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Found 115 results

  1. Can the firehawk 1500 amps do all the orange amps because I just need one amp for gigging. All my orange amps are heavy to bring around so can the firehawk 1500 do that.
  2. I propose to make the noisegate shiftable. Specially the ability to shift AFTER the effectsblock in order to cancel hums of extreme distortion pedals
  3. When I switch on the wah in a certain patch on the firehawk fx I notice that the loudness increases in comparison to the original volume. It is not possible to change the volume of the wah effect. Does anyone know how to get the same loudness with the wah pedal switched on and off?
  4. If you have had the Pod Desktop unit (the black one, Pod HD), how does the Firehawk compare. I've heard someone say that it has pretty much the same effects, just as a foot pedal version. I have the desktop unit, but really like what I'm reading review wise, of the Firehawk. Thanks!
  5. First time poster here so please go easy! I've been a fan of Line 6 products since the late 90's and have owned various products over the years. I recently got a powered Kemper Profiling amp but looking into the FRFR vs Cab debate just leaves me feeling dizzy as its all opinion/interpretation. So.....my question is this: Can you bypass all the effects etc on a Firehawk 1500 and simply use it as an FRFR speaker output for the Kemper? Bearing in mind that both units are 'powered', I wouldn't want to blow either device to bits! According to a few guys I've spoken to at various music shops, you can bypass the effects on the Firehawk but how would I connect it to the Kemper to simply use it as an FRFR speaker outlet given that it is also powered? Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  6. Any suggestions on a decent pc software for running my Firehawk FX into? Preferable a free software. I have the free version of amplitube 3. It will work? What type of cable do I need? Thanks for any suggestions and help.
  7. Hi Guys, new to the forum but have been aLine 6 user for many years. I currently use a rackmount Pod Pro with full floorboard and a JTV 59, along with a 'normal' guitar live. I use an AB switching pedal to send one or the other guitar's signal into the POD. I'm considering changing to a Firehawk FX, and was wondering if i could connect the JTV59 via the VDI cable to the firehawk, and my 'normal' guitar to the 1/4" jack input, and somehow switch between the guitars that way? Is this possible? Also in my current setup i use another AB box to switch the guitars to the POD or to a seperate channel on the Mixing desk for Acoustic sounds from the JTV. How might this work with the Firehawk? Finally, on the POD Pro i use the XLR outputs to the desk and 1/4" jack outputs to a stereo power amp going into 2 Marshall 1x12s, will i still be able to do this? Many thanks for your advice!
  8. This might be a silly question, but what is to stop someone with the Remote App on their phone to hijack your settings while on stage? Is there a way to disable the Bluetooth on the amp to prevent this? Or can only one device be paired at one time? Many thanks for any input. BTW - the Firehawk 1500 is really cool!
  9. Hi guys, Long time L6 user but never posted here. :) I've both Firehawk 1500 and Helix. Very happy user. As the Firehawk has some really nice FX I would like to experiment and use out of my main Helix chains, would be awesome if the Helix could toggle on/off those effects via MIDI. As far as I can tell, MIDI on the 1500 is just working to change patches, but this seems odd to me as there's nothing preventing Helix to send Toggle command to the Firehawk which seems ready to receive MIDI. Also asking myself why adding a full MIDI section just to change up/down patch. Anyone know if we can use Helix, or any other third party MIDI controller, to toggle effects on/off on the FH1500? If the answer is no as it seems, is there anything preventing this to be a future update? Would be really awesome and the cherry on the cake to be the perfect companion for the Helix. Thanks everyone.
  10. Can someone has recorded Vocals with the firehawk fx
  11. Just wondering, as I ideally want to run an additional pedal board along side my Firehawk fx with additional stompboxes but still be able to turn all effects off via the Firehawk when changing presets. If this is possible could someone tell me how I can achieve this? Thanks so much
  12. I would like to connect my Firehawk to my Mac and edit like i would on the iPhone.
  13. Hi there, Does anybody know what kind of DAC and/or amp is behind the headphone out jack on the Firehawk FX? When I connect the Firehawk to my computer via USB and play AIFF for FLAC files from iTunes, the music has much more clarity, instrument separation, and clean power than just plugging headphones straight into my iMac headphone jack. Jamming with my favorite songs is a very high sound quality experience. I use Sennheiser HD598 headphones, so that helps. Because the result it similar to using a dedicated USB DAC/headphone amp combo, I just wondered what's in the Firehawk that makes it sound so good. Anybody know? Or is that a trade secret?
  14. Firehawk 1500 arrived this morning. Very impressed. Default patches a bit eurgh, but have dialled in some nice ones of my own already. However, headphone output seems to be mono-only even when the output is wide stereo. Same headphones yield Stereo on my HD Pro X... Anyone else experienced this?
  15. I am having an issue with the USB recording.. it will be working for a while then a small noise, and then the guitar is delayed by a full second (ironically the bluetooth audio from my iPhone is not interrupted at all).. just the guitar suddenly is delayed horribly...
  16. egriffith

    Firehawk TT

    I want a Firehawk TT. The circuits and software of a Firehawk FX floorboard in the hardware design of the Amplifi TT. I know most gigging pros probably prefer a floorboard unit, but I'd love a desktop unit. I'd plunk down my hard-earned cash if Line 6 releases something like this. Any thoughts? Limitations or reason why they won't? Anybody else want something like this?
  17. Hi, Recently my POD X3 Live stopped working; I had an electrician look at it and he found out that the power switch wasn't working so he's sorted that for me - so I can use my X3 again; but it brought home how old it is and that I should probably replace it but here's my problem. These are the amp models that I use on my X3; exclusively in a Dual Tone setup with each amp panned 80% left/right. 2002 ANGEL P-Ball (2002 ENGL Powerball ch2) - not on the HD500X 2002 Bomber Uber (2002 Bogner Uberschall) HD500X 2002 Bomber X-TC (2002 Bogner Ecstasy) - not on the HD500X 1985 Cali Crunch (Mesa/Boogie Mark II-C+) - not on the HD500X 2003 Connor 50 (2003 Cornford mk50h) - not on the HD500X 2002 Criminal (2002 Peavey® 5150) - Pay to Win HD500X 2003 Deity Crunch (2003 Diezel VH4 ch3) - not on the HD500X 2003 Deity Lead (2003 Diezel VH4 ch4) - not on the HD500X 2003 Deity’s Son (2003 Diezel Herbert) - not on the HD500X 2001 Diamond Plate (Mesa/Boogie Triple Rectifier ch3) - not on the HD500X 2001 Treadplate Dual (Mesa/Boogie Dual Recitifier ch3) HD500X 2001 Zen Master (Budda Twinmaster) - not on the HD500X The Firehawk has the models sure, but it doesn't have Dual Tone. So from what I can tell there's no upgrade path from the X3 without loosing functionality; unless the firehawk has some secret way of doing dual tone? Anyone have any comments about this? Thanks.
  18. I'm as guilty as anyone here, but we need to be posting ideas on Ideascale. This is the best way to get Line6's attention if you have ideas for improvements. When the Ideascale email comes round each week there are dozens of suggestions for improvements for Helix, a few for Pod HD, and maybe one for Firehaek if you're lucky. If you haven't visited it yet, the link is http://line6.ideascale.com/a/home
  19. Hello, Tuesday last week, I bought a Peavey ValveKing 100W used and a 2x12 Carvin custom made cabinet. We had our annual 3rd of July party, where my band plays in my backyard for a few hours, and I took the chance of using this combo for the first time live. I will need to work on my sounds a bit, but that's what the Firehawk is for, all is good there. My problem was, in order for me to get a good loud sound, I needed to crank up the master volume on the Firehawk and run the amp at about 2/3 volume level. I'm only using the clean channel on the amp and letting the patches give the modeling, I had plenty of power even for the open venue, but the output of the amp is low. If I switch to the Line Output mode, of course it gets extremely loud. Line output sounds fine, just a bit more noise, but tons more volume. I'm simply hooking my external volume pedal to the effects loop and 1/4 output of the Firehawk to the In 1 on the amp. Nothing tricky. Did try the 4 cable method a little bit ago, would have to completely change all my tones for that too work properly, and still the volume was real low. I'm curious about your experiences with that. Should I run in Amp Output or Line Output? Will Line Output damage my amp? Thanks, Jason
  20. Firehawk FX Can enable Dual amps Have or do not
  21. Hi, Is there a possibilitiy to change the reference frequence of the tuner in the firehawk? I Need to tune on 442, brass.... Thanks
  22. Does anyone use the FX loop much on their Firehawk? If so, what types of effects/pedals are you putting in the loop? Basically, the Firehawk has replaced my pedal board that I've been piecing together for years and I'm trying to be reasonable and sell off the pedals, since I simply don't use them much. But, also, if I can find any kind of decent excuse to keep some of them and start using them again, I will. Hence, the above question. Thanks!
  23. Hi guys, I started this topic because I have a question concerning preset Firehawk vs. preset Helix. I purchased a year ago the Firehawk and I'm satisfied with the sounds I was looking for and the interface remote is oke but not enough, now 2 months ago I purchased the Helix for its great interface hardware and software for PC with Windows 10, so easy. And everyone was full of praise for the sounds. Especially the editor with 8 Setup list is very nice. But I find it hard to create my own sounds. I play in a cover band with a lot of different songs and sounds as you know. These are in my Firehawk. Now I try to copy the presets on my Firehawk, read "dial in." In the Helix. When I take the exact same amp cabinet in the Helix and Firehawk with compatible settings to compare. Then they sound so different with respect to each other. The Firehawk sounds better than the Helix I must say. But I am convinced that Helix also has to sound as good maybe better. My question is, is there any one of you who also has the Firehawk and the Helix. And make easy good sounds with the Helix. Can I send you one of my firehawk preset and ask you to make a copy preset for the Helix for me. I play on a Blade Rh2 in to the Firehawk or Helix in to the FOH. with rehearsal At home via mixer with 2 Adam monitors. Thanks for listening. sorry for my englisch
  24. I saw the FBV 3 Controller at Line6 NAMM 2016. It has a Helix look and feel, works with Firehawk, and supports versions of POD, POD HD and Spider Valve. Thoughts?
  25. Thought I would share what I use to document my settings.... In the hunt for the "perfect" tone (or tones), I tweak, save, improve ( and then repeat) numerous tones to my personal library. Its hard to track every tweak, so I built a spread sheet so I can visually see the differences. Thought it might help others..... Firehawk Settings Template.xlsx
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