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Found 11 results

  1. Hello L6 Community, My Spider V30 amp and Spider Remote software (PC) froze after loading a previously saved preset from my PC into the amp. The amp won't boot up and is stuck on the "Line 6" boot screen. The Spider Remote software will not connect either. For troubleshooting, since I can't get past the "Line 6" boot screen, I was able to update the drivers to the latest 1.91 version by holding the "AMP" and "FX" buttons on startup and then used the online Line 6 Updater Tool. Since I have a feeling a corrupted preset file caused this, I'd like to do a factory reset however, I cannot get to a factory reset option because the amp will not load beyond the "Line 6" boot screen! Is there a way to "cold boot" the amp (by holding a button (or combination of buttons on power up) to do a factory reset from there? Thank you.
  2. My amplifi tt die after an update to 2.61.0 firmware. When power on, only tone A lights. I trie to factory reset holding master volumen and tone buttons, but nothing, I try everithing that I found on line 6 forums, but nothings work... trash it?.. Thanks
  3. I was looking for a solution to reset my new spider v 20 because the presets would randomly change on me. I went ahead and updated the Line6 updater which just itself got updated. (9-13-2019) Something like that. I carefully read the how's and such, and you must find on your computer, under settings( the Windows Defender smart screen) and disable it. Before you update the Line 6 Updater, because this interferes with the download of the Line6 updater( it says that the files get corrupt on the Windows platform). I am using Windows 10. Seems like a lot to do, but sure enough I was able to fix it no problem. After you successfully Get the New Line 6 updater installed. Simply follow the onscreen instructions. The Factory Reset will Automatically take place. Sure Hope this helps some of you!!!
  4. Purchased an amplifi FX100 today. After playing for a few minutes, it said on the app that it needed an update and it would take 30-45 minutes. I let it update but accidently hit the home screen button when it was almost over. I went back into the app and it said "update failed". I now have the 4 preset buttons flashing on my fx 100, and the app does not show the update anymore. I have tried to factory reset the fx100 (power off pedal, hold down volume knob & tap button then power back on while holding for some time). It did not work. I would hate to return this item but its not looking good so far. Any help please?
  5. I just received my amplifi 75. Tried updating over bluetooth and update failed. But I cannot factory reset the amplifier, I powered down the amp, pressed down the Master volume button and tone button. Nothing happened. I powered it down again and did the same thing for a minute nothing happened. I even kept pressing them for 5 minutes and nothing happened! Is there a way around this is there something wrong I'm doing??
  6. My new Amplifi 150 won't start up, the four preset leds "ABCD" keep flashing. It is possible to connect the Amp to my phone via bluetooth, but then I cant do anything with it. A full factory reset bij pressing the volume and tone button at sturt up does not work, it wont respond. Does anyone have a usefull tip ! So I can finaly get started. Thanx
  7. Hi All, New to the forum having just purchased a used PODxt. My issue is after downloading Monkey and performing all of the updates the Flash Memory option is grayed out and will not let me update to the latest version of 3.01. Monkey doesn't seem to be able to ascertain what the Flash Memory is on my PODxt (as it has a dash '–') in the 'Installed' column whereas everything else is up to date. I have a feeling that this PODxt has never been updated. The PODxt functions correctly with all the original presets working but one of the reasons I would like to reset it is that only 25% of the LED display works and I was hoping a factory reset may correct that issue (if it's software based that is). I'll hook the unit up and post some pictures. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Graham
  8. Hey so I bought my Line 6 DL-4 a couple of months ago used from reverb. When I first got it it worked like a charm and I had no issues. As I kept using it I would save some delay presets and jam with them for a while and then use the factory reset to erase them so I could keep exploring all of the possible effects. Well after a couple of months of use I went to yet again factory reset it by holding the A and the D buttons with the guitar input unplugged. The DL-4 would flash the lights as if it had been reset but none of the presets are erased! If I am missing something or anyone has any ideas on what I could do to fix it that would be great!
  9. I am attempting to reset the factory settings on my M9 unit. I am successful at getting the tap and the model select knob held down in the right sequence to get the "Reset to factory? Are you sure?" message. I then press the model select knob once more (as described in the manual) to proceed with the reset. However, I noticed that nothing changed after completing the rest. All of the settings where still where I had set them. I even played around with various settings a few times in between resets. Still came back with what I had set instead of what should have been different/original factory rests. My firmware version 2.04. Anyone had this happen before or know how to make the reset truly stick?
  10. Bought a used PODxt Live...after a factory reset all the purchased model packs are gone. The model packs were purchased by the previous owner and I have no way to access their line 6 account. Any way to get them back? Thanks, Chad
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