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Found 70 results

  1. Hey, guys/gals. I've been experiencing an issue with trying to integrate my Neunaber Slate (Wet), in stereo via the Helix's stereo loop. I'm able to place the pedal in the tone chain just fine, and when using shorter decay reverbs, I have zero issues. BUT, when I use long decaying reverbs with modulation I get clipping in the high frequencies. It's not a crippling audio clip, but enough of it to really annoy me. I've contacted Neunaber about the issue, just cause I've ran this pedal in front, and in my "real" amp's loop, and never experienced this, but they couldn't really find a reason why this would be happening. • I've played with changing the loop signal type from instrument to line, and vice-versa, but nothing changes • Tried running it in the different loop options available on Helix and also running it in mono, and I still get the issue • I've tried placing the effect before and after the Helix cabs and impulse responses as well, and while placing the effect before these helps a bit, it doesn't fix the issue completely.. and, this effect just sounds much better at the end of my tone chain • I've also tried adjusting the lo and hi-pass filters on the cab sims.. no luck either • Adjusted send/return & mix levels for the loop as well. If I turn the mix level way down (in the 30s) it does get rid of the issue, but it also gets rid of pretty much all of the effect (Haha) Anyone else run into something similar? Any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. I have to move my speaker cab to our practice space so at home I'll only be stuck with my amp head. However, my amp (Marshall JVM-1) has a return/send FX Loop and a Line Out. Is there a way I could set up a config like this: Guitar -> Firehawk (fx pedals, etc) -> Amp -> Firehawk (speaker emulation) -> headphones (profit). I'm a rookie with gear and don't want to blow anything up, but I'd love to be able to use my real amp but the Firehawk for all other pieces. Thanks!!!! -CM
  3. Hi all, I have tried a number of things to get a looper with something longer than 24 seconds, into the framework with my POD HD 500. I have tried running my DT Jam Man Solo from the FX out, running the output from the pedal back to the FX Return on the pedal but the looper never seems to get the signal. Since I am trying this with headphones and not an amp, I may be making it more problematic. Will this only work with the FX send/return on the back of an amp? or is there some work-around I may be missing?
  4. I thought I might be able to maximize the use of some buttons by creating a few patches that have fx assignments doubled up on a single button. For example, Chorus and Flanger assigned to FS1 so that you can toggle between the two. Then I assigned the expression pedal to control the mix from 0 to around 75%. The problem I am seeing here is that, with the expression pedal all the way back at 0%, I can still hear a slight chorus effect (or flanger) when, technically, it should be bypassed at 0%. Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome. Sorry if this has been previously covered.
  5. Hi Guys, I currently use a Pod XT Pro at home in the rack and I've just bought a second unit which I will use live. If I setup all of my presets at home in the studio on my first Pod, is there an easy way of replicating everything on to the second one? Also, will there be licensing issues over multiple Pods when it comes to purchased packs etc. I have a flight case for my Marshall 6101 which has a 2U rack built in, perfect for the Pod. I plan on using the Pod though the FX Loop on the Marshall with the Marshall set to the clean channel when I want to use some of the Pod presets, and then when I want pure Marshall valve tone, set the Pod to a clean preset and then shift the Marshall over to either of the Crunch/Lead channels. Is there anything I need to do differently on the Pod when going through the FX loop on the amp? I read somewhere about stacking preamps....... Any help greatly received!
  6. My HD500X is producing a noticeable hiss when I try to add analog pedals via the effects loop, even if that loop is not active. For example, I have the effects loop programmed into a block in front of the amp(s) block. Even if I turn the effects loop off, I can still hear the noise AND a hissy version of the analog stomp pedal itself. In this case, it's an EVH Phase 90 MXR pedal. The same issue is present when I try the EVH 117 flanger pedal. Using standard instrument cables, the HD500X's FX SEND connected to the input of the stomp box. The stomp box output is connected to the FX RETURN L/MONO on the HD500X. The FX level switch is set to STOMP. Also, the stomp boxes sound better when NOT used in the FX Loop of the HD500X. For example, if I plug my guitar directly into the stomp box itself, then connect the output of the stompbox to the GUITAR IN jack of the HD500X it sounds less noisy and more natural. I use batteries to power the stomp boxes. Any advice for solving the FX loop noise issue? Thanks!
  7. Hi everyone, I connect my HD500 to the DT50 using the L6 link. I have a new Strymon Big Sky (oh, so beautiful!) to use instead of the HD500 reverbs. I want to run it in the DT50's effects loop so I don't have to use up a slot in my HD500's effects chain. I also want the Big Sky to see the program change MIDI messages so I can create a reverb patch for each HD500 patch. When I wire everything up on the DT50, I am able to 1) get the Big Sky into the effects loop path successfully and 2) get the Big Sky to respond properly to program changes. However, the problem I run into is the DT50 seems to send a bunch of other unwanted additional MIDI CC messages to the Big Sky, overriding the saved patch settings. One hint of this is when I select a patch on the HD500, the Big Sky switches to its associated patch, but the reverb machine selected is Room instead of the programmed machine, plus the LED indicator is Orange instead of Green, which means the programmed patch has been modified since loading. When I rotate the patch selector knob to the intended patch, it loads properly with the correct reverb machine and the LED stays Green as it should. So I believe the additional MIDI CC messages are confusing the Big Sky. When I run the Big Sky off of my HD500 directly, it works as it should. So the DT50 MIDI out is sending more info that desired for this. I have a support ticket filed, but I figured I'd throw this question out there to see if anyone else has solved this. Thanks! Randy
  8. Hi, So a friend swent me a really neat little stereo tube preamp unit. I really want to add it to the mix in my XT Pro. I read the manual, and it says to select the FX LOOP to "Series" instead of "Parallel". Well, I did, and under both settings, the guitar can be heard. (It shouldn't be heard when "Series" is selected) I know the Preamp isn't in the mix because adjusting the output of it has no effect on the sound at all. Also, the FX loop setting (According to each manual, Pre 2, 2, and 3...) should be next to the "Sutdio direct" setting under, "What are you connecting to?" menu. But it is not. That setting stands alone and is not changeable. If I scroll one more, I get "Global options" and the "FX Loop" menu is there, above a soft key, along with, "Loop Sw" and "Digiout" I have performed every software update using Monkey as of today. Everything is up to date and functional software and hardware wise. I do not understand this, can someone please help me?
  9. Hello! I have a problem with ground noise when using the 4 cable Method! Here are the steps of building my sound chain: 1) I plug guitar into Pod's Guitar Input 2) In my preset there are no effects but Fx Loop right after the mixer 3) Input Settings of Pod are: First Input Channel - Guitar, Second Input - Variax 4) I achieve the Unity Gain with mixer settings, with 1/4 Out switch set in Amp position and with Fx Loop Mode set in Stomp mode, so Pod HD500x does not change the sound of my guitar before the external Amp at all, just like if I plug guitar directly into the Amp 5) and when all connections are made there is ground noise occurs! It is not from guitar pickups, it is between Fx Loop Send and Amp Input! I have experimented with plugging my guitar directly Into the Amp, so my guitar signal flows this way - 1) Amp in 2) Amp Fx Send to Pod FX Return 3) Pod Output to Amp Fx return - and there is no hum at all! Even with a lot of Gain on the lead channel of my Amp! But in that case only effects after Fx Loop in Pod's Preset are actually taking a part in sound changing (Delays, Reverbs etc) So, the problem occurs between Pod Fx Send and Amp Input What should I do to eliminate this issue? Thank you!
  10. If I have a gain-y pedal in the FX loop of my HD500, turning the FX Loop off causes the noise level to go up. Specifically I'm using a Bogner Red pedal, and I'm trying to use my HD500 into the power amp of a Fender Deluxe. I'd like to be able to assign the FX Loop and a preamp on the HD500 to A/B, so I can go from a medium gain modeling preamp to the high-gain Bogner with one footswitch. GTR -> HD500, pregain FX - FX out - Bogner red - FX in - HD500 preamp* - post gain FX - main out - Power Amp In Pod set to Combo Pwr Amp So far I've confirmed: The noise is coming from the pedal being in the FX loop. Turning the pedal off always gets rid of the hiss. Patching the FX loop into itself does not cause hiss. Pedal straight into amp does not cause hiss** Hiss happens when the fx loop is set to both line and stomp levels. The hiss goes down when set to stomp, but so does the volume of the pedal (which is no good as I'm using it as a preamp). The hiss also happens if I have BOTH the FX loop and amp enabled but turned off. It does NOT happen if I have either one disabled. *The HD500 modeling preamp and the Bogner red are set to never be on simultaneously. **Unless I have the gain cranked, and even then it causes significantly less hiss than if in the FX loop.
  11. I recently purchased a GAP Pre73 MKII and a Shure SM7. I'd like to use both of these to record vocals through my POD HD500, but I'm a little confused as to the proper way to set this up. Here's what I'm doing: My SM7 is going into the Pre73's Mic In via an XLR cable, and then the Pre73's output is going through a balanced TRS cable to the POD's Aux in. I read in the manual that the Aux In is unbalanced. Will this negatively affect my signal, or if I use a balanced TRS cable, will the signal stay balanced? Is there a better way to set this up, or a special configuration I need to use? When I connect the SM7 to the POD directly, via XLR to the POD's Mic In, the level in my DAW seems great and the mic is sufficiently loud (and the SM7 is a notoriously quiet mic). When I use my aforementioned setup, the level in my DAW is very low, even though I have both knobs on my Pre73 cranked to max. This has led me to believe I am doing something wrong. For what it's worth, I am using high-quality Mogami cables. As a somewhat-related sidenote, is it possible to run my Pre73 as part of an "fx loop"? Would there be a benefit to this? I'd like to use the Pre73 to warm up my bass and I figure that could be a way to do it, or should I simply plug the bass into the Pre73, and then the Pre73 into the POD? Thanks for reading this and thanks for the help. The world of pro audio sometimes befuddles my brain, so I really appreciate it.
  12. Hi Everyone, Thank you all for the help in the past. I have been doing a lot of research on my issue and I am getting different answers on the internet. My issue is, I would like to create a user preset but I am unsure what order the effects should be in the chain, and where I should insert the effects loop for my stomp boxes. (Triple Wreck Distortion and The DreamScape Pedal) I have written before in this thread and got some really helpful answers, so I sincerly appreciate the community with all the help I have received, it has been tremendously helpful! Here is my situation. I have a Wampler Triple Wreck DIstortion pedal and The DreamScape pedal from T.C. Electronics. When attempting to create my own preset I am not sure what order the effects chain should be or where to place the effects loop. I have had different suggestions and have different websites state different things on how they believe the effects chain should be. For Example, I have read that your wah should be first in the chain -> Noise Gate -> Compressor -> FX Loop - Distortion (which the Triple wreck and The Dreamscape are connected) -> EQ -> Modulation ->Ambience My question is, with the pedals I have, I have tried the above chain, but I get a lot of noise from my Wampler Distortion pedal. I have tried putting a noise gate first as suggested on some sites to prevent noise from my guitar inputs (Using a MusicMan JP13 which have High out put pickups) then the signal chain above but I am still getting a lot of noise from the distortion pedal. Like this: Guitar input -> Noise Gate (supposed to suppress the noise from pickups) ->Compressor - > FX Loop - Distortion (which the Triple wreck and The Dreamscape are connected) -> EQ -> Modulation ->Ambience I have even tried adding a second Noise Gate after the FX Loop but I am still getting noise from the Triple Wreck, I am at a lost on how I should do this to keep the Tripple wreck quiet while still retaining it's heavy distorted sound. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can eliminate this noise from the pedal? I am at a loss. And I am still confused as to what chain would be best for my setup. I have tried pluging my JP13 into the Triple Wreck, then to The Dreamscape pedal to the HD500x's input, but that doesn't seem to work. I am at a loss. Should I be using any cabinets/Amps like the Treadplate? It seems when I do that, the distortion from the Cabinent/Amp override the Tripple wreck. I am sorry I am so new at this, but does anyone have any suggestions on how I should actually set up the chain of effects properly? And I do not know which settings I should set the noise gate at or exactly which order in the chain it should go. Same thing with the Compressor. There are a few different choices for the Compressor like Tube Compressor etc. I do not know which compressor to use or what settings I should have them at. I know I am asking a lot, but I really like the Triple wreck DIstortion pedal and all I basically want to do is add it to the chain in the proper place it should be. Like I said, some sites state the Noise Gate should be first to prevent noise from the guitar, but that doesn't help the Triple Wreck noise. Then I have read that after the the Noise Gate I should have the compressor before the distortion. (which I have no idea what compressor I should use or what settings.) So basically I have tried the following setups: 1) Guitar -> Triple Wreck - > The Dreamscape Pedal - > HD500x input -> Noise Gate -> Compressor -> EQ -> Modulation -> Ambience 2) Guitar input direct to PID HD550x input -> Noise Gate (supposed to suppress the noise from pickups) -> Compressor - > FX Loop - Distortion (which the Triple wreck and The Dreamscape are connected) -> EQ -> Modulation ->Ambience 3) Guitar input -> Noise Gate (supposed to suppress the noise from pickups) -> Compressor - > FX Loop - Distortion (which the Triple wreck and The Dreamscape are connected) -> Another Noise Gate -> EQ -> Modulation ->Ambience I do not know what to do or the proper way to set this up. I have done research on different sites and people say different things. I have even read the advanced POD HD500x Manual but cannot seem to figure it out. I am not sure what settings I should have the Noise Gate at or which type of compressor to use. Can anyone help me on how I should properly set this up as far as what the effects order should be, where I should insert the effects loop, and some settings on what settings the noise gate should be at and which type of compressor I should be using? I know some of the distortions included with the Pod HD500x can be pretty heavy, but the presets are still really quiet, I even tried to modify a preset to include the Wampler Triple Wreck in the effects loop, but I still get noise. Any help would be so much appreciated. I really love the Triple Wreck and want to incorporate it with my Pod HD500x setup, but the noise is driving me crazy and I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong when there are factory presets on the Pod HD 500x with some pretty heavy distortion, yet are very quiet. I even read on the HD500's product page stating that you can add distortion or other stompboxes in the effects loop, which I did, but anytime I use the Triple Wreck there is noise. Will someone please help me on which order I should have the effets chain in and perhaps some settings on which compressor to use and it's settings as well as the Noise gate and where to place it in the chain? Thank you all so much for reading and any advice and/or suggestions you can provide. Thank you all!
  13. Hi everyone, I want to use the fx loop to put a tube preamp. The only problem is that I use 1 of the 8 (4 if is hd400 or 300) fx block for that. Giving that I don't need the amp block if I use an external preamp, is it possible to subsititue the amp block with an fx block (or fx loop)? thanks brgds HPM
  14. Hi everyone, First post here, and I desperately need help! Just bought myself a new Laney Ironheart 120W head (BEAUTIFUL ^_^) and I'm struggling to get my Pod X3 live to work well with it. I basically want to use the X3 live for just effects. I really like the sound of my amp, but want the X3 live for stomp boxes, modulations and delays. Now I know the 4 cable method is an option, but the thing I dislike is that I will now have to be constantly jumping back and forth on the pedal to change patches, while also switching about on the actual footswitch. Here's the interesting thing though that I've just discovered - My footswitch has an input cable that fits the X3 live's Midi input. So I can attach a cable that goes from the POD's Midi input, to the footswitch at the back of my amp. Is there any way I can use this to not only control my amp channel switching, but also the POD's patches? So say for example, I wanted to go from my clean channel on the amp (with the POD's tremelo and reverb) to my amps lead channel (with a fuzz and delay activated) with the X3 live? That would literally by my ideal setup, I don't mind a bit of tone loss, as long as I can do all changes from my POD, while keeping my amps awesomeness, and the POD's FX awesomeness. I am completely new to tube amps (only had this amp a couple of weeks) and I have never even thought of using MIDI before, so I have next to no knowledge of it. I would really appreciate any help here! Thank you :)
  15. I've just tried introducing an effects loop into my HD500 (using with DT25) for the first time. But it's producing a level of hiss that renders it almost unusable. The set up is more or less silent the rest of the time, no matter what settings I use. But this is louder than any "normal" amp hiss. I assumed it must be the gain, so I tried connecting the Loop out to the Loop in - a single wire - and the hiss is just the same. If you reduce the mix setting for the loop the hiss goes down accordingly, so it's definitely being introduced by the loop itself. The dB adjustment for the Send makes no difference, the dB adjustment for the Return amplifies the hiss. I found one other reference to this in an earlier post - but no solution. Has anyone had and fixed this - or any ideas what I might try? Thanks in advance.....
  16. Ok, so the FX loop send is stereo and it says use a TRS plug. But what if I want to send a mono signal out? Do I need a TRS adapter to get both channels to go out? If I use a mono plug, does it sum to mono for me or will I only be sending one channel? I can't find any documentation on it so if anyone knows for sure, I appreciate the help...
  17. Hey Line 6-ers, I've been using the Four Cable Method (4CM) for a few years now with my POD HD500 and a Blackstar HT Stage 60 amp. It's been quite successful, albeit after some very careful tweaking. I've posted a video with the results on my youtube channel if you would like to view it for some context: Click Here Essentially it details a disparity between the "Guitar In" jack and the "FX Send" jack. With all things in the signal chain being set to Unity - no FX blocks and Amp Mods on Bypass - The level coming out of the FX Send jack is -2.8dB LOWER, on average, than the source signal. I tested this with a signal generator, recording the level over time, averaging it out. Then putting that signal through the POD HD500 and out the FX Send jack, recording the level over time, averaging it out - and you see the -2.8dB difference. This is consistent across any of the settings for the FX Loop Level (STOMP/LINE) meaning that the issue is not related to that level - it's internal. About 2 years after I did this in-depth analysis - I haven't seen any changes in the firmware that fixed this quirk, but I did start playing with the FX Loop Level switch and the Unbalanced Out switch - which don't make any sense to me. My questions to the Line 6 Folks: 1 - Is the 2.8dB DROP from Guitar In to FX Send deliberate - or is it a bug? Or is it because I'm using a TS cable to go to ONE amp instead of a TRS->TRS cable? 2 - Can you help me (all of us) make heads or tails of the STOMP/LINE/AMP settings with Unbalanced Out, and FX Loop - the only number actually given is the LINE level for the Unbalanced out. From what I've read of the manual: Unbalaced Out: AMP = +4dBv (this is assumed because the only number given is the LINE setting of -10dBv) LINE = -10dBv FX Loop: LINE = +4dBv (this is assumed because the manual says "higher peak-to-peak voltage, making it optimal for Line-level devices") STOMP = -10dBv (this is assumed because LINE was assumed as the +4dBV) I HAVE to be reading this incorrectly - does higher peak-to-peak voltage mean -10dBv? - why would the 2 LINE settings be different? I do know that BOTH -10dBv and +4dBv are LINE-Level, one is for Pro audio application, and the other for Consumer application. Should all 3 of my levels be set consistently? (All at -10 or all at +4?) Currently, my setup is as follows: Unbalanced Out set to AMP(+4dBv), FX Loop set to STOMP(-10dBv), and my amps loop is set to -10dBv. The Result is Loud and clear sound from the amp - but it can be a little noisy, lots of digital background white noise (probably due to dirty power in my old house - so, not faulting L6 for that.)...I can barely turn it up past 2 or it's blowing my ears out. So that means that my amp and the FX Loop are both running at -10dBv, but that the FX Return on my amp is getting a +4dBv from the Unbalanced out of the POD. If I change the Amp's FX Loop to +4dBv - very subtle change, if any at all...hardly noticeable, same thing if I change the LINE/STOMP FX Loop on the POD HD. HOWEVER if I change the Unbalanced Out on the POD HD to LINE, my volume drops significantly and the gain doubles...my clean amp channel sounds like a dimed AC30. I'm hoping this Real-World example is a helpful analysis for everyone - I'm stoked about my setup and it's super easy to gig with - This is more of an intellectual exercise for fellow nerds like me. Rock.
  18. Hi all, I have a mono reverb > stereo delay in the HD500 fx loop. Mono cable on the POD send to the mono effect; mono cable from that to the mono in on the stereo delay; stereo out from the delay with both L & R cables back to the stereo input on the POD fx return. The fx loop block is in the last position after the mixer, yet I do not hear the stereo returns from the stereo delay. It comes back as mono. I would think that even though it's a mono send, the delay should still come back as stereo, as there are no mono fx after the fx loop in the chain. Does anyone have any pointers? I'm at a loss. I've tried taking the mono reverb out of the chain but the stereo delay still comes back as mono.
  19. Shouldn't the Fx loop block cut all returning audio when it's switched off? Well, it doesn't. When off, It prevents audio from being sent, but not from being returned, which, in most cases, can be enough, but when there's a rather noisy processor in the loop, the floor noise stays. Should I open a support ticket about this?
  20. I am running the pod HD500 in dual amp mode panned hard left and hard right. Since the dsp is limiting I have an external delay and reverb which I run through the FX loop. How do I set it up to put the fx loop after the amp? It only gives me one FX loop position to use so I can't put one on the left amp and one on the right amp. If I use it on one of the amps it only goes to one side, if I place it after the pre amp it makes it mono sounding. How do I get a stereo FX loop?
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