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Found 69 results

  1. Hi I have a podxt which I bought second hand, I had no software packed with it. I installed monkey and now its connected and monkey can see the podxt. Trouble is I want to apply some presets of l6t format to my pod but I cannot get gearbox from anywhere on the web. Can someone either give an alternative for this extremely (supposedly) simple task of copying files to the device? Or even better.. Pass me the installer for gearbox on a windows machine. I am planning to get into the whole line 6 way of doing things and upgrade to H500x very soon having used oldschool pedals all my life but I am struggling even with this most basic tasks :/ so it's not very encouraging cheers
  2. When I want to edit some of my patches on Gearbox I get this message: "This tone requires you update your POD X3 to 2.00 or higher" According to Line6 Monkey everything is up to date (green check mark next to each item). I've got Gearbox 3.72.0 Line6 Monkey 1.64 - Drivers 7.2.9 - USB Firmware 1.00 - Flash Memory 2.10 Can someone please assist? I'm using OSX 10.8.5 on a 2010 Macbook Pro
  3. Hi friends, since a number of years i am owning the Line 6 expression pedal (ex-1), that i want to connect to my KB37. As i remember i got it working one or two times with Gear Box (WahWah) but not in Pod Farm. After several restarts and maybe OS Upgrades (i started under XP, now we have WIndows 10), i cannot get it to work anymore. I have upgraded to the newest Drivers and Firmware using Line 6 Monkey. Has someone the same problem or can give me some hints? I attached the configuration as screenshot below. Is there a way to test whether it is possible to generally capture input signals from this LINE 6 Pedal? I have used the tool "Midi-OX" to check if midi messages can be captured and it looks like that it works (but not in Pod Farm). I've just found a post by myself from the year 2010 in this forum, where i was asking if the expression pedal feature has already been implemented in Pod Farm, because during that time it only seemed to be available in Gear Box. Has it been implemented now? With best regards and nice easter weekend Bjoern
  4. Hello Line 6 Community. Been using Line 6 products for more than 10 years now, but always for live sound. I just started my home studio and decided to go simple first, so I already had a Line 6 TonePort UX1 and I decided to use it as my soundcard/table. I play guitar and always used my toneport with programs like gearbox, guitar rig and amplitube. It always worked well, but I've never tried XLR input of my toneport since I never wanted to record voice. Then I bought a mic. Without knowing what "phantom power" and "condenser" mics really meant, I fell for a Behringer B-1 mic. For in case you guys don't know, it's a XLR condenser mic (which needs 48v power to work). So I turned it on my toneport and the expected happened: "No sound". Then I searched in the internet for the cause and it led me to "Phantom Power boxes". I bought one of these little boxes that apparently have a XLR input, a XLR output and a Phantom Power switch. I rigged everything to my toneport. When the phantom power switch of the box is off, the green light saying 12v appears. In that case, the microphone works but with a very low audio gain. Ridiculously low, srsly. When I turn the Phantom Power on, the red led says 48v and then... for my surprise... it doesn't work at all. The toneport doesn't get any sound. Then I thought that it makes sense, "How does the toneport will receive a 48v signal by being only connected in a USB input?". I guess the guy who said to buy a phantom power box thought that the toneport ux1 was connected to another source of energy, not only USB. My question is: Do I have to upgrade to Toneport UX2 or other newer version which doesn't rely only in usb as a power source so I can use my 48V mic? Or it should have worked 48v in my toneport? I'm lost now, since the internet says one thing and I've tried and didn't get results... Thanks in advance and have a nice day, guys.
  5. I am using Line 6 pod x3 live and I have a problem that I can’t find a solution to. I wanted to make some individual sounds so I downloaded the last version of Line 6 Monkey from the official site. After downloading drivers I installed GearBox. My GearBox detected Line 6 pod x3 live and all the Banks. After that I changed configurations of some Banks and used the Put All button to save it all to Line 6 pod x3 live. While I was using my pod connected to computer it all worked alright. When I disconnect the pod from computer Tone 2 in all Banks was the same as the last Tone 2 used in active Channel. When I connected Line 6 pod x3 live to computer with GearBox it all worked alright – all Banks had the right configurations I have made before. That I tried to get all Banks from my Line 6 to GearBox with Get All button and all Banks had the right configurations too. The problem is that when I disconnect Line 6 from computer Tone 2 in all Banks has the configuration of the last Tone 2 of the active Channel. I would be very glad if you could help me to solve the problem.
  6. Hi! The problem is that my computer doesn't read "send 1-2" and "send 3-4" during recording dual tone (mic & instrument) on gearbox. I use line 6 ux2 and gear box, I've tried installing diffrend drivers but so far without resoults (In addition I can say that separetly mic and instrument work, but when i try record instr&mic my recording software record for example only instrument or vocal on one path) . Please help me I am being tried since for 3 days make it work ;/
  7. Every original post as the link in this forum is now all dead <_< Does anybody have the zip file or a download link for this patch?
  8. Lots of users have been disappointed about the death of GearBox with Yosemite... Me too, but after hours of messing around I managed to install and run it successfully! The problem that I and others experienced is that the installer package will not allow installation on the MAC HDD... I think it's a versioning issue (i.e. the version number for Yosemite is not recognized by the installer). Anyway I found a fairly simple workaround... The solution is a follows: Download and open Gearbox 3.72.dmg Right click the GearBox.mpkg icon Left click 'Show Package Contents' Double click 'Contents' folder Double click 'Packages' folder You should now see 10 individual packages... Install each one Note: If you previously installed other Line 6 software with a newer driver, it will not allow you to install the drivers in this package... You will need to uninstall the newer drivers first, then you should be good to go. Search the forum for details on how to uninstall the drivers using command prompt. Someone else posted instructions on how to do this... They also suggested another driver to use... I tried to install that one first and it wouldn't let me, so I ended up installing the drivers from the from the GearBox package above... Anyway, I am running Yosemite 10.10.1 on a MacBook Pro Retina, with a POD X3 Live, and so far it is working fine... No panic attacks... I was able to create and upload a tone to one of my user presets... By the way, before this, I did update the firmware on the X3 using a a separate version of Monkey that I had downloaded previously. I am not sure if this have any relevance with regard to MAC and the X3 playing nicely together once I reinstalled the old drivers.
  9. I'm currently running on Yosemite 10.10.2 and have installed the updated copy of the Line 6 Monkey (v1.7) After updating the drivers and the x3 live firmware (it was seamless till this point), i tried installing the Gearbox v3.72 the conventional way but failed. So I searched up online and followed the instructions on this link: http://line6.com/support/topic/11126-gearbox-x3-live-yosemite-working/ . I did not manage to completely uninstall the drivers as suggested (i used the terminal app, but it still would let me install some drivers like the "AudiMidi" saying there's a newer version installed prior to this), but still manage to install the Gearbox found in the package contents. HOWEVER, the Gearbox that's running won't let me load up any patch/tone. When i try to do so, an error prompt “ UNABLE TO LOAD TONE (CODE 8000A009) UNSUPPORTED PATCH TYPE“ appears.. Tried uninstalling everything but still, the same problem persists. I'm pretty desperate here and its been many days trying to work this out... I would sincerely appreciate anyone who can help! Many thanks in advance, Jovyn
  10. Hey,, I've been using PodXT and gearbox for a long time, (Which had the power pack included) but recently I felt the need for more tones and options. I bought the rest of the packs and decided to have a go with Podfarm. I'm unhappy with my choice because Podfarm has turned out to be quite a heavy program, not to mention it requires me to load it as a plugin in Logic which is quite a waste of much needed CPU power. I was happy with using Gearbox and recording the already processed audio into logic, which I'm unable to do now; I have to process a lined tone for each guitar I have (Sometimes up to 6 different at the same time) in the recording software itself. That's not working for me Is there a way I can transfer the licenses in my Podfarm program to my PodXT and use the packs in gearbox? The tones don't matter since I make my own tones anyway. Thanks, FF
  11. Hello, yesterday i bought an footswitch for my line6 UX2 (Boss FS-5U) which works fine with gearbox, It was automatically detected as "stomp", but i can only use the presets for the stomp (Fuzz Pi, Facial Fuzz, Classic Distortion, Screamer, Sub Octaves and so on). But i want to use my own settings, because there are only 10 presets which are not the bests - is this possible?
  12. Hi all Just got a new PC with WIndows 8.1 on it......Can I run gearbox successfully on it? If not what do I have to buy to have all the tones, backing tracks and MP3 playalong facility in one place?
  13. So I have had a UX2 for quite some time now... I upgraded to a focusrite scarlet 18i, but all that eqipment is in my studio.. To work on things from home I dug out my old UX2 and installed drivers and packs, but I can't find gearbox which allowed me to select inputs... currently I only have 1 working 1/4" input (line input 1) I cannot change that in my system settings... Also my pod farm II says it is not authorized and is giving me limited amp/effect models... How can I change the input to use the instrument and/or mic inputs like I used to?
  14. Hi, I've recently upgraded to OS X Yosemite and am experiencing issues with my tone port UX2. I've installed all the latest drivers and my tone port is lit up as if its working correctly. When outputting music through the analog outputs it works fine however as soon as i record enable audio tracks in Logic or even just open Gearbox or POD Farm 2 as standalone i get a huge amount of feedback coming through, even with no instruments etc plugged in. Just wondered if anybody recognised this issue and if they could help? it would be hugely appreciated as cant wait to get back to recording. Regards Dave
  15. I have some problems with Guitar Port and Gear Box since I upgrated my Windows from XP to 7 version. The metronome and player section in Gear Box does'n work now and I often have no sound at all on my copmuter untill I disconnect and connect again Guitar Port. Any ideas?
  16. Wanted to have some fun and play some guitar thru my TonePort UX2 and while I was making a hi gain tone I hear this steady clicking noise. Took me a minute to figure out it was a laptop power supply (not mine) that was located about 2 feet from my guitar. This particular PSU has some awful RF. So out of curiosity I took my laptop PSU which is also 2 feet away from my guitar and put it closer to my pickups and wow this sucker is quiet compared to the other one, must be higher quality. Hope this helps someone who has a similar problem. Oh. I had to put that clicky PSU 3 feet away from my geetar. :)
  17. Hi everyone!) There is a problem: Changes from gearbox to pod xt live doesnt reflect (exception changing amp or stomp) gearbox knobs in Stomp, amp etc doesnt change postion in the pod xt live. But there is reflection from pod xt live to gearbox. When I touch real knobs and buttons - it is reflecting in gearbox too (change position, turn on/off etc). Line 6 Edit works fine, but I prefer Gearbox real-time editing. I try another USB cable - same effect( Сan anyone suggest solution for this problem?! Best regards, olgerd)
  18. I've had the UX2 for quite sometime and never got a footswitch for it it so I decided to make one . Since I have the basic hand tools. a drill/drills, soldering iron/related tools, light wire and quarter inch 6 ft guitar cables all I needed was 2 quarter inch mono jacks, 2 momentary switches (light duty) and a box all of which I found at Radio Shack. I added 1 more switch and jack so I can run to something else tha'll use a momentary switch. It works great and It makes the UX2 so much better. GearBox TonePort Setup PDF Rowbinet's YouTube video about using the software
  19. Hi guys! These are very old products and this question might have been answered before (but haven't found an answer): Can I use GearBox as an insert effect in Cubase 6 with a TonePort GX or does the ASIO driver not support it? Cubase offers me the option (see attached), but when I chose it - it freezes. Thanks a lot in advance!
  20. Hi All - first ever post from me. I play Guitar and Bass at home through my PC via an old Guitarport interface with Gearbox. I simply play for pleasure and play along with MP3 backing tracks. My question is - is there a better PC-based rig? can I upgrade and to what?? I look at Pod Farm and wonder how complicated it is compared to gearbox - has anyone traded up from Guitarport and have the sounds been better? Thanks in advance, Pyrolator
  21. So I have just downloaded podfarm 1 from the line6 page and I can't get any of the tones to load. I have owned a UX2 for years and now find that gearbox no longer works. I have registered my UX2 with the line6 monkey but cant find a way to register podfarm. the error i get when i try to load a tone is "failed to load tone" "(code 80001003) access denied to file or folder." any help would be greatly appreciated. gearbox used to work perfectly.
  22. Hello, i can't use gearbox in my Macbook Air because the pluging is not compatible. What can I do? I have to wait for a new plugin version. Thanks.
  23. A long time ago I bought a Toneport UX2, a handful of the expansion packs, and the ability to run Gearbox as a VST plugin. Right now I'm on extended travel and I am trying to find out if there is a way for me to run any the software that I've purchased in the past with a small non-line 6 recording interface on my mac via VST or otherwise? Thanks
  24. I have just recently traded my POD X3 bean in for a POD HD Desktop, so I no longer have acess to my POD X3. On my computer I still have Gearbox with all my old X3 patches on. I would like to view some of these older patches from the X3 so I can program them into my shiny new POD HD. When I open Gearbox, it will not allow me to view the files without first conecting my X3, this is not possible any more. Pleeeeease! someone tell me a way I can view the settings of these patches so I can transfer them to my new POD.
  25. Not sure how Gearbox developed this problem, but lately, all by itself, it will arbitrarily raise the volume on a cab to ~77.... This is where I could let out a long series of profanities, screams and other assorted noises --- because a few times its almost blown my cabs while I'm playing at an already saved lower volume. Why is this happening all of a sudden???? I've tried several times reloading the software, but it still does the same damn thing ----- ALL BY ITSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!! I can't have this happening at random. Thanks! chris
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