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  1. Hi ya'll! My hd400 changes volume on its own....i'll be playing along and suddenly the volume will drop, and then another few seconds later it will shoot back up again(without me touching anything). It does this sporadically....for example it might operate perfectly for 5 minutes, then the volume will drop for 10 seconds, then it will kick back up to the original volume....wait another random amount of time and repeat the process. It does this whether hooked up via usb or not, but when i'm using as audio interface, the sound from the computer(backing track, DAW) also drops volume along with the guitar volume. Things i've tried: reinstall driver and firmware, recalibrated volume pedal thanx!
  2. My line 6 lowdown hd400 makes a loud noise after I switched it off even with the master volume down. I assume it has something to do with the caps discharging. Die anyone know how to fix this? Cheers, Peter
  3. Hi people! I have a HD 400 for about a year now, and it began to act... strange... What is going on is: There are a few buttons that just doesnt work or work as it where another button The "Bank Up" when is pressed act's as if the "Bank Down" imediatly after it, and the bank just does not go up (Some times it goes Donw 1 bank :0 ) The FX Only button isn't working, when I press it the POD enters the save mode, as if I had pressed the save button, the save button is working fine The LEFT button (Close to the presets Knob) doesn't go left, sometimes it just doesn't move anything or goes to the RIGHT! The last thing is the "C" bank Footswitch doesn't move to the C bank, when pressed once the POD alternates between the B, C and then stops at the D bank, if you press it an keep it pressed the POD enters the Tunner, the Tunner Footswitch work's just fine... And some times it all happens... Very rarelly I power down the POD and then power it up and everything is solved, very rare... Will this be a hardware problem? Can it be fixed? Or my POD is moving to it's last days in earth? :(
  4. Pod HD300/HD400 Factory Reset: Hold down the A footswitch while powering the unit on. Press the PRESETS knob, then press it again. Video Tutorial No Global Settings reset Pod HD/HD500/HD500x/HD Pro/HD ProX Global Settings Reset: Run Line 6 Monkey with the HD500X connected via USB. Highlight FLASH MEMORY and click REINSTALL LATEST (or INSTALL LATEST if Monkey shows that you are running older firmware). Make sure to back up all of your presets and setlists beforehand using the HD Edit software. Factory Reset: You must reinstall the firmware, when Monkey prompts you if you want to keep your existing presets, hit no. Video Tutorial Safe/Pedal Calibration Mode: Hold down the right arrow on the navigation button while powering the unit.
  5. This strange thing happened to me today, i plugged my hd400 and after booting i noticed that the presets triggers ABCD weren,t working, not even the green lights, the mode switch neither, all the other buttons were functional, i can change amps, effects, tweaks, i can even change banks number, but cannot select any of the letters in the selected bank number. Please help, is this a firmware issue or a hardware problem¿¿¿
  6. Hi Folks, During a gig recently my HD400 did something odd and hasn't worked properly since. Can anybody help. Suddenly all of the selection footswitches (mode, up, down, A, B, C, D and tap/tuner) simultaneously stopped working. I can still change patches, but only by using the presets knob. Clearly this has made the pod virtually useless so I am looking for a fix. Please note that I have already reinstalled firmware and reflashed the memory and this did not work. I am also unable to perform a factory reset as the A button required for this does not function (unless some clever person out there knows another way to reset). Please help. Thanks in advance.
  7. Awesomeslaw

    HD500 tones

    So I picked up a HD500 which seems amazing except for the fact that I only have an iPad and it isn't compatible with any software to download patches. Only a few of the factory ones really sound decent to me and I've played with building a few. So not sure if I should have gotten a firehawk instead so I could control it with my iPad? Let's face it once I get my main 8-12 tones I likely won't use a whole lot more. 1- is there a place I can get tones listed vs a patch? So I can just type them in. I'm not a country guy but I wouldn't mind building a paisley like tone. 2- did I mess up and should have gotten the firehawk since I don't own a computer...
  8. the screem shows that dsp boost failed .what does it means?how to fix it?i can't use it now.thx!
  9. I've written this several times but no one has ever given me a decent reason of why they (Line 6 Tech folks) can't fix this. Either the HD300 or HD400 are so old that they figure it's not worth changing, or someone has provided excellent instructions on how to incorporate both drivers or other SW/Firmware everyone else is good to go. So here's my problem. You go to the customtone page to filter for HD400 tones only - seems that 70% of the tones are HD300 which I can't hear on my HD400. How hard is it to either actually provide a filter that works or at least show next to the picture of the unit that it's the HD300 vs the 400. Again, some guy named silverfish tried to educate me on how to do some work-around where I'd be able to use the HD300 patches on my HD400...but I wasn't able to get it done. As stated earlier, I've complained about this before - but it must be a low % issue - because I've never had a decent response from anyone except that silverfish dude.
  10. Hi everyone, sorry but I'm quite new to the line 6 family for an "in depth" hands-on product. It seems I can't find a stright answer to this question: Can I pay, download and integrate the HD Bass pack, or any of the extension model on my Pod HD400? It seems that there no extension packs can be loaded into my HD400... is it possible??!! Thanks everyone for helping me to understand!
  11. I have the HD400 - I notice that ~80% of the downloads have the HD300. This happens even after I filter by only the "HD400" Do I need to download drivers for the HD300 in order to be able to use patches from the HD300 on my HD400? Is that even possible? Sure seems like as you move up the food chain/model # - that Line 6 would've built in the capacity to absorb older systems within the newer models? Also as a suggestion to the web designers, since the filtering doesn't appear to work, instead of showing a picture of the unit (HD300/DH400) why not just list which device it is rather than us having to hover over the unit to see what it is? Really appreciate any response to this.
  12. Is there any way to restore the factory presets or (reset the Hd 400? Mine came with a. Broken preset toggle button I can get totheaction and it says press (enter) and the enter button happeneds to be the preset button that was broken before I bought it
  13. My POD HD 400 automatically activates the "preset" knob which I use as a Reverb knob for my effects. It doesn't only modify the amount of effect by taking it to 99% instead of the 10% I usually have it set up, but it even changes the kind of reverb (I usually use the "room" reverb, but it goes to "plate" on its own). This is the first time it happens. I tried updating the firmware and the flash memory with the Line6 Monkey, but the problem is still there. What else could I do to solve this problem? Have you heard of something similar on other Line 6 products? Thanks in advance for your help on this.
  14. Today, i was playing my POD HD400 and shut it off for 5 minutes. When I came back and powered it up it defaulted to Bank 00D "User". There is no sound. The Mode switch light is off and none of the FX switches or AMP switch and lights will work. The Up/Down switches, the Preset Switch, Navigation button, Amp rotary selector, and all Pots work. The TAP switch and the Tuner do work. The problem seems to be with the lower row of stomp buttons, except TAP. All the other banks say "User" and there are no FX settings stored. I have tried turning off the power for 30 minutes and re-starting several times. I have not used a computer with this POD for over a year, since I left my company and had to turn that computer in. I have not installed the Line 6 software on any of my other computers. This unit was only used and stored in my house for over 3 years, and has only been taken away to practice about 8 times, all in this year. It has had no rough treatment whatsoever. The first one I bought failed within 2 months, and I took it back and exchanged it on a 2 year in-store warranty. I have had no previous trouble with this replacement unit. I would appreciate any advice from forum members. Thank you. .
  15. Curious, what's up with the filtering on the download site? I choose HD400 and nearly 80% of all the downloads there are for the HD300 so I have to hover over every sound to see if it's right. Am I correct in assuming that if I have the HD400, no other PODs will work, or can I download other drivers to be able to use previous versions with the 400? thanks in advance for any help. K++-
  16. I have an HD400 and am trying to store some patches with the amp simulation disabled. The preset saves, however, when I switch to another preset and back I can hear that the patch is totally different as though the amp simulation has been re-enabled. (Even though the amp LED is off in HDEDIT on the PC). If I re-enable the amp, then disable I get the sound that I originally stored. HD monkey says I am up to date on all pieces of software. Anyone else have this issue? Thanks.
  17. Hallo miteinander, ich habe folgendes Problem mit meinem POD HD400: wenn ich ein Delay im "Control" Modus habe, kann ich ja mit dem TAP Schalter das Tempo "tappen". Wenn ich während des "tappens" spiele und sich die Geschwindigkeit erhöht/verringert, resultiert das in sehr komischen "Pitch"-Effekten. Der POD nimmt also die vor der Tempoänderung eingespielten Signale und modelliert diese während der Tempoänderung mit einer Tonhöhenveränderung in die neue Geschwindigkeit. Dass es anders auch geht zeigt mir das M5 Effektpedal. Hier kann ich problemlos das Tempo während des Spielens neu "eintappen" und dieser "Pitch"-Effekt passiert nicht. Sämtliche Versuche wie PRE/POST schalten und verschiedene Delay's ausprobieren (bei allen tritt dieser Effekt auf) fielen bislang leider negativ aus... ich schaff es nicht diesen "Pitch"-Effekt wegzubekommen. Kann mir jemand helfen? :-) Wäre sehr dankbar. Der HD400 wäre mir noch halb so viel wert wenn dieses Problem nicht behoben werden kann.... Viele Grüße und danke, Marc
  18. Hello all I've got a HD400 updated to the latest firmware and all but there are two effects I do not have that should be there according to the Model gallery manual, specifically the Panned phaser and the Tube comp Does anyone have the same issue? Thanx in advance!
  19. Firstly, can I say that I think the FX100 is great. I have had many effects / pedals in the past and usually just gone back to Marshall and Guitar and ditch everything else. I do have an HD400 but never really tweaked it much and the PC editor was good but a bit of a faff to use. maybe over complicated for an average user. For the record I have used FX100 for rehearsals and recording (released material) and it is very effective (I reckon it could easily be used live but I have held back due to potential for monitoring concerns). Try and play tones loud when you get the chance as they come alive more than just listening at home. I use it with a bank of settings using the same Amp. So A is Amp only, B is Amp + Volume and Reverb (for lead), C is Amp + Phaser, D is Amp + Delay I too am not sure where to head next with regard to the Firehawk. I have a HD400 and an FX100 (and an Amplifi 75). Something has to go! Some differences I would like to understand though: HD400 has Line6 Port (which allows control of DT25 and DT50 amps direct from the footswitch). No such port on the Firehawk. Could you the Firehawk FX Loop but not quite the same thing. Brilliant that there is bank up and down switches though as the tapping of 2 FX100 switches to go up and down was prone to error. Independent switching for FX (5 switches) is great as it means I am not limited to just the 4 settings discussed above. Makes it 20 available I think (maybe more in combination) A big requirement for me is to be able to use the Tap function independently of the programmed tone. FX100 tone set with a delay of say 180bpm is locked into the system so I can't switch from A to D (for example) to anything other than 180bpm without tapping again and this is useless when playing live. Hopefully I can tap on intro and then just kick in the delay as required. Hopefully that makes sense. I read somewhere that the tones for Firehawk are in packs. Does this means additional purchases? Outputs look more like the HD400 on the Firehawk but FX100 outputs are comprehensive anyway (other than the Line 6 Port). Wish it had a 'kettle' lead though I guess this bulks up the pedal. Nice to have LCD of loaded tone on Firehawk. Any other advantages / disadvantages people? Which one(s) should I sell to uby the Firehawk.....if any.
  20. Last weekend, I connected my HD400 to my laptop for the first time in a VERY long time. Line 6 Monkey told me there were updates. So, I figured why the hell not. So, I told them to run. While the update was being performed, Line 6 Monkey popped up an error message saying it had encountered an error and would be shutting down. When the update started, it said that the FULL update should be run uninterrupted so I left the HD400 sit with it saying DOWNLOADING.... for a couple hours. I came back and it was still like that so I assumed that things got messed up and I'd have to start over so I powered it down. Only thing is, now it won't power back up properly. I get a message that says DSP BOOT ERROR then NOTHING!!! I've tried resetting to factory settings. I've tried using different cables, USB ports etc and nothing. Please help. Can someone tell me where to go from here to fix my HD400?
  21. First time messing with the HD Edit software, trying to create a patch with a harmonizer. But I want the harmony to be a half step, to achieve an affect similar to what you would hear in a Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza song. I assume the effect I would use would be the frequency shifter, but how would I set it to get a half step harmony?
  22. Hi guys I've been using line 6 products for a while now and I just got myself a new DT50 head. I absolutely LOVE the tones I get out of it, but I'm having a difficult time updating it.. Is it possible to update my DT50 through my HD400 ? I connected it through a standard XLR cable and then connected the HD400 to my pc through USB, run Line6 monkey but had no luck.. Monkey wouldn't see the DT amp. So..questions: 1. Is it possible to update the amp using the HD400 (no midi connection) ? 2. If not, is there any other way to update the amp without having to buy an extra usb/midi interface? (I'm only gonna use it once so I think it's kinda wasted money..) 3. If I dont update my amps firmware and just use the HD400 pre's to make my patches, is there any difference? From what I understand from the manuals, the update just adds the preamp models inside the amp so you can get the tones without the use of an HD device, right? 4. (and a bit off topic) - The negative feedback loops are set for each topology, ie. topology I will always have high amount of negative feedback, topology II medium etc regardless of the preamp I choose? Thanks in advance and please forgive me if I ask something silly (noobie :) :) )
  23. What's everybody's thoughts on the JCM800 amp in POD HD (I have the HD 400) I have been messing around with it in the POD edit screen but have mixed feelings about it. In all honesty I would love to find something that sounds similar to Billy Duffy's JCM800 sound off the Cult's Electric Album but I find the gain over saturated even when turned down on the 800. using a v30 cabinet setting. Any thoughts, any ideas? Thanks
  24. Hello everyone, seems I get a problem. My computer suddenly cannot detect my HD400 since yesterday. It works fine before. I have installed the driver, but the Monkey keeps showing that I haven't. And when I connect it to computer, there is no sound (I mean the system sound of Windows for a USB plug in). The cable should work fine, I test it with another device. Is there a hardware problem or simply because the driver cannot be installed properly?
  25. I have recently upgraded from POD XT to POD HD400. I use the POD with a Variax JTV-59 and switch between acoustic and electric models, sometimes mid-song. Therefore I need good tones for electric and acoustic models. The electric models are well catered for with the POD HD (in fact the realism of the models is stunning!) but I'm running into some problems getting good acoustic tones. The first problem is that when you select FX only, the tones controls are taken out. That can be rectified by using one of the equaliser models. BUT if you do that, you can't also use the compressors, because they are also in FX1. Another problem I've run into is getting a chorus sound I'm happy with - on the POD XT I got an excellent chorus sound from the "Sine Chorus" model but there doesn't seem to be an equivalent on the HD400. Can anyone help a fellow guitar-tone freak?
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