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Found 18 results

  1. I’ve had both an hx stomp, and now a stomp xl, and my expression pedal is not working for swells. I plugged it into the expression 1/2 on the stomp, and then added a volume block to my patch. I tried putting my volume block at the beginning of my signal chain, after my amp, and at the very end. I also tried messing with the global settings. My issue is that it works for turning up and down my volume, but even though it’s before my reverb and delays, it shuts off the echoes and delays when I roll it back. I want the echoes and delay to continue decaying after I turn down my volume. Instead, it starts turning off my reverb and delay instantly as soon as I begin to roll back on my volume pedal. And this keeps happening regardless of where I put the volume block in my signal chain. I also turned up my decay time on my reverb block as far as it will go, and my volume block is still shutting off the decay. What do I need to do to get the volume block to work for swells?
  2. Hello all, Wanted to see if you all could help me with I typically use my stomp with just one expression pedal with a TRS Cable, and all works great. I attempted today to use a second EXP in conjunction with the first one, using a Y-split cable (tip & sleeve into one exp pedal, and ring & sleeve into the other). To my surprise, this didn't work the way I expected. Using either exp pedal going one full sweep starting from heel to then toe position, the stomp reads 0% to 100% only halfway through the sweep, then goes back down to the toe position..?! So for one motion of my foot from heel to toe, the stomp goes 0% to 100% to 0%. I am baffled to say the least and I have tried changing every settings for EXP in the Global Settings but he has yet worked. If you guys have had experience with this issue, please let me know. Thanks
  3. EXP Squeaks when I put my foot on it to use it for the wah (or what ever). It seems to be scrubbing the side of the opening. I had not put this baby on the floor until the other day and soon as I went to use it well it squeaked and I tried to move my foot to the right and it still dose it , if I barley touch it or move it with my hand it doesn't do it but that's not how I use my regular wah wah or my other EXP, any one else have this happen? I posted in bug thread on this as well.
  4. I have a helix floor and I have problems with the volume pedal, the volume range marks from 0 to 100% but on the physical pedal it only travels 90%, when the pedal marks 0% volume on the physical pedal I can still lower a 10% that the helix does not recognize me, do you know how I can calibrate it? what can i do ?? video-1607103624.mp4
  5. Hace 3 dias compre un helix floor y tengo problemas con el pedal de volumen, el recorrido del volumen marca de 0 a 100% pero en pedal físico recorre solo el 90%, cuando el pedal me marca 0% de volumen en el pedal físico aun puedo bajar un 10% que el helix no me reconoce, saben como puedo calibrarlo? q puedo hacer?? video-1607103624.mp4
  6. Snapshots do not store or recall the EXP 1 and 2 assignment. So when you engage the Toe Switch, the onboard pedal switches between EXP 1 and EXP 2 assignment, but Snapshots do not account for that since they only store the Wah or Volume blocks On/Off bypass state. There is a workaround however. You can connect a pedal to Helix's EXP 2 jack (or even just a dummy 1/4 plug in the jack) that forces the onboard pedal to remain always as EXP 1, thus it won't change and the Snapshots are recalled as expected.
  7. Hey y'all, sorry if this is a repost, I've searched for this info a bunch of times. Here's what I want to do: Using Helix Floor (2.5.0 - can update it if this will fix it) Use one of the vibe effects (Vibe Rotary in my case) No Wah or Volume effects on this patch Use the expression pedal to control the Slow Speed & Fast Speed params Use the expression pedal toe switch to change the Speed param between Slow and Fast mode For the life of me I can't figure out exactly how to do this. I've gotten as far as getting EXP1 and EXP2 to control the Slow Speed & Fast Speed, but I can't get the toe switch to change the actual Speed param from Slow to Fast. I tried using MIDI CC Toggle in the Command Center as well but I am not sure I was doing it correctly. Is this possible?
  8. Hey guys, New Helix LT owner here (still withing return period), been hd500x user for years. Here is my problem. This is how I used to operate Hd500x: I would setup my presets (doesn't matter what's inside really), balance the levels to my liking, and then add a volume block at the end of each preset tied to expression pedal. This way I had sort of a master volume on my HD no matter which preset I am in. I knew that if I need to dial myself down, I will still be in balance volume-wise once I jump to another preset. Now with Helix, It seems to totally ignore the fact that I have set EXP1 and EXP2 position set to be Global, and when I switch between presets, it sets volume block pedal position to whatever it was when I saved it. IT DOESN'T apply the actual position of the pedal upon switching between presets. What do I do here? I MUST be able to control my overall unit level, and it just worked on HD500x. FYI, before I created any sounds on it, I went ahead and upgraded to 2.21 software, so all my patches are "native" 2.21. Am I missing something here? LOVE the unit, but this is becoming a showstopper. Giant volume jumps when going from preset to preset, not usable. Any help and tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Hi folks, I've got my first proper gig with the Helix tomorrow (did a 3 song spot last weekend) and I've been busily programming in presets for all the 34 songs for our 2 sets of pop rock covers with encore material. We've not had a proper rehearsal at gig volume - only at quiet unmiked vocals and electric drum kit volume levels which is not a good test really. I think I have got all the levels pretty well matched, but from experience with my last rig - at gigs sometime the drums are louder on some songs so even though I may be wanting to use the exact same tone, one song may need to be louder than another. So I've programmed Presets for each song so I can set the right levels per song in time.... SO TO THE POINT....... I've been wondering if the EXP2 pedal can help me balance the volume of my presets on the fly? I could set a new gain block at the end of my chain with say a +6dB Max and a -6dB Min and then save all my patches with the pedal set in the centre at 0dB, and use Preset mode on the EXP2 pedal so each patch starts at 0dB unless I go fiddle with the pedal. Is that a good idea? How do you guys use a volume pedal at gigs? Anyone do it as I just described? I suspect most will use it like a traditional volume pedal Set from 0% volume to 100% and leave it set global?
  10. If you're using the FBV 3, or the FBV Shortboard MKII with the Spider V series, you have the option of utilizing an external expression pedal. The external pedal would be plugged into the EXP Pedal jack on the FBV. This is how they interact with the Spider V's patches. On patches without tweak assign to pedal, the external pedal becomes volume, the on-board pedal controls wah position, and toe switch toggles wah bypass. On patches with tweak assigned to pedal, the external pedal controls the tweak-assigned parameter. The on-board pedal controls volume and wah, and the toe switch toggles between wah and volume control.
  11. Is that right..?! Is there some fix for this yet? I've read various threads on here and I haven't found anything that actually fixes this issue after updating to 2.1. I’m using SNAPSHOTS, with my Helix floor unit à VHT power amp à 2x12 cab. I’ve been using the expression pedal on my Helix floor unit purely as a volume exp pedal and now it just doesn’t work. Any fixes yet?
  12. I tend to use the Exp2 for Volume/Pan as a master volume when live. When I switch between patches, the volume parameter is at whatever position the patch was Saved as, NOT the actual position of the pedal. So if I heel down to take volume to 0%, and then switch to a new patch that was saved with the Volume parameter at 100%, the volume is up even though the pedal is down. This is infuriating, especially if changing out guitars on stage and you want to be sure the volume is down. Alternatively, if the patch is Saved with the volume parameter at 0%, and I switch patches mid-song with the pedal up (toe), I have to rock the pedal down and up to get the volume up. It didn't work this way with previous HD500 and PODs. Is there a way to fix this? Can you make the patch read the actual position of the pedal?
  13. Anybody know if there is any reason this wouldn't work with the regular Helix floor unit? It also has a toe switch built in.
  14. Hi fellow Line 6 owners, I purchased an hd500x several months ago for live use as the lead guitar player at our local church. I am very very impressed with the hd500x. It is by far the best multi fx unit I've had the pleasure of using. After searching multiple forums/posts I've come to you veterans for any advice or experience that you would be so kind to offer. I use the line 6 ex-1 exp pedal for volume and swells. I run it into the hd500x's "Pedal 2" input. It has great sound, but as many players have found, it isn't very good in the pedal-travel and durability department. So I thought, I'm gonna buy a heavier volume pedal with better travel/volume ratio. So after several hours of research I decided to try the Morley PVO+ Volume Plus Pedal. My error, I've found, is that it isn't compatible when plugged into the "Pedal 2" input on the hd500x. So I tried running my guitar into the morley, then from the morley into to the "guitar in" input on the hd500x. It works, but with inferior sound quality as compared to the ex-1 (Pedal 2 input). Not to mention I'm not impressed with it's volume taper, even after being "adjusted" multiple times with indiscernible results. So, my dilemma lies in finding a new external pedal to run into the (Pedal 2) input for volume and swells. Does anyone know of any well built pedals that are "compatible" to our beloved hd500x and its software? Any owners out there with success using other brands of volume or exp pedals in the (Pedal 2) input? I've read the forums and only found the Mission Engineering EP1-L6 For Line 6. Its nice and all, but $130? If that is my only option I'm inclined to stick with the ex-1. Thank you for patiently reading my lengthy post. Any advice or shared experiences would be very valuable to me as well as greatly appreciated. Sincerely, kkaustin
  15. Hi, I've been a BOSS user for the past 10 years, mastering every aspect Of the GT MultiFX line. I'm in the process of transitioning to The HD500x to expand and experiment with the LINE6 workflow. I bought one already but it won't arrive until next week. I would like to know if it's possible to attach a dual footswitch. According to the manual, I can plug an expression pedal into the "pedal 2" jack, but I don't need another one besides the built-in EXP. In the past, I used to plug a BOSS FS6 via TRS cable to the "CTL1,2/EXP" jack of the GT8, allowing me to freely program parameters to either of the footswitch buttons (labeled CTL 1 and 2 in the system). The GT8 allowed me to assign modes: latching or unlatching –to operate as on/off for effects– or min/max for specific parameter jumps. I believe the POD allows similar functionalities with the top row switches; nevertheless, I would want to use the BOSS FS6 with the HD500X. Has anyone done this?
  16. Hi! I'm enjoying my new Pod HD 500X as my new "bass amp" but I'm having som problem with assigning effects to the EXP-pedal. I want the EXP 1 to control just my volume; and my EXP 2 controlling both the pitch glider and the volume, for a swell-whammy-type of thing. It works to assign either one just fine but, when i press the toe swith from EXP 2 back to EXP 1 the volume control is not working. Really anoying! Can someone please tell me the right way to do this?
  17. My HD500 is connected to a PA system (with power amplification) via XLR cables, and the other day, the HD500 failed to put create an output signal. The only difference I saw between the time it was working and now is that both of the EXP LED's are lit next to the pedal instead of just one. Pressing on the pedal to try to alternate EXP modes does nothing. I would greatly appreciate any help! Thank you, Jon
  18. Hi! I have a problem in my HD500X with exp toe switch- he doesn't works... Please, help me! It's new, I bought it 2 weeks ago :(
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