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Found 70 results

  1. Im having some slight issues that I can't seem to figure out. I started a new preset to work with 4CM. Ive tried setting the send/return up different ways, but the problem I am having is when I activate the wah, it turns my fx send/return block off. If I activate fx block while wah is active, then when I de-activate the wah, it turns the fx block off. Is there any way to leave the fx block on at all times? why is the wah linked to it? How do I change it? I also tried using the 4CM template, and the HELIX PreAmp would disable my fx block when I activated the pre-amp..any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! (Here are a few pics of the different ways I have tried. Everything works until the wah is activated)
  2. I must be missing something... I cant seem to get the fx loop to function. Here is my cable connection path. Guitar into hd500x guitar in. 1/4 out left mono to amp. FX send to amp fx loop in. Amp fx loop out to hd500x fx return left mono. I have no amp sim as I am using pre amp of the amplifier. After the mixer in 500x edit I placed the fx loop and it is enabled. after that I placed a delay from my 500x. The mix of the fx loop is at 50%. Even though the delay is after the fx loop, the delay is still going into the signal chain to my amps input rather than the fx loop. I even tried leaving the fx loop and delay on and unplugged the cables for the loop from the amp and I'm still getting delay. I though everything after the fx loop should only be routed through the loop but this is not whats happening. I cant get anything to be post gain on my amp. I'm at a loss. this should be simple. Any help is greatly appreciated. TY
  3. Hello friends I have just gotten a Firehawk and I have som problems understanding a few (probably silly and easy) things with the alternative "four cable method" and the Firehawk. It's been correctly connected (thanks for all instructions about that) and when the FX Loop is turned on I can use all the effects nicely. But when I turn the FX Loop off of the FH there is no sound at all? It's like the amp I'm running FH through is turned off. And I cannot (FX Loop turned on or off) hear any of my playback music. The music that normally via bluetooth gets sent to the poweramp What can be the problem do you think? If I plug the FH stright inte the "guitar in" on my amp or just use my amp without FH then the amp works fine but somehow the 4 cable method seem to disconnect the poweramp in my amp (or something) Thanks in advance for help and have a bjotiful x-mas Fish ps. pic is to show my setup in my ipad ds
  4. 500x + boss ME-80 + Boss OD 20 Bugera vintage V22 infinium. How should I have this set up???? ive been experimenting with a few different methods and would like some feed back and suggestions. 1. guitar>me80>OD20>500x guitar in>front input. 2. same as 1 but bypassing the the preamp of the Bugera. 3. Guitar>500x>500x FX loop SEND> ME80>OD20>500x FX Loop RETURN>Amp FX RETURN. 4. same as 3 BUT! 500x FX LOOP SEND is SPLIT! 500x FXLOOP Send 1>OD20> OD20 Send>500x Return RIGHT> / 500x Send 2>ME80 Input>ME80 output L/Mono>500x FXLoop Return L/Mono>Amp FX Return. (4 sounds the best but i hit my DSP limit :( ) ANY IDEAS????? CHEERS!
  5. I'm assuming these 4 fx loops are not true bypass, correct? I run two overdrives for crunch and lead tones into a separate preamp, and I've been running them before the Helix with great results. The only downside is that I can't program the overdrives that way. So, I tried tossing the ODs in a loop at the start of the signal chain and the preamp in a loop for the following block. The switching works exactly how I want, but I'm getting a not-so-tolerable white hiss when playing the clean setting :( I've tried messing with noise gates, in different parts of the path even, but still no luck on getting rid of that bleed through. If somebody has a fix for this, I will give them numerous e-high fives.
  6. Rather confused amateur here trying to name the FX Loop blocks I've put in my preset. I've searched and found answers that seem so straightforward, but I'm missing something that makes it actually work. My goal is to name the block scribble strip so I know what "FX Loop 1...2...3" each represent. Thank you so much for any help!
  7. Hi folks, being a newby on Helix I dare another question here. I am using the HELIX just as a multi-FX-board and as a control panel for my Marshall JVM410H. I love the amp's sound and would not have another one (as long as the Marshall won't go down. If one day it would do so, I plan to use the HELIX' DI-OUT with an alternative set-list with amp, cabinet etc. directly into the mixer). First step was to control the amp's sounds by MIDI Program change mode which worked absolutely perfectly. No need for the amp's footswitch anymore. :) Second step was using the 4CM in order to put the Wahwah at the beginning of the signal chain and delay etc. after the MARSHALL's pre-amp. I've been watching this video for instructions: https://youtu.be/Wvz3L8bJb1w Well, I've been doing as was said here, but the results were so bad, so that I had to switch back to standard send-/return (3 cables). So, maybe someone can help me with this problem, by answering a few questions: My amp has 2 effect loops, one serial (preamp out, return) and one that can be used in a serial (by putting the mix knob on 100%) or a parallel mode (mix 50%). The latter has the big advantage, that the original signal stays in the amp while the Helix (when its effect mix configured correctly) delivers just the FX signal, while the Marshall mixes the original with the Helix' FX to an optimal sound ... in theory. Now in the tutorial it says, that the amp's SERIAL FX loop should be used. Well ... is that so, that good results can get achieved ONLY with the serial FX loop? I ask, because MARSHALL does explicitely not recommend this, if you are not using hi class studio rack effects. Well, no idea, whether the HELIX qualifies as such ... ;-) I learned, that in the HELIX' preset you have to add a send/return block each. But then, there is a "fx loop" block, too. Is this the same thing as one send with the return block combined? I DID make it work, even in parallel mode by putting the delay's mix to 100% and the amp's return mix to 50%. Sounded great. Problem was: when I chose a Helix' snapshot of the same preset that has no active effects but noise gate (as I do many times for rhythm sound), there is some screeching and loud humming that I cannot explain. Even when I turn the guitars volume to total zero, there is a feedback loop somewhere and I cannot find its cause. So I have no idea, where to search. But like this, you cannot use this setting at all. Anyone any ideas? Sorry, if I repeat some questions for the hundredths time, but the forum's search routine could not find answers to my questions ... I appreciate any help, because I need the Wahwah and the delay. First one sounds crap in Send / Return, second one sounds crap in front of the Marshall ... HEEEELP! :(
  8. Not sure if already posted elsewhere (I couldn't find it). If I want to have more than the 20" (?) loop that the FH is capable of, or if I want to record multiple tracks and store them for future use, one solution is to use an external looper. I could put it just on the AMP Out connection and then go to my amp and it should work fine, right? But if I don't have an amp available and I normally use the headphones connected to the FH, I could connect the external looper to the FX send/return connections and have it in the FX Loop module. And now the question is: if I do so, I always have the reverb after the FX Loop, and I cannot swap them (I know that on Ideascale there is already a suggestion to let all module movable everywhere). In this case, if I record the loop with the reverb on, what happens when I start playing it? The recorded track gets "reverbered" again? And what happens if the looper is playing and I change the preset?
  9. I know there are lots of threads about using the 4CM with tube amps but I couldn't really find what I was looking for, so, here goes another one. The idea is this, I have a marshall JCM 2000 DSL100, I want to use my marshall's preamp for distortion and the pod hd500x's preamp for my clean sounds. I'm connecting my guitar to the pod's guitar input, the pod's main output to my amp's fx retunr, my amp's fx send to the pod's fx return, and the pod's fx send to my amp's input. For my dirty tone I basically created a pach with basically a noise gate, a wah, and a tube screamer, I leave the amp block empty and after the mixer I put the "FX loop" block and after that a delay and a reverb. For my clean channel, I put the Fx block at the very start of the signal chain, after that, a chorus, phaser, a fender amp (without the cab sim) and after the mixer, delays, reverb, etc. So, my first problem is that while I was testing this configuration today, I realized that the "clean" tone sounded a lot louder than the dirty channel, my amp's preamp (btw, I also noticed that after putting the pod in the signal chain there's a general volume drop in the amp, but I don't mind as long as it sounds right) so, the things is, I can lower the clean amp (pod's amp simulation) but when I do, it affects the amp's simulation tone, If I lower the master volume, my dirty channel loses input so it lowers the distortion, so: 1 - What would be the best way to approach this problem and get balanced levels without affecting the tone too much? 2 - Is the order I place the effects (for both the dirty and the clean patches)correct or is there a more recommendable way to do it? 3 - Also, in the back of my amp, there's a loop level switch (-10/+4 effects) where should I leave it? 4 - If I'm not using any external effects, should I set my pod's out to stomp or line level? because for me it makes sense to leave it at "line" but I've read a few topics where people recommended to leave it at stomp with amps and stuff like that anyway. Thanks! :)
  10. croggers


    Hi guys, I was just wondering...Why on earth you can't just go from the Fx send / return straight to your amps send/return when wanting to use fx only without amp sims? !! This 4 cable method is driving me insane. How hard can it be ? guitar > guitar in on pod 1/4 jack out on pod > amp input fx loop send on pod > fx loop return on amp, fx loop send on amp > fx loop return on pod. Am I missing something here ?
  11. croggers


    Hi guys, I was just wondering...Why on earth you can't just go from the Fx send / return straight to your amps send/return when wanting to use fx only without amp sims? !! This 4 cable method is driving me insane. How hard can it be ? guitar > guitar in on pod 1/4 jack out on pod > amp input fx loop send on pod > fx loop return on amp, fx loop send on amp > fx loop return on pod. Am I missing something here ?
  12. Dumb question about the FX Loop block when working with patches.... Is this for the actual physical FX Loop on the device itself (for external pedals, etc) or can it be used as a digital representation of an FX loop in a simulated chain - ie - you want your mods and delays in your patch to be in the amps FX Loop, so you put the FX Loop after the amp? Does that make sense? Or ...with the way the patch chain works, as long as your delay/mod blocks are AFTER the amp block in a preset, then its acting as being in the 'fx loop' so to speak...
  13. I've been trying to find specs on the Helix's FX loops where it states how many decibels of boost they can handle. I like to use one of my Wyldes Overdrives in front of an amp with the volume cranked. This is fine in front of a tube amp, but I don't know about the Helix. I know with my TC Electronic G-System, I couldn't, because it could possibly damage the unit.
  14. Hello! The Pod HD 500x internal routing is really confusing and I´ve been reading and searching through the forum, but I´m still not getting it. My current settup is my bass going in to the pod hd, then I have a single signal path with different fx blocks going into a single amp model BEFORE the split and then the L mixer pan at 0% with 0 db and R at mute. After the mixer I have 2 more fx blocks. One of the fx blocks before the amp model (second block) is a fx loop with an external drive pedal. This setup sounds really good and I´m quite happy with the sounds I´m getting. One thing that would improve my tone is by somehow being able to mix the distorted signal from my external drive with my clean tone so I don´t loose all my low end when I engage the fx loop/external drive. I know there are external blend pedals that work but it ought to be possible to do this internaly? If I move my amp AFTER the mixer I have the possibility to get to signals into my amp, one "clean"/fx and another one with my FX loop and external drive. The problem is when you do this it is possible to boost the amp with the mixer. To my question: How do you set the mixer settings with path A + B so you have the SAME signal hitting the amp block AFTER the mixer, compared as if you had the amp block before the mixer (with above mentioned settings)? I´m mostly using it with headphones so I want to be able to get sound in both ears! Besides that, mono is totaly ok. Or should I just buy an external blender? /Danne
  15. Anyone will to test this with your Helix? I've got an SM7 connected to the Helix via the mic input. I have nothing in the signal chain -- no blocks. Healthy signal running to Logic. All sounds good. I pulled out my old RNC compressor and put it into one of the FX loops. I notice that when I make the FX Loop block active (even with the outboard unit on bypass) that I can hear a slight chorus effect and a loss of low end. Sounds like a bit of the original dry signal is getting mixed back in and there's a phase issue. I still hear this when I engage the compressor. When I bypass the FX Loop block the signal is nice and full again. I decided to test this with another "true bypass" outboard unit with different cables on a different FX Loop. I'm getting the same weird phasing issue. I don't use the FX Loops when I'm playing guitar through the Helix so this is the first time I've come across this. I don't have a problem running effects in Logic, but it would suck if the Helix's FX Loops aren't transparent. Anyone else notice this? Thanks.
  16. Hello I´m using an external drive (Tech 21 GT2) in my HD 500X fx koop and when I set the little switch to "stomp" the signal goes really "loud" and "hot" without sounding good. I now use it on the "line" - setting and that gives a more "normal" signal and sounds quite good, but shouldn´t it be the other way around? Shouldn´t the "stomp"-setting provide an instrument signal that is good for external stomp boxes and the "line"-setting a hotter signal? I have the fx loop with send/return at standard settings. Also, what does the fx loop mix do? Doesn´t seem like it controls the "mix/blend" of the external pedal to my signal.
  17. I run my Helix direct to the mixing board, and for the longest time ran an external reverb pedal in one of the send/return fx loops on the Helix. One day I decided to run the reverb pedal after the Helix (1/4" mono out) instead of through the fx loop, and got, what I felt like, was a more pristine/clear sound out of my reverb unit. Now, I don't know if this was due to the fact that I do run the Global EQ with a significant high cut, or because there's a definite affect in tone through the send/returns the Helix provides. I know Line 6 states the guitar input on the unit is the highest quality found on the market, but I'm not sure what's going on with the rest of the input/output jacks. I'm asking because I have a few other high-quality effects that I've incorporated with my Helix setup, but I'm a bit reluctant to use them in the Helix fx loops, but I'm seriously missing the ability to turn them off/on via the Snapshots/block assign. Can anyone share their experience using external effects through the send/returns of the Helix?
  18. first off, hello everyone! apologies in advance for the wall of text. after many a struggle with this, i'm in need of assistance. perhaps there is something very simple that i'm doing wrong. i have an older three channel dual rec (which i have modded the parallel fx loop into a serial), and for the life of me i cannot get this hooked up right. currently signal chain is going guitar -> tu2 tuner -> isp decimator g string gtr in -> gtr out -> m13 input -> m13 output -> g string in -> g string out -> amp loop fx return m13 fx send -> ego comp -> oc2 -> octafuzz -> pharaoh fuzz -> syb 5 -> wah -> amp input amp fx loop send -> m13 fx return i should also mention that i have the m13 to 'post fx 1'... (i assume i am using this correctly) i run all the synthy stuff and other crazy effects on the first row. the last three rows are reserved for modulation, delays, verbs, etc etc. delays and verbs are generally around 50-80% mix level, depending. i'm getting tons of noise. i have to set the threshold on the decimator to the point where verbs/delays are completely cut off and useless. when playing at lower levels (with the threshold lower and playing through an attenuator), i'm still getting that ...hollow sounding just-about-to-feedback sound. i've tried running the m13 AFTER the decimator in the loop (just as an experiment, i read it on a different forum), but that causes serious feedback at even normal playing levels. what am i doing wrong? or is this just the nature of the beast? or, do i need to run another noise reduction pedal between the wah and the front of the amp? EDIT: also noticing that the looper is also affected by the decimator. it seems to consider it noise. also, if i turn any of the other effects on (for example the oc2, which is not in the loop), it puts the effect on the loop as well as my guitar. surely, this must be wrong?
  19. I use a DigiTech JamMan Stereo Looper. Which connection scheme would you prefer? "FX send -> external looper-> FX return" or "monitor out -> external looper -> monitor in ". Or something else? Why? I would like to record/overdub different sounds, e.g. Bass, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, therefore the simplest connection scheme "guitar/bass -> external looper -> FH's guitar input" I would not like to use, because then my looper records the dry, unprocessed instrument signal, which always runs through the currently chosen FH signalprocessing. Cheers Peter
  20. Edit: I accidentally posted this in the wrong forum so..... Hey guys, I was hoping to get some advice for a problem I'm having. I use my POD HD500x with my amp's head using the four-cable method (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZtY8bS-GQ0). Since I've been using it like that, it's been great with no problems at all. But recently my amp became too quiet to hear over the drums, and I've had to crank the volume to around 1 o'clock, while previously keeping it at around 8 o'clock would be plenty loud. I thought perhaps it was time to change my tubes (it was gonna have to happen one day anyway), so I retubed the head, and tried playing today and it was still too quiet. The amp's probably not the issue, because it is still very loud when I plug the guitar directly into the input If I use the amp, and in the FX Loop use a noise gate (fx send -> gate -> fx return), it's still just as loud If, in the FX loop, I use the POD, it makes it very quiet, even when my guitar is going directly into the input. So if I use a noise gate on the POD and put it in the FX Loop (fx send -> pod with only gate -> fx return), it's quiet, but as soon as I unplug it from the FX return, it's back to being loud. This makes me think that there might be something wrong with the POD, but when I practice at home using headphones it's fine. I've also checked to see if it's my cab, by swapping it with a different head (it's not) and if it's my head, by swapping it with a different cab (also not the issue). As far as I can remember I haven't touched any of the settings on the POD, the master volume is always to max, etc. If anyone can offer me some guidance or help troubleshooting it'd be much appreciated. I've got a feeling that nothing is actually broken, but I'm stumped. I've also attached what my settings are on the POD just in case, but I don't think that has anything to do with it
  21. I use my Pod HD500 with my DT25 combo by using the L6 Link connectivity. It works fine, but recently I decided to add a bit more complexity to my rig by incorporating some other pedals into the signal chain. I have a C.S.E. Rasputin Fuzz, which supposed to be like a Big Muff on steroids. I tried opening a fx loop block so I could run it in front of the amp, but it creates this unbearably loud static when I turn the stompbox on. Even with the fx loop block turned off, it still makes that awful noise (while the pedal is still on). I unplugged everything and just did guitar>fuzz>amp, and I didn't get any static. I know that high-gain pedals do make a bit of noise, but it seems to amplify when I just plug it into the effects loop of the Pod. Any ideas?
  22. Hi I recently connected my Mini Rectifier to my POD HD500 with the 4cm. Also, I made sure I have the FX Loop block on the preset. I do get sound, but I don't get the effect after the FX loop. Any suggestion to why it can happen? Tried panning the mixer to the center, tried playing with the knobs on the FX loop block see if it might help, but nothng, I simply get a dry pre FX loop single Thank you for your time
  23. Does anyone use the FX loop much on their Firehawk? If so, what types of effects/pedals are you putting in the loop? Basically, the Firehawk has replaced my pedal board that I've been piecing together for years and I'm trying to be reasonable and sell off the pedals, since I simply don't use them much. But, also, if I can find any kind of decent excuse to keep some of them and start using them again, I will. Hence, the above question. Thanks!
  24. hello everyone, new to Helix - all good so far, great UI and lots of potential FX Loops I haven't seen many comments, but on my first impressions I am getting a noticeable latency going out to FXLoops. Understandable, as there there is a double conversion (D>A A>D) going out of the Helix > into pedals > back into the Helix. As a matter of interest - does anyone know the exact latency? The good old DL4 used to add 1mS. This feels like quite a bit more. I also feel this lag when I go through an analogue pedal, though of course it is a bit less. fwiw, I am used to up to 4 H9s and have never felt this degree of lag. Obviously I can see it is going to be better if I change all my patches in the external pedal (Eventide H9) to being 100% wet if I want to use the FXloop 1/2 option. I can do that but... ...anyone have any ideas or can point me to a good thread, I'd be grateful! Thanks,
  25. Hi, I have plugged my hd 500 with the 4cm but I have somme difficulty to understand how the fx loop work. Where do I put the fx block in the chain and what do I put before and after this block? Also, on my amp, which is a Marshall mod four, where do I put the fx loop pot between wet and dry? Thanks a lot for your help.
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