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Found 10 results

  1. Hi Everyone - Did anyone else get a white horizontal line appear in the middle of their pod go display after updating to 1.21? I pixel wide all away across the middle just where the top of the blocks start. IMG_9817.HEIC IMG_9818.HEIC
  2. Hi all I recently acquired a FH1500 and it performs as expected, but have come across an issue. When I adjust the Mid dial on the top of the FH and turn left towards the 9 oclock position, the amp cuts out completely, and the message "Thermal Shutdown" scrolls across the LCD. Sometimes, after a few seconds, the amp comes back to life, sometimes it requires a reboot. It only happens on the Mid dial (so far as I can tell), and at any volume, after any time. So I'm fairly sure it is not actually a heat issue, it's a glitch. I've tried the downgrading the firmware to 1.0 and then back up to 1.3. No change. Anyone seen this before? Any fixes? Is it serious?
  3. Hi all. I'm currently still on firmware 2.81. Had no issues with my helix floor until upgrading firmware a few months back. After the backup and upgrade a whole heap of presets I'd made did not function properly, with 'snapshot unable to be recalled' (or a very similar message) being shown in HX edit. What I found was that reverb or delay blocks seemed to be at fault and I had to go through and change them (delete block and add it back in again) and re-save all the presets so they worked again and could be saved and reconfigured in snapshots. Now I have that all fixed I have recently, in the last 3 weeks, experience my unit starting to cut out, either indefinitely, ie screen still lit, ability to change presets and snapshots etc but no audio coming from the unit, or the unit will stutter, ie I could play a chord and let it ring and the audio being transmitted either to monitors or amp (this happened live at the weekend) cuts in and out in a very random and digital way. There's no manipulation of the sound (warping etc), just like there is a mute switch being flicked on and off intermittently. It feels like this is a processor issue, but I don't really know. Any recommendations? Should I just backup the unit and update to the latest firmware and hope this fixes the problem?
  4. So I'd like to think im not completely stupid, however I got my Shuriken today. charged the battery, finally got to plug it in and it sounds great....while in stand tuning I noticed that when I change either the model knob and selector switch or tuning knobs to something that isn't Standard it sounds terrible. Ok, I thought maybe it just needs some adjustments. Set up work bench, plugged it in and try to play around with the settings/tunings. First thing I notice if if drop the low E to D and play it, no change, however if I play high E there is a change.....? It seems that all of the strings are in reverse, confirmed by changing the A string and the B changes not A.... I've logged a support ticket for this but is there something im missing here a setting I've inadvertently set? All the standard tuning set ups play perfect its just the alternate tunings are completely out of whack. Attach a soundfile and pictures of the tunings in work bench before and after Test.m4a
  5. Hi everyone Recently I've been having problems with my POD Studio UX2. When I try to play any sound using my UX2 the needles on the front move but no sound is outputted through my speakers. I've also tried a couple of different pairs of headphones and I can't hear anything through them either. Furthermore, I can't record sound through the instrument input or the microphone input. These problems started when I plugged my bass into my bass amp which was plugged into the mains then ran the output from my bass amp into the UX2. When I did this the lights on the front of my UX2 turned off and the clip lights started blinking. Upon unplugging then replugging the lights came back on like normal but I couldn't hear anything from my speakers. The needles move when I play sound and everything software-wise and hardware-wise indicates that I should be playing sound. This would indicate to me some sort of electrical fault in the device however the lights do stay on and the needle still does move when it should be playing sound. My second guess would be that only the output jack is damaged but the device can't record instrument or microphone audio or play it. This issue did occur after trying to set up ASIO Link Pro but I have since uninstalled that program and the problem still occurs. Aside from that nothing appears to have changed software-wise. I've plugged different amps into my UX2 before and had absolutely no issue. If it's of any use the bass amp I used was a Peavey TKO 80 and I had it plugged into a standard British socket and there appears to be no damage done to the amp. I've also had a Vox AD15VT plugged into my UX2 before and there was no issue. I am using Windows 10 and I have all the latest drivers installed. Thanks for taking the time to read my post :)
  6. I suspect this is a hardware problem but wondered if anyone has had a similar experience before I get onto Line 6. My JTV59 was fine until this morning when it started to produce a constant loud and grating buzz from the magnetic pickup - just when connected via the data cable to an HD500. No issue with modelled sounds over data link. No problem from mags when connected via normal jack. The problem is just with mags over the data link. I've tried changing the cable and reflashing the firmware to kind of reset the electronics but neither made any difference. Any other ideas? Thanks
  7. I’m not sure if this is a software or hardware problem but now it’s really driving me crazy. Since acquiring my Helix at the end of November 2015, I have been using it at the heart of of my studio set up, effectively replacing my old POD HD500 and Focusrite Saffire Firewire interface recording system. Essentially the Helix is connected via USB to my 6 month old, 3.3GHz iMac Retina 5K (with 32GB of RAM installed). From new the Helix has had every update done, up to the latest firmware v1.06.5 on the release date16th Feb and the Mac is now OS X El Capitan 10.11.14 (installed 28th March, a while after problems started). My near field powered monitors are cabled to the Helix 1/4†out sockets with gold plated jack plugs and my Variax then hooks up on the dedicated input. In addition my, very old (if it’s good enough for Brian Eno then it’s good enough for me), RolandED PC-180 MIDI keyboard controller which uses the old school DIN plug to input MIDI data to the various software synths available in GarageBand or whatever, goes to “MIDI in†on the rear of the Helix. I have to say that the swap over was quick and painless (i.e. no drivers etc.). Everything simply worked perfectly normally, as it should, until about 2 weeks back (early March) when things started to get very weird. Any audio from iTunes or via the internet seems to function normally. It’s when I playback a GarageBand/Logic X track, it will start out O.K., and then after very short while (less than a couple of minutes) the audio degrades to the point where it sounds like it is running through a bit crusher effect, spluttering and popping until it ultimately fades into silence. This then becomes a system wide problem, screwing any and all up audio coming from any other source, iTunes, YouTube etc. The only way to clear the bug is by switching back and forth to the iMac onboard audio, except on returning to your favourite DAW it happens again, and again, and again. Apart from the audio output being screwed, the MIDI has also ceased to work properly. Any pre-recorded MIDI played back O.K. until the audio channels start to go flakey. Using the PC-180 keyboard I can get soft synths to trigger intermittently on single notes in GBand, but in Logic - not a sound, nada, zip, zilch, zero. It’s totally bizarre, because nothing has really changed - once the recording system had been set up, it was, fire and forget, nothing else required. It just worked! O.K. To try and figure this out I wanted to go through everything in the chain. First hurdle - cannot test the Retina iMac and FocusRite because the interface is FireWire400 into the module and the Mac is Thunderbolt to FW800 crossover. ARRGH! Right! I decided to connect everything up to the old iMac, how it had been pre Helix days. So I have the Focusrite patched to the MIDI keyboard on DIN, that sends/receives audio and MIDI via FireWire and outputs audio to the monitors. Yep - that works just fine, no stuttering, soft synths respond to slow swelling chords and fast single note sequences. So, now I use Helix as the hub, in the way listed above except this time it’s the old Mac running GarageBand. Well, I think you can guess what happens - correct we are back with the spluttering, stuttering, crackling popping and fading audio and flakey MIDI. Now don’t get me wrong but, when it comes to this hi tech MIDI sort of stuff, friends and associates usually ask me to fix it for them (hence the handle “data commandoâ€). I’ve been using computers and MIDI for over 30 years, in 1984 I owned an early Roland JX3P - the first synth with MIDI - which was hooked up to a Yamaha CX5M II MSX Computer System, and later to an Atari 1040ST (1986) running Sternberg’s Pro24 Sequencer (early version of Cubase). I still have a collection of rack mounted vintage synth/sample,FX modules e.g., Roland U110 and D110, Yamaha TX81Z and SPX90, Kawai K3M and K1M plus an AKAI S950 and XE8. Oh yeah, there is a Roland GR33, BOSS GT6, PODXT Live and a HD500 along the back wall, and a Korg digital drum machine in a box somewhere in here. Please note: on the iMac I have done all the usual “fix it†stuff - repair permissions, reset SMC and zapped the PRAM/NVRAM. There must be someone out here in Helix land who can maybe give me a clue has to WTF is happening - please help! And while I’m at it - why does Line 6 and the Helix state audio sample rates of 44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96KHz. On the Mac only 48 can be selected - surely some mistake? See attached png. At the moment this whole shebang is totally FUBAR!
  8. After enjoying my HD500 for years (i think i bought it when they'd been out 6 months or so) I hit a problem at a gig on Saturday. I hadn't used the POD for a few years, but I remember updating the firmware every few months just in case I was going to get it out and play! Then comes the time I actually get back into gigging and on stage I discover the XLR outputs aren't working! On further investigation the headphone out isn't working either, but S/PDIF and 1/4 outs are fine. Here's the steps i've taken: 1) I rolled it back as far as v2.31 with the Monkey - no change 2)So I went waaaaaaay back to v1.43.00 and it still didn't work - and i know that back when that was the latest firmware it most definitely DID work. I've got everything on MAX, got a hot signal from the 1/4 and am running the XLRs into a pre-amp set at instrument level with a lot of gain and its dead. 3) Went back to the latest v2.31 - it now crashes just after boot up 4) did a Safe Mode re-flash - same 5) did a global parameter reset and flash - it lives! 6) XLR still doesnt work Does anyone have any suggestions of things to try? I'm out of ideas. Is there a single module in the unit that controls the headphones and XLRs? Anyone know if it's fixable? I guess if I gig again I can just take a DI box with me :(
  9. Hi all, the move switch/button on my HD500 just stopped working. does anyone know how to sort? or where to get a replacement part? thankyou
  10. I just purchased a pod hd 300 and after some time there no display the rest of it is working fine with pc but no display in its screen (lcd thingy )
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