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  1. Terms Before we begin here are some terms to know POD Farm Application is a tone modeling application for all non-POD Line 6 USB recording devices . The application processing the audio from your device on the way to your recording software. Gearbox is the old version of POD Farm. Gearbox operates as a standalone application, standalone editor for POD XT/X3 devices, plugin, and GuitarPort Online client. Amp Farm is the first Line 6 modeling software. It is only available for Protools systems. It has been discontinued by AVID and will not be supported on Pro Tools 11 or higher. Toneport is the old product family name for Line 6's USB recording devices such as Toneport GX, Toneport UX1, Toneport UX2, Toneport UX8, Toneport KB37. POD Studio is the newer version of Line 6's USB recording devices and POD Farm software. This package contains POD Farm software and a USB recording device. Monkey application is a updater app that downloads your hardwares drivers and software for you. It can be downloaded at License Keys are authorizations that live on your Line 6 hardware. You hardware acts as a dongle. Gearbox, POD Farm and all model packs require authorizations to run. Your authorized device must be connected to your system in order to use said items. Model Packs are authorizations that give you access to more models within Gearbox and POD Farm and POD family products. iLok is an industry standard software protection device. Also known as a dongle. Licenses are stored on this USB dongle which must be connected upon software execution. Monkey (the application, not the hairy ape) Monkey is an updater application for Line6 software and devices. install Line 6 device drivers from (optional) connect your Line 6 device to your computer download and install monkey from run monkey app create a new user account or login to an existing account this login is the same as the account [*]Activate Features the first time you connect your brand new hardware to a computer, you will be asked to "activate Add-Ons". This enables all of the factory default authorizations on your unit. [*]Authorize each time you connect your hardware to a different computer, the Line6 server must verify your hardware's authorizations with the server via the Monkey. [*]Optional Add-Ons tab shows which software, model packs, etc are authorized for your hardware [*]Updates tab this tab shows the latest software downloads for the given user group you are currently login in under Model Packs Model packs are Line 6 authorizations that add more models to your Gearbox software, POD Farm software, or POD family device. POD Farm Plugin requires Add-On auth to run (Included in POD Studio Devices on the hardware) Model Packs require an Add-On auth to run Software / Hardware Support Optional Add-On "authorizations" can reside on any Line 6 USB recording device such as... GuitarPort Toneport DI-Silver Toneport DI-Gold Toneport GX Toneport UX1 Toneport UX2 Toneport UX8 Toneport KB37 POD Studio UX1 POD Studio UX2 POD Studio GX POD Studio KB37 POD XT (Bean, Live, Pro) POD X3 (Bean, Live, Pro) Gearbox Standalone App runs on... GuitarPort Toneport DI-Silver Toneport DI-Gold Toneport GX Toneport UX1 Toneport UX2 Toneport UX8 Toneport KB37 POD Studio GX POD Studio UX1 POD Studio UX2 POD Studio KB37 Gearbox runs as a hardware editor for... POD XT (Bean, Live, Pro) POD X3 (Bean, Live, Pro) Installers Typically Line 6 application installers like Gearbox and POD Farm come with the following. Line 6 monkey app Main App Toneport, POD Studio, and POD family device drivers Keep in mind, drivers may be updated after a installer is made available. Use monkey to keep your software versions up to date. iLok POD Farm supports iLok software protection. POD Farm for iLok will be available in two versions, a Standard and Platinum version If you have POD Farm Platinum you will be able to run all possible models
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