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  1. This post explains one cause of firmware updates/recoveries failing for the Line 6 POD Go. Hope this can help someone. TLDR: prior to updating firmware, shutdown any and all applications that could conceivably use audio. I rented a POD GO a couple of days ago, and the firmware was still at 1.40.1, so soon as I connected to POD GO Edit, it prompted me to update it to 2.0. Unfortunately the firmware update failed. POD Go Edit said it "updated successfully", but the screen on the POD GO device itself just continued to say "Updating..". I'm a software developer, and I know interrupting a firmware update is a big no no, so I went away and came back 30 minutes later. It was still stuck on "Updating..". At this point I sighed, turned the unit off and on, and it wouldn't boot past the "LINE 6 POD GO" screen (still shows firmware at 1.40.1). I tried a factory reset, but it doesn't get past the "Will reset Globals, Presets, IRs..." screen The steps I took were as follows: installed Lined 6 Updater It doesn't see the device. Also tried another USB Cable and alternate USB port. Tried booting POD GO holding "Page >" button. Line 6 Update now sees the device, but the firmware update fails. Will try a different computer later. Tried a different computer. No luck. (this is actually very interesting, which will become apparent later) The solution: Actually read the instructions presented in the Line 6 Updater (I know, I know, RTFM!). The first instruction provided by the Line 6 Updater is: "Shut down any programs that use audio or connect to your POD Go device, like DAWs, iTunes, Spotify, video games, etc." So I opened task manager, and saw that Spotify.exe was actually running in the background, so I killed that. I also killed MS Teams and WhatsApp Desktop. Tried the Updater again, and it worked! The reason I mentioned earlier that it was interesting the update failed on the other laptop, is that it didn't have any of those applications installed. It did however have Discord installed. I suspect that was the culprit.
  2. We are pleased to announce the release of Line 6 Central, our new device management platform. The modern user interface in Line 6 Central brings a simple and clear experience for keeping all your compatible Line 6 gear updated with the latest firmware. The refined workflow in Line 6 Central walks you through the steps required to update your device. This new platform is built on the latest architectures, bringing improved security and seamless operating system integration. Using Line 6 Central is fairly similar to using our previous updater apps Line 6 Updater and Line 6 Monkey. We encourage Line 6 Updater and Line 6 Monkey users to try Line 6 Central for keeping their compatible devices up to date. Otherwise, please continue using the latest version of the applicable software to update your hardware. Please know that Line 6 Central does not replace any of our editor/librarian apps. We still strongly suggest using these apps to back up your presets and settings before updating your firmware. If Line 6 Central gains backup capabilities at any point, we will provide information regarding when and how to transition between apps. The current version of Line 6 Central is compatible with the following device families: Helix (Helix, Helix Rack, Helix LT) HX (HX Effects, HX Stomp, HX Stomp XL, HX One) POD Go (POD Go, POD Go Wireless) Catalyst (60/100/200) DL4 Mk II Spider V (20/30/60/120/120HC/30 MkII/60 MkII/120 MkII/120HC MkII) FBV 3 Relay G70/G75 Relay G10 (G10/G10S/G10T/G10TII) AMPLIFi (30/75/150/FX/TT) Firehawk (FX/1500) POD HD500 (HD500/Pro/Bean/500X/Pro X) James Tyler Variax (59/69/89), Variax Standard, Shuriken (Cannot use Helix as interface) POD Studio (UX1/UX2/GX) Toneport (UX1/UX2/GX/DI) Variax (300/600/500/700/VDI) Support for Powercab will be coming soon. "Please Relaunch" Error Message The Line 6 Central app cannot be run as administrator on any Windows system. If you experience this error message, we suggest you go to the root .exe file (C:/Program Files (x86)/Line 6/Line 6 Central), right click it, select “Properties”, and uncheck “Run this program as an admin” located in the Compatibility tab. We encourage you to contact our Support Staff if you run into any other issues with Line 6 Central.
  3. Hi there guys and girls !! I recently obtained a Bass PODxt which was to be a present for my wife. As you can guess, the unit is second hand. There was no power adapter with it so that I bought too (9VAC, 2000mA). Upon connecting the unit and switching it on, At first I thought it was a kind-of start screen. The Line6 Monkey shows in the display. This stays on for about 3 seconds, then the LCD turns off for approx 1 second and the monkey comes up again. This cycles through indefinately. Turning the knobs on the outer edge of the PODs facia provides the screen with the knob positions showing. This occurs in an intermitting fashion, just like the showing of the Line6 Monkey. As long as you keep rotating knobs, after turning off, it switches back to the knob-position screen. Keeping it steady, the screen goes back to the Line6 Monkey on-and-off. Same happens using the encoder knobs (SELECT and EFFECT TWEAK). The display shows either a SETTING modification screen or the EFFECT TWEAK modification screen... again, after some 3 seconds the screen shortly switches back to "off". If you keep rotating the button, the screen switches back again to the SELECT or EFFECT TWEAK screen (depending on which knob you rotate). Being guided by the icon of the monkey, my first impression was: Problem with the firmware update. For a factory reset, on the internet, I found and tried the option of pressing SAVE and EDIT whilst powering on the POD. With this action came the Factory Recall screen. The screen did not switch again and invited me to execute the recall. I pressed the TUNE button. This lead to..... nothing. The POD returns into the same mode of showing the Line6 monkey on and off. All of this can be seen in the attached movie Still, as the Line6 Monkey is showing on-and-off whilst all buttons are untouched, to me it indicates some mode (probably an error indication mode) which has specifically been provided and demands action. As the monkey showed, I thought Line6 wants to put me on the trail of the Monkey software to use this to solve this. I have installed Monkey 1.77 and, as an update whilst running Monkey 1.77 i presse the button to update to driverset Following the instructions on the screen (NOT connecting the POD whilst installing the driver and CONNECTING it when requested, I connected the POD through a USB cable directly to a USB 3 port directly in my computer. Starting Line6 Monkey 1.77 as administrator, with the POD USB connected, Monkey asks for the connection of the POD through MIDI. There is no other option so I uninstalled, downloaded Driver directly from the Line6 download page and reinstalled Monkey again. I ran the monkey 1.77 installer as administrator. After that I ran the driver installer. Then I restarted Monkey with the POD attached through USB and swiched on (in Monkey-off-on-mode). During the startup, Monkey asks a connection option of the POD. showing only MIDI as the option. No other option available, I click OK and enter the main screen of Monkey. The POD shows to be not connected. And, though the driver update of which I just ran, is not recognized. (see pic06) Monkey however does require this to be done prior to possible firmware updating of the POD. This too becomes a closed loop, installing, restarting Monkey and ending up with the message that drivers need to be updated to To break this loop, I switched to another option I read. Switch off the PODxt, and whilst holding the first of the fout buttons under the display pressed, power it up. This leads to the SAFE MODE. Switching off the POD, closing Monkey on the computer, disconnecting the POD from the USB cable, I powerd up in SAFE MODE. see pic 07 on that. Now I restarted the computer to be sure the drivers would be loaded (if the software refered to it correctly, which I have to assume is the case). This however ended in the "Windows Blue Screen of Death". After that I booted the computer again and connected the POD with the USB cable. After that I started Monkey again as administator. Now finally Monkey starts with the POD recognized as being connected (see pic08). Driver seems installed and up to date. USB drivers are showing up to date as is Monkey itself. only the Firmware is not recognized, shows as "unknown" and the latest version, 1.04 is ready for updating the POD. All lights show green to flash the firmware. So I give it a go. After question about loosing presets (what do I care at this point) and the license agreement, which I gladly accept to the fullest, the flashing finally seems to start. The screen provides a progression bar (pic 09) and the POD shows "UPDATING SOFTWARE,,," (pic 10). Patience is a virtue so we wait the unfolding of this. Monkey comes back with the message to close all applications using the POD (have none running, so I am safe) and subsequently turn off and back on the POD. The POD itself shows more or less the same message (see pic 12). Let's follow the instruction, turn off the POD and tu....... Windows Blue Screen of Death........ rn it back on..... result: We're back to square one. The Line6 Monkey is coming up in the screen and all acts the same. I repeated the complete sequence of this with the program running in Windows 8 compatibility mode (Windows 10 is not available as compatibility mode in this), but at that moment, driver is never recognized as being installed. Back in Windows 11 mode, I finally tried to manually download the firmware file from the site of Line6 as Monkey provides the option to install the firmware file from the local hard drive. This resulted in the same actions of Monkey showing the progression bar, the POD showing that it is being updated. At the end of that road, there is no different outcome... Removing the USB jack prior to switching the POD off gives no different outcome. What I have also initiated more than once was the self-check functions by powering the POD up whilst holding the 4th button under the display. There I must say, are two fails which can be seen: these are for MIDI and FBX. The other functions, SDRAM and SRAM both pass. Some code, 0487A8E3 shows up. Pic 13 provides an image of that. The LCD check, passing a column of pixels from left to right and passing a bar from top to bottom, passes too. I dont know whether the MIDI and FBX fail could be because they're not connected. I am not sure of that. Long story, my appologies... but..... I am now at a loss... wanting to have this present for my lovely wife........ CAN ANYONE HELP ME GETTING THE POD BACK ON ITS OPERATING FEET???
  4. Hi, Always keen for a healthy discussion, and would love to also hear from Line 6 experts like @Digital_Igloo ! Its always so exciting when Line 6 drops a new update, reading through the new features and updates, etc., But as a HX Effects user, I have noticed that every update brings less and less for HXFX users. I am loving what Line 6 is doing in the Helix range, new amps and cabs, etc., and often I wonder… wouldn’t it be wonderful if HXFX could offer some amps and cabs? My setup has changed over the years, where I was using an amp, but now I go direct with Simplifier for amp models, but using the HXFX for its IR capability. I love my HXFX, for me it’s the perfect size and form factor, and often I think it’d be amazing to use some amp modelling on board the HXFX, and I don’t want to downsize to a HX Stomp or upsize to the big Helix range. Understanding that Line 6 is maybe not able to comment or indicate future ambitions for the HX Effects, do you guys think that we will see some new effects and capability/functionality come to the HXFX or has the attention moved away to all the other HX/Helix products instead? There’s lots of exciting new FX coming out to the wider (non Line 6) market, some from Strymon with new reverbs, lots of other quirky and cool mod/filter effects, I wonder if Line 6 could explore expanding the effects range inspired by what’s coming to the market. As a caveat, I think the HXFX is awesome, and we should purchase a unit based on its current capability, not on potential future capability, and even if Line 6 never added anything further to the unit, I’d still love it and recommend it. Always keen to hear everyone’s thoughts!
  5. Good Afternoon, I've fallen into the cycle of firmware update failure that I've seen posted here numerous times. I was coming from a very old Firmware (Could have been the first, don't think it's ever been updated). Following the suggestions I've ready here, I've downloaded the Line 6 Updater as well as the latest firmware, and attempted to update it through that. I get the update has been successful and that my Helix will reset. In doing so, I get the ""Boot Failure, Entered Update Mode!" Restart a few times and same thing. So, I enter the device into update mode (holding 6 and 12 buttons) and attempt do to the update again. Still, same thing. Updater says successful, Helix says, "Boot Failure, Entered Update Mode!". I've even tried to install an older firmware, all resulting in the same results. Any ideas? Thanks so much in advance for any advice that is given. Respectfully, -Pen
  6. Good morning, I hope you are well. I wanted to comment on what happened to my UX2, it was working and the lights went out and it stopped working. There was no surge, nothing abnormal happened. Any ideas? It's not detected by the operating system. Is there a way to revive it via USB or something similar or it definitely died. If the same thing happened to anyone, it would be helpful. Thank you very much.
  7. Here are some recovery steps if the update fails when using HX Edit, or Line 6 Updater on your system. Make sure your laptop is connected to power, or be sure to check your USB cable connections. If you're on a desktop system, we recommend connecting to the rear USB ports near the power source. 1) Download and install the latest version of HX Edit BEFORE you run the update. This installation will also include the latest drivers. If you're on a Windows computer, it may be helpful to restart after the installation. 2) Put your Helix into update mode, by pressing and holding buttons 6 and 12 while you power on the Helix. For the HX Stomp, press and hold down the RIGHT page button while power on the device. (You may get a blank screen that is white, or black - this is normal for the HX Stomp) 3) Use Line 6 Central or the Line 6 Updater (NOT HX Edit) to run the latest firmware update again. Make sure only Line 6 Central or the Line 6 Updater is running during the update, close all other recording applications. (If the Helix is in update mode, it should show up on the screen when updater is open after you sign-in. If the Helix doesn’t appear, try re-booting the Helix normally, you should also try different USB ports on your Mac or PC).
  8. In some cases when docking G10TII in a receiver for firmware update, the transmitter LED may briefly indicate green before changing to flashing red. This is normal. If the transmitter is docked in the receiver device, and the receiver is powered off or power is disconnected (e.g., connected power strip is turned off), the transmitter will enter sleep mode after 4 minutes. When the receiver is powered on again, the transmitter must be un-docked and re-docked before charging will resume. Powering a G10 receiver or G10S receiver from the USB port of a Mac or PC is not supported (this may or may not work, but cannot be guaranteed as it depends on the amount of current available from the computer). If POD Go Wireless is connected to a Mac or PC with the Line 6 Updater app open, and a G10T or G10TII transmitter is docked in the POD Go Wireless, it may take several seconds before the transmitter appears within the Line 6 Updater window. For users of the original G10T transmitter only, the G10S receiver’s battery LED segment will now indicate a solid red LED for the low battery state, without flashing. Each time the G10TII transmitter on the 2.05.0 firmware is docked in a receiver device, the G10TII LED will flash red for 3 minutes while the device’s battery data is read. This will occur even if the G10TII is already at or near a full charge (after that 3 minutes, a transmitter that is at or near a full charge would change to flashing green and eventually to solid green, depending on its charge level).
  9. Desde hace tiempo quiero actualizar mi spider v 30 a la version 2.0, pero la ultima actualizacion que me sale es la 1.05 y he visto muchos videos en youtube en donde si les permite actualizar a la version 2.0 del mismo amplificador que yo tengo. Incluso tengo la ultima version de los drivers, ya no se que hacer ayuda por favor
  10. M5 FIRMWARE UPDATE INSTRUCTIONS NEEDED: A MIDI interface that connects to your computer via USB (download the current Driver for it if you don't have it installed) 2 MIDI cables (or a MIDI interface such as the M-Audio Uno that comes with attached MIDI cables) NOTE: Line 6 recommends a name brand USB to MIDI interface produced by an audio company that supports/updates their drivers. Good choices include: M-Audio, Edirol, E-Mu and MOTU. These interfaces have proven to be more robust and reliable when it comes to large MIDI transfers. For further infomation on MIDI connectivity and interfaces, please go over the following MIDI Document Line 6 Monkey 1.35 or higher installed. Download and install the Line 6 Monkey software here Procedure Connect your MIDI interface to your computer via USB cable. Connect the M5 MIDI Out to your MIDI interface In, and connect the M9/M5 MIDI In to your MIDI interface Out. Launch the Line 6 Monkey 1.35 (or higher) with the M5 connected via the MIDI interface and powered on. Select the Flash Memory line item and click the Update Selection button to install the flash memory update into the M9/M5. The device will receive the firmware data and the unit will be updated to the latest Firmware. It sometimes takes 30 seconds to 1 minute to appear like the unit is receiving the update and takes several minutes to complete. The M5 will re-initialize when the update is complete.
  11. Updating the Firmware: Connect the IEC power cable Using a computer or tablet, go to and download Line 6 Updater Connect the amplifier to your tablet or computer using a USB-B to USB-A or USB-C connection as required by your device Open Line 6 Updater on your device Power up the Catalyst amplifier with the master volume all the way down The Amplifier model and the currently installed firmware version will be displayed as shown: Click on the amplifier photo A window in Updater will open asking you what version of the firmware you want to update to Select the latest version and click ‘Update” Accept the Terms and Conditions When the update completes, the Updater will display a message stating “Your Line 6 product will now restart automatically, and will be ready for use.” IMPORTANT! After the update is complete, power down your Catalyst amplifier, then “RESET” the amplifier by holding down the “B” and “MANUAL” channel buttons while turning the power switch back on. This will update all the presets to the new default settings, so if you want to save your settings, use Catalyst Edit to do so before updating. If the Catalyst fails to update: Power down the amp and close the Updater app. Open the Updater again, then power up the Catalyst while holding A and B to put the unit into bootloader mode. You will then need to manually select the correct Catalyst product from three choices presented by the Updater. Select the latest firmware version, then accept the Terms and Conditions. After the update is complete, power down your Catalyst amplifier, then “RESET” the amplifier by holding down the “B” and “MANUAL” channel buttons while turning the power switch back on.
  12. I have owned an Amplifi 75 for years and years and I haven't had any issues that I've seen on this forum. I use it as a Bluetooth boombox basically at parties and I play my guitars on it in the living room when not blasting through my stack in the garage. I use the app to browse and mess with tones and it really is great despite what everybody says. I really feel bad for people who have had issues because I really enjoy it. I have had a good time with it and it's lasted years. But I do have a question if someone would be so inclined to answer it. Today I bought a second one for my buddy who has been eyeballing mine for years. I brought it home after picking it up and cleaned it up and I looked through the app to see all these firmware updates that I never did even on my own unit. You can see that there were a handful of updates over the years. So my question is.. Do I have to download each one of those updates or will the newest 2.60 (I believe) take care of all of them?
  13. BAmartin

    Helix 3.15

    Dear forum, It's been six months since the release of 3.10 firmware update and the crowd is starting to show their pitchforks up on the TGP. DI had been really secretive during the last months until two weeks ago... when he started telling us about how L6 staff decided to split the new firmware in two installments because it features intellectual property that will be included in upcoming product releases for the next year. He has also stated that the EVH 5150 III is a top priority but wont't be present in 3.15 (f%#$), and there are some L6 original amp models as well as half a dozen effects are already cooked up. Are you guys ready to start the guessing game? My two cents here... Maestro Brassmaster Distortion pedal (coming a long way from POD X3, only stompbox not recreated for POD HD and HX tech) HX Room Reverb HX Plate Reverb (though the Double Tank and the Plateaux are in that ballpark minus the pitch shifting) Feedbacker (not as powerful as the Freqout but hope to be not as limited as the Boss FB-2) HX Metal Zone (standalone and Keeley Modded) Maybe some modulation (EHX Small Clone Chorus or Boss Flanger BF-2). I'd love a Boss Phaser Ph1-r but the EHX Small Stone was added in 2.90 (slim and none chance to get it). Hope not more fuzzboxes. We're gonna OD and die from them (not as in "overdrive"). The amps really is a mystery... with the 5150 III already down... maybe a Bogner XTC, a 90s solid state Randall, a Mark II C+, or a VHT... Hope that the Line 6 Albatross once hinted by DI is on its way (though the name s@cks... Line 6 Psychopath, Preposterous or Ludicrous sound better). It's supposed to be an HX version of the untimely loved/infamous POD X3 Insane mode... According to the POD X3 red booklet is something like a Dual Recto preamp feeding the Soldano poweramp... How can you metalheads say no?? I liked using it in... 2009. Blues lawyers are waiting for the Dumble ODS-100... seems the Litigator model didn't suit their thirst for a U$S 50,000 amp tone. Whaddya guys think? Don't wanna leave without saying how great the Helix has become with each firmware update. All my go-to amps and effects were added im firmware updates (Line 6 Badonk and 2204 Mod, Vintage Digital, Double Tank, Plastichorus, Pebble Phaser) so I'm really grateful. Keep up the excellent work!!!! P.s: Really looking forward to seeing what the future will bring.
  14. Friends, hello everyone! I am writing to you via Google translator, since English is not my native language. So, I have a Line 6 Amplifi 150 guitar amp. It worked well enough and I didn't expect any problems. Installed the latest firmware 2.60 and everything worked fine. After a couple of months, the amplifier suddenly, when turned on, went into the mode of simultaneous blinking of four LEDs. Sometimes they just blinked, and sometimes they burned constantly. I reset the amplifier to factory settings by holding down two buttons - volume and tap, and after that everything worked until the next failure. The last such failure permanently disabled the amplifier. I decided to try to fix the problem on my own, since there was no desire to pay several hundred dollars for repairs. I carefully disassembled the back wall and, having disconnected the wires, removed the entire rear module. The power supply board is located on the bottom of the amplifier. It has a 220 volt input and the following voltages output on the front eight-pin connector. Pin 1: +8 Volt (For powering the motherboard) Pin 2: Ground Pin 3: +19 Volt (For powering the satellite speaker amplifier) Pin 4: Ground Pin 5: -19 Volts (For powering the satellite speaker amplifier) Pin 6: +48 Volt (For powering the center speaker amplifier) Pin 7: Ground Pin 8: -48 Volts (For powering the center speaker amplifier) I checked the voltage data with a multi-meter and made sure the power supply is working. After that, I carefully peeled off the glue from the Micro SD card and pulled it out of the slot. 4 GB card. I turned on the amplifier without a card, nothing happened. I put the card back in and turned on the amplifier again, but it didn't work. And then I decided to replace the card with another and reflash it again. I only had 16 GB at hand, I pulled out the old card, inserted a new one, and holding down two buttons Tap and Tone turned on the power. The amplifier has entered the firmware installation mode. After that I installed the latest firmware 2.60. The installation went well, there were no problems. After installation, I reset by holding down the Volume and Tap buttons, and the amplifier turned on to its normal mode. Everything worked. But now periodically, not very often, but sometimes several times the amplifier independently during operation resets to the factory settings and turns on again. At the same time, LEDs 1 and 4 light up (only 1 and 4). They blink several times and a reset occurs. I don’t know what it is, but I’ll figure it out. Perhaps the system does not like the SD card, and I need to install 4 or 8 GB. Maybe bad cables or bad contact somewhere. I will say one thing, I have not yet met such an so expensive, unstable lollipop. Build quality and components are terrible. What the sound is lollipop, what the amplifier is lollipop. I was fooled by the high-tech design. Good luck to everyone, guys, if I can find out anything else, I'll write here.
  15. Hi! I just got the Pod Go and noticed it came with the 1.12 firmware so I then hooked it up to my Mac to update to the latest firmware. But the Pod go Edit just tells me that there are no updates available. I have tried and installed all the different versions of the pod go app but they all say the same thing. Also, I can’t handle my account from the app or enter the store(Get more IR’s button) It says that my computer doesn’t have a internet connection, but it does. Could it be that my computer is to old? It’s a Macbook pro from 2009. Please help! It would be nice to have that Princeton and glitch delay :).
  16. Hi guys, my Helix currently still has the 2.3 firmware and since I have never used the HX Edit, I wanted to start with it. Now I see that you have to be careful when updating, otherwise you can break a lot. (from 2.7 to 2.8 e.g.) My question is how best to update from this old version. Is it enough to make a backup before and update to 3.1 right away? Or should I take smaller steps with the critical firmware change, from 2.3 to 2.7, then from 2.7 to 2.8 and then from 2.8 to 3.1? I don't really have a clue and would be happy if someone could give me advice. Thank you!
  17. Hi, I am hoping someone can help me here. I received the update notification for my PodGo from PodGo Edit. After the update, successful according to the software, PodGo edit won't recognize the FW from the device. It sometimes says that my device is up to date with FW 0.00, sometimes I get an error that says it could not read the impulses and then none of my presets are shown in PodGo edit. I can restart the software to at least see my presets again and edit them. None of the new features from the FW update is shown there, so no new amps or pedals. I can see them in the device itself, but not on PodGo Edit. Has someone has this problem? It was there already when I installed 1.21, but now I got to troubleshoot further when the same problem is there with 1.22. Thanks
  18. So the history is today arrived my Pod Go, everything work as intended, but later I tried to install the Go Edit software... Everything worked until it asked me to update the firmware. The update failed. Now my Pod Go won't even boot, just shows up the blank pod go logo. What I've tried: Reinstall all drivers (won't fix) Tried to update with Line 6 Updater (Neither Go Edit & L6 Updater recognaise the device is connected) All the avobe but in Update Mode (Nothing :) ) All the avobe with another USB (Nope) Factory reset (Doesn't do anything) I know the factory reset shortcut is "press C&D buttons while powering on" but doesn't seem to do nothing. Maybe I should reclaim, and forget all the affliction it's causing me. Please help.
  19. Although the AMPLIFi is still available for purchase, it is no longer being developed, meaning we will not release any new firmware or software for it. The AMPLIFi Remote app is free to download. When installing AMPLIFi Remote, it warns that it was developed for an older version of Android and may not work correctly. Android versions 11, 12 and 13, etc. do not function as expected with the Amplifi Remote app.
  20. Although the Firehawk 1500 is still available for purchase, it is no longer being developed, meaning we will not release any new firmware or software for it. The Firehawk Remote app is free to download. When installing Firehawk Remote it warns that it was developed for an older version of Android and may not work correctly.
  21. Hi! So as the title says, my POD HD 500 can't boot up. When i start it up, the only thing i see is the Line 6 logo appearing in a loop, and wouldn't load the effects chains. This is kind a complicated situation.. So i've bought this unit (used) like a year ago, and couldn't use it once. The guy whom i bought it from didn't had a power supply to it. It took me like 2 months to get one from Ebay (UK) which had the UK power plug head (so i needed a converter). I'm from Central Europe (Hungary). It was strange because once i was able to boot it up to see the menu and such, but after days past and tried it to set it up with my friend it just gave up eventually. We weren't able to boot it up, we also tried to update it with the Line 6 Monkey, but the pc just couldn't see the unit via USB. After we tried to install the drivers it gave an error. I took it to a local guitar shop, where they replace the USB port since it was broken, but they also said that the circuit board was "short circuited" , and would need to be replaced. Which would cost me around 300 Euros, that's just Ludacris! (i don't really believe them, for my own reasons, but that's not the point right now). I can get it to "Update Flash Mode" while holding the "down" button on starting up but my pc can't detect the POD HD 500. As you can see in the screenshots i can't update the Firmware memory and neither the Flash memory. Also when i try to update the driver it gives an error message ("Failed to launch installer"). After that it takes me to the Line 6 downloads site to download it, which is fine, but after i install it manually it still says that there is no driver installed. What can i do to fix this? Do you think it's a power supply or a circuit board issue? I also tried it with multiple USB cables..
  22. Updated HX Stomp firmware today after quite a while of inactivity. Now for some reason buttons Home/view and back page not working. Cant get into menu/global/mode settings etc from unit. Everything works fine using HX Edit. Tried the obvious rolling back to previous firmware/global reset etc without any luck. Anyone having a solve would be greatly appreciated.
  23. I'm sorry about this question, i might just miss something, but I've read the update guide and it didn't really make it clear to me. Right now I have Helix LT at 2.30. As title says should i update it straight to 3.00 or extra steps should be taken? The reason I ask is because when i had Helix LT back in a day at 2.30 the latest firmware was 2.82. To install this one i had to update to 2.71 first because somehow 2.80 wasn't installing above 2.30. So my update steps were 2.30 -> 2.71 -> 2.80 -> 2.82. I don't really wanna brick Helix or something, so just to make sure I made a topic here. Sorry once again.
  24. Hi- Just updated from 2.82 to 3.01 for Helix floor. All seems to have gone smoothly, but instructions ("Step Tres") say to restore from the backup that was created prior to the update. Everything seems to be OK. Is this restore from backup mandatory for a reason I don't know about or haven't been able to determine? Wouldn't want to retrograde factory settings, for example. Thanks for your input.
  25. So, I love my POD Go to death, but I can not lie when I say I am frustrated to see no firmware updates since August of 2020. While the package does feel complete on it's own, and I love mine to death as I said, I do feel kind of shorthanded by the fact Helix will probably be receiving updates, and new models for the next 3 to 5 years, while POD Go owners have not even seen more optimizations or patches in over 6 months. Its not something worth throwing a massive fit over, but I am irritated enough to up and just ask what the plan for future support is for the POD Go and exactly what we can expect to see further down the line if anything from it.
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