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Found 59 results

  1. I really like the look of this Helix, and are thinking about "downgrading" (size-wise) from my Spider Value Mk II w/ 4x12 cab. I've been gigging and going to band practice with the 4x12 cab + head for years now, and it's frankly a bit of a hassle to cart around. I've never actually been at a gig where I actually needed that much volume. So I've been thinking for a while now, what I really needed was just the "brains" of my Spider Value, going straight into a PA. So I'm quite pleased with the announcement of the Helix, as this was exactly what I was after. I guess I could have done something similar with a POD, but for some reason the POD never appealed to me. But this Helix looks awesome and would let me use the same unit in many different situations (gigs, practice, recordings, at home, etc) But what to do about a speaker, for situations where there is no PA ? I know very little about "Full Range Full Response" (FRFR) speakers, but I'm assuming that you would need to use a FRFR speaker with the Helix to get the best possible sound? If you plug it into an amp, isn't the amp going to "color" the Helix sound? I know that my Spider Value head isn't going into a FRFR speaker either - but I'm assuming the modelling on the Spider Valve has been "adjusted" for use with the celestial speakers. Whereas the modelling in the Helix isn't going to know what speakers you have, so it will work best with a FRFR speaker? What good FRFR options are their for the Helix? Line6 has their Stage Source speakers - is line6 expecting we use Helix with one of those speakers? I really haven't seen much information on this with regards to Helix, so I wanted to ask the question. cheers, -adam
  2. Gigged with Firehawk into Stagesource LT3 last night and had a lot of squealing/feedback issues. Slightly confused by this as I tested my pre-sets at stage/gig volume - no problem - after upping the noise gate settings a bit. Perhaps it was the room dynamics....I don't know but thinking I might need to return to my Fender Hot Rod.....shame as I get and like the idea of using FRFR. Has anyone had similar problems and hopefully a solution or two......
  3. Hi guys, i'm new in the forum, Just post this topic because sometimes i read people have difficulties to make a good marshall plexi sound but i don't think its so much hard to make it if you use the good things.. I had a marshall jcm 800 modded , so i reproduce in hear what i heard in the real marshall.. Here is a video that i posted yesterday on youtube to give a live example in FrFr : Here what i use : screamer : bass 100 - tone 75 - treble 90 - drive 35 - output 75 univibe : speed : 2.0 hz - depth 52 - mix 100 Plexi lead 100 brt : drive 100 - bass 100 - mid 100 - treble 100 - pres 70 - ch vol 46 - e.r 10 421 dynamic mic - 4x12 Greenback 25 amp parameter : master 100 - sag 50 - hum 50 - bias 100 - bias x 50 cab parameters : low cut 110HZ - res lev 60 - thump 100 - decay 50 Dt : class a/b - topology 2 -triode mode an REALLY IMPORTANT : studio eq : lo freq 700hz +5db - hi freq 400hz +3 db - gain -3db Because real amps have a lot of 700hz and modelisation not enough and the 400hz because in Frfrf (with my pair of RCF 312a mk2- you don't have enough 400hz.... Some delays and you are on the TOP !! Enjoy it Billy https://www.reverbnation.com/billzproject
  4. cclement

    FRFR users: Looking for input

    Hey all, Currently I am running the HD500X outputs into the FX return of my Vetta II combo – with the HD500X set to “Combo Power Amp†for the output and an “empty†patch on the Vetta II. And for the most part I’ve been pretty happy with this combination – albeit after some good amount of tweaking. But now I’m toying with the idea of going to a FRFR rig with my HD500x. While what I have works well… but it feels like I might be better off going the FRFR route. I had band rehearsal last night and it just didn’t sound as good as I think it can. So my question is for those of you who run FRFR rigs… and more importantly gigging rigs: What speaker setup did you end up going with? Are you running Mono or Stereo? Why did you choose that particular speaker setup? I’ve seen some talk about the Alto speakers… and the Line6 L2t looks very nice, but is also a bit spendy. Thanks in advance for your input.
  5. alienux

    Alto TS110a with HD500X

    So I've spent quite a bit of time deciding which active monitor to buy to use at home for dialing in patches. I've been using an old Crate PA system with a left channel that no longer works. It's a big, heavy, and bulky 3 piece system that stays in my basement, but it worked for the purpose of helping create patches for when I play live. Since all of the rest of my guitar gear is upstairs (2 levels up from the basement), I've been using a decent pair of PC speakers plugged into the headphone jack on my POD. It works for practicing, although the POD clips the speakers on a number of patches, even with the volume fairly low on the speakers. I'd been planning on getting an active monitor and looked at Behringer, Kustom, and a few others. I finally settled on the Alto TS110a and it arrived today. It's bigger than I expected and is currently sitting atop my Peavey Vypyr VIP II amp. I've only had about 15 or 20 minutes to play through the speaker, but I am very happy with what I'm hearing so far. It sounds better than my Crate PA system and speakers, and is much closer to the sound I get when plugged into the deck playing live, and of course it's a huge upgrade over the PC speakers I've been using for practicing. So the big benefits for me are 1) not having to take my guitar and POD to the basement when I want to build a new patch and 2) having my practice time sound much better. The speaker also has 2 separate inputs, each with it's own volume control for mixing, and each input doubles as either XLR or 1/4". The speaker lists for $349, but the street price is $249, and so far I couldn't be happier with the purchase. I'd almost decided to go with a Behringer Eurolive until I stumbled upon an older post somewhere recommending the Alto speakers. After researching, it sounded like what I wanted, and now that I have it, I'm glad it's what I went with. At some point, unless I discover something I don't like (which doesn't seem likely at this point), I'll probably end up buying a second one to run them in stereo. I see lots of posts here and on other forums asking about affordable active monitors, so I thought I'd share. If you're looking for something like this, you might want to check one of these out to see if it's something that would fit your needs.
  6. getjohnjk007

    Using Studio monitor as amp for POD HD 500

    Hi Guys, I got a Line 6 POD HD 500. I play mostly live. I usually go POD directly into PA. I used to create patches using another guitar amp which of course colour the tone. For live i had to go the venue and tweak. Its almost like creating a new tone in the venue. I heard a lot discussion about FRFR speakers. I am considering buying studio monitors to create the real POD sound usable for live. So Please help me with the following. 1) Can i connect POD directly to Studio minitors. i.e Guitar to POD xlr L/R out to studio monitor xlr in ? (No mixers or audio interfaces)- No plans of recording currently and want to use studio monitor instead of a real amp. Will it stand the load? 2) Do i need a pair or single one will do for creating patches? 3)Please explain about the settings i need to take care. I consider studio monitors because i can use it for recording purpose in future also. So I am not considering any keyboard amps or stage monitor speakers now. Thank you. Please help.
  7. Hi I have just ordered an L3 speaker to replace my existing guitar amp. It will be used in conjunction with my HD500 and JTV 59 giving me an FRFR rig. I have a question about the virtual tiltback function. What is the best orientation of the L3 when in 'electric guitar' mode being used as a backline? What are the pros and cons of positioning the speaker on its side rather than upright?
  8. I'm currently using a 1 x 12 50w Marshall tube amp with an HD500 and JTV 59. I'm convinced about the whole FRFR rig concept, especially as I play in a band covering everything from Metallica to mellow acoustic and need the versatility. The only thing I'm worried about is whether the L3 packs enough of a punch compared to my 50w Marshall. I'd really appreciate comments from you guys, especially those who have gone FRFR. Is the L3 loud enough??
  9. Hi All! This is my first post to the forums so I thought I'd share my main HD 500 patch. I use this patch for recording and live direct to front of house and it covers pretty much everything I need really well. I really love this tone! Thanks L6! :-) Here's a screen shot of my patch setting: *Ok I checked it out and uploaded this to Customtone: http://line6.com/customtone/tone/219961/