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  1. Hey all, Looking for a hard shell or flight case for my HD500. Any suggestions? Best, JM
  2. Yeah let's vote this up so the Helix gets more IRs :D But jokes aside I'm with you!
  3. Hello, i've bought a pod HD500X myself this week. Now i have found some interesting sound presets for the HD500. Can i copy them to my HD500X (via the line 6 edit software) without causing errors or even damaging my HD500X? Thanks for your help!
  4. OK, I'm new to using dual amps in the HD500 with a single DT-25. When I enable two amps, the tone of the first amp DRASTICALLY changes, even if I haven't even selected another amp yet (the bottom amp is darkened and reads "disabled"). What happened to my sweet tone?
  5. In researching the Helix, I noticed that it includes new effects models that are not included on other units; specifically the ones that I spotted were the Klon Centaur and Fulltone OCD models. This is probably a stupid question, but will these models become available in a firmware update for HD500x?
  6. So I had it all set up to get a new rig and yesterday my car decided to lollipop out on me and I had to pay a huge bill to get it repaired. I now only have a 2x12 cab and my HD500 and I've been reading around and found I can get a power amp to get a good signal from my HD500 to my cab, but mostly I see XLS1000 or so which put out 1000w of power so how is it that people can use this without blowing there speakers? Do they just crank the HD500 master and just leave the power amp at maybe 2? And if we're having a loud practice or playing shows how could I turn it up without blowing anything? I'm really looking for as much info as possible on this because now my dream rig is out of my reach and this is the only other thing I can do with having a brand new 2x12 sitting around collecting dust. I've been looking at an XLS, QSC, and my buddy at GC was looking around at his used stuff and saw an Altec Lansing 1210 and said it maybe awesome to try and only cost $60. Thanks for looking!
  7. Hi, Very new to the no-amp concept, so be gentle :unsure: At the moment i am using a Pod HD500X with headphones. This set-up is becoming a bit tiresome for a few reasons and so I was looking at some studio monitors for the FRFR, stereo sound, and the bedroom volume, but I don't want to also fork out for when I am playing with a drummer or full band. For this reason i was looking at the L2T, but am wondering about a few things that i hope someone can help me with! 1. What would happen with the stereo patches that i have created given that there is only 1 speaker in the unit? Would the sound be compromised? 2. What is it like at bedroom volumes? Can it even be that quiet? 3. Is it just a matter of connecting it to my Pod via one L6 link cable? Or do i need XLR cables? If so, balanced or unbalanced? Really confused by this one. Apologies if this information is readily available, but i haven't been able to find it, not even by calling and talking to music shop people who supply them! All the best, Azz
  8. Hello, Just got a POD HD 500 off ebay and working my way through it. Downloading tones and saving them with just a little trouble here and there.I have a Boss DR 550 MK II Dr. Rhythm that I have hooked up to the MP3/CD line in on my POD. I cannot get any sound. My question is, is there any specific setting I have to have setup to be able to get this to work? The most I've found is just plug it in and go. All I want to do is play along with it. Thanks for any guidance Smoove
  9. I created some new ambient sounds with the HD500 and made a demo video: Here are the tones: Mostly it's just Auto Volume Delay with long feedback, masses of reverb and compression with various effects for spices. I control the feedback of the delay with the expression pedal to keep chords ringing as long as I wish, and to turn it down for switching chords.
  10. HD500, with a Source Audio Hot Hand 3 controller. I've been using this setup for at least a year now, but I only just noticed a bit of crackle when playing through headphones. I unplugged the patch cord from the HH3, but left it powered on, and the sound disappeared. Also unplugged power from the HH3, and left it plugged into exp2. No noise. All power cords are far removed from each other, and I did use new patch cords, instrument cables for the exp2 connection. No other variables got rid of the crackle besides powering down and/or removing the HH3. Is anyone else experience noise when using a powered expression pedal?
  11. Hi, I've run 4CM for a long time with my Blackstar HT5 without a problem, but I've just bought a Jet City JCA22H and I could do with a sanity check as it has a line level loop. So, the connections are all OK, but what should I have the output switches on the HD500 set to? I've currently got the 1/4" out switch set to LINE as this connects to directly to the amps loop input and the FX Send switch set to STOMP as this connects to the amp input. Is this correct? Thanks, Bod.
  12. Personally, I have a Variax 59 JT , and when plugged it in HD500 by RJ45 cable could use it without the drums and playing normal, now of nothing if euconectar it only by cable RJ45 , she just connects Variax more no sound no to work must connect another cable p10 to output the sound , and yet she is having a hiss , something that previously had not when he called simulations , someone knows what might have happened? thank you
  13. I have tried and re-tried but can't seem to get this done. My laptop runs win7. I've got Monkey at 1.71, updated the USB firmware to 1.04, re-booted both POD and laptop ad nauseum, even turned off my Norton... but whenever Monkey tries to update the FW, it thinks it's successful yet shows the driver at My goal is to get my hd500 from 2.32 to 2.62, but I don't want to even attempt this if I can't even get the drivers to update. Anybody got any ideas? Also, when updating the POD Flash Memory, am I supposed to hold down a nav button and power it on somewhere in the process? THANKS (in advance)!
  14. Hi all! I'm new to the forum, although i use line 6 gear's for some time. I was user of Line 6 pod XT and right now i have pod HD500 (i also have AMP from line6). My main guitar gear is Ibanez 350 DX and i use two programs for recording/mixing: Reaper and Reason (only for MIDI stuff). I did research in presets all over the web. I found interesting stuff in download on this site, in Youtube etc. The problem is that i can't reach where i want in rhythmic and leads sound and maybe you can help with that. For first i will show you the sound that i think will be great to have (or at least close to that): For rythm section: i think this is really clear, strong guitar sound For solo: - great play but also a nice tone. Good thing is that he plays it on pod 500, but i don't know how he record that stuff. My record way is right now: Guitar-Cable to guitar input-POD-USB Cable-Computer I use Reaper as i mentioned before and orginal ASIO drivers from line6 If you tell that it will be huge difference with other way to recording then i will consider this, but i want to know about all the necessary stuff like cables, second interface or microphone etc. that i should buy. Yesterday i record something: It is only test. I used some presets from line6 download and i did a little bit of edit in Reaper (equalizer). I know that guitar is a little bit out of tune and i also play some random stuff - it was only messing with POD. Here is some of my old stuff, but this was recorded on Pod XT: PS. I recorded also electro-acoustic guitar on POD and i use stock effect for acoustic and it sound really great!
  15. Hi, A few weeks ago, I looked on this forum to find a solution as to why I could no longer connect my HD500 to Line 6 Monkey via USB. The USB felt a bit loose and I noticed there was no middle block in the port but couldn't recall if that had always been the case with the port. I contacted Customer Support about this and they recommended I bring it to a service center or order a new USB port from Full Compass. I had also found during my forum search a recommendation for getting the footswitches upgraded by Jim Rogers of R3FX so I thought I'd give the upgrade a try and ask Jim if he could also replace the USB port to which he responded positively. So I ordered the part from Full Compass and sent it along with my HD500 to R3FX. I have to say that the switches are really nice. Much better in feel and action than the stock ones but my USB connectivity problems persist. What really drives me bonkers on this is that Jim recorded a video of my unit going through testing and it shows the unit being connected via USB to his PC which then immediately shows up in Windows Device Manager and then he opens Line 6 Monkey (L6M) and it shows up there as well. On my PC, it shows up in Device Manager with the dreaded yellow yield sign with embedded exclamation mark and, in L6M, it does not find an HD500 when initially searching for devices. I manually pick the HD500 from devices and I get to the L6M's main window which shows the driver has not yet been installed. I did an uninstall of all Line 6 software as per customer support's advice and reinstalled L6M and then tried to install the driver from within L6M, all the while making sure that the HD500 wasn't connected to the PC until prompted by L6M. Upon doing that, Windows 7 shows an installing driver window which soon fails and L6M, ignorant of the fact, just suggests that you close the window as the driver install is now complete. I've tried this install on my PC and my laptop with no success and can't figure out what is wrong. I've attached a link to the YouTube video showing my HD500 connecting to L6M. Does anyone have any ideas or advice on this very frustrating situation? Thanks.
  16. Ciao a tutti! Da 3 anni ho il POD HD 500, settato alla perfezione e sempre aggiornato. Lo tengo talmente bene che sembra ancora nuovo, ha ancora la pellicola sullo schermo anche. Veniamo al punto: ultimamente sta facendo di tutto per non farmi suonare, perché continua a far "saltare" il volume mentre sto suonando. Questo accade con ogni effetto. La cosa più strana è che appena provo i rischiacciare il fs dell'effetto, questo riprende a funzionare normalmente per un breve periodo per poi ritornare al problema. Ho controllato nel settaggio del volume dell'effetto stesso e ho notato un'altra cosa molto strana: il parametro passava da 0% al valore da me prefissato con un'intermittenza velocissima, per poi fermarsi sullo 0%. Pensando fosse un problema di sporcizia all'interno, ho fatto pulire la pedaliera. Il risultato? Non è cambiato nulla. Qualcuno di voi può aiutarmi? Vi ringrazio di cuore in anticipo!
  17. So thinking or getting a Helix as well as a Fractal fx 8 . I am hoping to run the Helix as a master controller to the fx8. Would i be right in thinking this would be possible by running the fx8 though one of the 4 external loops in the Helix and then using midi to control scene selection in fx8? Will this mean i am going to have problems with a 4 cable method or by selecting the fx8 in a block in the Helix , can i change this around as neccessary to fit around Helix's amps and cabs models? I am hoping to be able to fit this in with some form of wet dry wet rig. I.e. Bogner Shiva combo and L2 or Laney irt-x expansion cabs... i really like the idea of how fexible this rig could be and also the amount of quality amps and effects on tap but just need to know whether this is just a mad rush blood to the head or could it work? Thanks in advance :)
  18. I own a pod XT, which is great. But moving up the ladder I purchased a HD500x, even better. But there is one Amp that is missing, the Line 6 Chem X, which is present in the XT. This amp sound great, for my taste at least. Can this amp be added or transfered to the 500x somehow? Seperatly purchased? Or, which other amp comes closest to the Chem X? I need this amp in my 500X. Thanks for any info.
  19. I am currently running a Taylor T5 into my HD500x then straight into the mixing board. The 500X offers many great sounds (acoustic and electric) but I would like to add a specific overdrive / distortion pedal in the chain. My question is how the input stage of the HD500x will handle a gain pedal. Is there a better way to achieve this? Thanks in advance for any input.
  20. Folks, Sincere apologies if this question has been asked... I'm guitarist in a two-piece band (guitar and drums). I want to use my HD 500 to add some bass. In simple terms I want to add a dual tone to each of my basic patches, so I have my regular guitar tone PLUS a version that's tuned down by an octave. I think that's pretty easy to do. But... Then I want the regular guitar tone to go to my guitar amp and the tuned-down 'bass' tone to go to a bass amp. Is it possible to send each side of a dual tone patch to a separate amp? And if so, how? Many thanks for any help - and apologies again if I'm going over old ground. Joe
  21. there have been tons of questions over the years about where to put your pedals and how to get the best tone. Everyone always references gain staging as the most important piece of the equation. Well the video below is probably one of the best I have ever seen explaining how gain staging works, what to look for, where to place pedals, etc... a bit long but definitely worth the watch!
  22. I've decided to try some home recording with my HD500 and found it a bit confusing - and as such, I'm wondering if I'm actually doing it right. First things first - I'm using Windows 7, and the POD is connected via the USB cable to my PC with the latest drivers installed. Once the POD is powered on, a new playback and recording device appears in the Windows Sound configuration window. Here's the part that baffles me. If I go to my recording application and select the ASIO and POD500 as the input... then NOTHING will be recorded UNTIL I select the POD HD500 recording device as the default recording device in Windows Sound configuration. This... doesn't make a lot of sense. I'd expect the Windows Sound configuration to be the settings for, well, Windows sounds and how the OS records and plays back audio. I'd expect a recording application to "use" what the settings for that application imply - in this case, the POD. I'm using Cockos Reaper, BTW, if that makes any difference. Can anyone explain what's going on? PS. When accessing the L6 ASIO config, a field called "ASIO client" says "none"... I'm guessing this is wrong, when Reaper is active and SHOULD, in theory at least, be listening to the POD...
  23. I had an issue with my HD500 this weekend and wanted to get some opinions. I was rehearsing for a gig this weekend and all of a sudden my HD500 starting rebooting. It would reboot, then come up to the preset screen and stay on anywhere from 10-20 seconds to maybe a minute at the most before rebooting again. At this point I had to leave the house and got back about 20 min later. I plugged the HD500 back up holding the left arrow button to do a global reset. It would boot up to the Line 6 logo screen then automatically reboot. It never got past the Line 6 logo. So then I booted into safe mode and reflashed the firmware. When I rebooted it again I got the same thing, it wouldn't get past the Line 6 logo. I'm in a bit of a panic at this point because I have a show the next day and need my HD500! Luckily a friend of mine also has one and let me borrow his. I go to get it and I'm back in maybe an hour and a half. I decided to boot up my HD500 again just to see if there's any change. Low and behold it boots up like nothing is wrong. I ended up using the HD500 I borrowed just in case, but I haven't been able to reproduce the problem with mine. I'm glad it's working now, but I'm nervous about it acting up at a gig. The only other time I've had an issue with my unit was about a month ago right before a gig it reboot on it's own. But it came right back up and no further problems until this weekend, I've got it sitting on my desk at work today and I'm going to try leaving it on all day periodically changing patches just to see if it acts up again. Has anyone else had this happen intermittently like this? I don't want to have to replace it, but I have to know I can count on it. If it's relevant I bought it new at the end of 2010. Thanks!
  24. so i just bought a new variax standard to use with my pod hd500. everything seems to be working fine other than i can't save any guitar models to the presets on the pod. for example, if i wanted to change from a lester on one patch then switch to acoustic on another. the tunings change, the knobs can be assigned to certain effects, but for some reason, i can't change the guitar models. any idea why this might be? thanks!
  25. Hi, Think i have some non working buttons (looper) on my HD500. Did the button test - see attached images - one line says '1s' - I assume this means that it is on, and should be on '0' before any buttons are pressed? Can't seem to find anything online about this test - does anybody know? If the button isn't working - is it a matter of undoing the allen key of the button and spraying some contact cleaner? Cheers, Jason.
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