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  1. Hi all, I was 99% settled on selling off my amp, cab and pedalboard in favour of a Helix, until I realised I would still want to use my G30 wireless system. I'm currently using a TC Electronic G System, which has four super convenient 9v power outputs for powering pedals in it's various loops. I was frankly amazed at what looks like a huge oversight in the design of the Helix, that while it is designed to be an "all-in-one" solution it does have the option to loop in other pedals yet has no solution to provide power to them. I'm really obsessive about cable management and having everything as neat and tidy as possible on my pedalboards, so the absolute last thing I am willing to do is have some ugly power strip on the back of a pedalboard not only wasting space but also cluttering it up just for the sake of 1 9v power adapter for my wireless. Does anyone know of a reasonably priced product which might offer a tidy and effective power solution to both the 240v Helix requirement, and a single 9v requirement?? Huge thanks in advance!!! Liam
  2. I bought a G30 in May and it no long works. The transmitter light does not come up. I've put new batteries in. The receiver light also does not turn on. Thanks in advance.
  3. Having an odd issue; love my G30 - think I've had it for a couple years at least (yes, I have a rubber band around the battery door - get over it folks!!) Its just started giving me an odd problem. I have a good solid signal (on any channel) - 6 green lights on receiver, but nothing from the instrument. If I unplug the instrument from the transmitter, the amp pops just like I was pulling a cord locally so its definitely making contact with the amp. Just no music! Instrument plays fine wired. I've tried a different cord between instrument and transmitter. Anybody have a clue what could be going on? I'm in a major city and oddly enough the one authorized repair center is close by so maybe I'll go see them.... Thanks for any insights
  4. Hello!!! I got a new TBP06 to my g30 and this new one have no range at all.... after 2/3 meters away from the receiver and i can see the Transmitter Status dying on the receiver end, while the Battery Status remain stable... only the wireless sinal is lost... Do i have to do something to pair this new unit? or whats is going wrong here.. Help please!! Thanks!
  5. Just received a replacement G30 transmitter, and, on the bag, there was a warning about the new transmitter interfering with other L6 wireless devices because it is shipped in RF2 mode. It goes on to say that I should "...see your user manual...for instructions for switching devices between modes or upgrading RF1 devices." I can find no such information in the user manual accompanying my new transmitter or the web site, and I actually don't think the G30 Relays support RF2 at any rate. But I do have a couple of V75 mics -- all running on RF1 to accommodate my pre-existing G30 systems , so I need to know if I have an issue. MY QUESTION: Do I need to change the RF version on my Relay G30? If so, how do I do that? Thanks! Joe
  6. I've got a G30 transmitter I've had for 5 months and no problems, installed fresh batteries now range is 8-10 ft and must have clear line of sight. I've got another G30 transmitter I've had for 5 years that doesn't have these problems and works fine. Thanks.
  7. Hey Folks, thanks for your help! I would love to know, if the output of the Relay G30 Reciever is a symmetrical or unsymmetrical Output. Is it a Stereo or a Mono Jack? Kindest regards from Germany, Johannes
  8. Hi all I bought G30 on Ebay with tag "like new", well, it is true, it looks like unused, transmitter package was sealed and so on, but when I trying to play at home, signal completely fades away (from 3 green leds to 0) even if I cover transmitter with my hand! Plus if I hold transmitter in my hands and put it to my back, so I will be in between of transmitter and receiver (no front sight) and continue covering it with my hand, 3 green leds will turn to 3 red leds. I changed batteries, switched channels and modes (from RF1 to RF2 and back), moves receiver on a room, tested it on a little gig - absolutely the same, my G30 available to send signal for a three foots and only if there is a line of front sight. Even the piece of paper can ruin wireless channel. What can I do else?
  9. I'd like to use a USB powerbank instead of 2x AA batteries, as doing so would give me much more battery capacity and in general would be more convenient for my purpouse. Question is: - can the transmitter operate under 5V or will it break anything? Thank you in advance!
  10. I performed at a venue last night and my wireless intermittently cut out mostly when I was moving. I tried every channel and switched cables with new batteries. Still the problem persisted. ** This is the first time I have had this issue, but cannot afford this to continuously happen on tours and do not want to guess every night what the issue is. ** My I have my G30 receiver placed in the back of my rack (not touching metal) with velcro that runs into a chain (TS9 - ISP decimator for a more real sounding push) then into my Pod Hd Pro X. We were playing the headline spot so no other band's gear was on stage and powered on at the same time as ours and the band before us had the same issue on the same side of the stage using also a G30. I was within close proximity to the venue's wifi modems located on a shelf in the greenroom side stage only separated with thin drywall. I know they also output in 2.4Ghz. Could this of caused intermittent complete drop outs? My signal on the transmitter was full bars, I do not recall if it was red or green as I was unaware there was two colors to begin with. Is there anything else that would cause the G30 to cut out I feel I have covered all the bases except the proximity to the venues Wi-Fi source. Is there a trick to avoiding this, or anything I can do. Will upgrading to a different Line 6 Guitar Wireless solve this issue? Or do they all operate on 2.4Ghz too? (Purchased May 5th 2015)
  11. I have a dead (flashing lights G30 bodypack.) Replacement is 1/2 the cost of a whole new G30 system complete... Anyway, from what I have read, A G75 can be used with monkey updater to re-slash\firmware update the G30 bodypack. Can this also be done with a G90? I have rented a G90 for the next gig, and figured since I have it on rental for a few days, I might be able fix my G30. Appreciate any help!
  12. Hi all, can anyone tell me, if the 2,4 GHz frequency band is freely usable in China? I'm going to tour China with my band next fall and we have two G30s in use. So now we try to find out which wireless gear we are allowed to use over there. For a lot of countries it's easy to find out, but China is a different world sometimes... I hope someone can help me on this! Thanks and regards, Golo
  13. I have the following setup: Fender Deluxe Strat (USA) Martin D28 acoustic with Fishman Acoustic Matrix Natural II under-saddle pickup Fender Deluxe Reverb combo amp Morley ABC switcher SP compressor pedal Fullton Fulldrive 3 Overdrive pedal L R Baggs Para DI Acoustic preamp Line6 Relay G30 wireless system Using the Relay G30 feeding into the Morley switcher, I can route the Strat into either of the Deluxe Reverb’s channels – with or without the FX units - with no problems. However, when I change to the Martin, using the switcher to route it through the Baggs unit to the amp’s Vibrato channel, significant high-frequency interference occurs, which fluctuates as I move the guitar and wireless transmitter around. Using a cable from the Martin to the Baggs unit (i.e. no wireless), this does not occur. Either the Fishman or the Baggs unit is disagreeing with the wireless transmitter. All advice/suggestions gratefully received.
  14. I've recently bought both a TBP12 transmitter and a G30 receiver. Both are set to RF1. When they are both set to the same channel, the receiver shows full red bar (indicating a lot of interference). This goes away when they are both on different channels, or the transmitter is turned off. This suggests to me that the receiver is recognising my transmitter as interference. Wondering if anyone has had a similar issue or a fix for this? Thanks
  15. Hi, I've had my G30 for almost a year. Recently I've been experiencing signal loss from the transmitter during gigs...not good. The LED's on the transmitter go off completely, and what I have to do is shake it around, press the battery door, open it, close it, whatever I have to do until eventually it comes back on again. It must be something to do with the battery compartment/connection issue. I've tried using elastic bands around it to try and keep the door firmly closed but that didn't seem to work. Everytime I've replaced batteries I have opened and closed the door the correct way by using the clip. This is really frustrating because it is happening at every gig now, and is really embarrassing especially when it happens during important guitar parts. I bought it from, so before I return it I want to see if people have had the same problem and if they rectified it? Or if there is something I am overlooking. Thanks, Dave.
  16. HELP URGENT!!! I just perform an update to my line 6 g30 transmiter and receiver using xd-v75 receiver borowed from local music store. It was a line 6 xd-v75 headset unit. Update to my g30 went fine. But after the update installed, i can't start xd-v75 receiver. When i plug the power supply and switch the power button on, the screen doesn't show anything but black. The rf and battery meter in the left panel blinking red. Everything works normal before i perform update. But when i use xd-v75 on loader enabled mode to computer, it works fine. Line 6 monkey can detect the xd-v75 receiver and show that their current firmware is 2.01. Before performing update to my g30 receiver and transmitter, i check if my g30 receiver and transmitter detected in line 6 monkey. So i plug my receiver first, select g30 receiver from the list, and line 6 monkey detect it. After that i don't perform update right away, i press quit so i can check if my g30 transmitter detected in line 6 monkey. When i press quit, instead of quiting line 6 monkey right away, i saw line 6 monkey start reconfiguring xd-v75 for no reason. i saw performing mcu and other stuff. I'm not connected to the internet yet that time. I wonder is this is what causing problem with the xd-v75 receiver. What happened to that xd-v75 receiver? Will a firmware update solve it or can i solve it without firmware update (the stock firmware is 2.01)? If i update the firmware only on the receiver (update to 2.04), will it still work without problem with the transmitter (tbp12) which have an older firmware (2.01)? Honestly i feel bad with the music store. I just don't want to touch another stuff (the transmitter) because they already think that i broke the receiver, so if i touch the transmitter then they'll think that i'm gonna ruin the transmitter too. Please help me. Tomorrow i'll be back to the music store to fix this. Sorry for bad english.
  17. My Relay G30 was working the last time I tried using it. I pull it out of my case to use it at rehearsal the other day, and the receiver was not showing any transmitter status lights, and there was no sound. I tried changing to different channels, tried changing from RF1 to RF2. The Transmitter audio light was reacting when I played on my guitar, so I know it was receiving signal from the guitar. The receiver just isn't getting anything. Any suggestions?? P.S. I am out of warranty at this point.
  18. I just purchased a new TBP06 transmitter for my relay g30 system, the product number is exactly the same as the one I currently have which came with my g30 set. The old transmitter works fine but the reciever will not pick up the new one. The new transmitter flashes to say its recieving audio but the reciever recieves nothing on any of the channels. Has anyone else experienced this?
  19. Hello I am hoping someone can answer... I have stripped down my G30 transmitter and have built it into the cavity of my bass. It is working great... However I will have to change the 2 x NiMh cells I have in the cavity as well as their performance (hours) are dropping For reasons of weight vs. capacity I am considering fitting a single LiPo cell instead. My trouble is that I havn't been able to find specs on the G30 TX with regards to maximum Voltage ... Manual only says "2 x Alkaline" 2 x Alkaline is 3,3 V brand new and without load ...One LiPo cell is 4,2V fresh from charger although the majority of the capacity is delivered at around 3,7V So my question in short: Can a G30 transmitter handle 4,2 Volt ???
  20. Hi! I Have a Line6 Relay G30 since 2012. I haven't use it for 3 months (pick out the batteries). And now the transmitter doesn't work.. Use brand new alkaline, but doesn't turn it on.. any ideas? Thanks
  21. Hi all, I just bought a G30 (arrives Tuesday) and in the pilot's manual it says to use alkaline over rechargeable. Why? I want to use rechargeable for obvious reasons. I gig quite a bit and would rather not have to buy 3000 batteries a year. :rolleyes: So is rechargeable AOK? Also, what is the real life expectancy of the batteries for a 4 hour night? Finally, all the talk about the battery compartment door, anything preventative I should consider? thanks!
  22. So I have been having trouble out of my Line 6 G30 since day 1. I have been experiencing dropouts and problems with it being less than a year old and have only used it for 4 gigs. It will start fine and all lights are green and sounds great. Then after a few minutes I will experience dropouts, which sounds like a cable going bad. Just intermittent sounds. I tried my buddies backpack and its doing the same thing. The cable i have was brand new so that wouldn't be the problem. My rig consist of: Tele > G30 > Axe Fx. I have the receiver sitting on top of the the rack case that houses the Axe, Do you guys have any suggestions?
  23. Hi there! I want to use an onboard preamp (EMG PA-2 if it matters) on my guitar to push the front of my amp - going full-blast at 20 dBs of boost. I'm using a G30 wireless (which is why I want the preamp on my guitar - clean/dirt/solo all at with the guitar controls alone!). Will the G30 be able to handle that amount of gain without going into digital clipping? Has anyone tried this? Thanks!
  24. Greetings... did a quick search around couldn't find an answer so I'll post. Forgive me if I missed and obvious reply to this question. My son's G30 is no longer transmitting a signal. Bought it in mid 2013 and has worked like a champ. Within the last week at a show, his bass started cutting out during a show and we quickly switched over to a cable. This past weekend during set up, he had no signal whatsoever. The receiver and transmitter both show good connection, tried different channels, walked through his signal chain to verify nothing else was interfering, and narrowed it down to the wireless unit. Batteries are good. Our guitarist had an extra G30 transmitter, fired his transmitter up and tried it, worked just fine. I see there could possibly be a firmware update for it (not sure if that'd fix anything), but doing so could be difficult locating the required receiver to perform it - short of sending it in to Line 6. Purchased in mid 2013, have extended warranty on it from GC. Any suggestions?
  25. Hi there, I am a solo musician based in Spain and I have a couple of question. I have a few g30 systems for my show as It was a similar price to buy the whole system as it was to buy the transmitters separate. I want to connect the v75 mic with the g30 receiver. I plan on going from the g30 receiver, which is placed inside a large pedalboard, to a vocal pedal. It says on this site that the v75 is compatible with the g30, but are there any flaws I will run into if I use a g30 receiver instead of the proper kit? will I need anything else to make it work properly? and also what benefits will I get if I use the normal xd-v75 system instead of the g30 receiver? Thanks for your help!
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