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Found 43 results

  1. hi there, i am trying to play my guitar on the macbook pro using pod farm 2.5 and guitar link ucg102 to connect the guitar to the mac, the problem is when i open the stand-alone pod farm and i select the ucg as my input device and the the macbook speaker as output and i apply the setting, i hear nothing, there is no signal... nothing and when i come back to the preferences, i then find as in the second picture, that the selected settings from before are blank now! and i have to select again! where is the problem exactly? ps: pod farm as a plugin is working fantastically in garabeband and logic pro!
  2. Deutsch Français For a review of how to connect your Sonic Port VX or Sonic Port CLICK HERE. (Click to view larger images.) From the Instruments Menu, select the Guitar Amp. From the Guitar Amp Screen, tap the guitar cable button in the upper left hand corner and turn the monitor on. From the Instruments Menu, select the Audio Recorder. From the Audio Record Menu Screen, tap the guitar cable button in the upper left hand corner and turn the monitor on. From the Instruments Menu, select the Sampler. From the Sampler Screen, tap the guitar cable button in the upper left hand corner and turn the monitor on. For more information on using GarageBand checkout the the User Manual Here. Wie benutze ich Sonic Port mit GarageBand? Um Anweisungen zu den Anschlüssen des Sonic Port zu erhalten klicken Sie HIER. (Klicken, um die Bilder zu vergrößern.) Im "Instrumente"-Menu klicken Sie auf den Gitarrenverstärker ("Guitar Amp"). Im Gitarrenverstärker-Fenster klicken Sie auf das Gitarrenkabel oben links in der Ecke und schalten Sie "Monitor" an. Im "Instrumente"-Menu wählen Sie nun den "Audio Recorder". Im Audio Recorder Menu tippen Sie oben links wieder auf das Gitarrenkabel und schalten "Monitor" an. Im "Instrumente"-Menu wählen Sie nun den "Sampler". Im Sampler Menu tippen Sie wiederum auf das Gitarrenkabel und schalten "Monitor" an. Sollten Sie mehr Informationen über GarageBand benötigen können Sie das Benutzerhandbuch hier finden. Comment est-ce que j'utilise Sonic Port avec GarageBand? Pour recevoir des instructions concernant les connexions du Sonic Port cliquez ICI. (Cliquez pour agrandir les images) Dans le menu "Instruments", cliquez sur l'amplificateur guitare ("Guitar Amp"). Dans la fenêtre de l'amplificateur, tapez le câble de guitare dans le coin supérieur gauche et activez "Monitor". Dans le menu "Instruments", cliquez sur "Audio Recorder". Dans ce menu d'enregistrement audio, tapez le câble de guitare dans le coin supérieur gauche et activez "Monitor". Dans le menu "Instruments", cliquez sur "Sampler". Dans ce dernier menu tapez encore une fois sur le câble de guitare dans le coin supérieur gauche et activez "Monitor". Si vous avez besoin d'aide supplémentaire avec GarageBand, vous pouvez trouver le manuel d'utilisation ici.
  3. Hi, I just upgraded to the latest version of Garageband (10.0.2) and installed POD Farm 2.57. For some reason I can't select the POD Farm Plugin any more. What am I missing here? In a stand alone mode POD Farm is working fine. Please assist. Best regards, Robert
  4. I'm pretty sure the answer is no because I'm guessing the sound processing is in the pedal. But...does anyone know if you can get garageband ios to accept amplifi output as a input for recording (I mean app to app not running a line from the pedal to another ios device$
  5. I'm trying to record with Garageband 10 and a Line6 HD500X. The problem is that the click track/metronome is a split second ahead of the measure indicated on the screen. In otherwords, if I play to the click track, my playing is slightly ahead of the measure as it's recorded. How can I fix this? I'm using the HD500X as both the input and output device, monitoring through headphones on the HD500X. My Mac Mini is connected to my LCD TV via an HDMI. I know that games like RockSmith have a sound latency issue that can be corrected, but I have no idea how to tell Garageband it's recording too late vs. the click track... Any help is appreciated!
  6. Hello all, Currently, I have been recording some songs on my UX2 and everything is turning out pretty good. The program I'm using at the moment is GarageBand (might get Reaper) and I have questions regarding the program and recording. 1) How do I go about recording vocals and guitar at the same time BUT on separate tracks? (if that makes any sense at all, the weird diagram down there should 'hopefully' explain my objective). |Guitar|~~~~~~~ |Vocals|~~~ ~~ 2) What my problem is, is that I record the both the guitar and vocals but the two come out on the same track. I have even tried making a separate track (like the diagram up there) and I still get the same result. What am I doing wrong and what do I need to fix? Multi-tracking didn't work either but I assume I'd still need to multi-track if I'm going to record vocals and guitar at the same time, right? 3) I usually mic up the guitar as well, but am I better off just putting the guitar into the UX2's input? If there is a link that answers this question, by all means share. Thank you in advance :)
  7. Hi, Was recently given an iPhone 4 for Christmas. I found out that the device was compatible with Sonic Port and since GarageBand was included on the phone and Mobile POD was a free DL, I went ahead and pulled the trigger on the Sonic Port. I also purchased Audiobus, so I could use both apps (GarageBand and Mobile POD) at the same time. That is what started this whole problem which I'll get to next: To my horror, I discovered that Apple doesn't support using these apps at the same time on iPhone 4, rendering the marriage of Mobile POD and GarageBand null and void. You can use one...or the other, but you cannot use Mobile POD and GarageBand as a couple, which really, really sucks, since GarageBand's guitar rigs are among the fizziest, processed, crapola sounding amp models on planet earth. What to do? I've been looking for an iPhone 4S on the cheap, since its chip set is supported with these apps by Apple, but haven't had any luck yet. So that's one option. The other would be to get an iPAD mini, which has a much bigger display, and at my age, a more readable display is a plus. Here's my question: does the iPAD mini support using the AudioBus app to marry Mobile POD and GarageBand? Other than that, if anyone has other suggestions, I'm all ears. Thanks.
  8. Hello, I bought used kb37 to record guitar, bass and vocal. I use macbook pro 2012 mid and OS version is 10.9.1(Mavericks), Garageband version is v10. But I have not record anything yet because of popup noise when I connect guitar via toneport kb37 on garageband. I installed latest software like monkeys, gearbox and pod farm2 and I changed audio input/output setup to toneport kb37. I can hear guitar sound on garageband but also can hear pop up noise to play and record. I'd like to solve this problem. Thanks.
  9. Version française. Deutsche Version. We have discovered that even if you've authorized your POD Farm 2 license with Line 6 License Manager, GarageBand 10 on OSX 10.9 will not allow you to use POD Farm as an AU plug-in on an audio track. The plug-in window launches showing that plug-in is not authorized. To ensure the plug-in is working as it should, we encourage you to test it on another DAW, such as Reaper, which is a free download. GarageBand 10 changes the location where the authorization files are found. However, there's a workaround to try: 1. Authorize your computer (or Hardware / L6 Device) - using License Manager 2. Start up Pod Farm (not plugin) and see that things are working okay 3. Copy the entire ~/Library/Application Support/Line 6/GuitarPort folder into: ~/Library/Containers/com.apple.garageband10/Data/Library/Application Support/Line 6/GuitarPort (create that folder path as needed) NOTE: You may get a pop-up from the OS asking you to lower your security settings to use this AU. You will not be allowed to use POD Farm, or other certain plug-ins, until this settings change is made. If you continue to have issues with POD Farm 2 after trying the workaround, please contact Apple Support at the link below for assistance with configuring GarageBand's security settings to allow POD Farm 2 to be authorized: http://www.apple.com/support/contact/ Nous avons découvert même si vous avez autorisé votre licence POD Farm 2 avec le Line 6 License Manager, GarageBand 10 sur OSX 10.9 ne vous laisse pas utiliser POD Farm comme AU plugin avec une piste audio. La fenêtre plugin s’ouvre mais le plugin n’est pas autorisé. Pour assurer le plug-in fonctionne comme il le devrait, testez le sur une autre DAW comme Reaper (logiciel gratuit). Le logiciel GarageBand change l’emplacement des fichiers d’autorisation. Mais Il y en a une solution pour ce problème : Autorisez votre ordinateur (ou appareil Line 6) en utilisant le License Manager. Démarrez POD Farm (pas le plugin) et vérifiez si le programme fonctionne correctement. Copiez le dossier : ~/Bibliothèque/Application Support/Line 6/GuitarPort dans : ~/Bibliothèque/Containers/com.apple.garageband10/Data/Library/Application Support/Line 6/GuitarPort (Créez ce dossier si nécessaire) Attention, c’est possible que vous ayez besoin de changer vos réglages de sécurité pour permettre POD Farm ou autres plugins de fonctionner. Si vous continuez d'avoir des problèmes avec POD Farm 2 après cette solution, contactez le service clientèle d’Apple pour vous assister avec les configurations de sécurité pour GarageBand. http://www.apple.com/fr/support/contact/ Wir haben festgestellt, dass nachdem Sie Ihre POD Farm Lizenz per Line 6 License Manager autorisiert haben, GarageBand unter OSX 10.9 Sie POD Farm als Plugin nicht verwenden lässt. Im Plugin Fenster wird das Plugin als nicht autorisiert angezeigt. Um sicher zu stellen, dass das Plugin korrekt funktioniert sollten Sie es zunächst mit einer anderen DAW testen, wie z.B. Reaper. (gratis Software) GarageBand 10 verändert den Speicherort für die Dateien die notwendig sind zur Autorisation. Es gibt jedoch Abhilfe für dieses Problem: Autorisieren Sie Ihren Computer (oder Line 6 Hardware) anhand des License Managers. Starten Sie POD Farm (nicht das Plugin) und überprüfen Sie ob das Programm ordnungsgemäß funktioniert. Kopieren Sie dann den gesamten ~/Library/Application Support/Line 6/GuitarPort Ordner nach: ~/Library/Containers/com.apple.garageband10/Data/Library/Application Support/Line 6/GuitarPort (Erstellen Sie diesen Ordner falls notwendig.) Achtung, eventuell öffnet sich hier ein Fenster um die Sicherheitseinstellungen zu verändern. Sie müssen diese verringern, damit POD Farm und andere Plugins funktionieren. Sollten Sie weiterhin Probleme haben mit POD Farm 2 nach dieser Problembehebung, sollten Sie versuchen den Apple Kundendienst zu kontaktieren. Dort kann man Ihnen dann weiterhelfen, die Sicherheitseinstellungen korrekt zo verändern, sodass GarageBand POD Farm als Plugin benutzen kann. http://www.apple.com/de/support/contact/
  10. I have an extremely weird problem thats been going on for a while but is getting worse. I practice by connecting my M-audio keyboard to garageband. Garageband then outputs the sound to my UX2 which then connects to a PA system. The problem is that sometimes (or very often recently) a large pop goes of and once the pop goes of the keyboard still has its blue lights on to show its connected, but playing it doesn't do anything. Here's the weirdest part; if I turn the keyboard on and off it starts to work but the sustain pedal starts working in reverse! No matter how many times I turn it on and off, whether the pedal is depressed when I do this or not, the problem remains. The only way to solve it is to wait maybe 20 minutes or unplug and plug back in the UX2! Its strangest problem and I don't know what is causing it. The keyboard requires no drivers and all mu UX2 ones are up to date. Please could someone make some suggestions as to what the problem might be?
  11. Getting a weird modulated vibrating echo when playing bass through garageband while use the UX1 as midi input. Problem occurs off and on. Tried different cables and different amps through garageband. Some times happens to guitar as well. Using PodFarm 2.56 and all drivers have been updated
  12. I haven't used the UX2 for over a year. I have a new Mac and use Garageband. I have downloaded everything new that I can from the Line6 site - Gearbox, Monkey, drivers. Admittedly, I don't really know what Monkey or drivers means, but I've installed everything that I can and tried to follow instructions. No luck. The UX2 red lights are now solid, not flashing, but no sound comes through. Gearbox doesn't recognise it - there is a flashing usb plug symbol. Garageband doesn't recognise it - there's no options for it in the Preferences. Can anyone help? Cheers, Rasjad
  13. I just got the POD Studio UX2 as a gift, and have been very excited to use it. Unfortunately, after setting it up onto my MacBook Pro, it hasn't been working right. I downloaded POD Farm and all of the software I needed, authorized my laptop and UX2, as well as installed all the drivers with Monkey so it's up to date. When I plug my UX2 into my MacBook, and my strat into my UX2, its two dials will light up fine, and POD Farm picks up the guitar's signal (I can tune it and the output meters will jump around when I strum). The problem is that it stops working after that. I get no sound out of POD Farm or any recordings I make on Garageband. When I use Garageband to record a line, sometimes it will pick up the guitar from the UX2, sometimes it won't, but regardless, no sound will play back when the UX2 is plugged in or unplugged. I have watched a few videos on setting up the UX2, and followed the instructions, which make perfect sense, but I'm still not getting results. I have switched the preferences on Garageband so that the UX2 is selected for audio output and input. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! I just want to get to recording some music
  14. Hi everyone1 First of all, excuse my english because is not my maternal tongue. Im going to try to explain my problem. I bought a POD UX2 interface the other day, i installed POD FARM 2 and Line 6 Monkey. Monkey and POD FARM2 recognize the interface and i can play guitar with it. I have selected the UX2 as input and output in preferences of the system in my Mac (i have latency problems playing the guitar with POD FARM 2, but that's not my biggest problem). I want to record music with Garageband so i have selected UX2 as input in the program but when i try to record the program doesn't register any sound. And i insist that i have UX2 selected as input in my Mac and in Garageband, but it doesn't work (and i have checked every options that Garageband gives me about UX2 as input: mono 1, mono 2, mono3, mono 4, stereo 1/2 ad stereo 3/4). The microphone is fine, i have checked it in my amp. PODFARM2 registers the sound perfectly (guitars and microphone) but its like garageband doesn't receive the sound from it. What's going on? Thanks :)
  15. Hello Everybody, New Pod hd300. Works perfectly with headphone connected directly into the pod. Installed all drivers in iMac, latest udpates done. Monkey is updated. Pod300 Edit installed and recognizes the pod. When I change a knob on the pod it changes at the same time on the iMac in the pod hd300 edit software. So I guess connection is ok. I also see the pod as midi device in the midi manager So far so good. But in Garageband nothing happens. Does not seem to recognize the pod. Nevertheless in preferences the I did select the pod and when I go to the amp I also see the pod as input source. What am I doing wrong. Any suggestion. Thanks in advance Markus
  16. Deutsch Français 1: Connect the Mobile In to your iPhone or iPad using the 30-pin dock connector. 2: Connect your guitar or other audio source to Mobile In: Connect the 1/4" Tip Sleeve side of the cable into the output of your instrument, then Connect the 1/8" Stereo Male end of the cable to the 'GUITAR IN' on the Mobile In adapter. Connect both of the 1/4" Tip Sleeve cable connections to the left and right outputs of your audio source, then connect the 1/8" Stereo Male end of the cable to the 'LINE IN' on the Mobile In adapter. 3: Launch GarageBand. From the Instruments Menu, select the Guitar Amp. From the Guitar Amp Screen, tap the guitar cable button in the upper left hand corner and turn the monitor on. From the Instruments Menu, select the Audio Recorder. From the Audio Record Menu Screen, tap the guitar cable button in the upper left hand corner and turn the monitor on. From the Instruments Menu, select the Sampler. From the Sampler Screen, tap the guitar cable button in the upper left hand corner and turn the monitor on. For more information on using GarageBand checkout the the User Manual Here. For a Video on Mobile In Connections, . Handhabung des Mobile In mit GarageBand für iOS: 1. Verbinden Sie Ihr Mobile In mit Ihrem iPhone oder iPad anhand des 30-Pin Steckers. 2. Verbinden Sie Ihre Gitarre oder andere Audioquelle mit dem Mobile In: Stecken Sie den 6.35mm Stecker in den Ausgang Ihres Instrumentes und dann den 3.5mm Stecker in das "Guitar IN" des Mobile In Adapters. Stecken Sie beide 6.35mm Stecken in den linken bzw. rechten Ausgang Ihrer Audioquelle und verbinden Sie dann das 3.5mm Ende mit dem "LINE IN" des Mobile In. 3. Starten Sie GarageBand. 4. Im Instrumente Menu, klicken Sie auf Guitar Amp. 5. Von diesem Fenster aus klicken Sie oben links auf das Gitarrenkabel und schalten Monitor an. 6. Im Instrumente Menu, klicken Sie auf Audio recorder. 7. Von diesem Fenster aus klicken Sie oben links auf das Gitarrenkabel und schalten Monitor an. 8. Im Instrumente Menu, klicken Sie auf Sampler. 9. Von diesem Fenster aus klicken Sie oben links auf das Gitarrenkabel und schalten Monitor an. Für weitere Informationen über GarageBand sollten Sie das Benutzerhandbuch zu Rate ziehen. Für ein Video über die Mobile In Anschlüsse, klicken Sie dann . L'utilisation de Mobile In avec GarageBand pour iOS: 1. Connectez votre Mobile In à votre iPhone ou iPad en utilisant le connecteur 30 broches. 2. Connectez votre guitare ou source audio au Mobile In. Connectez la prise 6.35mm à la sortie de votre instrument et la prise 3.5mm au "GUITAR IN" du Mobile In. Connectez les prises 6.35mm à la sortie droite et gauche de votre source audio et la prise 3.5mm au "LINE IN" du Mobile In. 3. Démarrez GarageBand. 4. Sélectez "Guitar Amp" dans le menu Instruments. 5. Dans cette fenêtre, tapez le câble guitare dans le coin supérieur gauche et activez Monitor. 6. Sélectez "Audio Recorder" dans le menu Instruments. 7. Dans cette fenêtre, tapez le câble guitare dans le coin supérieur gauche et activez Monitor. 8. Sélectez "Sampler" dans le menu Instruments. 9. Dans cette fenêtre, tapez le câble guitare dans le coin supérieur gauche et activez Monitor. Pour des informations supplémentaires sur l'utilisation de GarageBand, utilisez ce mode d'emploi. Pour un vidéo sur les connexions Mobile In, .
  17. Please use the directions below in order to record two inputs from a TonePort/POD Studio UX1/UX2 USB device from POD Farm simultaneously: In POD Farm: Create a dual tone input in POD Farm (i.e. Mic 1 & 2, Line 1 & 2, Inst & Mic, etc). In Your DAW (Recording Application- we will use Ableton Live Lite as our example): Go to "Options/Preferences". Click on "Input Config" at the bottom. Make sure that all of the selections are green in "Input Config" and "Output Config". If they are not, click on them so they appear as green and click OK. Create two audio tracks. On each track you will see "Audio From". Make sure that says "Ext. In". In track one select "1/2". For track two choose "3/4". Now the mic will be recorded on one track and your guitar will be recorded on the other. To arm both tracks for recording, please hold control and then click on the "Arm" button. For more detailed info, please watch the online video at Ableton's website here: http://cdn1.ableton.com/movies/recording_audio.mov For GarageBand: First, ensure that you have a DUAL Tone setup in POD Farm. In the [MIXER] Section of POD Farm, ensure that REC SEND: UX2 1-2 is set to “Tone 1 (Instrument)” and REC SEND: UX2 3-4 is set to “Tone 2 (Microphone 1)”. In GarageBand: Input Source for INST 1 (GarageBand Track) must be set to Stereo 1 / 2 (UX2) Input Source for MIC 1 (GarageBand Track) must be set to: Stereo 3 / 4 (UX2). Now you should be able to record both input sources simultaneously in GarageBand.
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