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  1. It has signal loss issues. I have read several web pages about this and it all seems confusing. All I want is for the 4 cable method to work by keeping the signal to a maximum. You would think that Line-6 would have some type of mode designed directly to address the signal loss/splitting issues that exist. Can anyone tell me how I can achieve better results? Right now when I use 4CM the dynamics of my amp are reduced GREATLY. It loses punch and tends to sound mushy on gain channels. Is there anyone out there that has had success? And if so please share your secrets.
  2. Hi there... I'm sure I'm making this harder than it needs to be but I'm getting super frustrated with trying to set up an effects loop. At this point I'm just trying to put the effects in the amp's effects loop just like on page 9 of the HX Effects manual (post effects). Guitar in the amp input then the signal chain is Kinky Comp>FX Loop 1>70s Chorus. Loop send /return levels are at 0db. The problem seems to be that with the loop mix set at 100 percent I get nothing and with it at 0 I get all sounds. This seems backwards to me. Am I thinking correctly and do I have everything set up right? Let's not worry about 4CM right now lol. The only thing in the effects loop is the chorus so why am I not getting any volume at all when mix is set to 100 percent? Do I need to put fx loop 2 after the chorus? Also, how doed hx know where the loop "ends" What if I want put something after the loop ? This is frustrating. Thanks for any help, Jeff
  3. Hi. Long time member but first actual post!! Can't seem to figure out setting up the SY1 into Helix Lt Loop. Want to be able to use SY1 with only added reverb and delay but run the dry signal into the loop so I can add fuzz etc from. The Helix to only the dry guitar tone. So that I can blend in the distorted dry signal into the synth only sound via the blend control on the SY1. Just not sure of the exact cable running order to achieve the above. Basically I want to: 1: run dry signal into dist, mod, dly, reverb etc via loop/s 2:have Sy1 synth sound only run into Helix and only use revb and delay. 3: Be able to blend in effected dry signal from loop into synth sound via Sy1 blend control. So I can hold a synth sound and use my dry signal with whatever effects I choose to play over the synth sound without affecting the synth sound. Thanks
  4. Hello, I just got a Wiretap recorder pedal for use with Helix as I needed a way to just stomp and have a separate device record my ideas, without setting up computers, apps, loopers, etc. It's working great. I just include a SEND block wherever I want in the chain and I can get a wet or dry signal into it. The pedal also has a return and "true bypass" of course as it is meant to be inline with other effects on a pedalboard. And that's where the issue is: When I SEND with 1 block and RETURN with another, I get a high pitch buzz sound that indicates maybe I have a signal routing issue. Both send and return work fine separately, but when I put both blocks in the same preset and enable them both, the problem arises. This is probably a newbie mistake... Do I have to have the SEND before the RETURN or visa versa? And should I be using the FXLOOP block instead of the separate SEND and RETURN blocks? Also, because I can record dry and then play back that dry signal at the front of the sound chain, there is a really cool "tone tweaking" mode I can go into. Instead of having to pick up the guitar and play notes to hear what I've changed in a preset, I can just run the loop endlessly, and it's like I'm playing constantly while I'm tweaking. Super helpful and is saving my back the constant shuffling back and forth. Just a tip. Anyone else done this? Any tips related? Thanks, Joel
  5. i was wondering if anyone has tried to use their POD in the same way i am trying to do. what i want to do is to run my analog overdrive and distortion pedals into the front of my ac30 and then use the POD for post effects only through the effects loop, so the way i have it set up now is guitar--walrus deep six compressor--mojo hand fx rook overdrive--wampler catapulp--into my ac30 topboost channel just on the edge of break up. then i want to run my POD through the effects loop for delay, reverb etc, i have it set up ac30 effects send--guitar in on POD--1/4" out L POD--effects return on ac30. the levels are set to stomp, the issue i am having is that running it this way seems to suck the tone out of my drive pedals so they are not as distorted or warm as when i bypass the effects loop and i was just wondering if this is how i should have it set up or do i need to run the 4CM with my analog pedals in the POD effects loop? i dont use the pod for any amp modeling or drive pedals as i have some really nice ones, and i am in an ambient band so sometimes we play heavy and other times we play real spacey stuff so the M13 is out of the question because i need all 8 effects blocks for reverb, delay, modulation fun stuff. if I could get some help on this it would be great. Thank you.
  6. Hi Everyone, I got the Stomp a few days ago and I've been trying to hook it up and set it up but to no avail. Can't seem to get it to work in the effects loop of my amplifier. I hope you guys can point me in the right direction! Normally I would use the L/R main output, but these are already going to my speaker monitors... I got the Stomp to 1) replace my audio interface, 2) use the effects and preamp in my loop, and 3) use it for direct monitoring in conjunction with Rocksmith. I've got it to work as an audio interface, plugging the USB into my computer and my monitor speakers in the L/R out. Check! I've got it to work with Rocksmith by plugging guitar into main L in and the send into Rocksmith Truetone cable. Check! Now I can't for the life of me figure out how to also put in in the effects loop of my amp for its effects as well as preamp. Where do I plug in the effects send from my amp? Where do I take it back out into the effects return of the amp? How do I then set this up in the Helix software? My idea was to use a Bigshot ABY to switch between my real amp preamp and the helix preamp, and then put the helix in the amp effects loop for its effects. I did a search on the forum, but I only found the standard way with the main L/R out, which I am already using for the monitor speakers. Hope you can help! Mark
  7. I want a volume pedal in the FX loop of my DT25. After hours of reading articles I think I will need the low impedance version of Boss FV-500(L). Am I right and where can I find information about the impedance of the FX loop of the DT25. I find the information in the Pilot's Guide pretty cumbersome. Even on the support pages I cannot find the answer to my question. I hope someone can give me some more information about this set-up. I just want to use the volume pedal to behave as a master volume.
  8. I recently bought an HX Stomp. I had hoped to be able to connect the effects loops to two, independent chains in order to use the HX stomp to control routing to one or more outboard distortion pedals (KoT, heavily modded BD2). Here’s what I tried: HX stomp - stereo send jack- 1/4” TRS- dual 1/4” TS - each of these connected to inputs of my overdrive pedals. Output from pedal A-HX stomp return L, output from pedal B-HX stomp return R. I was able to get the signal routing, but - it’s still stereo, and thus, only affecting one side of the path. I had hoped that I would be able to treat everything “before the amp emulation” as mono, and then it becomes stereo after the amp/cab blocks. Worst case scenario, I was hoping for a utility type block that would sum the FX Loop L (or FX loop R) into a mono / dual mono signal, if placed immediately after an FX loop. I assume my problems are exacerbated since I am using HX stomp in stereo, rather than just having a single mono cable out. So, what’s the trick to this - is there an easy solution, or should I just stick the dirt in front of the HX? It would be nice to leave the dirt on all the time and control switching at the HX (in conjunction with any additional midi controllers or foot switches I may add in the future).
  9. Does the IR block go directly after the amp+cab block. I have external drives > input of hx stomp>amp+cab block. Then I split signal to effects loop. Out of send> external verbs and delays> back to stereo return > IR block> stereo Something isn’t sounding right with my drives...almost like in a tin can...i can’t eq my way out of it...I see all these videos of nice tones but I can’t get it...I can’t get a nice bite on my drives it’s flat and attack to my notes Any suggestions on why?...something in my signal path?
  10. Where does the IR block go?...right after the amp+cab block.? Also where does the effects loop block go. I run analog drives into the hx stomp. I use the effects loop for externaL modulation. My drives don’t sound to great. I don’t know if my signal chain is messed. I can’t seem to eq my way out of tin can over drives Any help or suggestions would be great
  11. Im new to the hx fx and could really use some recommendations and help regarding impulse responses. I run my guitar through a bbe sonic maximizer and then through a vox Ac50 ( with upgaded tubes, and V30’s :) ) I run the hx fx in 4cm. My band rehearses D.I. Into the mixer ( drummer plays a roland TD30, so its really nice) but its still important for me to use the AC50 as the tone is incredible and regardless of the fact we all use “ in ears” live and in rehearsal im using a moderate amount of amp volume on stage and blending it with my D.I. Signal into the P.A./monitors. Thats why i was really excited to use impulse responses. Heres where i can use some help/recommendations and opinions. 1. Ive played around with placing the IR block before and after the Fx loop 1 block. so far I prefer it placed after, but i cant really tell much of a difference. Anyone have any info or experience with this? what is your preference? 2. I downloaded a bunch of IRs . I have some “speaker” ones (the allure pack) and those all seem pretty useable. One of the best results ive had so far is the V30 IR (from allure) I have the mix set to 100 and the volume somewhere around -6.5 -8.0 db I also find it totally necessary to use the low cut feature as the bass frequencies easily start to overdrive. Changing IR,s the confusion/frustration/doubt starts to set in. Heres some examples- Acoustic guitar resonace ir’s i have , including this hollowbody ir i have sound absolutely funky. Maybe they are crappy idk but its led me to believe that IR’s work best emulating something similar to your sound. I mean i run v30s out of my cab. So running a V30 IR after my effects loop block seems to make my D.I. Signal sound alot more like my amp and that is a wonderful result. but trying to make it sound like a jazz box, or a hummingbird acoustic, is experimental and probably wont yield good results. However, i did load a gods cab (its like a 6505 with a mesa cab and a sm7b mic) it needed a ton of low cut. And it really overdrove my signal easily. But at -8.0 db lvl with 100mix and a low cut, when i added a distortion, i got a killer sound. I mean awesome metal tone. some feedback or personal experience on this would be a godsend. 3. So to some it up into some more direct questions. whats with the overdriving? are some of these ir,s supposed to be distorted? where as some are just clean cabinet/mic “simulations” (or moments in time whatever you wanna call it) -8db seems awful low for a level setting should i be looking elsewhere? what kind of mix and level do you guys use? Is 2048 samples always better? Anything pertaining to using impulse responses with hx fx in 4cm especially settings would help alot. If in the end i can properly add an IR to all my presets resulting in my DI sounding more realistic and just having better tone altogether i would be very happy. just dont know if im doing it right.
  12. I am trying to use my flextone duo effects loop but when I plug in the TRS cables into an effect through the effects loop, it goes from playing on both speakers to one speaker. Same with headphones if I have the headphones plugged in while using the effects loop. If I plug a TRS cable into the send and directly into the receive it works on both speakers. What am i doing wrong or is this by design?
  13. Hello all! I have been attempting to use my favorite pedal, Mr. Black Supermoon Chrome reverb in the effects loop of my Helix. However, no matter where I place it in the chain on the Helix, it creates a ton of muddy distortion in the chain. I have used it at anywhere from 100% mix to 40% mix, changed the boost of the effects loop from +0.0db to -10.0db and nothing seems to change. What can can I do to make it sound better with the Helix patches?
  14. I'm sure there's a reason for it, but it just seems like the effects loop shouldn't take up a block on HX(I'm assuming it does on helix too?) since surely it's just routing that signal through the loop rather than using any processing power to make any effects? Maybe I'm just missing something, but does anyone know why it needs to take up a block and cant just be added in the signal chain as an 'extra' block just to reroute the signal? Edit: I don't think I explained this that well so I'll see if this makes more sense. I'm using the hx where you can have 9 blocks in use for effects or loops. Assuming all blocks are in use with effects, if I want to add in my loop then I need to overwrite an effect I currently have in the chain. My post is querying whether the added effect on the processor in the unit when using the effects loop is really enough to justify having to effectively lose 1 effect to accommodate the loop. Hope that makes more sense
  15. Trying to use my synth with my hx effect via efx loop return. My bass is the main input so it's going to the input in jack but i have a twelve step foot pedal board midi connected to a korg volca fm. The out of the volca is going into efx loop one return. Shouldn't this work?
  16. Hello, I have a two channel Frenzel amp head. Each channel has it's own inputs and full controls and can operate simultaneously. It has an effects loop on the back with 1 send and 1 return. I would like to use the expression pedal on my Helix floor unit to fade between one Frenzel channel and the other. I would also like to have my delay effects between my preamps and Amp section of my Frenzel. I imagine I will use the 4 cable method, using 2 Helix effects loops. Do I just use a Y adapter on the effects loop send of the Frenzel to get two returns back to the Helix? Thank you.
  17. The Relay G10 is a great product and I use it all the time on guitar and bass in my electric band and on acoustic guitar in my bluegrass band, but I'm constantly having to hang a separate DI box off of it so I can attach a tuner stomp box or a volume pedal. A simple insert point jack or effects loop would solve this problem and make the Relay G10 even more irreplaceable! How about it? -=Peter=-
  18. Hi folks, I bought an Orange tube amp to have something 'tubey' to mess around with. The dry sound is great but would like to add some delay/reverb and the option to put a tube screamer model in the front. My goal is to 'preserve' the Orange's pre amp so that it's gain, volume, and tone shape knobs all work. I currently have my firehawk wired to the Orange using the 4 cable method: My issue is that now it is as if the pre amp is completely bypassed on the Orange (the volum, gain, tone shape etc is ignored). As a result, it's like the power amp is on full volume and from the Firehawk, I had to turn down the guitar/master output down to basically nothing. On the firehawk side, I have the 'amp' and 'cab' models to none. Is there something else I need to do? Or is there a better way to wire the firehawk to the amp? Again, my goal is to keep the knobs on the Orange amp working and just add a bit of delay, reverb, and boost in the front. Thanks for any help/suggestions! Best, Marc
  19. Any advice on the best live setup using my current gear? I'm not looking to use any crazy patches or amp sims, just a pretty basic live guitar setup. Current Gear: Pod HD500X Boss Digital Delay Pedal Boss Flange Pedal Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier (genre: progressive metal) Since I don't own an Overdrive or Noise gate pedal (two essentials), is there any issue with me using the Pod in front of my amp using a patch with only an OD and Gate? Any I can then put my delay and flange in my Mesa effects loop. Ideally I'd want to start collecting pedals and stop using the Pod for live gigs, but for now this is what I've got. What I've been doing is using the pod in front of my amp like stated, but also having time based effects on there to use as needed. However I know these effects should really be in the FX loop, which is why I'm thinking of this new setup using my old Boss pedals. I've never tried the 4 cable method, but I feel that's too complicated for what I want to get out of the Pod. Thanks!
  20. I've been trying to find specs on the Helix's FX loops where it states how many decibels of boost they can handle. I like to use one of my Wyldes Overdrives in front of an amp with the volume cranked. This is fine in front of a tube amp, but I don't know about the Helix. I know with my TC Electronic G-System, I couldn't, because it could possibly damage the unit.
  21. I want to be able to use external overdrive pedals with my FHFX but it doesn't seem to want to work. I get a lot of unwanted noise if I put it through the loop regardless if the pedal is turned on or off. The noise gets really loud if I put the loop before the amp modal. The pedal sounds horrific no matter where it is in the chain. I have the same issues regardless of what pedal I try. If I put the pedal in the front of my physical chain (before the the FHFX, not using the loop) I get unwanted distortion (like clipping). This distortion results from use with any pedal including clean effects like reverb. Is there an input gain on the FHFX that I am missing some where? Any help anyone can offer on how to effectively use external effects pedals with the FHFX would be greatly appreciated.
  22. Although I now have a POD HD500, I still really like my POD XTs (I have 2 of them). I would like to patch in an FX Loop or AUX Send & Return into my POD XT taking the signal out after the guitar input and feed it back in just before the output so it bypasses any of the DSP effects. Has anyone done this and/or are there any schematics for the POD XT anywhere?
  23. After seeing some 4cm tutorials on you tube I get the cable connections. Not entirely sure about top and back switch settings as far as line vs amp or line vs pedals. Also trying to run through a Mesa Boogie Stiletto Duece 2 but I believe it has a parallel effects loop which I hear won't work for the 4cm. Is there a way to get around this?
  24. So after several years I finally bought a new amp with an effects loop so I was exited to conect my pod 4 cable method and man the sound was amazing but it only lasted 20 or so days las Sunday at worship service the amp started having volume fluctuations and finally a volume drop I thought it was the amp after testing the amps effects loop with a delay pedal through the amps effects loop I was able to rule out the amp being broken so that leaves me with the pod, I tested again today and still not working My oxides effects loop broke. So my question has anyone encountered this issue before? Is it expensive to get it repaired? Is it worth it to repair my pod? Or should I put that money towards a new one? What's the nearest service center in the southwestern part of the US? I'm close to Phoenix AZ or San Diego CA
  25. I use my Pod HD500 with my DT25 combo by using the L6 Link connectivity. It works fine, but recently I decided to add a bit more complexity to my rig by incorporating some other pedals into the signal chain. I have a C.S.E. Rasputin Fuzz, which supposed to be like a Big Muff on steroids. I tried opening a fx loop block so I could run it in front of the amp, but it creates this unbearably loud static when I turn the stompbox on. Even with the fx loop block turned off, it still makes that awful noise (while the pedal is still on). I unplugged everything and just did guitar>fuzz>amp, and I didn't get any static. I know that high-gain pedals do make a bit of noise, but it seems to amplify when I just plug it into the effects loop of the Pod. Any ideas?
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