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Found 2 results

  1. Line6Tony

    Catalyst FAQ

    What is Catalyst? The CatalystTM family comprises of three dual-channel combo amplifiers that perform like traditional guitar amps—while providing the increased versatility of modern amps. Does Catalyst use traditional amp models like previous Line 6 products? Catalyst amps offer six Original Amp Designs—ranging from pristine clean to modern high-gain—crafted by our sound design team using renowned HX® sound design techniques to ensure exceptional tone and feel. Ideal for stage or studio. What amps and effects are included? • Original Amp Designs—Clarity (Clean), Aristocrat (Boutique), Carillon (Chime), Voltage (Crunch), Kinetic (Dynamic), Oblivion (Hi Gain) • Boosts—Customized for each amp • 18 Effects Delays: Simple Delay, Vintage Digital, Transistor Tape, Adriatic Delay, Dual Delay, Ducking Delay Modulation: PlastiChorus, Opto Trem, Script Mod Phaser, Gray Flanger, Ubiquitous Vibe, Rotary Pitch/Filter: Bass Octaver, Growler Synth, Pitch Harmony, Pitch Shift, Tycoctavia Fuzz, Synth String * Reverbs—Hot Springs, Hall, Chamber, Plate, Ganymede, Plateaux * Noise Gate How many of the 18 Delay, Modulation or Pitch/Filter effects can be active at the same time? One at a time, pre or post-amp voicing. There’s only one knob for each effect. Can I edit them beyond just effect mix? Yes, deep editing of effects is available in Catalyst Edit, available on macOS, Windows, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Does it take pedals well? Absolutely – external effects can be placed in front of the amp input, in the effects loop, or run an external modeler into the power amp in jack. Is there a footswitch for Catalyst? Yes, the Catalyst amps have a standard ¼” input for the optional LFS2 footswitch. The 2-button LFS2 is a roadworthy metal latching footswitch that provides remote control of Channel and Effect on/off status. The Effect switch may be reassigned via the Catalyst Edit app to control a number of other functions, including Boost on/off, Reverb on/off, Tap Tempo and more. A ten-foot right-angle/straight TRS cable is included. NOTE: most standard 2-button latching footswitches will work as well. Why is the LFS2 footswitch not included with the Catalyst? The LFS2 footswitch is optional so as to not burden the customer's cost of the amp. Not all players require a footswitch, and many players already have a latching footswitch. Are there presets? Catalyst stores 6 banks of presets with 2 channels each, for a total of 12 presets. Presets can also be edited/saved using Catalyst Edit. I’m a power user. How deep is the MIDI implementation? All 12 tones can be recalled via PC, and a wide variety of effect parameters, preset parameters, and effect on/off functions can be controlled via CC. Catalyst 200 and 100 have MIDI DIN connectors and all three can speak MIDI over USB. Click here to find the manual with the CC assignments and values. Can I use the Catalyst 60’s USB over MIDI capabilities without using a computer? Although the expected use of the Catalyst 60’s USB over MIDI capabilities is with a computer, you are welcome to try your choice of USB Host to 5 pin DIN MIDI solutions available on the market. However, we cannot recommend or endorse any given solution. What’s different between Catalyst and Spider V MkII? • Original Amp Designs created using HX modeling techniques • Dedicated boost for each Original Amp Design • Traditional workflow instead of screens and menus • Effects Loop and Power Amp In • Three power attenuation options, including mute for silent recording • Stereo 1/4" Dual Latching footswitch in lieu of FBVTM foot controller (sold separately) • MIDI DIN In/Out/Thru (Catalyst 200 and 100) • Built-in wireless not included • Full-range tweeter not included • Drum loops, metronome, and built-in looper not included When is Catalyst shipping? February 2022, worldwide. Where can I learn more? Please locate your nearest dealer here.
  2. Q: What is POD Farm? A: POD Farm is Line 6's new plug-in software platform that will offer POD tone to any DAW. For use with either a Line 6 hardware interface or iLok dongle, POD Farm can easily be used with all the major software recording platforms (such as, Pro Tools, Ableton, Cubase, Nuendo, Garageband and more) and is available in Mac® AU/RTAS®/VST® and Windows® RTAS®/VS® formats. POD Farm iLok users will not be able to run the standalone version of POD Farm software; the iLok allows for VST/AU/RTAS plug-in effect instantiation functionality only. Standalone POD Farm only functions with our TonePort/POD Studio USB devices. Q: Can POD Farm be used with my earlier generation TonePort (GX, UX-1, UX-2, UX-8, Guitarport)? A: Yes. POD Farm will work with all TonePort devices as a plug in (provided that you purchased the optional POD Farm Plug-In License Key and installed into the device using Line 6 Monkey) and can also be used in Stand Alone mode. Note: TonePort GX, UX-1, UX-2 and KB37's did NOT come with a Plug-In license present from the factory. Users who bought these devices will need to purchase a POD Farm Plug-In license to get this functionality! Q: Can POD Farm be used with my POD XT or POD X3 device? A: POD Farm is compatible with our POD XT and X3 devices as a plug in only. It cannot be used as a standalone editor for your POD. Gearbox will remain the primary editor for all POD XT and X3 devices. Q: Can I transfer the free POD Farm plug in I got for being an X3 owner out of my X3? A: No. That upgrade is a factory bit that remains bound to your X3 device. Q: Can I transfer the POD Farm upgrade from the GearBox Plug-In Gold/Silver DI to another device? A: No. That upgrade is a factory bit that remains bound to your Gold/Silver DI device. Q: Can I use the Bass POD XT (or XT Live) as a dongle for POD Farm? A: No, as the Bass POD XT series cannot accept assets or model packs. Q: Is GuitarPort Online compatible with POD Farm? A: Currently, our GuitarPort Online subscription service is not available through the POD Farm software. GPO subscribers must continue to use Gearbox for this service. Q: Can I have Gearbox and POD Farm installed simultaneously on my computer? A: Yes. You can continue to use Gearbox as a plug in or stand alone application if you wish while having POD Farm installed on your system as well. Q: What about my current recording projects that have the Gearbox plug in instantiated on them? Will they still work? A: Absolutely. You can continue to use Gearbox as a plug in if you'd prefer. Your projects will not be harmed. Q: Will my Gearbox tones work with POD Farm? A: Yes. POD Farm will load all of your Gearbox presets just fine. You can continue to use them. Q: How do I save the POD Farm presets when used as a plugin? A: Select the folder next to the preset name, then select "save as" in the drop-down menu and rename the altered tone to whatever you like. Q: Can I use POD Farm on more than one computer? A: Yes. You must run Line 6 Monkey on each computer first in order to authorize that functionality.
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