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Found 63 results

  1. Hey guys..... I'm in the market for a true FRFR system.... is the Firehawk 1500 a TRUE FRFR system with the benefits of stereo or W/D/W ? I'm current running the Helix and loving it... but I'm looking at the Atomic CLR as a FRFR for on stage so here is my questions: is anyone currently use it as an FRFR only if so... have you ever tried any other brand to be able to compare it? Thanks, Steve
  2. Hi there, I intend to buy a Helix Rack which I would like to use as my sole audio interface at home. To Helix I will connect two Yamaha HS7s and a PA speaker - Alto TS 215W. Here's what I would like to know: 1. Would it be possible to force Helix Rack to have system audio playback (Youtube, guitar pro, etc.) come only through my monitors (no Helix-processed intrument sound coming through them) and Helix-processed bass guitar sound coming from the Alto when practicing playing bass (alternatively together with audio playback)? 2. Would I need to have an additional USB interface (e.g. Focusrite) for this purpose? 3. Would Helix LT suffice to do what Helix Rack can?
  3. Hi. A friend of mine plans on using the Helix as a Bass Preamp for Live usage. He does not want to go In-Ears or some silent-stage-stuff, rather he likes to get his massive analog bass-tone on stage, using the Helix and some kind of speaker-system. The tone should be amplified over his Gallien-Krueger Bassamp, using the Effects-Return to feed the solid state output stage. Which FRFR speaker-system would a Bass-Player prefer for the look & feel and the most versatile bass-sound? Is it best to go 2x15 passive PA-System Speaker or will a 1x15 do the job for bass? Or shall he still use his two 4x10 Trace-Elliot cabs driven from out the GK-Amp? A active FRFR would be no alternative, because he likes to have a amp on the cab for optical reasons ;)
  4. I've got my Helix LT connected via the USB port into my pc. usually when I have music playing it goes via my Audioquest Dragonfly DAC to my stereo speakers and all computer sounds/audio/video like Youtube Facebook etc would go through the stereo. But when I hook up the Helix via the USB port it re-directs all of my music and everything else through my Helix into my FRFR Speakers which could be set much louder (guitar volume) than I had my Stereo set for. Has anyone else experienced this? and if so, how can I stop all audio from bypassing my stereo and going through my FRFR's? I will say i'm going through Windows 10 (not a fan). when I had Win7 the audio output controls were much easier to find and control
  5. I've got my Helix LT connected via the USB port into my pc. usually when I have music playing it goes via my Audioquest Dragonfly DAC to my stereo speakers and all computer sounds/audio/video like Youtube Facebook etc would go through the stereo. But when I hook up the Helix via the USB port it re-directs all of my music and everything else through my Helix into my FRFR Speakers which could be set much louder (guitar volume) than I had my Stereo set for. Has anyone else experienced this? and if so, how can I stop all audio from bypassing my stereo and going through my FRFR's?
  6. Hi there, new to the forum, and hopefully soon to purchase a Helix LT. I need some advice regarding amps, speakers etc. I'm currently running an M13 via 4cm into a Blackstar HT20 head and 1x12 cab. I'm keen to do away with as many cables as possible, for sake of quick set up/take down time. I also have a Vox ACR15 VR, a sort of hybrid Solid State/valve amp, with no effects loop - only use this at home, as other rig is at practice room. So, can someone recommend easiest set up to get me started? As a side note, I can pick up a second hand Crate powerblock at the same shop selling the Helix, I know quite a few people use these along with a regular guitar cab - But I wanted to see what I could do with the gear I already own first. My apologies, as this has probably been discussed to death already. Cheers.
  7. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/PRX710 No personal experience with them, just know the brand, specs seem roughly in line w DBR10s, price seems good. They say it's $200 off.
  8. Let's share opinions on great speaker options and experiences . So I got the helix to replace my physical rockerverb amp and cabs , the idea being I use an frfr monitor to throw the sound out there for rehearsals . So first I tried the laney iron hearts irtx thing . Great great sound from all the presets though at practice I had to crank it up to nearly full as we have a loud drummer - pushing it to the max resulted in too much feedback . . . It just about held together but needed much more - it's tiny and only 200 watt. Sooooo that's sent back and to replace it I have the Yamaha dbr15 on the way. It's still full range but a 15" come and 1000 watts and much more ruggedly built with 5 year warranty. I'll let you know if it's any good ! What are you guys using ? My fallback option will be the atomic clr but that's worse case scenario as it means another 350quid. High hopes for the Yamaha
  9. I have an issue with excessive hum and the jtv59. I'm running guitar via VDI cable into a HD500. I'm using the magnetic pickups and the modelling at the same time and using a panner to switch between them. For example: Acoustic jmodels and panning into a heavy magnetic-based tone. I'm running XLR right out to a EV monitor on stage and XLR left out to board. I'm getting a horrible hum now. It has happened before but seems to have gotten worse. I switched inputs in the presets in the pod to just the variax (right before the gig in a panic) and the buzz is gone. Trying to brainstorm causes and solutions. The hum sounds like a typical ground loop. I've tried the ground lift on the pod and it seems to have no effect. This venue has bad power (as does a lot of places we play). Getting a few furman SS-6B filtering power strips that may help. I could just run to the board and the send guitar back to wedge. Thought about getting the pyle PHE400. http://www.mcmelectronics.com/product/555-16055?scode=DD1443&trk_msg=5JJO54U26DJ4B18OSAJ6TRMJ1K&trk_contact=765CTN3VQE3OND4R5FLA07VMJO&utm_source=Listrak&utm_medium=Email&utm_term=555-16055&utm_campaign=DD1443 Thought that is maybe a grounding issue in the JTV. If this was a normal guitar, I would gut it and foil and ground the pickup cavity. I'm a little hesitant to dig into it but will likely crack it open soon and take a look. I saw the pickup diagram that is flowing around. Afterthought: I don't know if switching to the magnetics would bring hum back. That would be a great test. Any help would be most appreciated.
  10. I have to say, I am absolutely overwhelmed by the Helix in combinatination with Firehawk 1500! At first I used my DT-25 and was very happy with the sound but had trouble cutting through the mix in the recordings made at rehearsals with a Zoom. I had trouble with my Variax 89F again and was about to get my 3rd new one and decided to trade for a Firehawk 1500 (had the same price). Bax music shop agreed. The sound I'm getting from this setup is really increadable! It's really very transparent and cuts through the mix unlike anything I've tried before. Now, looking back at the sound from DT-25 it was pretty smudgy actually, although I was very satisfied at the time. So, if you're thinking about Firehawk or another FRFR, don't hesitate. It really is the way to go with Helix and probably any modeler. Anyways, that what I think.
  11. Hey guys, I used to have the Friedman ASM-12 when I used to have the Axe FX 2, but that is long gone since. I'm about to buy one for my Helix and was curious to get people's thoughts on what they though of it? How does it sit in a band mix? Anyone using it for live shows (big or small gigs - doesn't matter)? Other than it's awkward size and handle positioning, how do you find it overall, tone/sound-wise? Any input is welcomed :) Thanks
  12. New to the helix and the frfr thing. I am having an issue getting the helix connection to my QSC K10 to work correctly. I'm used to just plugging an acoustic direct into the speaker and I was good. But with helix none of the patches with distortion are coming through correctly. How are others connecting to frfr and hopefully more specifically QSC speakers? Thanks.
  13. Hello, just wondering for you guys out there using the stagesource as FRFR amp modeling. Which mode do you have it on? And what doe all the different modes like PA, 'Playback', 'floor monitor' and 'electric guitar' means?
  14. Just curious - does the global eq affect the eq output of the headphones output?
  15. I love my Variax standard and it's only being used for home use, I plug it into my spider amp ,and also use an old r.m.s acoustic amp for the acoustic side of things, my question is has anybody used one of the Yamaha thr amps with good results ? Also could I run my hd500x into the front of an thr ? . Thank you .
  16. Has anyone tried the Firehawk 1500 as a FRFR monitor for Helix using the XLR i/o? Is there a consensus on tone quality? Does the Firehawk 1500 standup against the usual suspect in the market?
  17. I'm currently using my stagesource L3t to power my Helix but would be interested to try and use my Fender Hot Rod simultaneously. Is it possible to use path 1 for Helix amps and effects to FRFR via L6 Link, and use empty path 2 to Hot Rod via 1/4 inch out, both from the guitar input?
  18. Hi, week-long lurker, first-time poster. Just got the Helix and love it. Only played it through cheap-ish headphones and still blown away. I've sifted through this forum as well as ones on other sites and compiled a lot of helpful tips about my following question, but also enough confusion to warrant asking it here directly ... I am looking to buy a speaker/PA system that will cover the following personal needs: I am using the Helix to process guitar as well as some electronic drums, a synth sometimes, looping w/an external looper, possibly even my vocals. So--primarily I'm a one-man band (and having the ability to process all these things through the Helix, on top of replacing my pedal board, is why I got it; really, it's a revolutionary device, not that I need to waste time preaching to the choir, but truly, revolutionary is an accurate descriptor for it), and thus the speaker/PA setup should reflect this use, particularly w/the idea in mind that it'd be used as my amplification in small venues (coffee shops->small bars sizes). I also play guitar in a couple of bands and would like to be able to use the same speaker/PA as either a monitor if we play somewhere that has FOH or on its own if we play somewhere that doesn't. Again, small-size rooms; not expecting to play theaters any time soon. From all I've read, this doesn't seem like an unreasonable expectation from the various FRFR/PA options out there.. I'd like to ideally use the same setup at home so I don't have to be concerned w/creating different patches for different systems, and would like the patches I create to translate as well as possible to FOH (I've read a lot about all that and understand moving from one system of playback to another will always cause some differences in how the patch comes across, but just looking to have decent expectations that things won't shift too drastically). One concern I read about is that creating patches using low volumes on speakers won't translate when the volume is increased in a live situation (or it may have just been playing through them w/the volume low won't sound too good?), and thus a suggestion was to use studio monitors at home. I'm open to this idea, but again, ideally would like one setup that covers it all. My favorite comment from those I've compiled is the one that seems to directly address my needs--"I'd go for one L2M just to give me an all in one home jamming, jamming w/friends, and a gig solution"--so perhaps my question is really, does this answer to another user's question also successfully answer mine? I'll also mention I have a JamHub, if that's helpful to know/put to use at all. I wouldn't mind not using/needing it though; really hoping to keep things as streamlined as possible, and the JamHub usually stays in my office. Thanks a lot for any help you can offer-
  19. Since I play both guitar and bass on gigs, I really haven't had much interest in Matrix, Atomic, Friedman and PA speaker FRFR solutions as that's a pretty significant investment to only cover half of my needs. While Helix through my 12" Mesa bass cabs is fine for bass, that's not the best FRFR guitar solution being a little hollow and boomy. I ran a search for "FRFR guitar bass speaker" and found that AccuGroove has an FRFR solution. I cant say that it's new and revolutionary, since honestly their FRFR cabs seem to have exactly the same specs as their corresponding bass cabs. I sent a message into AccuGroove support asking for an FRFR recommendation for Guitar and Bass and the difference between their FRFR cabs and bass cabs. http://www.accugroovellc.com/#!frfr/c1l64 I can certainly see how their design using a 6" midrange to fill out the sound and the dual soft-dome tweeters to tame the highs harshness and beamy-ness could work well. I cant seem to find pricing on them as they seem to be dealer-centric. I watched a few videos on them. It looks like they have been used by Fractal Axe users for a while. The guy in the videos I watched was using a Crown power amp. I would probably just use the power sections of my Mesa M9 or Walkabout. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUfRH3xEIZc Personally, I am interested in the Latte FRFR / Tri 112L Bass (videos sounds a little boomy on guitar, similar to me running Helix through my Mesa 1x12 & 2x12 bass cabs) Espresso FRFR / Wedgie Bass (videos sound tighter, less boomy) Anyway, I thought this may be helpful to the guitar/bass guys that would like an all-in-one solution. If anyone has experience with AccuGroove FRFR or bass, please chime in! P.S.: This is not my rig ...and sorry for the AX8 in the image...i didnt have the time to photoshop a Helix in there :)
  20. I just purchased the asm-12 frfr to go with the helix. I am working towards making the jump to play live with the helix to frfr to FOH combo. I have always used modelers in the studio only, so I am nervous of this venture away from my traditional amp and pedalboard. I'd like to anticipate any issues ahead of time and be realistic. I play in an original hard rock band and we usually play out with 3-5 other bands on the bill and changeovers are quick. I don't always know what the FOH situation is so this makes me nervous since I've never sent anything other than a mic'ed cab from my rig to PA. Here are my thoughts on what I plan to do. Right now I'm planning on XLR out of helix to XLR input to Friedman then XLR out of the Friedman to FOH (Set to line output). I was initially concerned after reading about controlling my monitoring volume and it affecting FOH but there is a volume control on the Friedman. It's not very convenient in the back of the unit so if there is another way to independently control my volume without affecting FOH then please chime in. My other concerns are EQ. I will have my patches setup and EQ'ed to my liking only to have the house guy tell me it sounds terrible out front. Since I'm giving him an out from the frfr he's getting my EQ. Please educate me since this is new territory for me. If there is another preferred setup then I'm all for suggestions.
  21. Ok so im new to this forum but ive been on the search for some versatile equipment that packs a mean punch both live and for practicing at lower volumes at home. Im in love with the helix based on what of seen and heard so far but what i hate is that in order to really experience its prowess I need to get a quality frfr solution. so then here comes the fh1500 and it seems that paired with the helix its an amazing setup and even l6 staff and endorses such a connection. I just wish that there was a helix1500, i mean why put inferior modeling in a frfr amp? when the helix tech is already available? so my big question is should I go FH1500 and dial in my settings? or do i go helix? or do i wait until l6 wises up and puts the helix in an amp cab?
  22. If any are you are heading over to the amp show in LA at Van Nuys, drop by the Matrix Amplification room on the first floor, we have a Helix set up to play with, hooked up to a variety of our amps and cabs. We have 2 new powered cabs, the FR10 and FR12 designed especially to pair up with the Helix, Full Range, Flat Response (FRFR) and seriously lightweight ... 9.7kg/21 lbs for the FR10? We've also been playing the Helix through our powerhouse FR212 cab, and it shakes the room ... If you have been looking for a lightweight, powered, FRFR cab to go with your Helix, come and have a look, or even if you just want a play with a Helix through some kickass 2x12's we'll be happy to see you.
  23. I know the question of which FRFR speaker comes up a lot. I did a gig Friday with my own equipment and used my Alto TS110A as the main. It was a small outdoor event and it had plenty of output. The other videos I've shared have always been using the house PA at other places, so I wanted to post to give an idea of what the Alto sounds like. To me it's a great bang for the buck. This was recorded from a camera mic, but a decent one, so it gives a good feel for how the speaker comes across to the audience or in the room. https://youtu.be/XYnnVSr5xmQ
  24. Hello, Please excuse my ignorance, but I typically use amps and more conventional hardware. I'll get to the point and later explain further details below in case they're require to examine my problem. I'm trying to run my HD500X to my KB37, which self monitors after relaying to my PC based Ableton Live 8. I achieve good visual decibel levels, and its is loud through the headphone jack when using over ear phones, but I can't seem to effectively feed my PA monitor (Yorkville NX55P) for any offensive volume levels, I've tried using a 1/4TRS that Y's to two mono 1/4 from the headphone jack to the Line/CD jacks on the PA, and am only able to achieve fairly quiet performance, nothing that would hurt your ears. This is with the onboard mixer engaged on the PA speaker, and about 3/4 output level and phones level. I could manage no sound with two mono cables from the analog outs (KB37) to the Line/CD jacks on the PA speaker. I'm trying to use the PA speaker as an FRFR instead of my modeling spider iv 150HD, which has no stereo input or uncoloured channel. I primarily use stereo effects on my HD500X. My existing setup is as follows: Guitar>Line 6 G90 wireless>HD500X>Boss RC-300 Looper>L/R Inputs KB37>PC/Ableton Live8>KB37>Headphone amp (via analog outs on KB37) I've been using this setup for silent moonlight jams, where everyone is on headphones. For this experiment however, (understand I'm not achieving stereo yet, just trying the PA out in mono) I've disconnected the analog outs and eliminated the headphone amp. I'm wondering what I'm missing, if I need a mixer in addition to the KB37, or if I'm not sending the proper line level? signal to the PA. I figured a 550W active PA would blow me away, so far I'm missing something... Any help would be very much appreciated, Thanks for reading,
  25. I'm trying to determine the best connection scheme for my Helix to feed the Firehawk 1500 in order to utilize the amp STRICTLY as an FRFR stereo amplifier (i.e., NO Firehawk amps/effects). After researching in this Forum (and the Firehawk 1500 Forum), I've seen & tried several appealing variations on how to do this. However, it still seems that people are still 'searching' for the best way to marry the Helix with the Firehawk 1500 in an FRFR situation. Possibilities include: Scenario 1: Helix 1/4" Stereo Outs -> Firehawk 1500 1/4" FX Stereo Returns, (with an UN-EFFECTED Neutral Patch). This provides a stereo amplified output. Scenario 2: Helix Stereo XLR Outs -> Firehawk 1500 XLR Monitor Ins (which are controlled by the Monitor Gain Level Control). This provides a better/stronger level stereo amplified output, and is not affected by anything AFTER the Firehawk's Stereo Returns (other than a Global EQ). Scenario 3: Helix 1/4" Mono Out -> Firehawk 1500 1/4" Guitar In (with an UN-EFFECTED, Neutral Patch) PLUS Helix Stereo XLR Outs -> Firehawk 1500 XLR Monitor Ins (again, controlled by the Monitor Gain Level Control). This engages use of the Firehawk 1500's mono horn, which apparently is not engaged in Scenario's 1 & 2. Using Scenario 3 - running the Helix both in Mono (Guitar In) AND in Stereo (Monitor In) - seems to have the most promise, but there is an odd behavior with the Firehawk 1500's Monitor Gain Level Control. Rotating from 0% to 50% causes the output to actually DECREASE (sounds like a phase cancellation issue between the Guitar In and the Monitor In). Continuing from 50% to 100% brings the gain back (plenty loud!), presumedly because the XLR Monitor In gain is over-taking the Guitar In gain and making the phase anomalies less noticeable. I have checked my cables (especially the XLR's), and all are wired correctly to maintain correct phase relationships. Has anyone with the same gear had a similar experience, or a better connection suggestion? I'll admit, I've been apprehensive on the whole FRFR thing live (up to this point), but I'm hearing a LOT of promise in getting the Helix amplified with this setup. The Firehawk 1500 is quickly making me a believer, other than the odd behavior I've cited. Having my own amp control is essential, because I do not want to just hand-off the XLR outs of my Helix to the FOH/Monitor guys. I play in many different scenarios and cannot rely on different FOH/Monitor providers for a consistent sound. Consistency does not exist in that realm for the variety of live gigs I play (corner bar gigs where we hire the sound company, to Festivals where sound is provided and there's a 15-minute changeover between bands).
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