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Found 111 results

  1. Hi, who here runs the firehawk in a 4 cable method? I have tried to compare the sound from my amp when I go through the firehawk, and when not, and I'm quite convinced that the distortion in the sound on my amp is slightly reduced when I have the firehawk connected. When I chug on my guitar, either in a power chord or on a simple palm muted string, I feel that the distortion and "chug"-iness is a bit reduced when I've connected in the 4cm as to when I've got the guitar only connected to the amp. I love the distortion on my amp, but when I connect the firehawk, ... not so much.. and it's been eating at me for a long time. I've looked at the fx loop settings and the volume settings are at neutral , or 0. Any one experience this?
  2. I recently purchased the Firehawk and am unable to get various computers to accept the required update to use the app. Unless I' missing it in the downloads It appears that none of the updates are for the Firehawk. Can anyone offer some assistance. I called customer support and they had no idea how to help mel This is what appears on my android device and IPad.
  3. Hi, does anybody know how to make a playlist that will play back in my library (Android, Samsung Nexus 10)? I am tired of hearing my ringtones in between the backing tracks. I created a playlist using play music but I do not see it appearing in firehawk remote. Looked all over for info, hidden buttons, checked the guide, searched the forums and knowledgebase, zilch. Thanks.
  4. I really would love to buy the Firehawk. I love the simplicity of quickly and easily getting a great sound. I love the integration with touchscreen tablets and phones. The thing that's keeping me from purchasing the Firehawk is that Firehawk owners are not able at the time to purchase model packs, So I have 2 questions 1. Is the Firehawk capable of adding more amp models or is what is currently installed on the firehawk all that it can store on it. 2. Will Firehawk owners be able to purchase HD Model packs in the near future or at any point?
  5. Hi, I just have a few questions, what would be better, a multi-effects with a speaker or a multi-effects with an amp? If I decided to get a multi-effects and a speaker what speaker should I get? What advantages are there getting a firehawk fx rather then an amplifi fx100, amplifi TT, amplifi 150 or amplifi 75? What are the advantages of the Pod HD500X over anything else? It seems so popular I feel like I might be missing something. Also what is better about the Pod HD Pro compared to the HD500X? Thanks in advance
  6. Can you do dotted eighth delay on the Firehawk?
  7. Hi! The latency when switching presets in the Firehawk is still something that buggers the hell outta me... I've got the latest 1.20 version, but compared to my old Boss GT-8 (from 2005), the Firehawk is much slower. Here are the two videos. I even made the Firehawk patches copies of the first hoping that this would make it switch faster, to no avail. The Boss GT-8 has different settings and effects on each preset as it has almost no latency while switching presets anyway. And no comments regarding the sound, they are placed 4 feet apart and this affects the recorded camera sound. Firehawk: Boss GT-8: Any comments on the Latency, Line 6 people?
  8. I own a marshall MG 50 CFX and the Q acoustics 2020i speakers. Could I wire the Firehawk to both or should I only wire it up to one? https://marshallamps.com/products/amplifiers/mg-carbon-fibre/mg50cfx/ http://www.amazon.co.uk/Q-Acoustics-2020i-Graph-Pr/dp/B006H4E1XU/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1445290733&sr=8-2&keywords=q+acoustics+2020i
  9. Hi, I've started playing my Firehawk buy connecting it to my notebook using a USB connection, the audio quality is awesome (better than playing through my amp), but I experience quite a lot of latency while playing, I'd like to known if anyone has a fix for this, because it's quite frustrating when playing to a backing track or metronome.
  10. I like the Firehawk, but if you intend taking it out on the road, watch out for the little button at the back which is not referenced in the manual PA/AMP. If you inadvertently have the PA setting set to on and you connect to an amp, it boosts volume massively. I didn't realise what the issue was until I came off stage, by which time the front row were all completely deaf :)
  11. Hi there, I have a Firehawk with Variax JTV-69 and have also ordered a Helix. Other than the blindingly obvious "why don't I actually try and get better at playing the guitar before falling prey to a GAS attack?" the question I have is “why would I keep Firehawk when I also have a Helix?â€. I'm thinking because of Firehawk's abilities to be controlled by an iPad (which I really like), to be able to download tones via the ipad and also the fact that I can play a backing track from the iPad into the Firehawk and play along. I know the Helix doesn't have the ipad ability and L6's explanation makes sense to me that it was too much data that would have to be passed via Bluetooth so I've come to terms with that. I'm not sure how Helix will allow me to connect something so I can play a backing track through the system, though. I don't know whether I'm being dumb to think I'll need to keep the Firehawk with all that Helix has to offer but I'd welcome any thoughts/comments anyone might have about keeping it or not as the case may be (when) Helix arrives. I have no idea whether the Firehawk will lay there pretty much unused, or whether actually it will provide me the best of both worlds if I can connect the two (i.e. GUI via ipad and backing blend via Firehawk plus Helix's strengths). Cheers...Rod
  12. I am enjoying the early days of gigging with a Firehawk. I must say that I like it a lot. Great job, Line 6! BUT.... I would like to ask Line 6 to put out a new device with these features: Something like the firehawk but: 1) Smaller. Much smaller. The Helix, HD series and Firehawk are too big. 2) Yes, I want the wah/volume pedal. 3) I don't care if I edit on PC or by bluetooth... just make it easy. 4) Like the Firehawk, but with a button that can turn on or off the amp modeling. 5) Assignable buttons - like Firehawk - but ALL can be assigned and ALL have a small screen showing what the buttons are assigned to. 6) Patches are OK, but not necesary. I would rather have ONE patch with 8 buttons where I can turn on/off the effects assigned to those buttons. 7) Did I mention - keep it SMALL?
  13. As an early adopter of the Bluetooth concept with my Amplifi 150, I've invested in a Firehawk and so far I'm mightily impressed. In the early days of Amplifi there were issues: 1. Is it gig able....not really, not loud enough, maybe a small pub and that's about it. 2. 4 on-board tones, nowhere near enough 3. Bluetooth in an live environment.... no way, too messy, too risky and too steal able 4. I bought an FBV short board 1 to get more gig tones...mistake, FBV 2 was better but still a frig and not good enough to compete with my stomps. 5. As an in house practice device the Amplifi is great and the stereo is excellent 2. The early Tone Cloud was rubbish. What I wanted was a multi FX that was bombproof and easy to operate at the point of delivery. The Firehawk has got it right. Use the Pad /phone to select and tweak the tones you need, upload to the Hawk and go gig. Brilliantly simple. The tones are mighty close to premier stomps, so much so, only us musos would notice. The Tone library is now brilliant...just type in "Rory Gallagher" and its there, My Gibson custom is magically transformed into a battered Strat. Its also occurred to me, having tried it with a number of guitars, that the guitar is fast becoming redundant; it really doesn't matter what you plug into the Hawk, it still sounds great. This is great news for guys and girls who can't afford a premier guitar.....with the Hawk ... you no longer need one. Word of warning, do NOT try to upgrade the firmware via a pad or phone it can hang and take forever. Use the downloader software available from the L6 website. Yep the boys have got it right, the latency doesn't bother me, you just need to time your run if switching during a performance. Most times I'll be using a max of two tones. And most times I'll be using the pedal as a boost. I've been reading about the Helix and OK it takes this stuff to the next level, but quite frankly for most gigging musos the Hawk is more than enough. Keep rockin Fergy
  14. Does the Firehawk FX supply USB power to an iPhone/iPad? If not, can it be used with powered USB Hub to power an iPhone/iPad? Thanks
  15. I think it would very useful if users of the Firehawk had the option to assign pre-programmed tones to the top row of foot-switches FS1 – FS5. Effectively giving users 9 pre-set patches per bank. I guess this would mean losing the ability to turn stomps on and off on banks programmed in this way. Perhaps this could be an option per bank? So you either have, 4 patches with stomps on a bank… OR … 9 pre-set patches on a bank. To me it seems a relatively simple idea that could hopefully be included in a firmware update? I have submitted this on ideascale. So, if like me, you would find this a HUGE leap forward in the usability of this Multi-FX System, please VOTE HERE - http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/FIREHAWK-assign-pre-programmed-patches-to-FS1-FS5/780844-23508 Cheers Mike :)
  16. Any plans to incorporate Amplifi style town matching into the Firehawk?
  17. Gigged with Firehawk into Stagesource LT3 last night and had a lot of squealing/feedback issues. Slightly confused by this as I tested my pre-sets at stage/gig volume - no problem - after upping the noise gate settings a bit. Perhaps it was the room dynamics....I don't know but thinking I might need to return to my Fender Hot Rod.....shame as I get and like the idea of using FRFR. Has anyone had similar problems and hopefully a solution or two......
  18. Please excuse my nievity - when connecting my Firehawk to a Stagesource Lt3 is it better to use xlr or 1/4" Jack or, I suspect, it doesn't make any difference? My second question is what might I gain from a stereo connection and how would I do this - do I need a second amp/speaker? Thank you in anticipation...... Evorgeloc
  19. Guys- I have filed the following firmware update wishes within line6.IdeaScale.com In case you are looking for these kind of improvements, too, I'll be glad, if you could vote for it . THANKS! Firehawk FX: Add Boost Functionality 'Switch on/off Solo Boost' 1. Generally Change Preset Indicator LED on Floorboard Firmware from Bright Red into now Dimmed Red 2. Assign a boost level +xx dB within the Firehawk App whilst 'Boosted', also apply Default Bost = on/off whilst Preset is being selected 3. Whilst Preset is selected tap on the already selected FX-Switch for this Patch again (twice quickly). This will both enable the Boost and change the colour of the FX switch into Bright Red 4. Switch Boost off whilst tapping again on the selected Preset FX-Switch Firehawk FX: Add Alternate Preset Mode Functionality 1. Generally Change Preset Indicator LED on Floorboard Firmware from Bright Red into now Dimmed Red 2. Assign an alternate / modified Preset with some FX blocks defined on/off as customized in the Firehawk App 3. Whilst Preset is selected tap (hold for 2 seconds) on the already selected FX-Switch for this Patch again. This will both enable the Alternate Preset Mode (hold for 2 seconds again) and change the colour of the FX switch into Bright Yellow (OR start flashing) 4. Switch Alternate Preset Mode off whilst tapping again on the selected Preset FX-Switch Firehawk FX: Add Smart Preset-Change Mode Functionality 1. Default Preset Change mode is 'Hard Change-over' (as it works today) 2. Assign an alternate Smart Preset Change mode in the Firehawk App,. This generally applies to the Floorboard functionality. Within the Smart Preset Change Over Mode, the user should be able to define a fade-out time of the previously selected preset, once a new preset had already been selected. This will help to have a smoother switch from one preset to the next, i.e. delays of the former preset used will not be just hard cut-off... 3. Whilst Alternate Preset Change mode is selected the Bank-up and Bank-down FX-switch LED's (if there are any..) will turn into dimmed grey (from being off in the default setting) Firehawk FX: Global Looper Mode Functionality
  20. Is there any way to manually punch in the numbers for a tempo using the keyboard on the firehawk app? I set up patches for individual songs a lot and it's a pain to try and use the tap tempo to hit an exact tempo for every patch that I make. But it won't let me select the tempo value to just type the numbers in. Am I missing something? I would really appreciate a feature of just being able to touch the tempo number and type in a new tempo.
  21. Yesterday, I traded in my pod HD500X for a Firehawk unit. Before anyone calls me crazy, I want to explain why. I usually only play in my house. I play music and jam to it. I practice. Occasionally, I get together with a buddy. I don't own an amp. Part of the fun for me is to design patches that sound like the songs I like to play. Using the HD 500X to edit patches was a pain in the neck. I didn't like to edit patches on the unit, and the HD 500 edit program wasn't really working for me either. If I edited patches on the unit, I was stopping and bending over just to make a tweak. If I edited the patch on the computer, I would have to sit down and I would often get distracted from playing. When I had an X3 live, I created a midi template that would allow me to make patch edits on my iPad. However, when I upgraded to the HD500X, the midi implementation was completely different. So, I realize I've lost some functionality, but gained a lot more in the process. I think it fits my needs better than the HD500X. Your results may vary. Here are a couple of issues that showed up right away: Bluetooth connectivity was kind of flaky at first. The unit would frequently disconnect from my phone or my iPad. This document helps me troubleshoot the connectivity issues. Turning off Bluetooth on my iMac and moving my iPad away from my iMac and my router made a big difference in connectivity. Basically, try to eliminate any sources of interference with the Bluetooth signal. When you initially connect your iPad to the FH, it takes a 30 seconds or so to transfer the patches to your iPad. Sometimes, it doesn't preload all of them at the same time, so if you are trying to scroll down to bank 25, you have to wait as it retrieves each bank from the FH. Loading patches from the iPad works fine, but does take a few seconds, it likely wouldn't work if you were playing live and trying to switch that way. That being said, you can organize your patches, storing them wherever you want in any of the ABCD locations in any of the 32 banks. Then you can use the ABCD buttons to switch between them. Switching patches that way is very quick. I don't keep music on my iPad, I use Beats music instead. So, I didn't get to try out the tone matching yet. Playing music from Beats works fine. When switching between the FH application and other music applications on my iPad, the FH disconnects from the iPad. It does reconnect automatically, but that takes a few seconds. Using tone search, you can usually find a patch that gets you close and edit from there. Loading the patch from the cloud is as simple as tapping on it. Editing patches on the iPad is fun and intuitive. Once a patch has changed, the title of the patch turns red indicating that what you are hearing is different from what is stored on the FH. You can save the changes to the FH from the iPad using the"Save info" button. However, I find it easier to use the FH. On the FH, the patch will have a period next to it's location in the title. For Example "30D.Cray Clean" in its name, indicating that changes have been made. You can save those changes by tapping and holding the patch button, the FH will show you the patch location, Tap and hold again to save to that location. (If this is unclear, there are instructions in the manual for saving patches.) Once the patch has been saved, the period disappears - "30D Cray Clean" Making small changes to patches while playing is really easy and doesn't require you to bend over and mess with the FH or use your computer. As with all POD units, volume leveling between patches will likely be necessary One thing I REALLY like is that stomps are color-coded, And the LEDs change colors, so you always know what effect is where, Making it easy to turn them on and off, and you don't get confused between patches. For example, MOD effects will always be blue, reverb effects will always be orange, regardless of where you put them in the signal chain. Much easier than the HD500X where the LED's were all red and I had to remember where each stomp was for each different patch. The tuner is cool, it shows up on the iPad, on the display on the FH, and the LEDs around the large volume knob. Accessing the Varian settings for the patch is easy and works great. Guitar Model, pickup and tuning are all assignable by patch. Love switching from a Lester to a Strat to an acoustic at the stomp of a switch. As far as the sound is concerned, the FH sounds fantastic! It has all of the HD models the pod HD500X has out of the box. I don't think that it has the new HD models that were just released as an add-on. I'm not sure if those will be available for the FH in the future firmware add-ons. I found many of the preloaded patches to be very usable. Since I use the JTV, It would be nice to see more acoustic presets. I don't think it does dual tone patches, but I didn't use any anyways. Patches from older PODS are not compatible with the Firehawk.... So, if you have a library of POD patches, it doesn't seem like you can just port them to your Firehawk - that is a bummer. The build is very solid. Good weight to it, but not as heavy as the POD HD500X. Metal case. The buttons are the same as the HD500X, except for the color coded LEDS. The Drive, Bass, Mid, Treb, etc knobs are not notched, they are nice and smooth. When you turn one, the LED's around the volume show you where the initial setting for that parameter was with a red LED, and White LED's show up as you turn the knob. Cool! The large volume knob works as a volume and blend control - like a mixer between the guitar volume and the music you are playing to. It feels solid, and is notched, meaning it clicks as you turn it. LED's light up for either. You can also adjust the volume and blend from the iPad etc. I would have liked a little more control here, the volume jumps between the clicks a little too much for my liking. But, it's easily fixed by using the volume on the iPad as well. Expression pedal is a little cheaper then the HD500X, but is very solid still. Works fine and is assignable like the other PODS. Overall, I'm loving it. Let me know if you have any questions. JP
  22. Here is my video showing the stock presets for the Firehawk FX.
  23. Hey guys, Check out my latest video showing a song I created using the Firehawk and my iPad.
  24. Here is how to update the Firehawk FX step by step: For Windows 7, 8, or 10 systems, please start with step 1. For OSX 10.8 and up, skip to step 8. 1. In order for your computer to see the Firehawk you will need to install the driver for the device to your computer. open a web browser and navigate to line6.com/software and select Product: Firehawk FX Software: Drivers from the drop down menus at the top of the page. 2. Pick the top selection from the next page by selecting "Get Download". 3. Accept the terms. 4. If in Windows, choose the run option and run the installer or navigate to the downloads window and run the installer. Pressing Control + J will bring up the downloads menu in most windows browsers, alt + command + L for Safari on Mac. 5.Disconnect your Firehawk from the computer if it's connected via USB and run the installer. 6. In the installer make sure the drivers from the Firehawk have a green check. Click next until the installer completes. 7. Reconnect Hardware when prompted and let Windows assign the driver. Now your computer will be able to communicate properly with the Firehawk. Make sure the Firehawk is turned on attempting when this. 8. Now, lets download the updater utility. Open your web browser, navigate back to line6.com/software and select Line 6 Updater under the software drop down menu. 9. Select get download under the top selection: 10. Accept the agreement. 11. If in Windows, choose the run option and run the installer or navigate to the downloads window and run the installer. Pressing Control + J will bring up the downloads menu in most windows browsers, alt + command + L for Safari on Mac. OIr the installer will be in your downloads folder. 12. Run the installer for Line 6 updater. 13. In the installer make sure Updater has a green check, click next until the installer completes. 14. Run Line 6 updater from the start menu on WIn 7, Applications Folder on a Mac, or C:/Program Files (86)/Line 6 on Windows 8. 15. Accept the agreement. 16. Login to Updater with your username and password from the Line 6 website. 17. Select the Firehawk. 18. Select the latest version of flash memory. This is always the top selection. 19. NOTE: This part of the updater explains how to reset the Firehawk if it should fail. You can refer to the image here for instructions if that should ever happen. Click Next to Proceed. 20. Wait for the progress bar to complete. 21. Updater will let you know when the update is complete.
  25. Hi! This is the first pedal with send/return I will buy, and I have some questions if you can help me: - I suppose the send will transport the original guitar signal to apply external effects and then the return can be inserted at any stage. Is this right? - What happens if I use only the return to insert additional audio? Will it replace the full sound? Thanks, Regards.
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