preventing it. Before i imported the patches, i did update the firmware, but from what i can tell, all my output settings are how they should be, and I also tried a different cable for the l6 link. I also know it is not a tube issue, because when you plug a guitar directly into the dt50 without the hd500 hooked up, it sounds fine. Anybody else ever experience this? thoughts? Solutions?lol
  18. Just got DT50 212 and it´s sounds great when I plug my guitar direct to it. I already have a POD HD500 so to get more about this "Dream Rig" I used L6 LINK to connect them together. The problem is how I can control the master volume, when both Master Volume is active? The manual says that the POD HD Master Volume has no effect to the signal feed to the DT Amp, but in my case both Master Volume is active. It´s very difficult to control the volume and when I try, they behave very strange - compare to if I plug directly to the amp. Someone who know this problem and have a solution? Thanks! / M
  19. Howdy, I have tried searching through the forum for this answer but cannot find it. I have found some people asking the same or similar question but they normally get flamed and don't get the answer they were looking for. Hopefully I can explain it in a way that will get an answer that makes sense. I want to replicate the tones I can get when plugging directly into the high input of the DT50 112 into my quad box as I really liek the tone. I have set a clean rhythm channel and a lead channel with the following settings: Clean - Channel A Drive = 1 Bass = 10 Mid = 4 Treble = 8 Precense = 4 Reverb = 4 Volume = 10 Topology = I Class = A Mode = Pentode Lead - Channel B Drive = 6 Bass = 10 Mid = 3 Treble = 8 Precense = 4 Reverb = 4 Volume = 4 Topology = IV Class = A Mode = Pentode I can obviously switch between these 2 tones and I would be fine. Problem is, I need 3 or 4 different tones at least, ranging from clean through to lead. This is where I should be able to use the HD500 to program the preamp as desired whilst using the valve poweramp of the DT50. The issue is that there is no preamp in the preamp models that matches the the preamp used when you plug directly into the DT50. Before someone tells me that I can take an existing preamp and adjust it so it sound like the DT50 because it uses the same preamp modeling, I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO DO THIS. I know nothing about sag, hum and bias. I know nothing about them becasue I am not a valve amp technician. I am a guitarist. First I tried replicating the clean sound with the HD500. I chose Blackface pre but it sounds very different to my ears. I matched the topology, class, mode as well as the tone and drive settings as per the settings when I plug directly into the DT50 and I turned off cab simulation. The sound is much thinner. I did the same for the lead tone but I used the treadplate pre. Again it sounded thinner and scratchy rather than smooth with the thump in the bottom end. What am I doing wrong? Has anyone managed to replicate the tone of the DT50 using the HD500? I relaly think it would be a good idea to include a DT50 preamp tone in the list of preamps. Thanks in advance for any help.
  20. New to the Dream Rig setup, but so far love it. Found a cool way to get a direct out of the Pod HD and have a mic'd DT amp sent to the FOH via one line without any extra summing pre's, mixers, etc. Check it out. Routing Acoustic Output with Variax, POD HD500, and DT Amps There's also another option, if you're wanting to bypass the DT for acoustic presets and only run 1 line to your FOH while still using your mic'd DT.. 1.) Assign input 1 source to Variax, and assign audio output 1(left) to your DT50. 2.) Make sure your mixer is hard panned left and right in all patches you intend to use. 3.) Assign input 2 to your mic input. 4.) For electric patches, only use the top signal path for guitar effects, amps, etc. 5.) Run your mic line from your mic'd amp to the HD500 mic input, and adjust the input gain accordingly 6.) Run an XLR from the right output of your POD HD to your stage snake or mixer. 7.) If necessary, you can add EQ, Compression and other effects to the lower signal path to alter the mic'd amp's signal. 8.) For acoustic patches, route the variax to input 2, and only use the lower signal path. This does add a hint more latency for electric patches since you're processing the signal twice, but it's fairly neglegable and allows you more versatility to altering and saving your sound.
  21. Reference material: L6 Link Connectivity Guide for POD HD & DT Amplifiers v2.10 POD HD500X Advanced Guide
  22. I have updated the firmware 2.0 for DT50 and installled the controll app on my Ipad. I am now able to modify the pre amp, cabs and reverb on my DT50. It works perfectly on channel A. But on Channel B I can only select the pre-amp. It does not react to cab, reverb or mic selection at all. I have the same problem on my DT25. Has anyone experienced the same. And more importantlynis there a solution?
  23. Please, please Line6; make a video on how to set properly the HD500 as a midi controller for Dt amp series!!! This thing is drive me CRAZY!!! I want to be able to save other paramethers (mic or cab type)...the manual (midi implementation guide) it s not easy to understand... for now i can only send midi message on channel one? I am a bit confusing....sorry
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