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Found 11 results

  1. Looking for Funky Tones for my Spider IV/75 Watt amp - Something like the rhythm guitar sound on Play That Funky Music by Wild Cherry. ‘I also have an FBV Shortboard MKII and searched online but haven’t found it.
  2. Hy. I have a compatibility issue. I have a Pod HD 500 rack and FBV Shorboard. Everything worked very well until i did an update. After the update it didn`t work at all, as if it was broken. Athough it worked 10 minutes befor. Can someone help me? maybe settings need to be made! Thanks
  3. I have a new Spider V 120 and am using a FBV shortboard as my foot controller. How do I use the FBV to do looping?
  4. Okay here's the dealio, and I think this has been plaguing me for a while now and I didn't even realize it was doing it (Causing) it at full band practice levels. I quit using the fbv shortboard mkii with the Vetta because I picked up the mk i recently and like it better. Better switches/better screen blah blah. So the issue is ( I just found out) is just the slightest touch of the gas pedal and it drops the volume level. Then when you change to a different patch within the same bank the volume goes back to normal. So last night I shut off the vol pedal for both amps in the effect control setup menu of the amp. Now everything works perfect, except no volume pedal lol. So I turned them all back on and set the minimum to 55% on all and saved thinking that might work cool as a volume boost method as I'd leave it in the heel position and then push to toe position for leads. Once again this works great......Except for the fact that that slight pressure on the pedal or switching between the patches changes the volume level again......Arggggh
  5. I have a Spider Valve 112 MKII and I am using my FBV Shortboard MKI. Is it worth the money to upgrade to a FBV Shortboard MKII?
  6. Hey guys! So, my dad happens to have a Flextone III+ with an working FBV Shortboard (MkI) connected. Since I'm quite the Line6 guy too, i bought a Shortboard MkII for use with my computer (Pod Farm 2.5). Now i thought, woudlnt it be cool to connect my MkII to his Flextone III, since we play in the same practice room, and i could mess around with my own presets. (IF the presets are stored in the shortboard, if someone can confirm this is not the case, you can close this thread!) So, here comes the problem: The old Shortboard is connected via a strange connector with a couple of pins, dont know how they're called, almost like an old sVideo connector but lager and with more pins. Also, this connector has a Screw-thingy around it, to lock it in place. The old shortboard has this connector too, exclusivly this connector. (and an expression pedal plug, of course) My question now is, where the f*** am i supposed to connect a RJ45 cable for my MkII? I've looked for a connector all over the place, but couldnt find one, and I saw some photos online of a Flextone III having a RJ45 connector instead of the stupid one I have... (if you can't tell by now, I'm getting annoyed by this...) Now, do I have any chance of connecting my MkII to this amp? For further investigation, i think i can provide serial numbers(if they help) and pictures. I'm getting the feeling we got a super special one time run edition here... Thanks a lot in advance!
  7. Anyone know what the functions of the FBV Express and FBV Shortboard are with this amp?
  8. Whenever I use the tap tempo on my FBV Shortboard MKII going into my POD HD Pro, it'll work for a few taps, but then it suddenly maxes out the tempo at 240bpm. I've tried re-installing the flash memory, but the problem persists. Any ideas?
  9. I am having an issue with line 6 edit, I am not able to download tones on 4 different computes to my fbv mkii shortboard running windows 7,vista and xp. line 6 monkey and all drivers are updated but line 6 spider iv edit and line 6 spider valve edit does not recognize my device while line 6 monkey does.I have deleted and reinstalled both edit programs with no fix..I find it odd that monkey recognizes device (fbv shortboard) but both edit programs do not..
  10. Anyone had this weird problem - I use the pitch glide setting to create a dive bomb effect when playing the intro to 'lonely boy' and twice playing it on a local festival stage, the pitch glide has either failed completely (which somewhat ruins the intro!) or has been intermittent. This has never happened in any other rehearsal or gig. The only issue I could come up with is that walkie talkies, which have been used by the stage crews in each instance, may have been causing radio interference with the RJ45 cable connecting my FBV Shortboard to my amp (a Spider IV 150). And because the pitch glide effect requires a non-static or changing signal, from Shortboard to amp, this was somehow failing to be transmitted 'cleanly' along the RJ45 cable. I have now bought a more robust RJ45 which claims to have better insulation from radio interference. Then again we have also now dropped that song from our live set - just in case it happens again! Thoughts/comments/shared experiences anyone....?
  11. Hello all, I'm very sorry if this has been asked before. I'm at work and do not have a lot of time to search.....sorry. Can someone please tell me the latest updates/patches for Spider IV 75 and the FBV Shortboard? Thank in advance, Randy
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